Support KVFD

KVFD receives some support from the Town of Kent’s operating budget and the capital plan. However, a large portion of its annual income comes from fundraising and donations from individuals.

The men and women of the Kent Volunteer Fire Department, your friends and neighbors, give their time and learned skills to respond to all manner of emergencies that threaten life and property.  In 2013, there were 168 emergency calls and 632 medical calls.  KVFD serves the community professionally and willingly.

To do this we do need your support.  Training courses, mandatory replacement of personal protective equipment, mandatory  annual testing of engine pumps, ladders and hoses, insurance, fuel, vehicle and equipment maintenance, medical supplies, fire house upkeep and utilities are all costly.

There is fierce competition for your donation dollars; nearly every day an organization or charity is asking for financial assistance.  KVFD also asks for your support but at KVFD we ask you to view our request as an investment.  Your investment pays back with a well equipped, trained, and skilled professional fire and ambulance service.

You are always welcome to mail a donation to our address: PO Box 355, Kent, CT 06757. KVFD also now accepts gifts and donations online through PayPal: