3/19/12 Monthly Meeting Minutes

EC Regular Meeting

March 19, 2012

Called to order by the President at 7:10 pm.

Motion made by Bill Purcell to add the Annual Investment Committee Report to the agenda, seconded by Tony Amon. Approved Unanimously.

1. Public and Members Comments: none

2. Minutes: Motion made by Tony Amon to accept the minutes as distributed, seconded by Scott Harvey. Approved unanimously.

3. Fair: Motion made by Mary Cox to table the fair to the end of the agenda, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.

4. Membership: The status of a new member application was checked on.

5. Appointed Positions Reports:
a. Records Clerk- The Records Clerk reported that most EMS and Fire calls are entered. Jean will be meeting with Mary and Stacy to go over FH software and flow of the job. Jean reported that FH software can be more streamlined and easier to use. She would like to put together a small work group to review FH software and look at a demo of EMS Charts for entering calls. The work group should include the two assistants and two line officers.
b. Quarter Master- The Quarter Master is looking at a change of EMS jackets with the Ambulance Chief. Matt is looking at what our gear can be used for at this point and what exterior people need.
c. Facilities Coordinator- The library has requested use of a bay in our rear building to store their raffle car. The consensus is we do not have a safe area to secure it in.

6. Officers Reports:
a. Chief’s report- Hazmat truck 7 was talked about at the line officers meeting. Motion of recommendation made by Matt Starr that we sell Hazmat truck 7, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously. Concentra was unavailable to give a presentation tonight. The Chief believes better quality interior gloves should be purchased. He would like to test out a few different pairs. Motion made by Matt Starr to empower Chief and Assistant Chief Sneller to research gloves and purchase samples to test, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr for an emergency expenditure of two accountability boards, spending up to $175 per board for Pumper 1 and Rescue 8, seconded by Bill Purcell. Approved unanimously. Northville is having a ladies night on April 21st. Tony Amon requested storage for the region 5 traffic sign. He will be talking with public works for storage as well. Tony informed us that our involvement for the statewide drill as of now is that the EOC will be open and the FD may be involved. He will have more information to come.
b. Ambulance Chief’s report- The Ambulance Chief is looking at different EMS jackets. Mike will be bringing more information to the department about the Rad 57 Oximeter. Mike is continuing to to talk to EMS personnel about their involvement and encourage them to sign up for a shift.
c. Assistant Chief’s report- Line officers meeting is March 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm.
d. Captain’s report- Tony distributed copies of the Fire Emergency Operation Plan.
e. President’s report- The president is still looking to appoint committee members for the ladder truck, brush truck and new ambulance. He is looking for officers to step up to be a part of the restructuring committee.

7. Old Business:
a. Training Officer Policy- Nothing to report.
b. Staffing for EMS Calls- Mike is making calls to EMS members to staff shifts. The President asked if he was compiling a survey, the response was not at this time.
c.Capital Plan- The BOS took out the mini attack truck money which was not what KVFD asked. Engine one is in the budget for 2017. The officers will be discussing the apparatus plan in the next line officers meeting.
d. Class A Uniforms- An activity points list of members was reviewed. Mary Ann asked how we were going to handle the Memorial Day Parade. The thought is the new uniforms will not be ready so red will be worn.

e. Rear Building Negotiations- Nothing to report.

8. New Business:
a. Annual Investments Committee Report- John Russell gave a presentation and reviewed the KVFD investment funds with the EC.
b. Records and Documentation- There is an updated version of our radio procedures. Lynn will be updating the KVFD web page with the updated version.
c. Firehouse Service Providers- We are looking to change propane service providers. Motion made by Matt Starr to change to Mitchell Fuel for our propane services on an experimental basis, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved Unanimously.
d. Fair- Willy Gawel gave a presentation. The focus of the fair will be food and rides. Bingo, the cake booth and kids games will be at the fair again this year. Willy proposed we skip the fireworks this year. The Parade will be held Friday and bracelet night will be all three nights. There was discussion on the White Elephant tent and its cost. There was concern of storing White Elephant items in the rear building now that we have a possible tenant. We could do it with possible drop off only. There will be no fencing and no admission this year. The dates are August 23, 24 and 25. Motion made by Matt Starr that the EC supports the changes the fair committee have made, seconded by Scott Harvey. Approved unanimously.
e. Signs- Nothing to report.
Adjourned at 8:47
Respectfully Submitted
Mary Cox, Secretary KVFD

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