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Golf Videos

The following videos were created for the Kent Volunteer Fire Department to promote the 2011 Golf Tournament at Bulls Bridge Golf Club. This year’s tournament will be held Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. Click here for more information.


Playing Through

Tee Off

The Right Stuff

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2011 Parade winners

The Kent Volunteer Fire Department  hosted its annual parade in conjunction with the Firemen’s Fair Friday. A total of 24 fire departments attended the parade, which began on the Kent Green and then traveled down Main Street ending at the fairgrounds.

The winners were:

Best Overall Fire Unit: Middlebury

Best Appearing Apparatus: Washington

Best Appearing Company in Coats: Unionvale

Best Appearing Company in Shirts: Candlewood

Best Appearing Company 15 or Under: Wassaic

Best Appearing Company without music: Amenia

Best Appearing Ladies Auxiliary: Amenia

Best Appearing Color Guard: Unionvale

Best Appearing Aerial Apparatus: Sharon

Best Appearing Tanker or Engine Tanker: Northville

Best Appearing Rescue: Warren

Best Appearing Mini-pumper: Gaylordsville

Best Appearing Ambulance: Bantam

Best Appearing Custom: Mill Plain

Best Appearing Commercial: Woodbury

Best Appearing Antique Motorized: Bantam

Best Appearing Hand-drawn: Water Witch

Unit Coming the Longest Distance: Bethany

Best Appearing Musical Unit: Danbury Drum

First Runner up Musical Unit: Salisbury Band

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Raffle Winners

The KVFD Firemen’s Fair Raffle winners that were drawn Saturday night are:

First prize: Nintendo Wii gaming system with Wii Fit won by M. Rogat of Wingdale, NY.

Second prize: $100 gift certificate from the Fife ‘n Drum Restaurant won by Terry Shook of Warren.

Third prize: RCA Blue Ray disc player won by Gary Albert of Sherman.

Fourth prize: grocery dry goods gift basket won by Andrew Hoffman of Falls Village.

Fifth prize: fire pit with s’mores fixings won by John Desmlerees of Middlebury

Sixth prize: picnic basket with picnic supplies won by JoAnn Whitmore of Kent.

Seventh prize: $50 gift certificate from the House of Books won by JoAnn Whitmore of Kent.

Eighth prize: baseball books won by Vincent LaFontan of Kent.

Ninth prize: gardening Charles Tuz of Kent.

Tenth prize: cooking books won by Roi Abustino of Kent.

Eleventh prize: coffee basket won by Brian Warren of Southbury.

Twelfth prize: votive candles with $25 gift certificate from Heron Gallery won by Andrea Donzella.

KVFD thanks all the donors of the prizes and those that bought tickets!

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August 1 2011

KVFD August 1, 2011  monthly meeting minutes

Call to order @ 19:35 with the pledge of allegiance, followed by a moment of silence in memory of past member Gene Fiengo.

Public comment: none.

July 5th minutes: Rebecca T made a motion, seconded by Matt B, to approve the minutes as published.  Approved unanimously.

Correspondence: one letter of thanks and one in memory of Dot Termini were read.

Membership: Alex L made a motion, seconded by Matt S, to accept Christian Romano as a member.  Approved unanimously. The President then presented Christian with his member badge.

Alex L made a motion, seconded by Matt S, to accept Brian Hunt as a member pending the results of his background check.  Approved unanimously with four abstentions: Jean S, Caralee R, Mary G, and Bill P.

Heather Brand was presented with her member badge.

The applications of Cynthia Barksdale and Daniel Kabasakalian were discussed.

Old Business

  1. Iron Wheel: Anne B made a motion, seconded by Bill B, to mount the wheel in the ground near the building between the two chiefs’ windows.  Motion failed 4-15-12 (and is recorded fully at the end of the minutes).  Bill B made a motion, seconded by Matt S, to center the wheel on the front of the building by the offices. Approved unanimously with one against {Caralee R} and one abstention {Stacey K}.
  2. Propane tanks: Will Gawel said the plan is to seal the existing risers, improve the landscaping and pitch the ground to draw water away.  This will be done by volunteer labor and materials.
  3. Sandwich board: no report.
  4. Staffing EMS: two passed called in July out of 54 calls.
  5. Staffing of Fire: two calls recently were under-staffed.
  6. Recruitment: Caralee and Stacey will coordinate and produce materials.  Matt S and Matt B will also help, plus those who have already contacted Caralee and Stacey.  Lynn has already had info posted in the town email and local newspapers.
  7. Solar panel:  Lots of discussion on this topic.  A show of hands was against continuing with the project.  Bill Blank will contact Mark Lenz for more info about what we might want to do.

New Business

  1. Radio room maps: next month.
  2. Lest we forget flag: John W made a motion, seconded by Seth H, to purchase two 4’ x 6’ flags at a cost of $254.  Approved unanimously with Caralee voting against the motion.  Matt S will explore places on the property to put the sign/plaque.  A show of hands was in favor of keeping the sign.
  3. Skiff Mt. Rd will be closed for a couple of days this month for a movie being filmed.
  4. Hazmat awareness-operational change will be coming from Caralee in October so it can be voted on in December.  She will be checking with OSHA too.

Officer reports

  1. Chief’s report of fires and alarms
    1. 7/6         mva                                     Rt. 7 and Muller Rd.
    2. 7/7         automatic alarm               Kent School
    3. 7/9         water rescue                     Bull’s Bridge
    4. 7/9         lift assist                             EMS
    5. 7/10       automatic alarm               59 Preston Mt. Rd.
    6. 7/12       automatic alarm               109 Kent Hollow Rd.
    7. 7/14       vehicle trouble                  128 Kent Rd.
    8. 7/14       automatic alarm               Kent School
    9. 7/16       lawn tractor fire               39 Anderson Acres
    10. 7/16       automatic alarm               27 Macedonia Brook Rd.
    11. 7/18       automatic alarm               116 South Kent Rd.
    12. 7/20       rubbish fire                         Kent Falls State Park
    13. 7/22       automatic alarm               Kent School
    14. 7/22       automatic alarm               Wooden Rd.
    15. 7/24       automatic alarm               Kent School
    16. 7/26       automatic alarm               11 Green Hill Rd.
    17. 7/28       mutual aid                          Town of Cornwall
    18. 7/29       faulty alarm                       35 Jennings Rd.
    19. 7/29       automatic alarm               310 Kent Hollow Rd.
    20. 7/29       car leaking gas                  Patco
    21. 7/29       automatic alarm               Kent School
    22. 7/30       mva                                     67 Kent Cornwall Rd.
    23. 7/30       camp fire                            Skiff Mt. Rd.
    24. 8/1         automatic alarm               46 Maple St.

*Chief said the insurance check for 5-0 portable equipment lost is on its way.

*help is needed to haul water to DeLaurentis home.

*new parking area at Bulls Bridge is still difficult to maneuver.

*help is needed to move the white elephant stuff this week.


  1. EMS: 54 calls in July with two passed calls.  EMR refresher on Oct. 15 and 16.  Alex said plans are under way for CPR, PHTLS and EMT classes.  The ambulance will go to D & S auto soon for a problem with loss of power going up hills.  Alex also warned for purchase new software to help scheduling.
  2. Training: Mike will be at the firehouse Wed. at 7:30 p.m.  FF II class will start in September in Brookfield.  Mike said he will try to get emails out in a more timely fashion.  Hazmat class likely in September.  Members can use the American Heart Association website to start their CPR refresher.  Aug. 4th will be AB/BB refresher class at 7 p.m. with Caralee.  Aug. 17th will be AB/BB full course with Art at 7 p.m.
  3. Engineer: the gator is finished.  Left mirror on 4-0 was replaced.  Door latch on 6-0 needs replacing.  The rear caliper on 7-0 is stuck.
  4. Treasurer: Davis IGA has made a donation of the cost of $700 roast beef from the ball.  Art made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to pay the bills as presented ($12,469.99).  Approved unanimously.  Gwen made a motion, seconded by Caralee, to make the firehouse cleaning bill a re-occurring one.  Lynn said this would be an amendment to our finance policy.  Approved unanimously with Matt S voting no.

Appointed Positions

  1. Records: Jean Speck has taken over for Dawn.
  2. Quartermaster: Jessie Rundall has taken over for Dawn.  John W made a motion, seconded by Anne B, to purchase a lock for the equipment room if Gary Hock doesn’t have an extra one.  Approved unanimously.
  3. Firehouse coordinator: Matt S will do this until the end of the year.
  4. Loan Officer: Mary C said we are still missing two large coolers and one gray table.
  5. Juniors: Audra said nothing new.
  6. Technology: John W is our new coordinator.  John thanked Bill Keane for his years of service.  John made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to renew our server contract @ $283.  Approved unanimously with Caralee abstaining.  John made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to have ‘Yucatech’ come to the firehouse for three hours work at $75/hour to help make our server more secure.  Approved unanimously with Caralee, John R and Jean abstaining.  John made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to purchase software for $99.  Approved unanimously with Caralee and John R abstaining.  John asked if any members are experiencing tech problems to email him.  Lynn said she is available for web help.
  7. Firehouse facility maintenance: Matt S said propane tank improvement is underway.  He is waiting for builder and vendor contacts, and is working on an emergency ‘who to call’ list.

Committee Reports

  1. Executive committee met on July 18th.  Several motions were made during the meeting:
    1. Eric made a motion, seconded by Audra, to approve the June 20th minutes.  Approved unanimously with Seth H and Tim S abstaining.
    2. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to recommend Christian Romano’s application as a member.  Approved unanimously.
    3. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to recommend Brian Hunt’s application as a member pending all necessary paperwork.  Approved unanimously.
    4. Gary H made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to insure the new 5-0 for up to $100,000.  Approved unanimously with Gwen abstaining.
    5. Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to hire the Mcdonoughs as our firehouse cleaning company.  Approved unanimously with Tim S abstaining.
    6. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to appoint John R as investment committee chair.  Approved unanimously.
    7. Tim S made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to appoint John Worthington as chair of Technology.  Approved unanimously.
    8. Gary made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to appoint Jessie Rundall as quartermaster.  Approved unanimously.
    9. Truck Committee: Peter Bernard is the new chair (he recently chaired Goshen’s truck committee). The President reported that nothing of substance was found in his investigation following the letter received from the former chair of the committee.  Gary said the committee has seen several demos already, visited firehouses and local departments, and have created a spec sheet preliminarily.  Gary said money will be tight as the old 5-0 was under-insured.  Meetings are posted and open to all.  They are working with a $475,000 budget.
    10. SOP/policies: working on 2-6 and 2-7, training to include OSHA regulations and technology policies.
    11. Ball: need a chair for 2012.  This year’s profit was $26,351.15 according to Gwen.
    12. Fair: Ane Starr and Tim Sneller are in charge of the parade.  25 companies so far are coming.  Kathy McCann is in charge of food.  Set up on 8th, 9th and 10th to be announced once the fields are free of use by the jazz festival people.
    13. Golf: date is September 19th and Anne B said all help is welcome.
    14. 100th Anniversary: the chair thanked Stacey K for her help during sidewalk sale days.  Matt S said the bbq/picnic went well.  Ane is going to organize the muster and may change the date so it doesn’t conflict with the State convention.  Help will be needed at the Fair to sell memoriabilia.
    15. Gaylordsville muster: we were the only department with male and female teams!
    16. LCC: no meeting.
    17. NMAFC: no meeting.
    18. NW Zone: working on a fall training schedule.
    19. LCD: hospital diversions will be announced by text message. The membership, by a show of hands, was in favor of text and voice messages for weather warnings to be 24/7 and not in favor of the single tone 90 day test period.


  1. Alex L warned that the EMS scheduling software be a re-occurring bill, at $1,080 per year and will exceed what was budgeted.
  2. John W warned that tech licenses for software will cost less than $500.

Motion to adjourn at 20:15 by Matt S, seconded by Seth H, and was approved unanimously.



Vote on the Iron Wheel:


Respectfully submitted,

Catherine M. Mazza


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Protected: Online training

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July 5 2011

KVFD July 5, 2011  Monthly meeting minutes

Call to order @ 19:32 followed by the pledge of allegiance.

The minutes reflect that May Cox is acting as secretary until Cathe Mazza arrives.

1.      Public and member comment: Karen Chase presented the department with four framed posters of firefighters and ems personnel in honor of her husband.

2.      June minutes approval postponed until C. Mazza arrives.

3.      Correspondence: also postponed until C. Mazza arrives.

4.      Old Business:

a.     Membership: motion made by Lynn, seconded by Alex L., to accept Heather Brand as a member pending a favorable background check.  Approved unanimously.   Also, application received from Cynthia Barksdale.

b.     Firehouse Cleaning: contract is being reviewed by our lawyer.

c.     Watertown Engine 5: will be purchased. No title is available so shall we will buy with a bill of sale?  Motion made to that effect by Eric, seconded by Tony.  Approved unanimously.

d.     Iron Wheel location: Matt made a motion, seconded by John W., to table the vote on a location until the committee comes forward with a formal recommendation.  Approved unanimously.

e.     Propane tanks: still in the works.  John W., made a motion, seconded by Lynn W., to go ahead and allow the committee to raise the surface around the tanks at no cost.  Motion passed (vote # 1 recorded at the end of the minutes).

Arrival of Secretary so the agenda was re-visited to cover # 2 and #3.

2.  Approval of June 6th minutes: Tim L. made a motion, seconded by Tony, to approve the minutes as corrected {8b=Truck committee: ISO says there is no 20 year age replacement requirement.  Also regular hose testing should be pump testing.  4c=Apparatus Replacement: Chief Epstein reported that at the budget public hearing on May 6 that people spoke up in support of reinstating the apparatus line in the capital plan to $125,000 for the next five years.  The Board of Finance agreed to do that after the hearing and that passed at the town budget meeting on May 20th.  There are also some finds available in the capital fund that were designated in previous year: $75,000 for a brush truck, $50,000 for Truck 5-0 and $50,000 for fire apparatus.  The $100,000 could be used towards replacement of 5-0.  The Chief said the department needs to decide what to do with the $75,000; whether to purchase a brush truck or not.  There was some discussion of why a brush truck was not purchased in 2007-08 when the funds were allocated. The Chief answered that there was no place for the truck at the time and when it was specked out, the cost was higher than anticipated.

