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Protected: Juniors: February 21, 2012

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EC Meeting: August 22 2011

Executive Committee Meeting Aug. 22, 2011

Attending: Alan Gawel, Eric Epstein, Alex Limbos, Gary Hock, Audra Petrone, Mike Petrone, Gwen Price. Also attending, Lynn Mellis Worthington, Tim Limbos, Jeremy Matson, Veronica Limbos, Jean Speck, Mary Ann Van Valkenburg.

9:15 p.m. Secretary Cathe Mazza left the meeting. L. Worthington took over taking the minutes.

Discussion of amendments to SOP 2-7 Radio Communication Procedures, which were drafted by Tim Limbos.

MOTION by E. Epstein, second by G. Hock, to recommend amending the radio identification regarding the apparatus. Approved with 1 abstention by G. Price.

There was a discussion of the terminology “car” for officers and EMS. E. Epstein made a MOTION, seconded by G. Hock, to strike car and EMS officers. Unanimously approved.

There was a MOTION by M. Petrone, seconded by A. Limbos, to recommend SOP 2-7 as amended to the membership. Unanimously approved.

E. Epstein made a MOTION, seconded by G. Hock, to recommend the amendments proposed for SOP 2-6 Radio Dispatch Procedures, which were drafted by Tim Limbos. Unanimously approved.

Discussion of SOP 4-2 Interior Firefighter Training, which is a new document that has been written to help the Department come into compliance with the OSHA regulations.

M. Petrone made a MOTION, seconded by E. Epstein, to recommend SOP 4-2 with amendments. Approved.

There was discussion of the Juniors SOPs amendments proposed by Jeremy Matson. G. Hock made a MOTION to table, seconded by G. Price. Approved.

On the policies regarding technology, due to the lengthy meeting, L. Worthington suggested emailing her suggestions for changes.

There was a discussion of membership morale. The president said it is an issue that “most definitely” should be discussed by the membership at the September meeting.

M. VanValkenburg and J. Speck asked the officers to consider ways that morale could be improved. A number of ideas were thrown out.

It was stressed that Jon Politis would be speaking here Oct. 29. It was suggested that an email be sent with the info and a link to Jon’s web site. Eric said he’d organize calling the members.

Matt Starr has been overseeing the Department facilities. M. Petrone made a MOTION, seconded by E. Epstein, to also appoint M. Starr as the firehouse coordinator for the remainder of the year.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn Mellis Worthington, acting secretary

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EC meeting: October 17 2011

KVFD Executive Committee meeting October 17, 2011

Call to order @ 19:36

Present: A. Gawel, C. Mazza, T. Sneller, E. Epstein, G. Price, M. VanValkenburg, W. Purcell, J. Matson, T. Limbos, M. Starr, A. Petrone, B. Bevans, L. Worthington, G. Hock.

1.      Public comments: none.

2.      Member comments:

a.      Bonnie Bevans asked about a Halloween party at the firehouse next year.

b.      Maryann V asked about making phone calls to the membership for the Jon Politis event. She also asked about the annual awards and criteria for those awards.

c.      Bill Purcell asked about a water supply SOP which the line officers will review at their next meeting.

d.      Lynn reminded the EC to make sure the front doors are unlocked for our public meetings.

e.      Jeremy Matson asked about a juniors SOP.

f.       Tim Limbos asked about his previous complaint of his gear being moved.

g.      Matt Starr asked about:

                      i.     Who broke into the rear area of the building to borrow the griddle and deep fryer for the Lions Club?

                     ii.     Officers who are not responding to calls?

                    iii.     The training calendar email incorrectly identified him as an instructor.

                    iv.     Monthly and EC minutes have been delayed in publication on the website and in the radio room book.

                     v.     Ed Matson repeatedly made derogatory remarks about Matt in public at the Sloane Stanley event.

                    vi.     Mary Gawel repeatedly questioned the instructor about the liability of a member having equipment and not bringing it to a call.

                  vii.     Jon Politis event: not sure we ought to spend money until we get our house in order.

Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim S., to move the SOP committee to be next on the agenda.  Approved unanimously.

3.      SOP:

a.      Juniors: after brief discussion, the President recommended that the members meet with their advisor before action is taken on the SOP.

b.      Driving 2-5: after discussion, Tim S made a motion, seconded by Eric, to accept the SOP with the changes discussed tonight.  All in favor except G. Hock was against the motion.

c.      Training officer policy: tabled

d.      2-2: table for re-writing.

4.      Minutes:

a.      July 18th meeting: Eric made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to approve the minutes with minor corrections.  All in favor with Gary abstaining.

b.      Aug. 17th meeting: Eric made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to approve the minutes with corrections.  Approved unanimously.

c.      Aug. 22nd meeting: Eric made a motion, seconded by Audra, to approve the minutes.  All in favor with Tim S and Alex L abstaining.

d.      Sept. 19th: Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to approve the minutes.  Approved unanimously.

5.      Membership: no new applications.

6.      Old Business:

a.      Morale: general discussion

7.      New Business:

a.      EMS staffing: Alex reported that coverage is better.

8.      Officer Reports:

a.      Chief:

                      i.     A question about insurance company fraud in Medicare but VFIS said it’s not our problem because EMMS has coverage.

                     ii.     What to do with donated van?  It’s too good to cut up.  The engineer will look it over first.

                    iii.     Regulator for RIT is here with bag

                    iv.     New member information chart/diagram was distributed for review and discussion at next meeting.

                     v.     Officers will be assigned to training.

                    vi.     Pumpkin Run will need lots of help-please report at 1 p.m.

b.      Ambulance Chief:

                      i.     EMR refresher is underway

                     ii.     More training is scheduled

                    iii.     ID tag project is underway

c.      Treasurer:

                      i.     3rd quarter posted on the website

                     ii.     Waiting for insurance process for defibrillator machines

d.      Assistant Chief:  thermal imaging camera has been ordered and is under budget.

e.      Captains:

                      i.     Some officers are not responding to calls and not coming to meetings.

                     ii.     FF II: ask for pre-plans

                    iii.     FF instructors should be working with us

                    iv.     3rd quarter calls and requirements: can Records Clerk inform membership?  Some information is available on the website.

9.      Appointed Positions

a.      Firehouse Coordinator/facility manager:

i.     Needs the key codes for the boy scouts from John Worthington

ii.     Has paperwork from groups wishing to use the facility

iii.     Has given groups temporary approval until the department approves

iv.     Will groups conflict with cleaning days and times?

v.     Minors should not be left in the firehouse without adults supervising

b.      Technology:  router has been replaced so speed has increased

10.   Committee reports:

a.      Truck: bids opened on Friday and 11 have been received and will be reviewed.

Adjourned at 21:51

Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, Secretary

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EC meeting: December 19 2011

Executive Committee meeting minutes      December 19, 2011

Meeting called to order at 1937 hrs.  Alex Limbos took minutes until the Secretary arrived.

1.      Public/Member Comments:

a.      Maryann relayed concern from the nominating committee regarding the difficulty in filling the position of Treasurer. She asked that the duties of Treasurer, Bookkeeper, and  Financial Secretary be outline for clarity.

b.      Maryann also brought up a concern over cell phone and laptop use being a distraction during monthly meetings.

c.      The president received an e-mail from a member concerned with the use of our kitchen without an installed grease tap. Also, because the kitchen is certified as a commercial kitchen it needs to be cleaned and maintained. The question was asked if the kitchen should be locked. Matt Starr reported that a temporary “P” trap will be installed. Motion to add the kitchen to the agenda was made by Mike Petrone, seconded by Tim Sneller. Motion approved unanimously at 1948.

2.      Minutes: Motion to approve November Executive meeting minutes as distributed was made by Tim Sneller, seconded by Mike Petrone. Motion approved unanimously at 1950.

3.      Motion to approve October Executive meeting minutes as distributed was made by Tim Sneller, second by Ed Matson. Motion approved unanimously at 1951.

