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Aug 5 2013, reg mtg min

KVFD Membership

Regular Meeting Minutes

August 5, 2013

28 Maple Street

Call to order:  19:32 by President Jim Rundall

Pledge of allegiance

Public Comment:  Alan made a motion to add Policy Additions under new business.  Seconded by Rebecca.  Passed Unanimously.

Bill Arnold, President of Kent Land Trust, presented a brochure about helping protect Camp Francis.  He stated that there are 253 acres with clean water and historic qualities and is a habitat for birds and wildlife.  Girls scouts used it for 80 years, until 2007.  It would be used for passive recreation (fishing, kayaking and canoeing).  It could be restricted if needed.  Fundraising is taking place, 1.25 million dollars is needed to preserve it.  25% is raised through grants, plus $410,000 in contributions.  There is a vote this Friday, Town Referendum, to receive support for town funding of $110,000.  Tim L. asked about dry hydrant use for the Fire Dept, Bill said that he would be in support of that.  Eric asked about playing fields.  Bill stated that playing fields are not conducive with land trust goals. Alan asked if there would be an impact on the fire, ems, Bill stated he did not believe so.

Correspondence Read.  Thank you notes will be sent and notices posted.

Minutes:  Bill Keane made a motion to accept July meeting minutes with one correction that Annette had been thanked privately by Dawn after the Ball.  Alexis seconded.  Passed Unanimously.

Treasure report:  Sherm requested that bills be turned in on a more timely manner.

Gary made a motion to pay bills as read by the Treasurer.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Membership:  Jimmy read an email from Kathy McCann requesting Veteran’s Status.

Gary made a motion to accept Kathy McCann’s request for Veteran’s Status with a thank you for her years of service.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed unanimously.

Alan reminded members and officers that we have policies and procedures that need to be followed.  We can change them as a department, but need to follow what is established, such as those regarding authorization for spending money.

Old Business :

Computer software & hardware:  no report

Turnout gear:  Jimmy reported in Jessie’s absence that the EC voted to recommend allowing outdated gear be offered to members to use for non-emergency, personal use only.

John R. made a motion that the Quartermaster be allowed to provide old, non compliant gear to members who sign a form and make a reasonable donation to the fire department.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Old red uniforms:  Several area departments are interested in purchasing our old uniforms (pants, shirts, buttons).

New Business :

Rear building committee budget: Sherman updated the members on projects and expenses for rear building.

Sherman made a motion to utilize $20,000 for rear building expenses (driveway, roof and stairs) coming from the rental revenue.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed Unanimously.

Mobile radio:  none

Policy Additions:  Alan discussed having mobile radios and flashing red lights installed in Chief and Amb. Chief’s vehicles.  Alan would like it to be a policy for future chiefs.  The lights could be transferrable.

Alan made a motion that a policy be established for the fire department to install and uninstall mobile radios, siren speakers, red dash lights, flashing headlights for fire chief and ambulance chief.  Second: John R. Discussion:  Eric stated that this is a bad idea.  Mary Ann stated that it is a nightmare to get through town during an emergency in your private vehicle.  Josh agreed with Alexis’ point that a deposit could be required.  Gary stated that this idea opens a can of worms.   John R. suggested covering up to a certain cost for personal purchases.  Alan stated that the mobile radio is most important.  Tim L stated that a mobile radio is about $1200.  Alexis noted that officers should have the equipment needed.  Caralee thinks it’s fair for people to purchase their own personal equipment.  Mary Ann feels that there are some things the department should support.  In Favor:  Alexis, Alan  Opposed: Pete B, Annie B, Joe B, John Ch, Eric, Leila, Willy, Sherm, Gary, Dan, Bill, Rob, Amanda, Veronica, Caralee,

John R, Rebecca.   Abstain: Jim, Tim L, Stacey.  Motion Fails.

Officers reports:  Chief’s Report:  The town of kent is going to be installing Knoxboxes on the town buildings.  August is recert time for AB/BB and hazmat.  Pool fillings, make sure homeowner has permits.  Thank you to those who helped with Kenmont fireworks, Father Tom’s events, sidewalk sales.  Meeting with First Selectman, Bruce Adams, took place to discuss the ambulance barn.  Bruce is proposing to let the town take ownership of the barn and move Emergency Management in downstairs.  Training could continue to take place upstairs as needed.  Alan reported that police authority have a better handle on the issues at Bull’s Bridge and Kent Falls.  The Resident State Trooper is working on this, currently there is a temporary procedure.  Chief gave fire call report.  Discussion about fire calls when crew are held in quarters before an officer is on scene.  Ambulance Chief’s Report:  Mike asked that people get on RescueBooker.

Appointed positions reports:  Communications Officer reported that gator is now equipped.  Resident trooper is now equipped, the Town paid for mobile radio.  Records Clerk posted second quarter points.  Awards dinner will be confirmed after approval..

Quartermaster report: John R. made a motion for Quartermaster to sell old uniform pants, shirts and buttons in bulk to area department for a reasonable price.  Seconded by Gwen.  Passed Unanimously.

Committee Reports:Tim L reported that the apparel order is in.  Willy gave a report on the Fair planning.  Budget was approved earlier in the year.  No one to run kids games or white elephant this year.  Caralee is looking for help with BINGO.  Golf Fundraiser is set for Sept. 16, Annie asked that you let her know if you can help.  Brush Truck- on order.

Warning of expenditures:  Alan warned for awards dinner/gathering.  Gary warned for money for brush truck.

Adjournment:  21:25

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary

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Jul 15 2013ec minutes

KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes, July 15, 2013   passed

Call to order by President Rundall:  19:32

Public or Member Comment:  John R. asked about the mulch outside.

Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the minutes.  Seconded by Brian.  Passed Unanimously.

Old Business:  Cleaning contract:  Jimmy read the 90 day trial period contract Ingegneri Cleaning Service LLC of Dover Plains.

Jimmy made a motion to approve the contract presented.  Seconded by Alan.  Discussion:  Bruce Adams said that town hall uses PBM.  PBM did not beat the price of this company, according to Jessie and James.  Passed Unanimously.

Recruitment:  Alan mentioned the email invitation to the recruitment and retention training.  A few members present showed interest in attending.

New Business:  Ambulance barn:  Selectman Bruce Adams was present to to discuss the ambulance barn.  He is not interested in “taking it over” but would like to work together on it’s usage.  The town owns the property and the fire department owns the building.  Bruce proposes letting the town take over the barn for the emergency management downstairs.  The fire department could still use the upstairs for training.  Bruce has not discussed this with the selectman.  He also discussed the liability of the parking lot and the possibility of the town taking over the responsibility but the fire department would still have full usage.  Jimmy asked where we would store the current supplies that are in the barn.  Sherm spoke about the loading dock behind the new firehouse and future storage possibilities.  Sherman also mentioned the advantages of allowing the town to take over the responsibilities and expenses of the ambulance barn.  Sherm thought it could be a win-win for the firehouse, we have plenty of space in the back building and the town can take on fixing the ambulance barn roof and siding as well as water, electric and heat.  Jimmy said it would cost between $6-7,000 to fix the roof.  John asked about spreading out the resources by having emergency operations in a different building.  Brian stated that space wise, this makes sense to get all supplies in one building.  Jimmy stated we need to inventory and move out of the ambulance barn and also figure out our savings.  Bruce assured the members that any savings would not be taken away from us in the future.  Jessie reminded members that space is at a premium in the town.  Mike was not sure about giving the parking lot to the town.  Bruce agreed to wait before bringing this to the selectman.

Maintenance: covered

Donated mini-van: the fire department received a donated mini van to sell.  The paperwork and value is being researched.  The money will be used towards savings for a pick up or other vehicle.

Quizbowl:  Insurance will be provided for the event on Sept. 28.

Appointed positions:  Alan read an update from the communications officer about the command transmitter.  Alexis reported for facilities that she is looking into a water filtration cooler system for an alternative to the plastic water bottles around the fire house.  Water bottles for emergencies will still be required, but this would reduce waste, cost and mess.  It is not delivered bottled water, it uses town water.  Cone shaped cups and personal water bottles were recommended.  Jesse reported as quartermaster about the delivered uniforms.  She would like direction on the outdated turn out gear.

Mike makes a motion to recommend to the department to offer old gear to department members only with a letter that it is no longer suitable for fire calls.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed unanimously.

Jessie stated that other departments are interested in our old uniforms.

John Russell made a motion to recommend to the members to sell all old uniforms for an agreeable price in bulk.  Seconded by Mike.  Alan abstained.  Motion passed.

John R. gave an investment update.  Aiken fund is losing value and recommends transition from bonds to equities.  He would also like an electronic link between Aiken fund and checking and withdrawals.  Some discussion on John’s authority to make investment decisions on the department’s behalf took place.

Alan made a motion to accept and have John Russell execute Allfest investment recommendations for bonds and equities for the Aiken Fund.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed Unanimously.

Chief’s Report:  Fireworks at Kenmont went well.  We have had a good interaction with the resident trooper.  Parks and Rec event went well also.  This Sunday is Father Tom’s party.  Sidewalk Sale Days will include rides on the fire truck.  New Milford Area Chief’s Association is considering purchasing and sharing a kid’s educational fire trailer.  Those present were interested.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mike gave Sherm updated information for the auditor.  Sherm will give an updated list to the secretary of those who have not paid dues.  If not paid, they will be moved to non-emergency status and not able to vote.

adjourned:  21:03

Respectfully submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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Jul1,2013 monthly mins


Regular Meeting Minutes  (passed with one correction:  Annette was thanked privately by Dawn)

July 1, 2013

Call to Order:  19:32 by President Rundall

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence for the 19 firefighters killed in the Arizona wildfire.

Public/Member Comment:  Stacey thanked the refreshment committee for putting on a dinner this month, including Mary Gawel who vacuumed and cleaned and Gwen and Mary Ann as well.

Mary Ann complemented Dawn and Michelle and the committee who worked on the Ball but asked about Bill Tobin’s absence from cooking the roast beef this year.  Mary Ann is embarrassed  that he was not asked to cook.  Jimmy had a conversation with Dawn about it and left a message with Bill but has not heard back.  Jimmy heard that Bill was not upset.  He also heard nothing but good things about the Ball this year. Jimmy will follow up with Bill.  Alan did speak with Bill to help clarify the situation.   Gwen suggested that the Department send Dawn a gas card to help with her traveling expenses.  Mileage reimbursement was also suggested.

Tim L. made a motion to  reimburse Dawn Molnar for gas receipts up to $200.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed Unanimously.

Sherm mentioned that Noelle was overlooked when thanking people for their help at the Ball.  Jesse suggested a card be sent.  Secretary will contact Dawn to see who else was not thanked and send a note.  Stacey noted that Annette was not thanked and she worked hard all night and did a great job.

Correspondence:  Read by Secretary and Chief.  Thank you notes will be sent as needed.

Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed.  Seconded by Veronica.  Approved Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sherm read the bills.

Tim made a motion to pay the bills as read.  Bill Seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Membership:  Jimmy announced the three new Auxiliary members.  Heidi Terrell was present and was welcomed by the members. Cathy Montemorra Johnson and Carmel Karina O’Meara were not present, but are welcomed by membership.  Alan discussed dues list, only a handful of members have paid.  See Sherm or Alan to check the list and pay if necessary.  Jimmy stated people must pay in order to vote next month.

Old Business:

Computer software/hardware:  Alex said to email him if you have a problem.

New Business:

New Brush Truck (purchase):

Gary made a motion for KVFD to purchase Firematic Brat, price not to exceed $170,000.  Seconded by Veronica. Opposed by Will G.  Motion passed.

Gary made a motion for KVFD to fund up to $60,000.  $110,000 funded by the town.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:  Willy was concerned about the cost for our needs here in Kent.  Jimmy discussed some of the research that went into this truck.  Passed Unanimously.

Officers Reports:  Chief stated that sidewalk sale days are at the beginning of August.  Drivers are need to help with free fire truck rides, as we have done in the past.  There were a few members who raised their hands that may be available.  Father Tom’s retirement party from Sacred Heart will be at the the Fire House on July 21, 2-4pm, in the bay of the firehouse.  Alan will announce whether we will go in uniform to his last mass and/or at the party.  July 8-12, Parks and Rec is doing a “Who is Kent?” theme at the Summer Camp.  Friday fire crew will be asked and Alex is available to to help out with this, others are welcome to join on Friday the 12th.  Alan thanked everyone who helped make the Ball a success.  Alan thanked Audra and those who marched in Washington and encouraged everyone’s participation in the upcoming parades.  Alan is looking for a duty crew for KenMont Thursday night fireworks.  Tim L. should be available.  We now have a resident state trooper, Andrew Fischer, today was his first official day.  Alan discussed evacuation of Templeton Farms after helping with a drill.  He would like membership to be aware that if there was an emergency there, they would need a great deal of assistance.  The Chief also spoke about CT firefighter license plates, now available for active members who go on at least 2 calls per month.  Alan read through fire calls and asked for comments.  Ambulance Chief reported 63 calls for June.  We are up to 305 EMS calls this year.  We only passed 5.  There is a swift water rescue class August 24 and 25.  If interested please see Mike.  Please sign up for shifts.  We need weekend crews.  Communications Officer:  Tim is working on the apparel order.

Tim L. made a motion to allow LCD to install receiving equipment for communications on a temporary basis and to have Utility Communications install and maintain Telco line protection with all costs to be paid for by LCD except electricity.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Mike made a motion to put the $500 donated by Club Getaway for ambulance service to be put in the Aiken Acct.  Seconded by Alex.  Secretary already sent them a thank you note.

Alan made a report for Gary on Engine 2, which failed a pump test.  Engineer and Gary were on top of this.   KVFD did nothing to cause this, still not sure of the cost.  KME is going to make a presentation to EC Meeting next month.  The first selectman will also be present at the next meeting to discuss the ambulance barn.

Facilities:  Jimmy gave an update on the cleaning contract, in Alexis’ absence.  Ingegneri Cleaning Service LLC of Dover Plains maintenance agreement was presented.  Mary Ann thinks that a bi-weekly agreement would be a good start.

Alex made a motion to empower the EC to enter into a contract agreement for every two weeks with Ingegneri as read by the President.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:  members recommended looking into details and setting a trial period.  Passed unanimously.

Quartermaster:  Jesse gave an update on new uniforms and asked that members not call the uniform company when orders were placed as a group.  Please contact Jesse if you have questions.

Facilities continued:  Alan stated that Gwen found a leak in the vent in the kitchen before the meeting.  A call is in to Dean Ackerman.  Do not use the grill until it is fixed.

Arial Committee:  Adam reported that the committee met last month, minutes will be sent.

Fair Committee:  The president reported for Willy and Eric, (Willy left early and Eric was absent). They are looking for someone to run children’s games and the white elephant.  Alex recommended that if we do not have someone to run it, to let an outside organization run the white elephant and let them know quickly.  Members asked about a budget.  There were many concerns about the fair and the manpower.  Mike stated that the town will not be disappointed if there is no fair, based on declining participation.  Alan disagrees.

Warning of expenditures:  Alex warned for generic computer hardware/software.  Tim L. warned for possible mobile radio.

Meeting adjourned at 9:42

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary

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Jun 17 2013 EC

KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes June 17, 2013

Call to Order: 19:32  by President, Jim Rundall

Public and Member Comments: The President appointed Veronica Limbos as acting secretary. Sherman ordered supplies for the back building. He requested that we have a work detail to remove the beams in the last bay to put in the new door. Alan suggested Tim Sneller be present when this happens, pending work detail for Thursday.

Minutes: Brian made a motion seconded by Tim to change Jimmy to Brian in regards to taking the picture on Memorial Day. Alan abstained. Motion carries.

Appointed Positions Reports: Facilities requested to change the cleaning contract from SOP 1-5 to a new revamped cleaning contract. Alexis brings to the EC to change the cleaning contract. Gary made a motion to bring to the department the company we have a bid on, seconded by Tim. Approved. Jimmy is going to call and ask the company for a new quote for every other week.

Officer Reports: Alan Gawel, Chief, told us about the recruitment retention class at the Litchfield Fire House is hosting on July 28, 2013 from 9-1. Also, they will be using the bays of the fire house for Father Tom’s farewell party as he is retiring. This will be held on July 21, 2013 from 2-4 (this will just be for the community of Kent).  Gary Hock, Assistant Chief, talked about what happened with Engine 2 and that it is out of service. He talked about the fact that Fail Safe will not cover the cost. Gary thinks that it is going to cost $25,000. Alan made a recommendation to make it an insurance claim, seconded by Tim. Approved by all. Tim Sneller, Assistant Chief, sent out an email regarding Hydrant testing and got one reply saying the grounds were wet.

Old Business: 2013 Budget, Sherman said we are doing good and we are staying in budget. He also mentioned that the ball did well. Year to date $19,000 to the good.

New Business: Brush Truck, Gary said we received two bids and two rejections. Chivvis came in with a bid of $167,000, and FireMatic Brat came in with a bid of $158,000. He then went over what the committee discussed. Tim Sneller made a motion for the Fire Department to use $60,000 of the $132,000 carry over to properly fund the Brush Truck, seconded by Audra Petrone. Tim, Gary, Audra (YES); Alan, Brian (NO); Sherman, Jimmy (ABSTAINED). Motion carries. Ambulance Committee, met several times this last month. They are in the final stage of contract. Alan made a motion that the president and chairman of the ambulance committee sign execute the agreement presented to us, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved by all. Alan made a motion seconded by Sherman to move $74,000 from the Ambulance Fund to the General Fund so that checks can be issued for the down payment on the New Ambulance ($42,000 for the ambulance and $32,000 for the Striker power load).  Motion carries Communications Officers Appointment: Alan made a motion that Tim Limbos be communications officer for the remainder of 2013 due to the bylaw change, seconded by Brian Hunt. Approved by all.