3.  Correspondence: many cards and letter of thanks were read, as well as donations made in memory of Nobuko Gleason, Larry Jennings and Martin Whitmore.


4.      Old Business continued:

f.       Facility maintenance: Matt will be the coordinator until the end of the year.

g.      100th Anniversary: Mary Cox made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to hang the banner on the building by tying it to the gutters (no drilling into the masonry).  Approved unanimously.   There will be a committee meeting on Thursday, the 7th at 6:30 p.m. to plan for the bbq on the 17th: Dawn has some things ordered already and Matt, Mary Cox, and Cathe Mazza will help as well.  More help is welcome.  Also planned are a memorabilia tent for the sidewalk sale days (we have a spot on the Library lawn near their flagpole), a memorabilia tent at the Fair, a muster on Sept. 18th although that date may change as it conflicts with the state convention parade, a Haunted House event in October, an open house on Nov. 19th, and Stuff a Truck on December 11th.

h.     Sandwich board sign: in the works.

The President adjusted the agenda to move up Committee reports.

8. Committee reports:

A.   Executive Committee met on June 20th:

1. Public and Member comments:

a.     Lynn suggest we number the Watertown Truck 2-0 (not 5-0)

b.     John R asked for help picking up donated fitness equipment.

c.     John R said there is a rope rescue drill on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 6:30 p.m.  at Kent Falls.

2. Approval of minutes: Ed made a motion, seconded by Alex, to approve the May 16th minutes as published.  Approved unanimously.

3.Old Business:

i.    Cleaning firehouse company: a contract submitted was read and reviewed.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Ed, to have the contract reviewed by a lawyer if no cost is involved. Approved unanimously.

ii.    Rear building rental: no report.

4.New Business

iii.    Equipment collection: we need to create a list and call people before any letters are mailed.  Alan, Eric and Alex will work on this.

iv.    5-0 replacement equipment: lists of needs have been collected and we’re waiting for insurance money to be received.

v.    Ambulance response: two passed calls this month.  5% is our average for the year so far. Incentives are starting soon and let’s see how that affects response.

vi.    Records Clerk Assistant: Gwen made a motion, seconded by Gary, to appoint Jean Speck as assistant with the understanding that when Dawn leaves, Jean will step up as Records Clerk to complete the year.  Motion passed 4-2.  Those in favor: Eric, Gary, Mike, and Gwen.  Those opposed: Alex and Ed.  Abstaining were Alan and Cathe.


vii.    Met with Heather Brand who is applying as an EMR.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Gwen to recommend Heather to the department pending a background check.  Approved unanimously.

viii.    Lynn offered to write press releases concerning recruitment.  Eric, Ed and Jeremy will put out the “help us help you” banners.

6.Officer reports:

ix.    Chief: had a meeting today with OSHA and our fine was reduced 80% to $1,260 provided we use their educational team and their training services.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Ed, to recommend to the department that we pay this fine.  Approved unanimously with the Chief abstaining.

x.    Gary: line officers covered a long agenda: radio reprogramming, relabeling trucks, damaged hose, sop changes, 5-0 equipment, and dry hydrants.  He also mentioned installing a fiber optic cable which would avoid the radio blowing a fuse.

xi.    Alex: he was able to buy six pulse-oximeters for $700.  He’s waiting to hear about an EMT class starting in Washington.

xii.     Gwen: the May checking account was reconciled on June 8th.  The OEM officer’s phone line should be paid by the town, not us.  She is holding a bill for repairs to the radio room and computers until Bill Keane can sort it out. Have we received our insurance claim money for defibrillators? No, not yet.  Gwen advised that all letters sent out on behalf of the department be reviewed first by the Chief.   She also requested that department receipts for items to be paid should be separated from personal receipts.  Gwen said that Bank of America has a matching gift program for any donations made by their customers.

7.Appointed positions: no report

8.Committee Reports

xiii.    Technology: no report

xiv.    Document review on the investment policy: if passed by the department, the EC will appoint a review committee.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Ed, to recommend the policy to the department.  Approved unanimously.

xv.    Iron Wheel: Ed said his committee will recommend that the wheel will go between the Chief’s window and the Ambulance Chief’s window.  The Lest We Forget sign will be recommended to stay in storage and instead have the department buy a flag.  These will be voted on in July by the membership.

B. Truck committee: Tony read a letter concerning the behavior of some committee members and issues between committee members, and resigned as Chair of the committee.  The President said he will meet with the committee as soon as possible.

C. Endowment investment committee: Lynn made a motion, seconded by Rebecca T., to approve the policy as published.  Approved unanimously.

D. Ball: Dawn thanked everyone who helped.  We will need a new chair for the committee for 2012.  Our ballpark profit is $26,000 pending a meat bill from the IGA.

E. Fair: a booklet is going to be produced by Lynn, Amanda and Veronica.  The cake booth will be run by Mary Cox who asked for lots of help baking.

F. Golf: registration forms have been mailed to previous attendees.

The agenda then returned to New Business

5.      New Business:

a.     Staffing for EMS calls: after some discussion, the topic was tabled to the EC.

b.     Staffing for Fire calls: Alex L voiced his concerns.

c.     Recruitment committee needs a chair.

d.     Solar Panels: after some discussion, Lynn made a motion, seconded by Art, to empower the EC to enter and execute contract negotiations with DCS Energy.  Following more discussion, a friendly amendment was made by John, seconded by Anne, to delete “and execute” from the original motion.  The amendment passed unanimously.  Then the membership voted on the original motion, with all in favor except Matt, and Audra abstaining.

e.     Gas Cards: Alex has taped the report to the EMS office window.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Tim L, to spend up to $4,500 for gas card incentives.  Approved unanimously.

f.      Watertown truck: Eric made a motion, seconded by Matt, to spend up to $700 to re-letter the Watertown truck in Kent’s style.  There was discussion and the vote was taken.  Motion defeated 5-9-4 (vote #2).  Lynn then made a motion, seconded by John W., to re-letter the Watertown engine as Kent 2-0 in our style.  Motion was defeated 3-10-4  (vote #3).    Matt followed with a motion, seconded by Gary, to remove the Watertown label and put Kent on the truck at a cost up to $700.  Motion carried 13-2-3  (vote #4).

g.     OSHA: Eric explained that our final penalty is $1,260 which is an 80% reduction after our appeal with improvements noted.   Eric made a motion, seconded by Matt, to accept the OSHA decision and pay the fine.  Approved unanimously.

h.     Gaylordsville is having a muster on July 30.  Matt made a motion, seconded by Alex L., to spend up to $100 for the entry fee.  Approved unanimously.

i.       Legislative Bill: John W reported that Sen. Roraback successfully amended the law pertaining to how the FOI Act applies to elections at volunteer fire departments.  The amendment clarifies that secret paper ballots are allowed.  Here is the link:

6.      Officer reports:

a.     Fire:       6/7   bicycle accident       Muller Rd  & Rt. 7

6/8   automatic alarm      333 Kent Rd.

