4/16/12 KVFD EC Meeting

KVFD EC Meeting

The Ice Watch drawing was held before the meeting. Susie Rundall was present with the tickets and Brian Hunt pulled the winner. The winner is Waltraud Schilke of Kent.

Meeting called to order by the president at 7:05 pm.

1. Public and Members Comments: It was requested that flowers be sent to Redding FD to honor a member who passed away in the line of duty. John Russell presented the beginning of the year balance for the KVFD investment funds. John also reports that the new drill has gone missing. (It has since been found)

2. Minutes: Motion made by Tony Amon to accept the minutes as distributed, seconded by Audra Petrone. Approved unanimously.

3. Medical Member Physicals (Concentra): Concentra was unable to attend the meeting to give a presentation. Alan read a concern on Concentra which was sent to him by a member. There will be a special meeting called to go over the Concentra information and work on a policy change regarding physicals. Lynn Worthington asked if it has been sent out to bid and the answer is no.

4. Membership and Personnel: An Auxiliary member application for Kristine Cheney-Haskell was reviewed. Associate, probationary member Chris Fuchs was up for review but was unable to attend the meeting. He will be reviewed at a future meeting.

5. Appointed Position Reports: Alexis Swagemaker attended the meeting to express her interest in the job of FH Coordinator. Matt Starr stated that Sherman Green was interested as well. Motion made by Tony Amon to appoint Alexis and Sherman to share the FH Coordinator job, seconded by Scott Harvey. Approved Unanimously.

6. Officers Reports:
a. President’s Report- The ambulance and truck committees will be following FOI requirements by sending out meeting agendas to the Town Clerk and to the Secretary for disbursement to the membership. FH Software renewal is due. Jean would like to look at using EMS Charts before we renew. There was a line of Duty death in Redding FD. Motion made by Mike Petrone to send flowers, seconded by Gary Hock. Approved Unanimously. Alan received an email from the First Selectman stating that  the ambulance barn is in need of repairs. Alan will plan to meet with him this week to review what needs to be done.
b. Chief’s Report- Matt met with Veronica to review the ball comp ticket list. The list was reviewed by the EC and adjusted as the EC saw fit. There is a dumpster coming to clean out the ambulance barn. Mitchel Oil gave prices for servicing. On April 27th a group would like to use the dirt parking area. Alan asked that a FH use form be filled out.  New  uniform concerns were talked about.
c. Ambulance Chief’s Report- Mike would like the accountability tags corrected. EMS Billing has a hardship case they will be reviewing with Mike. Mike met with Medical Control from Sharon to discuss FF rehab. The Ambulance Chief feels that all EMTs and MRTs should be on rescue booker for a shift.
d. Treasurer’s Report- The Treasurer is still collecting dues which are now outstanding. Please pay yours if you have not done so. Matt asked that the Treasurer looking into the two other banks in town to see if they are a better fit for us.
e.Engineer’s Report- The Chief suggested the Engineer come to the next EC meeting to discuss the position. Engine One was bought to Bulls Bridge Body Shop for some repairs. New England will be back to work on Engine One and Five Star will be back to work on Pumper Six. Mike asked that New England take a look at the ambulance while they are here. Tony asks that the radio in Brush Four be looked at.

Motion made by Mike Petrone to move Rear Building Negotiations to the end of the meeting, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved Unanimously.

8. New Business:
a. Juniors SOP/Policy- Lynn presented the document for the Juniors’ SOPs and it was reviewed by the EC. Department of Labor guidelines were followed closely in coming up with the SOPs. Changes were discussed and made. Motion made by Mike Petrone to recommend the SOPs Juniors-4 and Juniors-5 with the changes discussed made, seconded by Tony Amon. Approved unanimously.
b. EOC- Tony stated he will be getting a HAM radio for the EOC. Motion made by Tim Sneller to instal the HAM radio antenna on the flat roof of the rear building with the radio to be located in the EOC office. Approved unanimously. Alan received an email from Bruce Adams that the Town Safety Committee felt it was a burden to have the charging station at the Nutrition Site and they asked if it could be located at the FH. The consensus from the EC was no.

At 9:12 pm the President recessed the meeting due to a fire call.
Recess over at 9:30 pm.

Rear Building Negotiations (possible Executive session): Motion made by Matt Starr to go into executive session at 9:40 pm, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously. (Gary Hock, Tony Amon and Scott Harvey no longer in attendance). Motion made by Tim Sneller to come out of executive session at 9:59 pm, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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