Adjournment: 21:27

Respectfully Submitted,

Veronica Limbos, Acting Secretary

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June 3, 2011 Reg Monthly Meeting

KVFD Regular Meeting Minutes (passed unanimously)

June 3, 2013
Call to Order:  19:37
Pledge of Allegiance
Continuation of May 6th recessed meeting:  Other appointed positions reports: facilities- Alexis reported that cleaning bids are out.  Committee reports:  brush truck committee sent out bid requests, due this Friday.  Ball committee:  Dawn still needs people to sign up for open slots on the schedule for ball duties and the firehouse still needs more cleaning.  Dawn has tickets for members and the public.  Chief thanked Dawn and asked for everyone’s help.  Gwen asked Secretary to send a handwritten note to Bill Tobin, Ane Starr and Carol McCann for their many years of help at the Ball.
Warning of expenditures:  Mike warned for money for the new ambulance equipment.  Jessie warned for money for replacement of turnout gear.  Alex, under technology, warned for color ink jet printer and desktop for Chief’s office.  Mike warned for funds to remove dead tree in front of firehouse.  Alan warned to purchase member license plates, stickers and t-shirts.  Meeting Adjourned.
June 3 Regular meeting officially opened.
Gary made a motion to add under new business:  constitution and by law changes, and ambulance equipment, color ink jet, laptop for Chief’s office, removal of dead tree, purchase of license plates, stickers and t-shirts.  Seconded by Tim Limbos.  Matt Starr opposed.  Motion Passed.
Public Comment:  Brian Hunt, speaking as Emergency Management Director, updated on sever weather drill.  Emergency operations center will be open.  Brian will email the date and information to membership.
Correspondence:  Read by Secretary and Chief.  Thank you’s will be sent.  Chief said that we will allow the firehouse to be used for the Night of 1,000 pies fundraiser as requested.
Minutes:  Mark Hamilton made a motion to accept the May minutes with the corrections that Audra did not abstain from color guard equipment vote and under Treasurer’s report, the web hosting bill was not included.  Seconded by Sherman.  Motion passed unanimously.
Treasurer:  Sherm read bills.  Sherm made a motion to pay bills as read.  Seconded by Alex.  Motion passed unanimously.
Membership:  Alan presented Jim Canning and Tim Limbos with ten year pin.    Audra Petrone and Josh Kraig were presented with 5 year pin.  Dawn Molnar was congratulated for 20 years, her pin will be sent to her.  New auxiliary members applications were shared, Heidi Terrell, Kathy M.- Johnson, Carmel Karina O’Meara.
Motion to accept motion to vote on 3 new auxiliary members was made by Brian, seconded by Tim L..  Passed Unanimously.
Veronica made a motion to accept the three new auxiliary members, seconded by Audra.  Passed Unanimously.  Mary Ann asked that Carmel’s number be available for emergency translations.
Brian discussed removal of key from the gator.  He stated that the gator is now insured through the Town.  The gator will not be taken from the firehouse.  He is concerned that a department member took the key.  Alan reminded everyone that we are here to protect life limb and property. John Russell feels has concerns bout how this is being handled.
Alan would like to thank everyone for participation on Memorial Day, he was also speaking on Jim Rundall’s behalf.  He also thanked everyone who helped at EMS Open House, especially Mike and Mary Ann.
Old Business:  Awards banquet:  Steve from SKS is interested in doing something similar to the Marvelwood brunch.  Anne B. will look into Club Getaway.  Mike prefers a dinner.  John believes Marvelwood would be open to an event with alcohol when there are no students on campus.
New Business:  New ambulance equipment:  Mike warned for power load, power chair and stretcher and extension for wider load.  $3600 cost, 3 year payment plan.  
Mike made a motion to authorize expenditure fo $38,471.46 total, over 3 years ($12,823.82 per year) to purchase power load system, powercot and stairchair for new ambulance.  The money will come from Aiken fund first year and from the budget the remaining two years.  Alex seconded.  Discussion:  Eric asked about the interest rate.  Interest rate is approx. 5%.  Discussion about Aiken fund usage.  Alex made a friendly amendment to pay entire total cost out of the Aiken fund in one payment of $36,235.  Art explained that installation of hardware needs to be approved before the ambulance is built.  Opposed John R.  Abstain:  Peter and Mary.  Motion passed.
Alex made a motion to spend up to $12,000 for portable equipment for new ambulance.  Rebecca seconded.  Discussion: general OEMS equipment including laptop port is needed.  John R abstained.  Motion passed.
Alex made a motion to purchase and outfit the new ambulance out of the Aiken fund drawing down the balance to $190,000.  Remaining balance will be financed at a rate not to exceed 4.5% over 5 years.  Seconded by Tim L.  Motion passed unanimously.
Alex made a motion to spend up to $150 for color ink jet printer.  Seconded by Tim L.  Motion passed unanimously.
Alex made a motion to spend up to $200 for a desktop computer for Chief’s office.  Seconded by Veronica.  Motion passed unanimously.
Mike motioned to have dead tree removed for up to $700.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed unanimously.
Alan made a motion that the department purchase license plates and stickers to be given to active members.  Seconded by Mike.  Joe B. opposed.  Motion carries.
Alan made a motion to have department buy and give a t-shirt to members who attend 12 calls over 1 year period.  John R. seconded.  Opposed:  John R.  Motion passed.
Jessie made a motion to spend up to $57,000 for new Morning Pride gear, 25 sets.  Alex seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Constitution and By Law Changes:  Following Article VIII. Constitution and By Law changes were presented as they appear on website and in Email.  
Proposed Constitution Changes:
Article IV, Section 1:  Tim L made a motion to strike “communications officer” from Article IV, Section 1.   Seconded by Bill K,  Passed unanimously.
Article VI, Section 2:  Tim L made a motion to to make proposed changes under article VI, section 2 to add “communications officer”.  Passed unanimously.
Mike P. made a motion to change make proposed changes under Article II, section 2, adding “Hazmat awareness only for all members who are EMS only”.  Seconded by Jessie.  Discussion of OSHA regs and the wording of the proposed changes took place.  4 YES: Bill, Jesse, Mike, Christian.  17 NO:  Alex, Gary, Alexis, Biz, Mary, Pete, Josh, Veronica, Joe, Willy, Rebecca, Gwen, Scott, Eric, Sherm, Mary Ann, Mark.  Abstain:  Audra, Tim L, John Ch.  Motion defeated.
Mike made a motion to make proposed changes to Article III, Section 2 by adding, “shall respond to at least 20 emergency calls”.  Seconded by Veronica.  YES: Mike, NO: Gary, Jesse, Tim, Audra, Veronica, Christian, Mary, Pete, Josh, Joe, Willy, Eric, Gwen, Scott, John, Mark, Biz.  Abstain:  Alexis, Sherm, Mary Ann.  Motion defeated.
Mike made a motion to make proposed changes to Article IV, Section 1 by adding “to be eligible for Emergency Officer position a member must have been to at least 24 calls and for fire maintained quarterly training for the past year, effective January 2014”.  Seconded by Sherm.  YES:  Sherman  NO:  John, Eric, Gwen, Scott, Willy, Joe, Josh, Pete, Biz, Gary, Mary, Mark.  Abstain:  Mary Ann, Rebecca, Tim L, Alexis, Audra, Alex, Veronica, Jessie, Christian.  Motion defeated.
Proposed By-Law Changes:
Eric made a motion to make proposed changes to Section 2 with the addition of “To be eligible for Captain, Assist. Fire Chief or Fire Chief, an individual must have held the previous rank for a minimum of 12 months, effective January 2014”, seconded by Gary. YES:  Sherm, John, Scott, Eric, Mary Ann, Gwen, Tim, Willy, Alexis, Christian, Mary, Peter, Audra, Veronica, Gary, Biz, Rebecca.  NO:  Josh, Joe.  Abstain:  Mark, Jesse, Alex.  Motion carries.
Tim L made a motion to make proposed changes to Article Xl adding “12 hours of an EMS shift shall count towards call requirements as a call.  Seconded by Alex.  YES:  Tim, Mary Ann, Eric, John R, Audra, Alex, Veronica, Stacey, NO: Joe, Josh, Pete, Gary, Gwen, Scott, Rebecca.  Abstain:  Biz, Mark.  Motion defeated.  
Alan made a motion to make proposed changes to bylaws under section 12 (removing several lines regarding treasurer’s duties and changing signature requirements and duties of President in the absence of Treasurer).  Seconded by Veronica.  Abstain:  Gary.  Motion passed.
Officer’s Reports:  Gary read Chief’s reports.  Discussion on recent EMS call for lift assistance.  Please radio if you are going to the scene so people know you are coming.  Mary Ann reminded that C-Spine needs to be held by fire or EMS at all times.  Scott suggested that friendly emails could be sent out almost as teaching moments.  Chief reminded everyone to be careful on scene to reduce injuries and vehicle damage.  If there is damage or injury, report immediately.  Alan commended Alex for his handling of ambulance when it was damaged.  Alan announced that a recruitment and retention training is coming up soon.  Alan will post and share.  Alan touched on state wide sever weather drill, KVFD will not have a major role.  Alan asked that if something is out of service, put it on table by engineer’s cage, as Alexis has suggested.  Gary said Fail Safe was here and he thanked Sherm and Tim L..
Appointed Positions Reports:   Veronica, as Records Clerk, asked that members not make their own “run forms”, make copies or ask Veronica for more.  Suggestions for changes should go to EC.  Jessie, Quartermaster, reported that several new uniforms are on order.  A letter will go out to people who have gear and pagers and have not been active.  Encourage them to get involved.  Alex(technology) is working on new wireless.  Fiber optic line coming next week to test new system that will connect everyone to headquarters.  
Committee Reports:  Golf Fundraiser:  Annie still looking for someone to shadow her and take this over.  Budget was presented last month.
Joe made a motion to accept Golf Tournament Budget.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.  
Fair Committee:  Alex said fair committee asked for access to emails.
Ambulance Committee:  Contract will be ready to be signed by end of the month.
Brush Truck:  Bids are due this Friday night.  Gary warned for Brush Truck expenditures.
Technology:  Alex warned for generic computer hard/software.
Adjourned:  22:42