6/8   automatic alarm      333 Kent Rd. #2 alarm

6/8   automatic alarm      Kent School

6/8   tre es in wires           22 Sumner Rd.

6/9   automatic alarm      59 Preston Mt. Rd.

6/9   automatic alarm      116 Cobble Rd.

6/9   mva                            146 Kent Cornwall Rd.

6/9  signal 1                       multiple storm related calls

6/10  automatic alarm    116 Cobble Rd.

6/10  wires down              208 Kent Rd.

6/10  automatic alarm    59 Preston Mt. Rd.

6/10  wires down              285 Kent Cornwall Rd.

6/11  propane smell         62 Carter Rd.

6/12   mva                          Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/12   automatic alarm   Henderson Rd.

6/13  missing person        Morningstar Rest Home

6/13   lift assist                  80 North Main St.

6/15   mutual aid              town of Northville

6/16   lift assist                  16 Angel Vista

6/17   pump out 476 Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/17   automatic alarm   Kent School

6/18   assist EMS               80 North Main St.

6/20   lift assist                  16 Angel Vista

6/21   automatic alarm   591 Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/21   trail rescue             Appalachian Trail

6/22   wires down             64 Maple St.

6/22   mutual aid              town of Warren

6/23   mva                          267 Kent Rd.

6/29   mva                          Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/30   automatic alarm   Skiff Mt. Rd.

b.     EMS: 52 calls in June with two passed calls.

c.     Training: pack inspections on Thursday.  RIT topics this month.  CPR in September.

d.     Engineer: no report

e.     Communications: base station ok now after recent lightening strikes.  We may want to invest in fiber optics in the future.  Matt made a motion, seconded Anne, to purchase portable radio equipment lost on 5-0.  Approved unanimously.

f.      Treasurer: Gwen said our re-occurring bills in June = $6,538.72 and our bills totaled $37,703.11.  Gary made a motion, seconded Alex L, to pay the bills.  Approved unanimously.   John Russell made a motion, seconded by Tim L, to allow the investment committee to oversee the electronic transfer of all department investment funds from Merrill Lynch to Charles Schwab.  Approved unanimously.

7.      Appointed Positions:

a.     Records Clerk: Jean Speck will be Dawn’s assistant for now and then take over when Dawn moves out of town.

b.     Quartermaster: no report {Jessie Rundall and Stacy Kabasakalian are assistants}

c.     Firehouse Coordinator: no report.  Position will need replacement for Dawn.

d.     Loan Officer: two large department coolers are still missing.

e.     Juniors: no report.

f.      Technology: no report.  There was a request from the floor to fix the wireless in the radio room.  Matt said he would look into having a tech company provide service to us.

9.Outside Organizations:

a. LCC: no report

b. NMAFC: no report

c. NW Zone: no report

d. LCD: switchover day had trouble.  LCD is going to use a 90 day trial period to dispatch using a single tone.  When this trial will start will be announced.  Eric also said discussion is underway concerning police having the judgment to call for just an ambulance dispatch versus ambulance and fire (for scene safety).


10. Expenditures:

a. John W warned for propane tank work

b. $300 for a Lest We Forget flag.

c. Water delivered by the pallet: we’ll return unused for credit and order from the IGA in the future.

d. Gary warned for new maps in the radio room.



Adjourned at 22:53 by motion from Matt, seconded by Mary.  Approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, secretary


Vote #1: Propane tank: those in favor = Amon, Bernard, Epstein, Erskine, Houck, Kabasakalian, Kennedy, Limbos A, Limbos T, Limbos V, Petrone A, Price, Romano, Russell, Sneller T, Starr M, Worthington L, and Worthington J.  Those against were = Molnar.  Those abstaining were: Bisenius A, Speck J and Trautmann.  Motion passes 18-1-3.


Vote #2: Re-lettering Watertown Engine as Kent 5-0 in our style.  Those in favor: Epstein, Limbos A, Molnar, Price, and Russell.  Those against: Cox, Hock, Limbos T, Limbos V, Petrone A, Petrone M, Starr M, Worthington J, and Worthington L.  Those abstaining: Bernard, Bisenius A, Erskine, and Kabasakalian.  Motion fails 5-9-4.


Vote #3: Re-lettering the Watertown engine as Kent 2-0 in our style.  Those in favor: Epstein, Worthington J and Worthington L.  Those against: Cox, Hock, Limbos A, Limbos T, Limbos V, Molnar, Petrone A, Petrone M, Russell, and Starr M.  Those abstaining: Bernard, Bisenius A, Erskine, Kabasakalian, and Price.  Motion fails 3-10-4.


Vote #4: Re-lettering: to remove the Watertown label and put Kent on the truck at a cost up to $700.  Those in favor: Cox, Epstein, Hock, Kabasakalian, Limbos A, Limbos T, Limbos V, Molnar, Petrone M, Petrone A, Price, Russell, and Starr M. Those against: Worthington J and Worthington L.  Abstaining: Bernard, Bisenius A and Erskine.  Motion passes: 13-2-3.


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June 6 2011

KVFD June 6, 2011 monthly meeting minutes

Call to order @ 19:35 and Pledge of allegiance

1.      Public/member comments: none

2.      Mike P made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to approve May meeting minutes.  Approved unanimously.

3.      Correspondence: none as the secretary came late to the meeting.

4.      Old Business

a.      Paid positions: EC met a couple of time in May.  Gwen has agreed to continue as a volunteer for 2011.  Gwen will have first right of refusal for 2012 and will notify the department by the December 2011 meeting if she’s going to continue on or not.  So the department will not move forward with an employee contract.

b.      Membership: Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to accept Mike Sivick as a full member.  Approved unanimously

c.      Apparatus Replacement: we’re in good shape for 2011-2012.  Three funds were established: $75,000/ $50,000 for 5-0/ $75,000 for apparatus.  We need to decide if we want to reallocate the aerial truck funds or purchase a brush truck.

d.      Firehouse Cleaning: Dawn made a motion, seconded by Veronica to hire have the Executive Committee negotiate and enter into a contract with Greg/Margaret McDonough to clean once a week for four hours on a three month trial period. Approved unanimously with one nay vote (Jean S)

e.      Watertown Engine 5:  Seth made a motion, seconded by Art, to spend $12,500 for the purchase of this truck.  Our offer will have to go to the Watertown City Commissioners.  After some discussion a vote was taken.  Approved unanimously

f.       Iron Wheel location: one meeting was held. The wheel was placed between the three front windows which seemed generally unsatisfactory to the membership.  Mike Sivic will move it with a town loader.  John W asked that the decision on where to place the wheel be tabled.

g.      Mulch: Dawn made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to buy 10 yards of mulch for $300 (already received 5 yards-2 of which were free) from Advanced in New Milford.  The town crew picked it up.  Approved unanimously

5.      New Business

First Selectman Bruce Adams spoke to the department; he wished us good luck with the Ball, said thank you for a job well done at the recent MVA at the Library, and he asked for a show of hands to support moving forward with solar panels on our property.  The show of hands would not be a commitment but the ok to gather more specific information from DCS Energy.  The department gave him that positive show of hands.