(Arrival of Secretary 1951 hours)

4.      Membership:

a.      a. Ethan Raskind was interviewed as part of his application process.  Matt Starr is his sponsor.  Gwen made a motion, seconded by Alex, to recommend Ethan to the department in February (after his application is announced in January) for membership pending completion of necessary paperwork.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Geoff Ballard: Gwen reported that his dues have not been received yet for 2011.

c.      Ed Matson: stated that there are members representing the department, actually misrepresenting, at town meetings.

d.      Tedd Speck’s membership was tabled until contact is made with him.

5.      Old Business

a.      Staffing: more discussion was had concerning this important topic.

b.      2012 Budget discussion:

(Departure of Secretary 2210- minutes taken again by Alex Limbos)

Budget: Discussion of budget continued. Motion to recommend the draft budget as edited to the department was made by Tim Sneller, seconded by Mike Petrone. Motion approved unanimously at 2215.

c.      Document Review: Training Policy was briefly discussed, motion to table made by Tim Sneller, seconded by Ed Matson. Motion approved unanimously at 2217.

d.      Discussion on Junior Radio Use Policy. Policy has not been reviewed by Junior Advisory Committee, President tabled discussion until their review and recommendation.

e.      Capital Plan: The department’s request for flat funding of $125,000 for apparatus replacement was submitted to the Town. There was lengthy discussion of our current Capital plan and the need for an evaluation of the plan. The existing Capital plan was distributed for review and discussion in January.

f.       Kitchen use: A motion to have the President handle the kitchen issue was made by Eric Epstein, seconded by Mike Petrone. Motion approved unanimously 2254.

6.      Officers’ reports:

a.      Treasurer: Gwen reported that we have received an anonymous grant in honor of

George Jacobsen, with restrictions on use. The money will be held in savings account                     with a note of the restrictions for use.

b.      Bookkeeper: Gwen has declined the position of Bookkeeper for 2012, she stated she will apply for the position if it becomes a paid position.

c.      Committee reports, Ball: A draft budget was presented to the EC, along with a question regarding charging members for attendance. The question will be passed along to the membership.

Motion to adjourn made by Ed Matson, seconded by Eric Epstein. Motion approved unanimously at


–Submitted by Alex Limbos, acting secretary

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EC: November 21 2011 meeting

KVFD Executive Committee Meeting            Nov. 21, 2011

Present: M. Starr, T. Sneller, E. Epstein, G. Hock, M. Cox, B. Purcell, L. Worthington, A. Petrone, D. DaVita, J. Matson, Jessie Rundall, T. Limbos, C. Mazza, M. Petrone, A. Gawel

Applicants: R. Forrester and A. Swagemaker

Call to order @ 19:36

1.      Public Comment:

a.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Matt, to add Executive Session to the agenda for possible contract of rear building discussion.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Request to move up document review (not necessary).

c.      Question regarding radio room documents in binder.

d.      Inequality of rules being enforced? FIT testing is out of date but some members were allowed to participate in the Smokehouse drill?  Specifics will be brought to the President’s attention.

2.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Gary, to approve the Oct. 17th minutes.  Tim S asked if we could table this vote until later in the meeting.

3.      Membership:

a.      Alexis Swagemaker: Gary made a motion, seconded by Tim, to recommend her to the department for full membership.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Ryan Forrester: Tim made a motion, seconded by Eric, to recommend him to the department for full membership contingent upon successful completion of paperwork. Approved unanimously.

c.      Art Romano: request for veteran status.

Old Business

4.      Staffing for EMS calls: would like to see data from ambulance chief (who was absent from this meeting). Eric said he would follow up.

5.      Document Review:

a.      Training officer SOP

b.      SOP 2-2 being worked on

c.      Flow chart of responsibilities and connections.  Do we need a personnel committee?  The President asked that staff review this.

d.      Juniors: Tim made a motion, seconded by Eric, to approve JR5 and delete “C” of Response section and return JR4 for review.  Those in favor: Tim, Eric and Gary.  Those opposed: Mike. Those abstaining: Audra.  Motion passes 3-1-1.

e.      Do we need a bookkeeper SOP?