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May 5 (special), May 20 reg EC

KVFD EC Special Meeting Minutes (approved)

May 5, 2013 5:30pm

Call To Order: 17:38

Public Comment: None

Minutes: Alan moved to approve April EC minutes as distributed, Alex seconded. Approved Unanimously.

Quartermaster new turn out gear presentation: Jessie presented a summary of the bids and information about the companies. There was discussion about the three main options, the group agreed with Jessie that the current company we use, Morning Pride, has a great product and great service.

John Russell made a motion to recommend Morning Pride Gear as presented to the membership. Alex seconded. Approved unanimously.

Budget 2013 review/update: Rita and Sherm have caught up on bills. We are in the black.

Firehouse mowing and cleaning appt: Gary made a motion to accept contract to pay Ed Matson $3300 for mowing season 2013 as outlined in contract. Seconded by Alan. Approved unanimously.

Alan recommends that Alexis get 3 prices for cleaning and to send out as email to members first. Alexis will talk to Stacey about this.

Rear Building: The Chief recommends that a Rear Building Committee of three be established to oversee the rear building and building issues from the renters. Sherm suggested that Jimmy and possibly Dean could join him on this committee. They would help make decisions and recommendations and eventually have a budget.

Sherm also noted that we need to have reoccurring bills approved to be paid.

Gary made a motion to recommend to the Department the funds needed for rear interior overhead door from rear building funds. Seconded by Mike. Brian abstained. Motion approved.

Officer’s Reports: Brian stated that Kent School want to have a hazmat drill. John Russell is scheduled for training on Thursday to conduct ladder training. Gary stated that Fail Safe is coming out to test hoses on Thursday. Gary needs drivers at this time. Gary also stated that the Firefighter 2 class with instructors will hold a RIT training and a 1/4ly drill at the firehouse.

Meeting adjourned: 19:00

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian



KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes  May 20, 2013 (approved)

Call to Order: 19:30

Alex made a motion to add Membership to agenda. Seconded by Brian. Passed Unanimously

Membership: Heidi Terrell handed in her application and her $10 check to apply as an Auxiliary Member. She is very familiar with KVFD as Veronica’s mom and already helps out with many events. Cathy Montemorra Johnson also turned in her application and fee. She is well known to the fire department and would like to be an Auxiliary member, as she also enjoys volunteering for the Department. Veronica will sponsor both Cathy and Heidi. Jessie Rundall also introduced Carmel Karina O’Meara. Her father is a veteran member. She is a trained interpreter for medical purposes and has experience writing proposals. She is applying as an Auxiliary Member, but several committee members asked about her helping on emergency calls with translations. She would be willing to pursue those opportunities to help as well.