a. Propane tanks are sinking? After some discussion, it was agreed that Will Gawel and John Worthington will look into it.

b. Plant maintenance committee: looking for volunteers.

c. 100th anniversary: meeting announced soon now that the Chair is on summer recess from school.  We have a BBQ planned for July 19th and Matt S volunteered to help cook.

d. Sandwich board: Maryann not ready for the meeting.  Dawn said there is a sandwich sign in the old ambulance barn.

e. PA truck trip: Tony made a motion, seconded by Dawn, to reimburse Tim Limbos for his expenses ($170 gas and food).  Motion was passed and is recorded at the end of the minutes as Vote #1.

f. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Rebecca T, to purchase two more pulse oxi-meter machines up to $700.  Approved unanimously

g.Alex L made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to purchase a Slipp patient movement device up to $200.  Approved unanimously.

h. Dawn made a motion, seconded by Eric, to purchase runners/truck bay grate covers.  Motion was defeated and is recorded at the end of the minutes as Vote #2.  There was consensus for dual purpose runners which would cover the grates in times of special events but also protect the floors in the winter from the tire chains.

i. Speaking fee: June 18th 9 a.m.-5 p.m. we will sponsor Jon Politis.  Mike P made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to use $800 from the training budget and to ask attending departments for donations.  Approved unanimously

6.      Officer Reports

a. Fire Chief

5/3         odor of gas                        7 Pheasant Run Rd.

5/4         automatic alarm               99 A Cobble Rd.

5/7         wires down                        22 Sumner Rd.

5/7         wires down                        244 Kent Cornwall Rd.

5/11       structure fire                     Richards Rd.

5/12       brush fire                            220 Kent Rd, Warren

5/16       automatic alarm               25 Bulls Bridge Rd.

5/19       tree down                          231 Kent Rd.

5/19       MVA                                    South Kent Rd.

5/22       automatic alarm               107 Kent Cornwall Rd.

5/27       automatic alarm               Kent School

5/27       automatic alarm               34 Macedonia Brook Rd.

5/28       automatic alarm               Kent School

5/28       automatic alarm              Kent School (second call)

5/29       automatic alarm               5 Cobble Rd.

5/30       pole on fire                        15 Cobble Lane

5/30       automatic alarm               59 Preston Mt. Rd.

5/30       utility problem                   10 Lane St.

5/31       automatic alarm               115 Cobble Rd.

5/31       smoke alarm                      16 Swift’s Lane

6/1         automatic alarm               109 Kent Hollow Rd.

6/3         standby                               Wassaic, NY

6/3         automatic alarm               88 Spooner Hill Rd.

6/3         mva                                     27 Main St.

*Chief said our AFG grant for 2010 was denied. Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to allow VFIS to use photos of 5-0 truck fire.  Approved unanimously with John R abstaining  Chief said our final fines from OSHA total $2,100 (5 fines at $420 each).  He has requested an informal hearing to show our progress and hopes to reduce our fines.  All info is posted in the radio room.


b. EMS Chief: 37 calls in May with one passed call.  Alex and Eric met with the staff of The Kent recently.  Alex said he is planning EMR or EMT refresher and a PHTLS for later in the year.


c. Training: we have to coordinate our training by the quarter per OSHA.  All this week, Mike P will be at the firehouse 8-9 p.m. to do training.  June 21 Elkhart will be at the firehouse for a nozzle demo at 6:30 p.m.


d. Engineer: chain saws are on the brush trucks.  Bill made a motion, seconded by Alex, to purchase an air hose for the apparatus bays at a cost under $100.  Approved unanimously


e. Communications: the siren is working again.  Everyone was asked/reminded not to change the radio controls on the machines in the radio room.


f. Treasurer: $42,320.70 were May’s monthly bills.  Alex L made a motion, seconded by Tony, to pay the bill as published by the Treasurer and distributed to the membership.  Approved unanimously with Veronica abstaining  Gwen was asked to publish year to date numbers instead of monthly numbers and to publish budget updates quarterly: she said she would do so.


7. Appointed Positions:

a. Firehouse software is in the radio room and Dawn is willing to teach anyone who wants to learn it.


b. no report


c. no report


d. no report


e. two juniors actively training


f. radio room computer will be back up this week.

8.      Committee Reports

a. The Secretary read highlights of the EC meetings on 5/2 and 5/16.


b. Truck committee: Tony said we do not need mandatory life expectancies for trucks, just regular hose testing.  There is another truck show on June 24th at the Big E in MA.


c. Endowment/Investment policy vote will be held at the July meeting.


d. Ball: members need to buy their tickets at half price.  Contact Amanda Harvey for tickets. Work detail on Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th at 6 p.m. Grand March rehearsal is Friday at 7 p.m.


e. Fair budget was presented. Eric made a motion, seconded by Will, to approve the budget.  Approved unanimously


f. Golf date is September 19th at Bulls Bridge with dinner at the Fife.  Contact Anne to volunteer or for more information.


g. Coin Drop: Veronica reported that @2,078.94 was collected.  A round of applause was given by the membership to Veronica and those who helped her.


9.      Outside Organizations

a. No report


b. No report


c. No report


d. LCD is moving their operations to Torrington this week.

10.   Expenditures

a. Alex warned for gas cards in the second quarter as part of incentive program.


b. Eric warned for lettering and painting expenses for the Watertown truck at $700.


Motion to adjourn at 22:31

Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, secretary


Vote 1:

For the motion:  Amon, Blank, Canning, M Cox, Epstein, Erskine, A Harvey, Kennedy, Kragh, A Limbos, V Limbos, Molnar, Romano, Russell, Trautmann, Van Valkenburg, J Worthington, and L Worthington.

Against the motion: Houck, M Petrone, Price, and M Starr.

Abstaining: A Bisenius, Hock, A Petrone, and J Speck.


Vote 2:

For the motion: Blank, Molnar, J Worthington, and L Worthington.

Against the motion: Amon, Canning, Caroselli, M Cox, Epstein, Hock, Houck, Kennedy, A Limbos, A Petrone, M Petrone, Price, Romano, Russell, J Speck, M Starr, and Van Valkenburg.

Abstaining: A Harvey and V Limbos

Attendance:  T Amon, M Barksdale, A Bisenius, J Bisenius, B Blank, J Canning, J Caroselli, M Cox, E Epstein, L Erskine, A Gawel, W Gawel, A Harvey, G Hock, S Houck, R Kennedy, A Limbos, V Limbos, C Mazza, D Molnar, A Petrone, M Petrone, G Price, A Romano, J Russell, J Speck, M Starr, R Trautmann, M VanValkenburg, A Woodruff, J Worthington, L Worthington

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May 2 2011

KVFD Monthly meeting minutes May 2, 2011

Call to order at 19:41 and pledge of allegiance.

1.     No public comments.

2.     Review of April 4 minutes.  Dawn made a motion, seconded by Tony to approve as published.  Unanimously approved

3.     Correspondence: the parade invitations were reviewed (and are listed at the end of the minutes), we have an invitation for a Chili cook off on May 7th in Somers and a muster invitation for May 15th in Canaan.

