4/2/12 KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes

KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes

Call to order by President at 7:30 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Motion made by Matt Starr to add Concentra to the agenda under public comment, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously, one abstention by Caralee Rochovansky.

Motion made by Lynn Worthington to add a restructuring committee under reports, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.

1. Public Comment: A Concentra representative gave a presentation. It is a medical surveillance program to stay OSHA compliant .Concerns and questions should be put in email form and sent to the president. They will be reviewed when Concentra meets with EC. Members are encouraged to attend the Concentra presentation at the next EC meeting.

2. Correspondence: A note of thanks was read and parades as follows; JH Ketchum- July 21, Pawling- August 3, Millbrook- July 14, Amenia- July 6, Washington- June 22

3. Minutes: Motion made by Rebecca Trautmann to accept the minutes as distributed seconded by Lynn Worthington, approved unanimously.

4.Treasurer’s Report: Bills were read. Motion made by Scott Harvey to pay bills as read, seconded by Mike Petrone, approved unanimously. Please pay your dues if you haven’t done so.

5. Membership:

a. Ethan Raskind was brought up for vote as a new member. A vote was made to accept

him as a new member, with all in favor. The secretary will contact him and let him know.

b. The president is looking for a Firehouse Coordinator, please contact Alan if you are


c. Alan has gotten a good response for the truck and ambulance committees. The

committees are as follows; Ambulance- Art Romano- Chair, Eric Epstein, Alex Limbos, Carly Rochovansky, and MaryAnn VanValkenburg. Brush Truck- Gary Hock- Chair, Alexis Swagemaker, Tim Limbos, Dan Kabasakalian, and John Christen. Ladder Truck- Adam Woodruff- Chair, Jim Canning, Bill Purcell, Tim Limbos, John Russell, Audra Petrone and Gary Hock.

d. Orders are being taken by the president for jackets, please contact him if you would

like one.

6. Old Business:

a. Door keys- They are looking to install fingerscan locks on the three offices at

approximately $500 each. Vision lights in four interior doors were installed. Motion made by Matt Starr to put a digital stand alone unit on the door by pumper 6 for a cost of $500, seconded by Brian Hunt, approved unanimously, with Jean Speck abstaining.

b. Computer Software and Hardware- KVFD internet was used to illegally download copyrighted music. The open public internet access will be removed until safety measures are taken. Motion made by Matt Starr to spend up to $500 for software and consulting fees for content filtering, seconded by John Worthington, approved unanimously, with John Russell abstaining. Matt asks that you do not let children use the computers or that members do not go on to any questionable sites, including personal smartphones. John Worthington will be working on content filtering. Motion made by John Worthington to spend $350 for a printer for the treasurer, seconded by Gary Hock, with Jean Speck abstaining.

c. Firehouse software- Jean was not able to mean with the firehouse software representative. Jean and the committee will be discussing EMS charts.

7. New Business:
a. Fair- Contact Willy or Alan if you are interested in doing the White Elephant Trunk for the fair. Fair changes were reviewed, Stacey K. suggested that Fair information goes out to KCS to let families know of dates and activities.
b. Oximeter- The RAD 57 Pulsox Meter total price including warranty is $4892.00. Motion made by Mike Petrone to purchase the RAD 57, seconded by Carly Rochovansky, approved unanimously.

c. Gas Cans- Motion to spend up to $250 for 4 gas/oil cans for chainsaws made by Gary Hock, seconded by Brian Hunt, with a friendly amendment made by Anne B. to buy one and see how it works, approved unanimously.

d. Emergency Member Safety Vests- Motion made to purchase 25 fire and 15 EMS vests for up to $900.00 with the EC deciding how to distribute them, motion carries. Carly Rochovansky and Rebecca Trautmann oppose, Josh Kragh, Jean Speck, John Russell, Amanda Harvey, and Anne B. abstaining.

e. Mezzanine Shelving- Motion made by Matt Starr to spend up to $2000.00 for heavy duty shelving, seconded by Gary Hock, approved unanimously.

f. Commercial Kitchen Class- Motion made to table by Matt Starr, seconded by Mike Petrone, approved unanimously.

g. Pagers, Portables, and Mobile Radios- Motion made by Matt Starr to spend up to $10,000.00 for 20 pagers with the EC to decide on Swiss Phone or Minitor Fives, seconded by Mike Petrone, approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to spend up to $4170.00 on up to 6 portable radios, seconded by Brian Hunt, approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to table the mobile radios, seconded by Alexis Swagemaker. Approved unanimously.

h. Restructuring Committee- The committee will be looking to formulate a structure of how we operate, including a possible board of directors and potentially do away with EC. Lynn Worthington looked for a consensus to see if there is support from membership to move forward, consensus is yes by a show of 21 hands.

8. Officers’ Reports:

a. Chief’s Report- the training schedule will be completed soon and distributed. EFD dispatching has been started, books will be in the apparatuses. LCD- budget was approved, they discussed radio communication issues. CMED implementation is to start in October and finish in November. Sherman Tower will be up April 9th. Northwest  Zone- There will be a NIMS 300 class in Canaan. They discussed the Roxbury rehab  trailer, LCD issues, and fiber network, EFD, apparatus dispatch, first and third alarms, as well as mutual aid and how to handle large incident response.ID tags are in. There is a form to fill out when you pick up your tag. Anyone interested in doing a 60 day trial of the Firefighter response system for cell phones, please let Matt know. Mike Murtaugh from The Kent would like to borrow tables and chairs in June, consensus is yes.

b. Assistant Chief’s Report- Gary attended New Milford area chiefs and the had someone from DEP come in to discuss a situation where a white powder has been found at local schools. They want to hold a hybrid car class. Next meeting is May 17th at Waterwitch. The line officers met, Gary shared the current capital plan request and showed the proposed capital plan. Line officers will bring the proposed plan to the EC for review. Lynn Suggests we don’t change the 2016/17 year, as the BOF have budgeted for that already, instead shift it down to the next year.

c. Lieutenant’s Report- There will be a traffic control class April 22nd, please sign up in the responder area if you are interested.

d. Ambulance Chief’s Report- There were 42 calls for March with 0 mutual aid transports. Mike met with an EMS apparel rep. The billing company will be giving a presentation to include information on signatures. Mike sent a letter of thanks out to EMS responders for all of their hard work. Jean is looking for Jon Politis to return and do a workshop that he could not do in October. Privacy practice procedures are in the cabinet where the aspirin glucometer and epi pens are kept.

e. Safety Officer’s Report- Please use our current safety vests whenever doing operations on the road, it is the law.

f. Engineer’s Report- Gary reports we are trying two in house service companies. New England serviced Engine 1 in house. Five Star serviced Pumped 6. Pumper 6’s pump test passed but DOT test failed.

g. President- We will be wearing red shirts for Memorial Day Parade. Emails went out for class A uniforms. There will be many officers and members away during the KCS school vacation, please be aware and respond.

9. Appointed Position Reports:

a. Juniors- They have had a couple meetings, they will be looking into fundraising. They are moving forward on education at KCS through the PEAK program. They have come up with SOPs which will be brought up to the EC.

b. Records Clerk- Please turn in anything you have from the first quarter. First quarter points will be out this week.

10. Committee Reports

a. Ice Watch- there is question where to hold the 50/50 drawing. The drawing will be held before the next EC meeting.

b. Ball- It is on track.

11. Warning of Expenditures- John Worthington warns for new computer hardware and software.

Adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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