Public and Member Comment: John Russell asked about a Department picture in uniform. Jimmy will take a picture before the parade with members in old or new uniforms. Brian spoke as an Emergency Management person. He said there needs to be an asset inventory but, in no way is any equipment being taken away from KVFD. There was discussion on the insurance coverage of the gator. Jim and Brian will look into this.

Minutes: Motion to approve April 9 2013 EC meeting minutes as distributed made by Alex. Seconded by Brian. Gary abstained. Motion passed Unanimously.

Appointed Positions Reports: None

Officer’s Reports: Tim Limbos, Communications, needs list of active members in order to collect pagers from inactive members. Tim will update Jim. Jessie would like to collect uniforms and turnout gear from inactive members as well. Tim L needs keys for eng. room and officers room and a small storage space. Tim shared info on repeaters and town coverage. Tim is doing budget work for next year. Alex asked about truck inspections. Brush trucks and boat were done last week. Alan will be reminded to talk to John Christian about this.

Old Business:

Cleaning Company: Jim talked to Alexis about Marvelwood Cleaners. She is looking for old contract to send out.

Budget 2013: Sherm distributed budget. Asan and Jim are still working on collecting the second payment due from the town. Sherm gave an update on the audit. Alex said we should be asking for the first disbursement from the town. We are receiving checks for the Ball.

New Business:

Recruitment: Coin drop, extrication, open house are all planned. Newspapers need to be contacted. Committees need to send any updates to Alex that need to go on the website.

adjournment: 20:32

Respectfully Submitted,  Stacey Kabasakalian, Secretary  KVFD

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May 6, 2010 Regular Meeting

KVFD Membership

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2013 19:30

28 Maple Street

Minutes approved June 3, with the following corrections:  under Treasurer, it should state “web hosting” and under Old Business, Audra did not abstain from the color guard equipment motion.

Call to Order: 19:34

Pledge of Allegiance: Moment of silence in memory of Art Seabury

Public Comment: none

Correspondence: read by Secretary.

Minutes: Alan made two corrections to April 1 meeting minutes. Under membership, it should say “accepted unanimously”. Under the discussion of constitution changes, it should say proposed and “submitted” also, Alex Limbos submitted proposed changes for Tim Limbos who was absent (Alex did not submit changes).

Alan made a motion to approve minutes with the above additions seconded by Mark Hamilton, approved unanimously.

Treasurer: Sherm made a motion to request permission to pay reoccurring bills for 2013 including garbage collection removal. Seconded by Gary. Approved unanimously.

Sherm read bills. Alan made a motion to approve bills as read with addition of web posting. Tim Sneller seconded. Approved unanimously.

Membership: The President presented Mark Hamilton with his badge and welcomed him to the department.

Old Business:

Computer software/hardware: Postponed until next month

Color Guard Equipment: Alan made a motion to approve request for color guard equipment not to exceed $1,000. Seconded by Veronica. Abstain: Audra. Motion passed.

TV: Matt made a motion to purchase TV and mount not to exceed $1200. Seconded by John. Opposed: Gwen. Motion passed.

Antique room shelving: Alan made a motion to approve the antique room shelving as described not to exceed $1800. Seconded by John. Discussion: Jack Kinney explained proposal. Approved unanimously.

Air hose reel: John made a motion to spend up to $250 for air hose reel. Seconded by Alexis. Approved unanimously.

New Business:

EMS week: 10-2 Sunday May 26. Lifenet helicopter confirmed.

Maryann made a motion to spend up to $800 on EMS week. Seconded by Mike. Approved unanimously.

Awards Banquet: Mike and Alan would like to plan a banquet for the end of May or beginning of June. They have not come up with a plan yet. Mike warned to spend up to $5,000 last month. Show of hands showed an interest in holding the banquet at one of the private schools. Tabled until Alan investigates private school’s availability.

Rear Building: Sherm reported that they are working on several projects. He is looking to put together a committee to make decisions, so far they have Sherm and Jimmy. Matt Starr volunteered to be on committee.

Alan made a motion to spend up to $5000 on interior door and driveway requirement allocated to Rear Building Committee to spend as they see appropriate out of rental account. Seconded by Matt. Passed unanimously.

Officers Report: Chief reported that our ISO rating has not changed. The concern for the hydrants are being addressed. Aquarian will report to Chief and Assist Chiefs as they proceed. The Chief addressed concerns for insurance coverage for the Fair with the Town and insurance company. We are covered fully this year. Alexis is taking care of the required signage that we need on our property. Discussion of the usage of the old ambulance barn took place and what is the best use for the Town,. We will revisit this in June or July. We own the building, not the property. Matt believes we need the space for storage and training. It needs a roof. Sherm believes the selectman supports us keeping it if we need it. On May 19th there is a bus from Litchfield to NYC to visit the 9/11 memorial. Contact Alan for more info. Alan reviewed fire calls and opened them up for discussion. Mary C brought up a concern about a call and encouraged members to treat each other with respect, especially in front of clients. Chief agreed. Other discussion on specific calls and communication discussed. Tim Sneller stated that we 15 interior firefighters we desperately need firefighters. Gary is working with Kent 7 to work on RIT training with FF2 class. He stated that he needs drivers on May 30 form 9-3 for pump testing and again in June. Engineer: seatbelts are installed in Brush 3. Check oil on ambulance after calls and remember to fuel and wash vehicles. No ambulance report.

Appointed positions reports: Alex (technology), will send out information on wireless email. Veronica (records) asked to please document property loss on forms as well as all information on both sides of form. Jessie (quartermaster) shared that the EC reviewed results of gear research and they recommend staying with Morning Pride.

Gary made a motion for KVFD to stay with our current company, Firematic Morning Pride, and to start the replacement process of ordering new turn out gear. Seconded by Audra. Approved unanimously.

