August 1 2011

KVFD August 1, 2011  monthly meeting minutes

Call to order @ 19:35 with the pledge of allegiance, followed by a moment of silence in memory of past member Gene Fiengo.

Public comment: none.

July 5th minutes: Rebecca T made a motion, seconded by Matt B, to approve the minutes as published.  Approved unanimously.

Correspondence: one letter of thanks and one in memory of Dot Termini were read.

Membership: Alex L made a motion, seconded by Matt S, to accept Christian Romano as a member.  Approved unanimously. The President then presented Christian with his member badge.

Alex L made a motion, seconded by Matt S, to accept Brian Hunt as a member pending the results of his background check.  Approved unanimously with four abstentions: Jean S, Caralee R, Mary G, and Bill P.

Heather Brand was presented with her member badge.

The applications of Cynthia Barksdale and Daniel Kabasakalian were discussed.

Old Business

  1. Iron Wheel: Anne B made a motion, seconded by Bill B, to mount the wheel in the ground near the building between the two chiefs’ windows.  Motion failed 4-15-12 (and is recorded fully at the end of the minutes).  Bill B made a motion, seconded by Matt S, to center the wheel on the front of the building by the offices. Approved unanimously with one against {Caralee R} and one abstention {Stacey K}.
  2. Propane tanks: Will Gawel said the plan is to seal the existing risers, improve the landscaping and pitch the ground to draw water away.  This will be done by volunteer labor and materials.
  3. Sandwich board: no report.
  4. Staffing EMS: two passed called in July out of 54 calls.
  5. Staffing of Fire: two calls recently were under-staffed.
  6. Recruitment: Caralee and Stacey will coordinate and produce materials.  Matt S and Matt B will also help, plus those who have already contacted Caralee and Stacey.  Lynn has already had info posted in the town email and local newspapers.
  7. Solar panel:  Lots of discussion on this topic.  A show of hands was against continuing with the project.  Bill Blank will contact Mark Lenz for more info about what we might want to do.

New Business

  1. Radio room maps: next month.
  2. Lest we forget flag: John W made a motion, seconded by Seth H, to purchase two 4’ x 6’ flags at a cost of $254.  Approved unanimously with Caralee voting against the motion.  Matt S will explore places on the property to put the sign/plaque.  A show of hands was in favor of keeping the sign.
  3. Skiff Mt. Rd will be closed for a couple of days this month for a movie being filmed.
  4. Hazmat awareness-operational change will be coming from Caralee in October so it can be voted on in December.  She will be checking with OSHA too.

Officer reports

  1. Chief’s report of fires and alarms
    1. 7/6         mva                                     Rt. 7 and Muller Rd.
    2. 7/7         automatic alarm               Kent School
    3. 7/9         water rescue                     Bull’s Bridge
    4. 7/9         lift assist                             EMS
    5. 7/10       automatic alarm               59 Preston Mt. Rd.
    6. 7/12       automatic alarm               109 Kent Hollow Rd.
    7. 7/14       vehicle trouble                  128 Kent Rd.
    8. 7/14       automatic alarm               Kent School
    9. 7/16       lawn tractor fire               39 Anderson Acres
    10. 7/16       automatic alarm               27 Macedonia Brook Rd.
    11. 7/18       automatic alarm               116 South Kent Rd.
    12. 7/20       rubbish fire                         Kent Falls State Park
    13. 7/22       automatic alarm               Kent School
    14. 7/22       automatic alarm               Wooden Rd.
    15. 7/24       automatic alarm               Kent School
    16. 7/26       automatic alarm               11 Green Hill Rd.
    17. 7/28       mutual aid                          Town of Cornwall
    18. 7/29       faulty alarm                       35 Jennings Rd.
    19. 7/29       automatic alarm               310 Kent Hollow Rd.
    20. 7/29       car leaking gas                  Patco
    21. 7/29       automatic alarm               Kent School
    22. 7/30       mva                                     67 Kent Cornwall Rd.
    23. 7/30       camp fire                            Skiff Mt. Rd.
    24. 8/1         automatic alarm               46 Maple St.

*Chief said the insurance check for 5-0 portable equipment lost is on its way.

*help is needed to haul water to DeLaurentis home.

*new parking area at Bulls Bridge is still difficult to maneuver.

*help is needed to move the white elephant stuff this week.


