5/7/12 KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes

KVFD Monthly Meeting

President called the meeting to order at 7:37 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance

Motion made by Lynn Worthington to add warning of expenditures, appointed positions, committee reports and officers reports to the agenda, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.

1. Public Comment- none

2. Correspondence- Nine donations read in memory of Minot Giddings. A letter of thanks and donation read from Marvelwood. Two general letters of thanks read.

3. Approval of Minutes- Motion made by Tony Amon to accept the minutes as distributed, seconded by Rebecca Trautmann. Approved unanimously.

4. Treasurer Report- Motion made by Mike Petrone to table the Treasurer Report to further on in the meeting, seconded by Gary Hock. Approved unanimously.

5. Membership- Mary Ann asked if wellness training on Sunday would be better at 7:00 pm. By a show of hands 7:00 is better. Alex and Veronica will be doing the coin drop on May 26th from 9 to 3. Please contact them if you would like to help. Motion made by Caralee Rochovansky to accept Kristine Cheney as an Auxiliary member, seconded by Amanda Harvey. Approved unanimously. The President spoke on the class A uniforms. He explained that the plan is to have new uniforms for all members as soon as the budget allows and that the intent was to boost moral. It is also possible we may keep the red shirts for certain events. A membership badge was present to Ethan Raskind.

6. Old Business-
a. Computer Software and Hardware- none at this time
b. Commercial Kitchen Class- Motion made by Matt Starr to table off of the agenda, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously.
c. Restructuring Committee- Still no interest in members to join the committee. Alan asks that someone please step up to help out.
d. Mobile Radios- none at this time

7. Officers Reports-
a. Chiefs Report- There were 18 calls total for the month. (9 automatic alarms, 1 wires/trees, 3 MVAs, 3 brush fires and 2 mutual aids) Eric Epstein has been elected President of LCD. Dean Ackerman will be working on the heat & AC in the tower building and the water in the rear building. Motion made by Matt Starr to put Rescue 7 up for sale and Matt will report back to the department with the offers we may get, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to sell the old boat by sealed bid format to be handled by the EC, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously. John Worthington recommended there is a minimum bid set. Matt and Alan met with our insurance agent and went over our policy. They found some important exemptions and will be looking further into it. Matt is looking for help with fireworks coverage for June 16th at Club Getaway and July 4th at Ken Mont/ Ken Wood. Matt would like the Capital Plan language to be changed so that any monies left over from the aerial truck can be put towards other future apparatus. Please remember that all members pay half price for their ball ticket.
b. Assistant Chiefs Report- May 17th is the New Milford Area Chiefs meeting. Hose testing is Friday the 18th at 8:30 am.
c. Ambulance Chiefs Report- There were 34 call for the month with one passed call. There have been 156 for the year to date. Mike is looking into new scheduling software. He is looking into putting together a rehab policy/SOP.
d. Assistant Ambulance Chief- EMS week is May 20-26th. Mary Ann would like to coordinate with the fire side for a demo during the open house. The open house will be help Saturday, May 26th at 10:00 am.
e. Engineer- Gary reported on Engine 1 and Pumper 6 service updates. Rescue 8 has damage to a rear roll up door and we be going out for repair. Mike is having New England go over the ambulance.

8. Appointed Positions Reports-
a. Training Officer- Adam is looking to set up a smoke house drill. Quarterly Inferior FF training will be starting. Email Adam or Mary Cox if you are interested in taking a Q class. Adam is working on setting up a hazmat refresher and another AB/BB refresher.
b. Facilities Coordinator- Sherman Green and Alexis Swagemaker have agreed to take over as Fire House/Facilities Coordinators. You can contact them at facilities@kentfire.org.
c. All kentfire.org emails can now email to membership. It no longer has to go through the Secretary.

9. Committee Reports-
a. Ambulance Committee- There will be a meeting May 8th. The committee hopes to have a recommendation for the department in September. The recommendation will include keeping the old ambulance.
b. Truck Committee- Engine 2 is very close to completion. The Committee will be going down on May 21st for the final inspection. It will then go to Albany for final fittings and will be delivered the beginning of June. Motion made by Gary Hock to have the department ratify the truck committees numbers of up to $190,000 to come from the Town of Kent and with $35,987 to come from the remaining insurance money, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously.
c. Ball Committee- Amanda and Veronica will be selling members tickets. Please see them to sign up for a job at the ball. June 7th and 8th will be set up. It will be members only this year for the grand march. They are requesting that the men wear the red uniform. Karen Chase will be taking pictures this year.
d. Executive Committee- the EC had a special meeting on the rear building negotiations. Alan anticipates a special meeting to look for approval of the agreement and that it is looking favorable with a June 1st move in date.
e. Advisory Committee- The Juniors have launched the P.E.A.K. program. It will be the next three Wednesdays. Adult help would be appreciated. Motion made by Lynn Worthington to approve the Junior-4 Emergency Personnel Response SOP as presented, seconded by John Worthington. Approved with no votes by Caralee Rochovansky, Cynthia Barksdale. Mary Ann VanValkenburg and Alexis Swagemaker abstained. Motion made by Lynn Worthington to approve the Junior-5 Emergency Scene Operations SOP as presented, seconded by John Worthington. Approved unanimously. There was a lengthy disscussion on the subject.

10. Treasurer Report-  The bills were read. Motion made by Scott Harvey to approve the bills as read, seconded by Lou Dingee. Approved unanimously. Anyone authorized to make any purchases please sign and date and note what the items are for on the receipt.

11. Warning of Expenditures- Mary Ann Van Valkenburg warned for up to $650 for EMS week. Tim Limbos warned for up to $1500 for t-shirts. Mike Petrone warned for up to $1500 for a car show. Gary Hock warned for one rear tank fill for Engine One and for nozzles for Engine One and Five. John Worthington warned for computer hardware and software. Matt Star warned for $4500 for communication improvements. Bill Purcell warned for signs for fire police. Mary Cox warned for 3 coolers.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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