Recess at 20:57 Tabled the remaining items until further notice (due to fire call) no quorum.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian, KVFD Secretary

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April 1, 2013 Regular Monthly Meeting

April 1, Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes  (approved with 2 corrections, see May minutes)
Call to Order:  19:31
Motion to move approval of minutes after correspondences made by Brian, seconded by Jean.  Mike P abstain.  Motion approved
Motion to change air compressor to air hose real on the agenda made by John Christian, seconded by Mike P.  Motion approved
Motion to add fair budget under committee reports made by Sherm, seconded by Jean.  Motion approved
Motion to move both special elections after correspondence made by Jean, seconded by Veronica.  Motion approved
Public Comment:  None
Correspondence:  A letter from William Rundall was read asking to be placed on Veteran’s Status.  Mike Petrone asked that he be recognized for over 20 years of service.
A letter of thanks will be sent by the Secretary.  Other thank you’s and donations were read.  Parades were posted and dates will be sent out by Secretary to get an idea of interest.
Alan read an email from Ed Matson resigning as President.
Special Election:  John Russell made a motion to set aside Robert’s Rules to vote on a new President, seconded by Jean.  Brian brought up concern about Robert’s Rules and if an email resignation was acceptable.  Alan read Article Vll, Section 2 regarding Election of Officers.  John Russell withdrew his motion.   John Russell made a motion to suspend Article Vll, Section 2, seconded by Brian.  Discussion:  Jim R made a motion to table John’s motion until further in the meeting.  Abstain: Jean, Amanda.  Motion approved
Treasurer:  Mike made a motion for the Secretary to cast one vote for Sherm Green Treasurer.  Abstain:  Caralee.  Motion approved
Approval of Minutes:  Veronica made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Sherm.  Motion approved unanimously
Treasurer’s Report:  Rita read off bills.  Sherman made a motion to pay the bills as read.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:  Gary read details of the KME bill.  Motion approved unanimously
Membership:  Mary Ann made a motion to accept Billy Rundall’s request for Veteran’s Status with our thanks, seconded by Annie.  Discussion:  Members are encouraged to visit Billy and send cards to The Kent, 46 Maple St..  Members discussed presenting Billy with his 20 year pin with members in uniform, even turn out gear.  The Chief will coordinate this with the family and announce a time soon.  Any member who needs accountability tags, see Brian.
Old Business:
Computer software/hardware:  Mike made a motion to table computer S/H.
Color Guard equipment:  Alexis made a motion to update color guard equipment, spending up to $1,000.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:   John R discussed concern for our budget and the recent funding concerns.  By a show of hands, motion failed.  Annie commented to Alexis that perhaps once budget issues are straightened out, we could revisit this.
TV:  Matt Starr tabled the discussion of the purchase of a TV.
Antique room shelving:  Alan withdrew his request for funding for shelving for $1800 (priced by Jack Kinney).
New Business:
Ratification of Previous Motions (2013):  Alan updated everyone on meetings and discussions with the Town Clerk, emphasizing her intention to prevent issues for the department.  The department has taken steps to protect everyone involved and follow proper procedures.  Alex made a motion to ratify the January, February and March 2013 approved motions as distributed at the meeting.  Seconded by Caralee.  Abstain:  Brian.  Motion carried
Auditor:  Gwen made a motion to have Tracy Fellows conduct our audit.  Seconded by Sherman.  Motion approved unanimously
Air Hose Real:  Tabled until next month
New Ambulance (purchase):  Alex and Art made a presentation to members regarding their choice to go with LifeLine ambulance proposal and the many features they feel make this the superior ambulance choice.  Art reminded members that the old ambulance will be saved as a back up with the hope of getting in a cycle of trading in old ambulance every 5 years and having 2 fully functioning ambulances.  Discussion of funding and service took place.  Alex made a motion to empower the Ambulance Committee to negotiate and enter into a contract with LifeLine/Eastford Fire and Rescue for the purchase of an ambulance for a price not to exceed $187,000 plus a contingency not to exceed $5,000.  Seconded by Mike.  Opposed:  Matt S.  Abstain:  Jim R, Adam, Peter.  Motion carried.
New Ambulance Radios:  Alex made a motion to spend up to $6,500 for radios for new ambulance as presented by Tim L.  Seconded by Tim L.  Abstain:  Matt S.  Motion carried.
New Brush Truck (presentation):  Brush truck committee presented spec. sheet and slide presentation on their investigation and options for a brush truck. They would like to look for bids.  The committee wants to know if the department supports the committee’s ideas.  Alan asked for a consensus for the committee to move forward for bids.  Majority of a show of hands were in favor.
Constitution and By Law Amendments:  Mike, Alex and Alan all have changes they would like to propose.  They will be distributed to membership for review.
Election of President revisited: John Russell’s motion was revisited (see above, special election).  Motion was passed with Annie, Mary Ann, Brian, Alex, Adam, Caralee and Mike abstaining.
Special Election:  Veronica nominated Jimmy Rundall for President.  Mike made a motion for the Secretary to cast one ballot.  Seconded by Eric.  Abstain:  Caralee, Alexis.  Motion Passed.
Officer’s Report:  Chief:  Templeton Farms would like to use the ambulance barn for temporary storage, our trailer will be moved to the FH temporarily.  Awards dinner:  Mike and Alan have some ideas, if you have suggestions, let them know.  Calls:  Chief read off Fire Calls for March and asked for discussion, safety protocal was discussed regarding recent calls.  Ambulance Chief reported on last month’s high volume activities.  He reminded everyone that we need to avoid passing calls.  Mike is looking into prices for new ambulance equipment.  No other Officer’s Reports.
Appointed Positions:  Records Clerk:  Veronica emailed points.  They will be on website by Thursday.    Fire Run forms are being completed more accurately. Quartermaster:  Jesse stated they have information from on turn out gear from the companies that came to visit.  She inquired about the shelving/storage units for above the bay area.
Committee Reports:  Fair:  Motion made by Willy to accept the budget presented for the fair.  Seconded by Annie.  Passed unanimously.  Ball:  Alan read a letter from Dawn Molnar who has offered to oversee the Ball.  She will have Caralee, Rebecca and her daughter Michelle on the committee.  She has already made several contacts with vendors.  Motion to approve Ball budget for $11,500 made by Veronica.  Seconded by Jessie.  Passed unanimously.
Warning for Expenditures:  Mike warned to spend up to $800 for EMS week (May 26).  Mike warned to spend up to $5,000 for awards banquet.
Adjournment:  21:40

