April 5, 2013, Special EC

KVFD Executive Committee

Special Meeting  Minutes, approved

April 9, 2013

Call to Order:  19:40

Public/ Member Comments:  John Christian is concerned with Eastford Fire Rescue Service.  They are working on our current ambulance and he is not sure if he trusts the service.  Mike read the estimate from LifeLine on needed repairs. They estimate $7550 for service and repair.  Mike agrees that John’s original recommendation to go with Millerton would have been better.  Alan recommended that John call Millerton for a ballpark estimate to see if Eastford is a fair price. Veronica announced that there are no seatbelts on the brush truck.  She told Juniors that they are not to ride on it.  John C will look into this.  He will be out of town April 13 to 21st.  

New Ambulance funding/payment:  Background on the Aiken Fund was shared and update on where the account is now.  John Russell shared the choices we have for purchasing the new ambulance.  We can pay cash from the fund or we can bond it out and pay the bond from the account or cash fund.  If we borrow, Alex stated that we could currently lock into a 4% loan.  That is also a rough estimate of what the fund could earn.  John is leaning towards paying cash out of the fund.  Mike and Sherman also liked this idea and replacing the Aiken fund.  Alex is worried about that fund being replenished.  Mike reminded committee that we still have $30,000 to be added to the fund right now.  There was discussion on the concern of replacing money taken from the fund.  On the other hand, there was discussion on leaving money in the account and the appearance that could have if we borrow money.  Alan stated that the town would probably appreciate doing something in the middle.  4% is a good interest rate for borrowing and we should take advantage of that.  It is also good to leave a cushion in the fund for the future.  If we drain the account, it will look like poor planning on our part.  

Alex made a motion to recommend to membership the purchase and outfit of the new ambulance be accomplished by drawing down Aiken fund to $190,000.  The remainder of the balance due will not be financed at a rate not to exceed 4.5% for 5 years.  Seconded by Tim Sneller.  Discussion:  John Russell asked for Sherm’s opinion.  Sherm thought this was fair.  Motion passed with Audra abstaining.

Town Grant:  Selectman voted to keep current grant the same.  The Town Treasurer wanted to meet with our accountants and our Chief/President at the time.  The Town shared the costs the Town covers for the Department.  Alan explained to Town what they should also help fund.  Town dropped gas for ambulance from that request.  Alan wants to know how to proceed.  Alex stated that we should push to have the Town pay in a lump payment, not in two payments.  We are still owed for second half of 2012.  An email will be sent tonight or tomorrow.

Tim Sneller made a motion that we not go to Town for more money.  Seconded by Jimmy.  Passed unanimously.

Budget 2013 Review:  Due to a lack of an active Treasurer, there is some confusion over our current budget.  There was some discussion on where we are actually at right now.   Sherman anticipates a balance of approximately $180,000 in our check book by the end of the month, but Sherm and Rita need time to look at budget before they take action.  They will try to get a handle on the numbers before the next meeting.  They do not recommend any cuts right now.  John Russell asked about color guard items proposed at regular meeting.  We would need to decide where these new items, such as color guard and TV,  would come from.  Tim Sneller suggested that these items may be covered under retention and recruitment.  This may mean something else that was budgeted for would not be funded, but the budget is not broken down into those details.  

We will try to meet at the end of the month to revisit 2013 budget before the monthly meeting.

Adjournment:  21:40

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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