Aug 5 2013, reg mtg min

KVFD Membership

Regular Meeting Minutes

August 5, 2013

28 Maple Street

Call to order:  19:32 by President Jim Rundall

Pledge of allegiance

Public Comment:  Alan made a motion to add Policy Additions under new business.  Seconded by Rebecca.  Passed Unanimously.

Bill Arnold, President of Kent Land Trust, presented a brochure about helping protect Camp Francis.  He stated that there are 253 acres with clean water and historic qualities and is a habitat for birds and wildlife.  Girls scouts used it for 80 years, until 2007.  It would be used for passive recreation (fishing, kayaking and canoeing).  It could be restricted if needed.  Fundraising is taking place, 1.25 million dollars is needed to preserve it.  25% is raised through grants, plus $410,000 in contributions.  There is a vote this Friday, Town Referendum, to receive support for town funding of $110,000.  Tim L. asked about dry hydrant use for the Fire Dept, Bill said that he would be in support of that.  Eric asked about playing fields.  Bill stated that playing fields are not conducive with land trust goals. Alan asked if there would be an impact on the fire, ems, Bill stated he did not believe so.

Correspondence Read.  Thank you notes will be sent and notices posted.

Minutes:  Bill Keane made a motion to accept July meeting minutes with one correction that Annette had been thanked privately by Dawn after the Ball.  Alexis seconded.  Passed Unanimously.

Treasure report:  Sherm requested that bills be turned in on a more timely manner.

Gary made a motion to pay bills as read by the Treasurer.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Membership:  Jimmy read an email from Kathy McCann requesting Veteran’s Status.

Gary made a motion to accept Kathy McCann’s request for Veteran’s Status with a thank you for her years of service.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed unanimously.

Alan reminded members and officers that we have policies and procedures that need to be followed.  We can change them as a department, but need to follow what is established, such as those regarding authorization for spending money.

Old Business :

Computer software & hardware:  no report

Turnout gear:  Jimmy reported in Jessie’s absence that the EC voted to recommend allowing outdated gear be offered to members to use for non-emergency, personal use only.

John R. made a motion that the Quartermaster be allowed to provide old, non compliant gear to members who sign a form and make a reasonable donation to the fire department.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Old red uniforms:  Several area departments are interested in purchasing our old uniforms (pants, shirts, buttons).

New Business :

Rear building committee budget: Sherman updated the members on projects and expenses for rear building.

Sherman made a motion to utilize $20,000 for rear building expenses (driveway, roof and stairs) coming from the rental revenue.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed Unanimously.

Mobile radio:  none

Policy Additions:  Alan discussed having mobile radios and flashing red lights installed in Chief and Amb. Chief’s vehicles.  Alan would like it to be a policy for future chiefs.  The lights could be transferrable.

Alan made a motion that a policy be established for the fire department to install and uninstall mobile radios, siren speakers, red dash lights, flashing headlights for fire chief and ambulance chief.  Second: John R. Discussion:  Eric stated that this is a bad idea.  Mary Ann stated that it is a nightmare to get through town during an emergency in your private vehicle.  Josh agreed with Alexis’ point that a deposit could be required.  Gary stated that this idea opens a can of worms.   John R. suggested covering up to a certain cost for personal purchases.  Alan stated that the mobile radio is most important.  Tim L stated that a mobile radio is about $1200.  Alexis noted that officers should have the equipment needed.  Caralee thinks it’s fair for people to purchase their own personal equipment.  Mary Ann feels that there are some things the department should support.  In Favor:  Alexis, Alan  Opposed: Pete B, Annie B, Joe B, John Ch, Eric, Leila, Willy, Sherm, Gary, Dan, Bill, Rob, Amanda, Veronica, Caralee,

John R, Rebecca.   Abstain: Jim, Tim L, Stacey.  Motion Fails.

Officers reports:  Chief’s Report:  The town of kent is going to be installing Knoxboxes on the town buildings.  August is recert time for AB/BB and hazmat.  Pool fillings, make sure homeowner has permits.  Thank you to those who helped with Kenmont fireworks, Father Tom’s events, sidewalk sales.  Meeting with First Selectman, Bruce Adams, took place to discuss the ambulance barn.  Bruce is proposing to let the town take ownership of the barn and move Emergency Management in downstairs.  Training could continue to take place upstairs as needed.  Alan reported that police authority have a better handle on the issues at Bull’s Bridge and Kent Falls.  The Resident State Trooper is working on this, currently there is a temporary procedure.  Chief gave fire call report.  Discussion about fire calls when crew are held in quarters before an officer is on scene.  Ambulance Chief’s Report:  Mike asked that people get on RescueBooker.

Appointed positions reports:  Communications Officer reported that gator is now equipped.  Resident trooper is now equipped, the Town paid for mobile radio.  Records Clerk posted second quarter points.  Awards dinner will be confirmed after approval..

Quartermaster report: John R. made a motion for Quartermaster to sell old uniform pants, shirts and buttons in bulk to area department for a reasonable price.  Seconded by Gwen.  Passed Unanimously.

Committee Reports:Tim L reported that the apparel order is in.  Willy gave a report on the Fair planning.  Budget was approved earlier in the year.  No one to run kids games or white elephant this year.  Caralee is looking for help with BINGO.  Golf Fundraiser is set for Sept. 16, Annie asked that you let her know if you can help.  Brush Truck- on order.

Warning of expenditures:  Alan warned for awards dinner/gathering.  Gary warned for money for brush truck.

Adjournment:  21:25

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary

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