  1. EMS: 54 calls in July with two passed calls.  EMR refresher on Oct. 15 and 16.  Alex said plans are under way for CPR, PHTLS and EMT classes.  The ambulance will go to D & S auto soon for a problem with loss of power going up hills.  Alex also warned for purchase new software to help scheduling.
  2. Training: Mike will be at the firehouse Wed. at 7:30 p.m.  FF II class will start in September in Brookfield.  Mike said he will try to get emails out in a more timely fashion.  Hazmat class likely in September.  Members can use the American Heart Association website to start their CPR refresher.  Aug. 4th will be AB/BB refresher class at 7 p.m. with Caralee.  Aug. 17th will be AB/BB full course with Art at 7 p.m.
  3. Engineer: the gator is finished.  Left mirror on 4-0 was replaced.  Door latch on 6-0 needs replacing.  The rear caliper on 7-0 is stuck.
  4. Treasurer: Davis IGA has made a donation of the cost of $700 roast beef from the ball.  Art made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to pay the bills as presented ($12,469.99).  Approved unanimously.  Gwen made a motion, seconded by Caralee, to make the firehouse cleaning bill a re-occurring one.  Lynn said this would be an amendment to our finance policy.  Approved unanimously with Matt S voting no.

Appointed Positions

  1. Records: Jean Speck has taken over for Dawn.
  2. Quartermaster: Jessie Rundall has taken over for Dawn.  John W made a motion, seconded by Anne B, to purchase a lock for the equipment room if Gary Hock doesn’t have an extra one.  Approved unanimously.
  3. Firehouse coordinator: Matt S will do this until the end of the year.
  4. Loan Officer: Mary C said we are still missing two large coolers and one gray table.
  5. Juniors: Audra said nothing new.
  6. Technology: John W is our new coordinator.  John thanked Bill Keane for his years of service.  John made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to renew our server contract @ $283.  Approved unanimously with Caralee abstaining.  John made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to have ‘Yucatech’ come to the firehouse for three hours work at $75/hour to help make our server more secure.  Approved unanimously with Caralee, John R and Jean abstaining.  John made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to purchase software for $99.  Approved unanimously with Caralee and John R abstaining.  John asked if any members are experiencing tech problems to email him.  Lynn said she is available for web help.
  7. Firehouse facility maintenance: Matt S said propane tank improvement is underway.  He is waiting for builder and vendor contacts, and is working on an emergency ‘who to call’ list.

Committee Reports

  1. Executive committee met on July 18th.  Several motions were made during the meeting:
    1. Eric made a motion, seconded by Audra, to approve the June 20th minutes.  Approved unanimously with Seth H and Tim S abstaining.
    2. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to recommend Christian Romano’s application as a member.  Approved unanimously.
    3. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to recommend Brian Hunt’s application as a member pending all necessary paperwork.  Approved unanimously.
    4. Gary H made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to insure the new 5-0 for up to $100,000.  Approved unanimously with Gwen abstaining.
    5. Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to hire the Mcdonoughs as our firehouse cleaning company.  Approved unanimously with Tim S abstaining.
    6. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to appoint John R as investment committee chair.  Approved unanimously.
    7. Tim S made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to appoint John Worthington as chair of Technology.  Approved unanimously.
    8. Gary made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to appoint Jessie Rundall as quartermaster.  Approved unanimously.
    9. Truck Committee: Peter Bernard is the new chair (he recently chaired Goshen’s truck committee). The President reported that nothing of substance was found in his investigation following the letter received from the former chair of the committee.  Gary said the committee has seen several demos already, visited firehouses and local departments, and have created a spec sheet preliminarily.  Gary said money will be tight as the old 5-0 was under-insured.  Meetings are posted and open to all.  They are working with a $475,000 budget.
    10. SOP/policies: working on 2-6 and 2-7, training to include OSHA regulations and technology policies.
    11. Ball: need a chair for 2012.  This year’s profit was $26,351.15 according to Gwen.
    12. Fair: Ane Starr and Tim Sneller are in charge of the parade.  25 companies so far are coming.  Kathy McCann is in charge of food.  Set up on 8th, 9th and 10th to be announced once the fields are free of use by the jazz festival people.
    13. Golf: date is September 19th and Anne B said all help is welcome.
    14. 100th Anniversary: the chair thanked Stacey K for her help during sidewalk sale days.  Matt S said the bbq/picnic went well.  Ane is going to organize the muster and may change the date so it doesn’t conflict with the State convention.  Help will be needed at the Fair to sell memoriabilia.
    15. Gaylordsville muster: we were the only department with male and female teams!
    16. LCC: no meeting.
    17. NMAFC: no meeting.
    18. NW Zone: working on a fall training schedule.
    19. LCD: hospital diversions will be announced by text message. The membership, by a show of hands, was in favor of text and voice messages for weather warnings to be 24/7 and not in favor of the single tone 90 day test period.


  1. Alex L warned that the EMS scheduling software be a re-occurring bill, at $1,080 per year and will exceed what was budgeted.
  2. John W warned that tech licenses for software will cost less than $500.

Motion to adjourn at 20:15 by Matt S, seconded by Seth H, and was approved unanimously.



Vote on the Iron Wheel:


Respectfully submitted,

Catherine M. Mazza


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