7/16/12 EC meeting

KVFD Executive Committee Meeting

Call to order by the president at 7:15 pm.

1. Public and Member Comments: The Chief reported that Veteran member Edward Matson passed away early this morning. Active member Billy Rundall is in New Milford Hospital and please pass along your good wishes. Tony reminds everyone that the statewide drill is in two weeks. Veronica reports that the ball brought in $21,623.21 to date.

2. Minutes:  There was one change from Art that the ambulance committee will be sending the specs to vendors. Motion made by Audra Petrone to accept the change in the minutes made by Art, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Audra Petrone. Approved with one no vote by Tony Amon.

3. Membership/Personnel (possible executive session): Heather Hasting was in for her one year review. Heather stated that she has had a busy schedule and voiced some concerns and passed them along to the EC. The Secretary will send a list of the requirements she needs to fulfill. Motion made by Matt Starr to extend Heather’s probation by six months, seconded by Gary Hock. Approved unanimously. Brian Butler was also in for his one year review. Brian is an associate member from GVFD. Brian was informed from the Secretary as to what he needs and he will be getting the documents needed. He requests help from his sponsor and a pager to be be better able to attend calls.

4. Engineer Conflicts and Performance (possible executive session): Matt stated that we shifted work to different vendors. Gary has a list for Eric. In doing so it showed a possible conflict with Eric getting prices given his current employers. The conflict is stated in our policies and was brought to our attention by our auditor. Eric stated there was some confusion in communication in how the work was being taken care of earlier in the year. Eric has no problem taking over and getting quotes. Alan read the conflict of interest policy and explained how it related to Eric being Engineer. The Chief stated that it needs to be disclosed that Eric works for GK and a plan as to how the bids will be handled. Eric acknowledged a potential conflict. Eric will assume getting quotes which will then go Matt. They will open them together and decide. Gary stated that 5 Star does their work in house and he would like it to remain in house. Matt suggested that Eric come forward with the best service and price and they will decide from there. Motion made by Matt Starr that we acknowledge that the Engineer may have a conflict of interest at times and that Eric has agreed that should the need arise he will contact the Chief to review the bids, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously. Eric has requested a check sheet of who has been trained and checked off on Engine 2. Matt stated that they are working on one now.

5. Records Clerk Performance: Matt stated concern that he and Stan need up to date and accurate information for OSHA and to do their jobs. He feels it is important to let him know if there is a problem if things get behind. It is very important that members information gets recorded and filed. Jean is waiting on some answers as to how some items need to to be entered. Matt asks that Jean asks for help if she is falling behind or needs answers on any item. Jean stated she would like help entering calls and Jeremy is willing to assist. Jean will continue with entering calls and personnel items, Mary will be entering training, meetings and work details and Stacy will file. FHS was not renewed. Jean will talk Scott Harvey about getting it renewed. Matt stated that everyone who turns in a physical needs to have it keyed in immediately and put in their files. Gary suggested that a KVFD rep meet with Kent Med Peds to discuss our arrangement with them since they are now with Danbury Hospital. Mary suggested we look at the points for Stacy K. since she is an assistant to the Records Clerk and Quartermaster yet does not get the points for the duel jobs.

6. Appointed Positions Reports:
a. Records Clerk- Jean has two members who need to possibly be on the non-emergency list. She will review the policy and discuss it with Matt. Jean stated that the training and run sheets need to be updated to coincide with FHS. Alan suggested she work with the line officers on new forms. Jean said all training needs to have hours with it to be entered properly.

7. Officers Reports:
a. Chief- Matt reported that VFIS has not followed through on some items. Alan stated that they acknowledged that rides at the fair will not be covered. The rides company insurance will be covering us and Alan suggests that each day we double check with the rides company that there is coverage. Alan suggest that we have an EC meeting with VFIS to go over our concerns and coverage with them. Engine 2 training continues and the hope is it will be in service by the end of the week. Emails went out for “A Night For Jason”  and the passing of Ed Matson Jr.
b. Assistant Chiefs- There are last minute items coming in for Engine 2. Nozzles were ordered for E1 and E5. The Knox Box items came in sans the keys. Matt is looking for them.
c. Ambulance Chief- Mike asked where we stand with opening the wi-fi up. Matt stated we need to confirm that it is protected and he is working with John W. on it.

8. Old Business:
a. Statewide Drill- Tony asked for a consensus on who will be able to attend at the monthly meeting. By a show of hands three people said they could. Matt is waiting on a complete EOP from Bruce. Our involvement will be more tabletop than anything. Tony stated that all but one update is done on the EOP and he will get it to Matt. Tony asked that he is cc’ed on information that is distributed via email.
b. Audit- Alan would like the Bookkeeper, Treasurer, Chief Officers, Secretary and the President to meet with the auditors due to the large amount of information there is to be reviewed. Matt asked that an updated list of what the auditors need be went to him.

9. New Business:
a. Juniors Advisors- Leila and Audra resigned as advisors. Brian Hunt agreed to join as an advisor. Motion made by Matt Starr to appoint Brian Hunt as a Junior Advisor, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously. Jeremy is working on some changes and will be working with the advisors on the changes. Alan gave our condolences to Jeremy on the passing of his grandfather.

Adjourned at 9:15 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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