New Business

6.      Budget: Treasurer was not present so discussion was tabled.  Budget workshops were set for 11/29 and 11/30 both at 7 p.m.

Officer Reports

7.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike, to recommend to the department that we request $125,000 for vehicle replacement from the town.  Approved unanimously.   Eric also asked for help on Dec. 3 at the tree lighting and Dec. 11th for Stuff A Truck.

8.      The president asked about programming radios?

Appointed Positions

9.      Quartermaster: we are replacing gear and recycling as best as possible.

10.   Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim, to recommend proper shelving and secure storage on the mezzanine.  Approved unanimously.

11.   Firehouse: Matt said he has not had a reply from the kitchen people.  The refrigerator has been cleaned out and locked after we failed inspection from Torrington Area Health (no undated food allowed and no opened food allowed).  Generator service is trying to get done.  Propane tanks still need to be raised up.  Unplugged refrigerators in the rear building?

Committee Reports

12.   Truck: a contract has been signed.

Motion by Eric, seconded by Tim, to go into Executive Session at 21:55 inviting in the facilities/firehouse coordinator.  Approved unanimously.

Motion by Mike, seconded by Audra, to come out of Executive Session at 22:08.  Approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 22:09

Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, Secretary

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December 5 2011 Monthly Meeting minutes

KVFD  December 5, 2011 monthly meeting minutes

Call to order and pledge of allegiance @ 19:35

Attendance and voting results will appear at the end of the minutes.

Correspondence: eight general thank yous, three thank yous for hospitality during the power outage, eight in memory of Bill Newton, and one from Carol McCann on behalf of the Newton family.

*Any member who changes his or her email changes, please notify so you can continue to receive emails from the Kent Volunteer Fire Department.*

November 7th minutes: Gary made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to approve the minutes as published. Approved unanimously.

Public comment: none.


a.      Art Romano is requesting veteran status.  Jean made a reluctant motion, seconded by Maryann, to accept his request.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Biz Cox was welcomed and presented with her badge by the President.

c.      Fitness-wellness program being developed by Maryann and Dan K.  A show of hands revealed support for use of the program by 12 people.

d.      Juniors: Lynn suggested more members become involved in the program to help.

e.      Jessie R asked for help at the parade of lights on the 17th  at 4:30 p.m.

f.       Stuff a truck is this Sunday from 10-4 p.m.

g.      New member application from Ryan Forrester.  Jean made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to accept Ryan as a member.  Approved unanimously.

h.      New member application from Alexis Swagemaker.  Caralee made a motion, seconded by Leila, to accept Alexis as a member.  Approved unanimously.

Old Business

1.      Radio room maps: Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to purchase two 4×5 maps at a cost of $510. All in favor except no votes from Caralee and Mary G.

2.      Kitchen: refrigerator and freezer are locked for food safety: no open packages can be kept and food must all be dated.

3.      Boat: Gary made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to purchase a Zodiac boat for $12,000.  After discussion, the motion passed with two no votes: John W and Caralee, and six abstentions: Lynn W, Mary G, Dan K, Gwen P, Maryann V, and Bill P.

4.      Fire Truck: motion to un-table the Engineer’s motion to purchase a truck from Gowans and Knight for $450,000.  This motion was passed 24-3-2.  Motion on the floor was previously made by the Engineer.  Matt made a motion, seconded by Maryann to postpone this motion indefinitely.  This motion passed with Mike P voting no and Eric and Jean abstaining.

5.      Quint truck: Eric made a motion to table this topic.

6.      Fair Chair:  still need a volunteer.

7.      Ball Chair: Amanda Harvey, Veronica Limbos and Leila Erskine have volunteered.

New Business

1.      Budget proposal: motion by Mike P, seconded by Jessie R, to table the topic until later in the meeting. Approved unanimously.

2.      Document review: training officer document topic was tabled.  The juniors’ policy must be distributed to all members.

3.   Expenditures: a reminder to all that even in emergencies, permission/authorization must be acquired before purchases.  Veronica made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to spend no more than $500 on a holiday party. Approved unanimously.

