April 1, 2013 Regular Monthly Meeting

April 1, Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes  (approved with 2 corrections, see May minutes)
Call to Order:  19:31
Motion to move approval of minutes after correspondences made by Brian, seconded by Jean.  Mike P abstain.  Motion approved
Motion to change air compressor to air hose real on the agenda made by John Christian, seconded by Mike P.  Motion approved
Motion to add fair budget under committee reports made by Sherm, seconded by Jean.  Motion approved
Motion to move both special elections after correspondence made by Jean, seconded by Veronica.  Motion approved
Public Comment:  None
Correspondence:  A letter from William Rundall was read asking to be placed on Veteran’s Status.  Mike Petrone asked that he be recognized for over 20 years of service.
A letter of thanks will be sent by the Secretary.  Other thank you’s and donations were read.  Parades were posted and dates will be sent out by Secretary to get an idea of interest.
Alan read an email from Ed Matson resigning as President.
Special Election:  John Russell made a motion to set aside Robert’s Rules to vote on a new President, seconded by Jean.  Brian brought up concern about Robert’s Rules and if an email resignation was acceptable.  Alan read Article Vll, Section 2 regarding Election of Officers.  John Russell withdrew his motion.   John Russell made a motion to suspend Article Vll, Section 2, seconded by Brian.  Discussion:  Jim R made a motion to table John’s motion until further in the meeting.  Abstain: Jean, Amanda.  Motion approved
Treasurer:  Mike made a motion for the Secretary to cast one vote for Sherm Green Treasurer.  Abstain:  Caralee.  Motion approved
Approval of Minutes:  Veronica made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Sherm.  Motion approved unanimously
Treasurer’s Report:  Rita read off bills.  Sherman made a motion to pay the bills as read.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:  Gary read details of the KME bill.  Motion approved unanimously
Membership:  Mary Ann made a motion to accept Billy Rundall’s request for Veteran’s Status with our thanks, seconded by Annie.  Discussion:  Members are encouraged to visit Billy and send cards to The Kent, 46 Maple St..  Members discussed presenting Billy with his 20 year pin with members in uniform, even turn out gear.  The Chief will coordinate this with the family and announce a time soon.  Any member who needs accountability tags, see Brian.
Old Business:
Computer software/hardware:  Mike made a motion to table computer S/H.
Color Guard equipment:  Alexis made a motion to update color guard equipment, spending up to $1,000.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:   John R discussed concern for our budget and the recent funding concerns.  By a show of hands, motion failed.  Annie commented to Alexis that perhaps once budget issues are straightened out, we could revisit this.
TV:  Matt Starr tabled the discussion of the purchase of a TV.
Antique room shelving:  Alan withdrew his request for funding for shelving for $1800 (priced by Jack Kinney).
New Business:
Ratification of Previous Motions (2013):  Alan updated everyone on meetings and discussions with the Town Clerk, emphasizing her intention to prevent issues for the department.  The department has taken steps to protect everyone involved and follow proper procedures.  Alex made a motion to ratify the January, February and March 2013 approved motions as distributed at the meeting.  Seconded by Caralee.  Abstain:  Brian.  Motion carried
Auditor:  Gwen made a motion to have Tracy Fellows conduct our audit.  Seconded by Sherman.  Motion approved unanimously
Air Hose Real:  Tabled until next month
New Ambulance (purchase):  Alex and Art made a presentation to members regarding their choice to go with LifeLine ambulance proposal and the many features they feel make this the superior ambulance choice.  Art reminded members that the old ambulance will be saved as a back up with the hope of getting in a cycle of trading in old ambulance every 5 years and having 2 fully functioning ambulances.  Discussion of funding and service took place.  Alex made a motion to empower the Ambulance Committee to negotiate and enter into a contract with LifeLine/Eastford Fire and Rescue for the purchase of an ambulance for a price not to exceed $187,000 plus a contingency not to exceed $5,000.  Seconded by Mike.  Opposed:  Matt S.  Abstain:  Jim R, Adam, Peter.  Motion carried.
New Ambulance Radios:  Alex made a motion to spend up to $6,500 for radios for new ambulance as presented by Tim L.  Seconded by Tim L.  Abstain:  Matt S.  Motion carried.
New Brush Truck (presentation):  Brush truck committee presented spec. sheet and slide presentation on their investigation and options for a brush truck. They would like to look for bids.  The committee wants to know if the department supports the committee’s ideas.  Alan asked for a consensus for the committee to move forward for bids.  Majority of a show of hands were in favor.
Constitution and By Law Amendments:  Mike, Alex and Alan all have changes they would like to propose.  They will be distributed to membership for review.
Election of President revisited: John Russell’s motion was revisited (see above, special election).  Motion was passed with Annie, Mary Ann, Brian, Alex, Adam, Caralee and Mike abstaining.
Special Election:  Veronica nominated Jimmy Rundall for President.  Mike made a motion for the Secretary to cast one ballot.  Seconded by Eric.  Abstain:  Caralee, Alexis.  Motion Passed.
Officer’s Report:  Chief:  Templeton Farms would like to use the ambulance barn for temporary storage, our trailer will be moved to the FH temporarily.  Awards dinner:  Mike and Alan have some ideas, if you have suggestions, let them know.  Calls:  Chief read off Fire Calls for March and asked for discussion, safety protocal was discussed regarding recent calls.  Ambulance Chief reported on last month’s high volume activities.  He reminded everyone that we need to avoid passing calls.  Mike is looking into prices for new ambulance equipment.  No other Officer’s Reports.
Appointed Positions:  Records Clerk:  Veronica emailed points.  They will be on website by Thursday.    Fire Run forms are being completed more accurately. Quartermaster:  Jesse stated they have information from on turn out gear from the companies that came to visit.  She inquired about the shelving/storage units for above the bay area.
Committee Reports:  Fair:  Motion made by Willy to accept the budget presented for the fair.  Seconded by Annie.  Passed unanimously.  Ball:  Alan read a letter from Dawn Molnar who has offered to oversee the Ball.  She will have Caralee, Rebecca and her daughter Michelle on the committee.  She has already made several contacts with vendors.  Motion to approve Ball budget for $11,500 made by Veronica.  Seconded by Jessie.  Passed unanimously.
Warning for Expenditures:  Mike warned to spend up to $800 for EMS week (May 26).  Mike warned to spend up to $5,000 for awards banquet.
Adjournment:  21:40

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