April 4 2011

KVFD  April 4, 2011  Monthly meeting minutes

Call to order at 19:30

1.     Public comments: none.

2.     March 7 minutes: Dawn made a motion to accept as published, seconded by Tony: Unanimously approved.

3.     March 14 minutes: tabled until May meeting (they were not distributed).  Motion by Anne, seconded by Alex.  Unanimously approved.

4.     Correspondence: parade invitations are coming in and will be listed at the end of these minutes for voting in May.  Many thank you letters and cards were read.


Motion by Alex, seconded by Veronica, to move up #12 in the agenda.  Unanimously approved with one no vote from M. Starr.


12 a. Lynn made a motion, seconded by Mike, to accept SOP 1-11. Unanimously approved.

Lynn made a motion, seconded by Mike, to accept SOP 1-12.  Unanimously approved.

b. Lynn made a motion, seconded by Alex accept SOP 2-2.  Unanimously approved.

c. Engine 5-0 update: general discussion and review of the call.  There was a unanimous show of hands to ask the insurance company for a full investigation of the event and of 5-0.  We are fortunate to have a tanker on loan from Watertown.

d. Cookbook: Caralee made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to purchase the minimum order of re-prints, not to exceed $1,500 plus shipping. Unanimously approved with two no votes: Lynn and Gwen.

e. Fireproof filing cabinet: no second for Dawn’s motion to purchase one.

f. radio room computer: not needed at this time.

g. helmets: Joe G made a motion, seconded by Mike, to purchase five new helmets at a cost of $275 or less.  Unanimously approved except one no vote from Matt.

h. Firehouse cleaning: do we follow our SOP for the refreshment committee or contract out for services?  Dawn will get quotes about the cost.


5.     A. Fires and alarms

3/9       automatic alarm                     27 Kent Green Blvd.

3/11     wires down                             22 Sumner Rd.

3/12     mva                                         Route 7

3/12     smoke in bldg.                                    13 Bulls Bridge Rd.

3/12     automatic alarm                     27 Kent Green Blvd.

3/15     automatic alarm                     North Main St.

3/15     automatic alarm                     Pizza Garden

3/16     mercury spill                          15 North Main St.

3/18     automatic alarm                     333 Kent Rd.

3/19     standby                                   West Cornwall

3/20     automatic alarm                     333 Kent Rd.

3/21     automatic alarm                     476 Skiff Mt. Rd.

3/21     automatic alarm                     254 Kent Cornwall Rd.

3/23     automatic alarm                     46 Maple St.

3/23     assist EMS                              22 Cobble Heights Rd.

3/27     automatic alarm                     Kent School

3/28     trees in wires                          Kent Cornwall Rd. & Botsford

3/30     brush fire                                North Kent Rd.

3/31     automatic alarm                     Kent School

4/4       mutual aid                               Gaylordsville

Canaan is celebrating their 100th anniversary.  They have a muster planned for May 15th.  Eric made a motion, seconded by Seth, to pay the registration fee of $50 if we have enough interest for a team.  Unanimously approved.   June 19th is the Goshen Stampede and Demolition.  Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike, to pay the $25 entry fee if we have enough interest.  Unanimously approved.

B. EMS: 27 calls in March for a quarter total of 102.  Training continues on the power stretcher while we wait for parts to arrive.  EMR class in New Milford begins on May 3 and ends on July 2.

C. Training: calendar will be published.  New forms are being created to help record drills, skills at scenes, etc.  OSHA requirements will be mailed out to the membership.  We have a $1,750 fine likely but we will argue based on the remedies we have done so far.  Airborne/blood borne class will be April 11th at 7 p.m.  EMS trail rescue in April and the EMS corps meeting will be on the 18th.

D. Engineer: the gator is out of service for parts and upgrade.  The loaner truck needs two people to open the hood.  There are no chains or chainsaws on the brush trucks?  Bill made a motion, seconded by Gary, to purchase two chains under $100.  Unanimously approved. A file cabinet needs to be moved into the main building from the rear, so truck records and manuals can be kept.

E. Communications: Ane warned for the replacement of pagers with Minotaur 5 models at a cost up to $5,400.  Currently we have 8 pagers out for repair and 6 are unfixable.

F. Treasurer: Gwen made a motion, seconded by Dawn, to pay our bills as announced and distributed.  Unanimously approved.  $9,710.48 in re-occurring bills and $19,743.90 in monthly expenses.

6.  Appointed positions

President: request from KCS to borrow our grills.  SKS would like to use the parking area for a car wash on 4/17.  The Congregational Church would like to do the same on May 1.  There has been discussion of a membership drive.  The driver of the tractor trailer has been spoken to and will no longer park on our property.

A. Records: no report

B. Quartermaster: no report

C. Firehouse Coordinator: no report

D. Loan Officer: no report

E. Junior Advisor: going through orientation of gear and equipment with the juniors.

7. Committee Reports

A. Executive: see published minutes

B. SOP/policies: there is an investment policy in the works.

C. Ice Watch : gross was $1,291 so the winner receives $645.50.  Art Seabury is making a new sign to replace the one damaged by the ice.

D. 100th Anniversary: need help at the spaghetti dinner on 4/10.  The idea of a beer tasting as a fundraiser was mentioned.

E. Ball: ahead of schedule.  The idea of giving smoke detectors ($5 each) out as party favors was discussed.

F. Fair: meetings will be announced soon.

G. Golf: Lynn made a motion, seconded by Mike, to accept the 2011 golf budget as presented.  Approved unanimously.

H. Awards dinner: Lynn made a motion, seconded by John, to pay the outstanding bills.  Approved unanimously.

I. Technology: web site re-design is coming along slowly.  Please contact Bill Keane if you have any questions or difficulties with the site.

8. Outside Organizations

A. LCC: no report

B. NMAFC: info on search and rescue was discussed at last meeting.

9.  NW Zone: meetings held to discuss OSHA regulations.  Training on nursing home evacuations was postponed.

10.  Warning of Expenditures:

Two chain saws for $600 and smoke detector give-away for the Ball.

11. Old Business:

A. Membership: Chris Fuchs application.  Seth made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to vote via a show of hands.  Approved unanimously.   Seth made a motion, seconded by Mike, to approve Chris’ application.  Approved unanimously.

Greg Eads request for veteran status: John made a motion, seconded by Mike, to approve his change of membership.  Approved unanimously with one abstention (Dawn).

B. Tires: no prices yet.

C. Apparatus: there will be a public hearing on May 6th.

D. paid positions/officers: there will be a special meeting on April 12th at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the book keeper/financial secretary/treasurer.  Info from Tracey Fillow will be distributed.  The change of Bylaws proposal on this topic was read to the membership this evening.

Motion to adjourn @ 22:12 by Mike, seconded by Seth.  Approved unanimously.

Attendance:  T Amon, A Bisenius, B Blank, J Caroselli, J Christen, E Epstein, a Gawel, J Gawel, W Gawel, G Hock, S Houck, S Kabasakalian, R Kennedy, A Limbos,V Limbos, C Mazza, F McCann, W McCann, D Molnar, W Murphy, M Petrone, G Price, W Purcell, C Rochovansky, J Russell, T Sneller, W Soule, M Starr, R Trautmann, M VanValkenburg, A Woodruff, J Worthington, L Worthington.


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