Aug. 19, 2013 ec meeting


EC Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2013

Call To Order:  19:35 by Chief Alan Gawel

Public Member Comment:  Tim L. is looking for clarification on who owns the trailer.  In Aug. 2007, we paid for an upgrade.  John C. says the town has the title.  Town may have ownership but the fire dept. has full use.  Gary thinks the town spent about $6,000 to purchase and we paid for upgrade ($2400).  On another note, Tim L. looked back on minutes from August 6, 2012, at that time,  Bruce stated the Emergency Operations should not be moved to town hall.

John R. made a motion to add Chief’s lights and sirens to agenda.  Seconded by Mike.  abstain:  Tim L, Gary, Mike.  Motion carries.

Mike made a motion to add Hazmat 7 and old boat to the agenda.  Seconded by Tim. Passed Unanimously.


Mike made a motion to add Rescue Booker to the agenda.  Seconded by Sherm.  Passed Unanimously.

Sherm made a motion to add EMMS aging dollars to the agenda.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed unanimously.

Sherm made a motion to add Bank of America’s 2 bank idle checking accounts to the agenda.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Minutes:  Sherm made a motion to accept the July EC meeting minutes as distributed.  Tim Sneller seconded.  Alex Abstained.  Motion carried.

Eng 2 (KME Rep):  3 KME reps were introduced by Gary and were present to discuss the pump seizing.  Gary stated that he worked with Hale, KME and the insurance company to figure out the cause of this damage.  The cost for service is $15,000.  VFIS has ruled out KME for any responsibility.  KME worked hard to get the truck back in service, there was a delay from Hale for the pump.  Chief thanked KME reps for their quick response.  Chief stated that Gary worked hard to expedite the matter.  KME has never seen gears melt like this case.  Tim S. asked if KME will still service and inspect the new pump.  They said yes, the warranty is good for 2 years, parts and labor, 5 years parts only, from the time it was issued.  When discussing the cause, it was stated that Hale said it was caused by oil deficiency or it leaked out or it was pumped through and got very hot.  Gary said it was not pumping through.  NE Fire changed the oil last.  Gary will keep everyone informed.  He should have a better idea by next week.  Alan asked KME if there is any flexibility on the cost, they stated that they need to settle the investigation first and then look at the breakdown with their supervisors.  Gary had kept track of all correspondence and has pictures available.  

Old Business:  

Ambulance Barn:  Alan stated that Jimmy and Brian are going to inventory the barn.  

Donated minivan:  John Christian stated that there is mold in the van and should be used to cut and burn.  Tim S. will work out a deal to junk it with NM Auto.  He will let us know next month.

Hazmat 7:  Alex made a motion to recommend to membership to sell Hazmat 7 and old boat.  Discussion:  do we keep the generator?  those present agreed we do not need it.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

Network Access Policy:  John R made a motion to recommend to membership to adopt the network access policy as presented.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Apparatus Equipment Checks:  John R emphasized that this needs to be done regularly.  Alex emphasized the importance of checking and rotating air.  Some discussion about the squad leader system was mentioned, with pros and cons to this system.  It was mentioned that people could use time when waiting in quarters to do a quick inspection.  Alexis suggested a regular scheduling time so people get it ingrained.  Alex stated that there are updated sheets on the boards.  Tim reminded everyone that the cascade system needs to be kept filled.

Mike suggested that it should be mandatory for people to participate.  Alan will try to take a balanced approach and try to get squads active again.  It may mean people making phone calls, as Sherm had suggested.  John R suggested the first Thursday night of the month for inspections.

Awards Dinner:  Chief recommends we discuss dollar amount for dinner.  He stated that Mike P and others have put a great deal of time into planning.  Chief asked those present if they were in favor of a brunch or dinner.  Most present agreed on a dinner.  Cost was suggested at $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the number of people.  Veronica has prices from Villager to cater, $28 per person. Depending on the number of people, the cost could be a little over $3600 not including awards.  

Gary makes a motion to spend up to $6,000 on awards dinner, which includes area chiefs, alcohol and awards.  Seconded by Mike.  Discussion:  Alex prefers BYOB.  John R., Stacey and Sherm agree that the department should not pay for alcohol.  Mike and Gary stated that you can not invite area chiefs and not offer them alcoholic beverages.  In favor:  Sherm, Gary, Mike, Stacey, Alex.  Abstain:  John, Tim S, Alan.  Motion passes.

Rescuebooker:  Mike  reached out to Washington ambulance for possible new members.  Mike looked into a stipend with auditor to entice more people to sign up for calls.  Anyone with recommendations, let Mike know.

EMMS Aging dollars:  We currently have $142,000 in outstanding fees.  Sherm asked for direction for how to address EMMS about collecting fees from insurance company, etc.  Alex said that we have a policy.  Sherm does not have that policy.  Sherm would like to sit down with Mike to look at list.  Alex explained the policy briefly.  

Bank of America Account:  Checking account has over $44,000 and does not earn enough interest and we do not use this account.  John R suggests researching where the money came from.  

Mike  stated that he had spots for a “train the trainer” course for ambulance and fire apparatus.  He has three people interested.  

Chief Officers Lights and Sirens:  John Russell and Tim Sneller suggested ways to equip Chiefs and Asst. Chiefs with lights, sirens and radios.  Alex suggested department issued light  bar, siren and vertex mobile for $1,000 which can be easily exchanged.  Tim L stated a $50-60 installation fee would be reasonable for exchanging equipment.

Appointed Positions Report:  Communication Officer:  Spooner Hill Site will be expensive (no grants available).  Money has been approved for upcoming sites.  John Ch asked about the size of the LCD communications site in bay.  Tim L will forward concerns to Matt S and Jimmy.  

Officer’s Report:  Chief read a letter from Sean Dingee requesting a leave of absence for US Army Training from Sept. 14 for up to 17 weeks.  Chief will grant him this request.  Tim Sneller discussed accountability tags.  Torrington Fire Chief’s Secretary willing to do them easily and free.  Tim recommends an internal database to update easily.  Suggestions on what should go on the tags and what is required.  Tim S. also suggested we spend about $1,000 for a generator back up for radios, etc..  Mike would like quotes for outlets above EMS lockers.  Alan brought up the need for an SOP/Policy committee as we have had in the past.  Lynn W. was suggested by Alan.  Mike suggested Don Devita who used to work in this field.  Alex suggested approaching Don for assistance.  

Adjourned:  22:24

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary

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