2013 December 02, 2013 Regular Monthly Minutes – Approved

(December Regular Monthly Minutes passed with 1 (one) correction: Tim L. warned to spend $150.00 for scanner.)


Regular Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2013

Call to Order:  19:30 by President Jim Rundall

Public Comment:  Bill Keane encouraged members to give blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive at Town Hall on Jan 13.

Correspondence:  Secretary read thank you notes as well as an email letter from Leila Erskine requesting to be moved to Auxiliary.  She is moving out of Kent to go to college full time.  

Motion made by Tim L. to accept Leila’s request to go to Auxiliary status.  Seconded by Mary Ann.  Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes:  Motion made by Alan to accept minutes as distributed, seconded by Veronica.  Passed unanimously.

Treasurer:  Motion made by Tim L. to pay the bills as read, seconded by Mike.  Motion passed Unanimously.

Membership:  Mary Ann made a motion to accept Kyle Knight’s application for membership.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Alan made a motion, seconded by Veronica to accept Ed Tuz’s application for membership.  Passed unanimously.

Alex made a motion to accept Noah Shernow application for membership upon his 18th birthday this month, seconded by Alan.  Discussion:  he is a student at Marvelwood and a Junior member.  Passed unanimously.

Computer Hardware/Software:  Alex has new supplies coming in and a new policy which will be distributed soon.

Insurance (worker’s comp. and accident/sickness):  Thursday at 7pm at Waterwitch, New Milford Area Chiefs meeting takes place.  Cirma will be there and hopefully many issues, such as coverage for our Regional Rope Team, will be addressed.

Staffing Emergency Calls:  Mike is working on a new  policy for the new year.

Nominating Committee:  The Nominating Committee, (Mark H., Matt B., and Rebecca), thanked Veronica for all she has done to help the committee. There are nominations for all positions accept President and Secretary.  Mark Hamilton put those who they are nominating on the board.  Chief – Alan G., Assist Chief – Gary Hock, Assist Chief – Alex Limbos, Amb. Chief – Mike P., Assist. Amb. Chief – Mary Ann Van Valkenburg,  Capt – John Russell, Capt – Audra Petrone, LT – Tim Limbos., LT –  Alexis Swagemaker., Treasurer – Sherm Green, Engineer – John Christian.  President, Secretary – None.

Alan made a motion to table budget until Sherm returns.  Seconded by Mike.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

Policies:  Mike presented a policy to replace the current gas card policy.  

Bill K. made a motion to accept the policy as presented.  Seconded by Veronica.  Alan made a motion, seconded by Matt B. to accept changes as recommended by those present, including typos, spelling and the change of the word “quarterly” to “monthly” and the addition of “unless pre-approved by Ambulance Chief or Acting Chief” when referring to the number of crew members. (Alan’s motion) Passed Unanimously.  Discussion:  Alex stated that we will need to address the SOP’s next month.  (Bill’s motion)  Passed Unanimously.

Alex made a motion to change finance policy adding “or highest ranking officer available” if equipment/apparatus is out of service.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed Unanimously.

Holiday Party:

Veronica made a motion to spend up to $600 for the holiday party.  Discussion:  Mary Ann suggested paying someone to clean up.  Alex asked about the cleaning service, if they could add on extra hours to help.  Passed Unanimously.

Parade of Lights:

Tim L. made a motion to spend up to $700 on this year’s Parade of Lights.  Seconded by John Ch.  Discussion:  food and traffic control was discussed.  Help will be needed.  Passed Unanimously.

Stuff a Truck:  Help will be needed on Sunday.  

Veronica made a motion to spend up to $200 on Stuff a Truck, seconded by John Ch.  Motion passed Unanimously.

Special Occasion Cards:  

Veronica made a motion to spend up to $325 for special occasion note cards.  Seconded by Bill.  Passed Unanimously.