4.     Old Business

a.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Alex, to have a contract be negotiated by the Executive Committee to hire the current KVFD bookkeeper (G. Price) as an employee at $20 per hour not to exceed the budgeted amount of $6,000.  Another motion was made as an amendment to the first, from Lynn seconded by Tony, to define the length of the contract to be the remainder of 2011.  Motion passed 11-10-3. (vote #1 at the end of the minutes.)  The first motion was then voted on and passed 17-4-4. (vote #2)

b.     Dawn made a motion, seconded by Gary, to accept a letter of resignation from Jessica Sneller.  Unanimously approved.

i.     Dawn made a motion, seconded by Alex, to accept Brian Butler as an associate member of the department.  Unanimously approved

ii.     Dawn made a motion, seconded by Leila, to accept Kelly Murray as an associate member of the department.  Unanimously approved with one abstention from Bill Keane

iii.     Adam Woodruff was removed from Probationary status.

iv.     Tedd Speck had his Probationary status extended for six months.

c.      Tire: tba per Bill Blank

d.     Apparatus: Eric made a motion, seconded by John, to request that the BOF restore $125,000 funding per year to the 5 year capital plan.  Unanimously approved

e.      Firehouse cleaning: no bids yet.

f.      Engine 5-0: insurance company has no interest in an investigation, per the Chief.

g.     Caralee made a motion, seconded by Bill Keane, to purchase 400 cookbook reprints at a price not to exceed $1,900.  Motion failed 2-13-3. (vote #3)

h.     Rear building roof work was completed today, per Gary.

5.     New Business

a.      Eric made a motion, seconded by John, to enter into negotiations with the Town of Watertown or the Watertown Fire Department to purchase their vehicle for no more than $15,000.  Unanimously approved with two negative votes (Lynn and Tony) and five abstentions (Jean, Mary Ann, Caralee, Gwen, and Eric).

b.     Dawn made a motion seconded by Mary Ann, to purchase mulch for no more than $500.  Unanimously approved.

c.      Iron Wheel: no report.  Jean and John Worthington volunteered to join the committee and any others interested should contact Ed Matson.

Bill made a motion seconded by Lynn, to purchase two chain saws for $443.  Unanimously approved.

There was brief discussion about a sandwich board to advertise events.

6.     Officer Reports

a.      Fire

4/5             garbage fire                60 Camps Flat Road

4/7             chimney fire               433 Kent Cornwall Road

4/8             mutual aid                   Town of Amenia, NY

4/16           smoke in bldg             14 Old Barn Road

4/18           automatic alarm         Kent School

4/21           appliance fire              6 Railroad St.

4/22           structure fire               Town of Wassaic, NY

4/26           mva                             South Kent Road

4/28           mutual aid                   Town of Sharon, CT

4/30           automatic alarm         16 Swifts Lane

5/1             automatic alarm         4 Bridge St.

5/2             automatic alarm         16 Swifts Lane

Eric asked about the Canaan muster interest.  There is a new route for the Memorial Day parade-perhaps we’ll take a department photo?  Eric asked if it was ok to make personal calls to our veterans to join in the march.

b.     EMS: 41 calls last month with no passed calls. Alex reported the schedule is improving.  Week of            May 15th is EMS week.  Alex has a meeting on the 4th with the management of The Kent.  Parts for the      stair chair and stretcher are in.

c.      Training: two month schedule published.  June 25th at 6 p.m. is our appointment with a rep from            Akron nozzles; we’ll have a demo and dinner and have invited our neighbors.

d.     Gator: almost all outfitted…more lights are coming.

e.      Radios in the radio room are on scan mode, pagers are due soon and the siren was misfiring recently          due to water in the control box.

f.      Treasurer: re-occurring bills = $10,655.73 and the monthly bills = $11,002.86.  Dawn made a motion           seconded by Tony to pay the monthly bills.  Unanimously approved.

7.     Quiz bowl will be in the firehouse bays this Saturday night.

a.      Records clerk: no report

b.     Quartermaster: try on uniforms now to be prepared for Memorial Day and summer parades.

c.      Firehouse coordinator: please put trash into bags as members are taking it to the dump.

d.     Loan officer: no report

e.      Juniors: two members are meeting weekly.  Jeremy Matson is certified EMR but cannot complete an EMS crew.

f.      Technology: no report but a reminder that the member’s password is capitalized.

8.     Committee reports

a.      EC: Kent MedPeds is negotiating a contract for our physicals.

b.     Tony Amon is chair of the tanker truck committee.  Any member interested in working on the ladder truck committee should contact the Chief.

c.      SOP/policies: bookkeeper policy will wait until contact is finalized.

d.     Ice watch: special thanks to Bill Rundall.  Art Seabury is going to string a new cable.

e.      100th Anniversary: next meeting will be announced.

f.      Ball: Veronica is in charge of jobs.  Amanda Harvey is in charge of member tickets.

g.     Fair meeting on Wed. 5/18 at 7 p.m.  The parade will be on Friday 8/12. Field brush needs to be burned at some point.

h.     Golf: no report

i.       Coin Drop: May 29th from 9 a.m. -3 p.m. all help is welcome.

9.     a. LCC: legislative bill to transfer the supervision of gaming is under discussion.

b. NMAFC: no report

c. NW Zone: meeting was missed.

d. LCD: the transfer to Torrington is moving forward.

10.  a. Sandwich board was warned for under $400.

b. $500 in expenditures was warned for a truck committee trip to a Harrisburg, PA truck show.

c. purchase of the Watertown engine was warned.

d. warning for purchase of three pulse oxi-meters and a ‘slipk’ to help move patients.

e. $1,500 was warned for rubber covers for the apparatus bay grates.

f.  warning for no more than $1,200 as a speaking fee for John Pilides (sp?).

g. hose testing on May 27th.

Motion to adjourn by Seth, seconded by Maryann at 23:54.  Approved unanimously.


Amenia:   Friday July 1st   line up at 6:30 p.m. / step off at 7 p.m.

Millbrook:  Saturday July 9th   4:30 p.m. / 6 p.m.

Dover Plains:  Saturday July 16th   4 p.m. /5 p.m.

Bridgewater  tba


Attendance at the meeting: T Amon, B Blank, E Epstein, L Erskine, A Gawel, G Hock, s Houck, R Kennedy, A Limbos, V Limbos, C Mazza, D Molnar, A Petrone, M Petrone, G Price, B Purcell, C Rochovansky, J Russell, M Sivick, J Speck, R Trautmann, M Van Valkenburg, A Woodruff, J Worthington, L Worthington


Vote #1: yes=Amon, Blank, Hock, Houck, A. Limbos, V. Limbos, Mazza, Shaw, Speck, VanValkenburg, L. Worthington.  No=Epstein, Erskine, Keane, A. Petrone, WA Purcell, Rochovansky, Russell, Trautmann, Woodruff, J. Worthington.  Abstained=Molnar, G. Price, Sivick.

Vote #2: yes=Amon, Blank, Epstein, Erskine, A. Limbos, V. Limbos, Mazza, A. Petrone, WA Purcell, Russell, Shaw, Sivick, Trautmann, VanValkenburg, Woodruff, L. Worthington, J. Worthington.  No = Hock, Houck, Keane, Rochovansky.  Abstained: Molnar, G. Price, J. Speck.