Chief’s report of fires and alarms:

11/10    hazmat situation               16 Angel Vista

11/10    co alarm                         13 Lane St. #2

11/13    brush fire                          Westwoods

11/14    mva                           Rt. 341 at NY line

11/14    structure fire                     Schaghticoke Indian Reservation

11/20    wires down                        Kent Rd. @Birch Hill

11/24    electrical fire                     13 Greenwood

11/28    automatic alarm               32 North Main St.

11/28    mva                           3 Maple St.

11/30    automatic alarm               9a Beardsley Rd.

11/30    automatic alarm               28b Stone Fences

11/30    automatic alarm #2         9a Beardsley Rd.

12/1       mva                           64 Maple St.

12/1       open burn                           29 Maple St.

Capital Plan is due this month.  Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to include $125,000 with flat funding from the town.  Approved unanimously.

EMS: 52 calls in November and 474 calls for the year so far.  Three passed calls in November (4% for the year so far).  Wassaic is organizing a PHTLS course and info will be announced when available.  Alex is working on EMT and EMT bridge classes.  Monthly EMS meeting will be Dec. 28th at 6:30 p.m.

Assistant Chief: Mike P reported that blood-borne and hazmat classes will be next week.

Treasurer: Gwen made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to pay the bills ($25,947.45).  Approved unanimously.

Quartermaster: Mary Cox looking into changing our uniform into something more formal.

Loan Officer: see Mary Cox if you need to borrow something.

Records: Jean has produced a new attendance form.

Juniors: Cookie Walk on Dec. 17th after the parade.  Donations are needed and set up help at 5 p.m. please.

Technology: reminded everyone to be careful of drinks around the keyboards.

Truck: Gary went to the factory and delivered a check for 50% deposit and toured the facility.  Our truck should be ready in June.  Gary made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to name the new truck Engine 2.  Approved unanimously.  Gary made a motion, seconded by Louis D, to spend up to $28,000 for equipment on 5-0. Approved unanimously. John W made another motion, seconded by Alex L, to have the monies ($28,000) be taken from insurance.  Approved unanimously.  Gary then warned for purchase of equipment on 2-0 at a cost of $87,000.

Nominating Committee: the following positions have had nominations.  Those left blank will be filled at the January meeting and as always, different nominations can be made from the floor during the election.

Fire Chief             Mike Petrone

Asst. Chief           1. Gary Hock       2.

President             Alan Gawel

EMS Chief            Tim Limbos

Asst. EMS Chief Mary Ann VanValkenburg

Captain                1. Tim Sneller  2. Audra Petrone

Lieutenant           1. __________ 2. ______________

Secretary             Mary Cox




2012 Budget review

Secretary left the meeting at 22:38

Next meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.

Refreshments Committee: Billy McCann, Frank McCann, Kathy McCann, Noelle Osuch, Audra Petrone, Mike Petrone and Gwen Price.

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Protected: EMS training

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Protected: Truck Bids

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Officers: elected and appointed

Elected – 2012
Fire Chief Matt Starr
Assistant Chief Gary Hock
Assistant Chief Tim Sneller
Captain Joe Bisenius
Captain John Russell
Lieutenant Alex Limbos
Lieutenant Audra Petrone
Ambulance Chief Mike Petrone
Assistant Ambulance Chief Mary Ann VanValkenburg
President Alan Gawel
Secretary Mary Cox
Treasurer Scott Harvey, Sr.
Communications Officer Ane Starr
Engineer Eric Epstein

Juniors Sr. Advisor Adam Woodruff
Juniors Advisory Board: Leila Erskine, Lynn Worthington
Records Clerk Jean Speck
Technology Officer John Worthington
Facilities Director/Firehouse Coordinator
Quartermaster Jesse Rundall
Financial Secretary Veronica Limbos
Bookkeeper Rita Limbos
Equipment Loan Officer Mary Cox
Training Officer Adam Woodruff
Safety Officer

Firemen’s Ball
Golf Tournament

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Protected: Photo Gallery

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