Budgets 2014:  Sherm and Alan presented 2014 budget draft.  Basically it was formulated by Sherm, Alan, John R, Mike P with input from Gary H and help from Rita Limbos.  Some income is from insurance claims and Aiken fund for 2013.  The fair is not included at this point, it was a wash last year.  The golf tournament brought in about $8,000.    Alan and Sherm went in detail about the line items and answered questions.  Sherm plans to work with EMMS to collect outstanding ambulance bills.  Alan shared information about the article in the paper about the capital plan.  He stated that since the fire department is not making any changes, no report was needed.  Alan drew out the five year plan as it stands now and the schedule for apparatus.  The Board of Selectmen did not change our Capital plan.  Our capital plan request now goes to the Board of Finance.

Chief’s Report:  Chief thanked those who went to South Commons event.  There is a legislative meeting coming up soon to discuss concerns with Area Chiefs.  Alan will be looking for information about Worker’s Comp and unfunded mandates.  Knoxboxes received by town, installation will be needed.  Mary Ann asked if Knoxbox info could be sent through the town’s newsletter.  Tim L.  can make a one page blurb about it.  Gary stated we need authorized forms.  Chief gave an update on the gator.  Chief stated that the gator is still in the care and control of the fire department.  Selectman’s meeting tomorrow at 4:30, the gator is on the agenda.  Alan discussed the motion regarding Emergency Management liability coverage in the firehouse.  The town gave the insurance coverage form to the Dept..  Workman’s Comp does not cover him and Bruce stated to Alan that he has agreed to continue without it.  The town’s attorney is drafting a release of liability.  Alan gave an update on ambulance barn.  Alan also shared that someone sent a list of concerns to CT. OSHA.  CT. OSHA gave the Chief a copy of the concerns.  The OSHA contact meeting has not been scheduled yet.  The Chief believes that they do not have jurisdiction over KVFD.  EC met to review concerns, but no action was taken without the meeting with OSHA.  EC agreed that the Dept works hard to keep members safe.  Alan read the list of grievances, as requested.  Eric asked about the jurisdiction issue, since we paid CT OSHA a fine a few years ago.  Alan shared his knowledge of  the Supreme Ct. ruling for Goshen FD.  Gary feels that whoever did this should have gone to Jim or Alan first with their concerns.  Chief reviewed calls and shared that feedback from homeowners are very positive on our responsiveness and preparedness.  Gary added a reminder for members on scene to be aware of parking, leaving plenty of room for emergency vehicles to make wide turns.  

Assistant Chief’s Report:  Gary gave an update on Hurst tool, smoke drill, knoxboxes.

Engineer:  John Christian gave an update on fixing the heat in Engine 5.

Alex made a motion, seconded by Alexis, to fix the heat in Engine 5 for approximately $2,000.  Passed unanimously.

Ambulance Chief’s Report:  Mike reported that we are at 588 calls this year to date.  New ambulance will be in the state by around Christmas week.  Lettering, DMV, etc. will still be needed.  Discussion on entering homes during emergency calls when no one can open the door.  Utilizing CSP and/or the fire side was suggested.  

Appointed Positions:  Tim L said he has posted an apparel sheet in the radio room.  Radio update and repeater update given.   Facilities, Alexis gave a report.  Gleason is working on electrical.  Dean Ackerman fixed heat. Alexis reminded everyone to keep her informed of facilities issues.   Alexis asked about snowplowing.  Many members help but are not responsible for tenant area  and sanding on the property, etc.  Mary Ann said back building and facilities need to work together to be sure this is done.  Questions about the rental agreement took place.  Jim gave a report on the back building.  He is waiting for information from Matt Starr about the blacktop. Steps need to be put in.  Peter Woytuk(renter) could not meet with Mary and Matt because he was in Asia.  There are still outstanding bills for the back, Mary has a report on that.  Eric asked about moving trailer back if paving is not being done yet, Jim suggested checking with Matt or Mary.

Brush Truck: Gary stated the committee went to Long Island to see the truck.  Meeting tomorrow night.  Truck should be here by February.  

Ice Watch:  Jim reported that Susan Rundall checked with CL and P about putting up cable for us.  They can no longer do this for us.  Discussion took place on how we can replace this.  Mike will make some calls to see if he can get this done.  

Warning of Expenditures:  Tim L warned to spend $50 for scanner.  Tim warned to purchase an EMS radio for old ambulance.  Jim warned to pay up to $300 for stump removal clean up.  John warned to spend $300 for 55 gal. DEF fluid.  

Adjourned:  21:57

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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