Vote #3: yes = Molnar, Rochovansky.  No = Amon, Hock, Keane, A. Limbos, V. Limbos, Mazza, G. Price, Russell, Sivick, J. Speck, VanValkenburg, L. Worthington, J. Worthington.  Abstentions = A. Petrone, Trautmann, Woodruff.


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April 4 2011

KVFD  April 4, 2011  Monthly meeting minutes

Call to order at 19:30

1.     Public comments: none.

2.     March 7 minutes: Dawn made a motion to accept as published, seconded by Tony: Unanimously approved.

3.     March 14 minutes: tabled until May meeting (they were not distributed).  Motion by Anne, seconded by Alex.  Unanimously approved.

4.     Correspondence: parade invitations are coming in and will be listed at the end of these minutes for voting in May.  Many thank you letters and cards were read.


Motion by Alex, seconded by Veronica, to move up #12 in the agenda.  Unanimously approved with one no vote from M. Starr.


12 a. Lynn made a motion, seconded by Mike, to accept SOP 1-11. Unanimously approved.

Lynn made a motion, seconded by Mike, to accept SOP 1-12.  Unanimously approved.

b. Lynn made a motion, seconded by Alex accept SOP 2-2.  Unanimously approved.

c. Engine 5-0 update: general discussion and review of the call.  There was a unanimous show of hands to ask the insurance company for a full investigation of the event and of 5-0.  We are fortunate to have a tanker on loan from Watertown.

d. Cookbook: Caralee made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to purchase the minimum order of re-prints, not to exceed $1,500 plus shipping. Unanimously approved with two no votes: Lynn and Gwen.

e. Fireproof filing cabinet: no second for Dawn’s motion to purchase one.

f. radio room computer: not needed at this time.

g. helmets: Joe G made a motion, seconded by Mike, to purchase five new helmets at a cost of $275 or less.  Unanimously approved except one no vote from Matt.

h. Firehouse cleaning: do we follow our SOP for the refreshment committee or contract out for services?  Dawn will get quotes about the cost.


5.     A. Fires and alarms

3/9       automatic alarm                     27 Kent Green Blvd.

3/11     wires down                             22 Sumner Rd.

3/12     mva                                         Route 7

3/12     smoke in bldg.                                    13 Bulls Bridge Rd.

3/12     automatic alarm                     27 Kent Green Blvd.

3/15     automatic alarm                     North Main St.

3/15     automatic alarm                     Pizza Garden

3/16     mercury spill                          15 North Main St.

3/18     automatic alarm                     333 Kent Rd.

3/19     standby                                   West Cornwall

3/20     automatic alarm                     333 Kent Rd.

3/21     automatic alarm                     476 Skiff Mt. Rd.

3/21     automatic alarm                     254 Kent Cornwall Rd.

3/23     automatic alarm                     46 Maple St.

3/23     assist EMS                              22 Cobble Heights Rd.

3/27     automatic alarm                     Kent School

3/28     trees in wires                          Kent Cornwall Rd. & Botsford

3/30     brush fire                                North Kent Rd.

3/31     automatic alarm                     Kent School

4/4       mutual aid                               Gaylordsville

Canaan is celebrating their 100th anniversary.  They have a muster planned for May 15th.  Eric made a motion, seconded by Seth, to pay the registration fee of $50 if we have enough interest for a team.  Unanimously approved.   June 19th is the Goshen Stampede and Demolition.  Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike, to pay the $25 entry fee if we have enough interest.  Unanimously approved.

B. EMS: 27 calls in March for a quarter total of 102.  Training continues on the power stretcher while we wait for parts to arrive.  EMR class in New Milford begins on May 3 and ends on July 2.

C. Training: calendar will be published.  New forms are being created to help record drills, skills at scenes, etc.  OSHA requirements will be mailed out to the membership.  We have a $1,750 fine likely but we will argue based on the remedies we have done so far.  Airborne/blood borne class will be April 11th at 7 p.m.  EMS trail rescue in April and the EMS corps meeting will be on the 18th.

D. Engineer: the gator is out of service for parts and upgrade.  The loaner truck needs two people to open the hood.  There are no chains or chainsaws on the brush trucks?  Bill made a motion, seconded by Gary, to purchase two chains under $100.  Unanimously approved. A file cabinet needs to be moved into the main building from the rear, so truck records and manuals can be kept.

E. Communications: Ane warned for the replacement of pagers with Minotaur 5 models at a cost up to $5,400.  Currently we have 8 pagers out for repair and 6 are unfixable.

F. Treasurer: Gwen made a motion, seconded by Dawn, to pay our bills as announced and distributed.  Unanimously approved.  $9,710.48 in re-occurring bills and $19,743.90 in monthly expenses.

6.  Appointed positions

President: request from KCS to borrow our grills.  SKS would like to use the parking area for a car wash on 4/17.  The Congregational Church would like to do the same on May 1.  There has been discussion of a membership drive.  The driver of the tractor trailer has been spoken to and will no longer park on our property.

A. Records: no report

B. Quartermaster: no report

C. Firehouse Coordinator: no report

D. Loan Officer: no report

E. Junior Advisor: going through orientation of gear and equipment with the juniors.

7. Committee Reports

A. Executive: see published minutes

B. SOP/policies: there is an investment policy in the works.

C. Ice Watch : gross was $1,291 so the winner receives $645.50.  Art Seabury is making a new sign to replace the one damaged by the ice.

D. 100th Anniversary: need help at the spaghetti dinner on 4/10.  The idea of a beer tasting as a fundraiser was mentioned.

E. Ball: ahead of schedule.  The idea of giving smoke detectors ($5 each) out as party favors was discussed.

F. Fair: meetings will be announced soon.

G. Golf: Lynn made a motion, seconded by Mike, to accept the 2011 golf budget as presented.  Approved unanimously.

H. Awards dinner: Lynn made a motion, seconded by John, to pay the outstanding bills.  Approved unanimously.

I. Technology: web site re-design is coming along slowly.  Please contact Bill Keane if you have any questions or difficulties with the site.

8. Outside Organizations

A. LCC: no report

B. NMAFC: info on search and rescue was discussed at last meeting.

9.  NW Zone: meetings held to discuss OSHA regulations.  Training on nursing home evacuations was postponed.

10.  Warning of Expenditures:

Two chain saws for $600 and smoke detector give-away for the Ball.

11. Old Business:

A. Membership: Chris Fuchs application.  Seth made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to vote via a show of hands.  Approved unanimously.   Seth made a motion, seconded by Mike, to approve Chris’ application.  Approved unanimously.

Greg Eads request for veteran status: John made a motion, seconded by Mike, to approve his change of membership.  Approved unanimously with one abstention (Dawn).

B. Tires: no prices yet.

C. Apparatus: there will be a public hearing on May 6th.

D. paid positions/officers: there will be a special meeting on April 12th at 7:30 p.m. to discuss the book keeper/financial secretary/treasurer.  Info from Tracey Fillow will be distributed.  The change of Bylaws proposal on this topic was read to the membership this evening.

Motion to adjourn @ 22:12 by Mike, seconded by Seth.  Approved unanimously.

Attendance:  T Amon, A Bisenius, B Blank, J Caroselli, J Christen, E Epstein, a Gawel, J Gawel, W Gawel, G Hock, S Houck, S Kabasakalian, R Kennedy, A Limbos,V Limbos, C Mazza, F McCann, W McCann, D Molnar, W Murphy, M Petrone, G Price, W Purcell, C Rochovansky, J Russell, T Sneller, W Soule, M Starr, R Trautmann, M VanValkenburg, A Woodruff, J Worthington, L Worthington.


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March 7 2011

KVFD March 7, 2011  monthly meeting minutes

  1.  Call to order @19:35
  2.  Pledge of allegiance
  3. Public comments: none
  4. Motion to accept Feb. 7th meeting minutes by Lynn, seconded by Rebecca Trautmann, with a fixed typo and a more accurate summary of 8b. {Lynn said that an investment policy is being considered, as well as policies on document retention and whistleblower.  A discipline SOP has been submitted to the committee.  The president asked for the committee meetings to be announced and Lynn explained that they committee does much of its work formatting the documents electronically and is not really responsible for writing the language, unless it has been requested to do so.  The president also said he’d like to have special meetings called to discuss proposed policies and procedures, rather than have the discussion at the regular monthly meetings.}  Unanimously approved.
  5. Correspondence: two general thank you cards were read as well as eight cards in memory of Norma Dolan.
  6. Officer Reports
    1. Chief

2/8   tree down                  Schaghticoke Road

2/16 automatic alarm         27 Kent Green Blvd.

2/18 mva                           274 Segar Mt. Rd.

2/19 wires down               22 Sumner

2/23 automatic alarm         5 North Main St.

2/23 automatic alarm         92 Spooner Hill Rd.

2/24 propane leak              28 Maple St.

2/26 fluid leak vehicle       5 South Main St.

3/1 automatic alarm           97 Kent Cornwall Rd.

3/6  co alarm                      36 Studio Hill Circle

3/7 ice on road                  Route 7

3/7 cellar pump out           Macedonia Rd.

3/7 mutual aid                   Wassaic, NY

i.        OSHA visited on 2/8 regarding complaints.  There was discussion about our remedy plans and procedure, and of internal information being shared with the media.

ii. Radio Room radios will be swapped from digital to analog this month.

iii. PA system work continues.

iv. Kent School has purchased two portables programmed with our channels for better communication with the department.

v. Sharon has requested mutual aid for Skiff Mt. calls while their tanker is out of service.

b. EMS: 38 calls in February.  EMS fit testing is on-going every Wednesday at 7 p.m.  The power stretcher is here but not in service yet.  New Milford Hospital will accept psych patients.  Alex reminded members to sign up for shifts, to restock the rig and check the oxygen after calls.  March 12 is the EMS symposium at Hotchkiss.  The state conference is March 18-19 in Cromwell.

c. Training: monthly calendar has been published.  Quarterly trainings are being planned especially for interior firefighters.  Fit testing this Thursday the 10th at 6:30 p.m. Tony Amon said an ICS 300 class will be here on April 2 and 9th—open to all.  March 27th is a smokehouse drill.  February training was smart tag.

d. Engineer: new tires for trucks moving ahead.

e. Communications: no report

f. Treasurer: $3,032.38 was monthly total plus $7,996.30 re-occurring bills.  Dawn made a motion to pay the bills as distributed, seconded by Veronica.  Unanimously approved with one nay vote (M. Petrone).  Ice watch total was $1,291.  There was some discussion about EMS billing regarding what we charge and what we recoup.

7. a. No report

b. Jesse Rundall is not able to be the Quartermaster full time.  Dawn warned for 12 EMS jackets ($6,000) and 2 yellow helmets.

c. Dawn said the outside lights might need repair and she’d like the truck bays to be cleaned before the next pancake breakfast please.

d. no report

e. regular bi-weekly meetings are planned as well as a recruiting visit to KCS.

8. a. brief report on the topics covered at Feb. 21 meeting.

b. SOP/policies: special meeting on March 14th at 7:30 p.m.  Drafts will be posted on the web site.

c. New tripod and cable will be needed for next year.

d. pancake breakfast on March 20th, the yearbook is in production, help is needed to chair the muster, the bbq and picnic games, and the haunted house events.

e. Dawn made a motion, seconded by Caralee, to accept the ball budget of $11,000.  Unanimously approved.   Tickets are $25 in advance, $35 at the door and we’re hoping for 700 guests.

f. there will be a meeting at the end of March.

g. Anne Bisenius said she would propose a budget next month.  The date is Sept. 19th.

h. Jean made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to spend no more than $900 on the dinner.  Unanimously approved with two abstentions: Jean and Rebecca Trautmann.

i. Bill Keane gave an update on the web site and stated some re-organizing is in the works.

j. no report

9.  a. Emergency planning: state id tags are in the works.  There was discussion about sending a letter of support for the commission on fire prevention.

b. no meeting

c. discussion over strike team deployment and CL & P delays.

d. The city of Danbury is interested in having LCD dispatch them.

10. Dawn warned for helmets ($1,500), a fire proof cabinet ($1,500), a computer for the radio room with firehouse software ($1,500).

11       a. new member Jim Shaw was presented with his badge by the President. Greg Eads request for veteran status was tabled for the EC to review.  We have applications for associate memberships from four Gaylordsville members: B. Butler, C. Fuchs, M Laudenslager, and K. Murray.

  1. Lynn made a motion in the form of a policy, seconded by Rebecca T., that all checks under $1,000 need only one signature.  Unanimously approved.
  2. No report.  Mike Petrone made a motion, seconded by Alex, to spend $2,600 on the gator upgrades (undercarriage protector, additional lights, brush guards, skid plates, etc.). Unanimously approved with Rebecca T. Bill K., M. VanValkenburg, A. Bisenius, and G. Price abstaining.
  3. Alex made a motion, seconded by Mary Ann, to spend no more than $400 on an oxygen holder and foot rest for the new stretcher.  Unanimously approved.
  4. No report.
  5. Rear building work is finishing up according to Jack Kinney.

12. a. Chief gave an update on meetings with BOS and BOF; generally positive feedback to our power point presentation but no guarantees.  May 6 is the next meeting.

b. c. d. March 14th will have a special meeting to address the following topics: responder incentive programs, paid positions/paid officers and document review.

e. Caralee asked about interest in a re-printing a cookbook.  She warned for $1,470 plus shipping.

f. Mike Petrone made a motion, seconded by Alex, to allow the boys scouts to have a spaghetti dinner in the firehouse.  No date yet, just asking for support of the idea.  Unanimously approved with B. Keane abstaining.


Motion to adjourn by Dawn, seconded by Anne B.  @22:03


Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, Secretary

Attendance at meeting: A Bisenius, E Epstein, L Erskine, A Gawel, W Gawel, A Harvey, S Kabasalian, B Keane, C Kinney, J Kinney, A Limbo, V Limbos, C Mazza, D Molnar, A Petrone, M Petrone, G Price, C Rochovansky, J Shaw, T Sneller, J Speck, R Trautmann, M VanVaukenburg, A Woodruff, L Worthington.


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