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April 5, 2013, Special EC

KVFD Executive Committee

Special Meeting  Minutes, approved

April 9, 2013

Call to Order:  19:40

Public/ Member Comments:  John Christian is concerned with Eastford Fire Rescue Service.  They are working on our current ambulance and he is not sure if he trusts the service.  Mike read the estimate from LifeLine on needed repairs. They estimate $7550 for service and repair.  Mike agrees that John’s original recommendation to go with Millerton would have been better.  Alan recommended that John call Millerton for a ballpark estimate to see if Eastford is a fair price. Veronica announced that there are no seatbelts on the brush truck.  She told Juniors that they are not to ride on it.  John C will look into this.  He will be out of town April 13 to 21st.  

New Ambulance funding/payment:  Background on the Aiken Fund was shared and update on where the account is now.  John Russell shared the choices we have for purchasing the new ambulance.  We can pay cash from the fund or we can bond it out and pay the bond from the account or cash fund.  If we borrow, Alex stated that we could currently lock into a 4% loan.  That is also a rough estimate of what the fund could earn.  John is leaning towards paying cash out of the fund.  Mike and Sherman also liked this idea and replacing the Aiken fund.  Alex is worried about that fund being replenished.  Mike reminded committee that we still have $30,000 to be added to the fund right now.  There was discussion on the concern of replacing money taken from the fund.  On the other hand, there was discussion on leaving money in the account and the appearance that could have if we borrow money.  Alan stated that the town would probably appreciate doing something in the middle.  4% is a good interest rate for borrowing and we should take advantage of that.  It is also good to leave a cushion in the fund for the future.  If we drain the account, it will look like poor planning on our part.  

Alex made a motion to recommend to membership the purchase and outfit of the new ambulance be accomplished by drawing down Aiken fund to $190,000.  The remainder of the balance due will not be financed at a rate not to exceed 4.5% for 5 years.  Seconded by Tim Sneller.  Discussion:  John Russell asked for Sherm’s opinion.  Sherm thought this was fair.  Motion passed with Audra abstaining.

Town Grant:  Selectman voted to keep current grant the same.  The Town Treasurer wanted to meet with our accountants and our Chief/President at the time.  The Town shared the costs the Town covers for the Department.  Alan explained to Town what they should also help fund.  Town dropped gas for ambulance from that request.  Alan wants to know how to proceed.  Alex stated that we should push to have the Town pay in a lump payment, not in two payments.  We are still owed for second half of 2012.  An email will be sent tonight or tomorrow.

Tim Sneller made a motion that we not go to Town for more money.  Seconded by Jimmy.  Passed unanimously.

Budget 2013 Review:  Due to a lack of an active Treasurer, there is some confusion over our current budget.  There was some discussion on where we are actually at right now.   Sherman anticipates a balance of approximately $180,000 in our check book by the end of the month, but Sherm and Rita need time to look at budget before they take action.  They will try to get a handle on the numbers before the next meeting.  They do not recommend any cuts right now.  John Russell asked about color guard items proposed at regular meeting.  We would need to decide where these new items, such as color guard and TV,  would come from.  Tim Sneller suggested that these items may be covered under retention and recruitment.  This may mean something else that was budgeted for would not be funded, but the budget is not broken down into those details.  

We will try to meet at the end of the month to revisit 2013 budget before the monthly meeting.

Adjournment:  21:40

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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March 18, 2013

Special Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2013

Meeting called to order at 1936 hrs, Chief Alan Gawel presiding.

1. Public/Member Comment – Darlene Brady, Town Clerk was in attendance to address concerns about our agenda and meeting dates and proper postings. Darlene wanted to be sure we were following proper procedures. She is more than happy to help us. Chief Gawel thanked her for her assistance. Darlene shared forms and documents which are available on the Town website. Darlene was concerned when she received two different agendas and explained that the agendas need to be specific and inclusive. The same agenda that goes to Town Hall must be sent to the members within 24 hours (business hours) of the meeting. She reviewed several requirements for meetings, specifically regarding on-going regular meetings. Special meetings can not be amended. Other meetings (such as Brush Truck) do not fall under these requirements, but should be reported to regular meetings. When posting “new business” on the agenda, there needs to be items to discuss under new business. The basic purpose for posting meeting dates, posting proper agendas and minutes is to provide as much transparency to the public and members as possible.

Tim Sneller made a motion to give calendar dates to the Town Clerk for third Monday of each month as discussed at the January meeting for Executive Committee Meeting, seconded by Alex. Passed Unanimously.

Sherman Green is looking for direction for several issues concerning the back building. The roof has leaks, Sherm has looked into several options and he needs to know how to proceed.

Also discussed the second door that John Russell and students agreed to work on. The tenant is responsible for 2/3’s and the Dept is responsible for the remaining third. The total cost is $3700. There is money in account for it.

Toilets and entrance way in back need upgrades.

Alan suggested a committee with a budgeted amount so Sherman can move along as needed.

Sherman asked that if there are any concerns or information regarding the back building or possible new tenants, give him a call so he knows what is going on.


He also mentioned that the steps in back need replacement. Need to discuss the driveway in the back. Sherman also stated that Peter has offered the use of his lift if needed for anything.

Alan thinks they may need a special meeting in a week or so.

2. Approval of Minutes- Tim made a motion to accept the January and February Special Meeting minutes with the two corrections in January (typo of Technology Officer, and the omission of Alex Limbos as Junior Advisor). Seconded by Mike with corrections. Approved Unanimously.

3. Report of Officers and Committees- The Chief and The President are meeting with the First Selectman and Town Treasurer tomorrow night to discuss financial situation, our Auditor will be joining us. Assistant Chief Sneller would like us to get this straightened out to avoid more issues.

Ambulance Chief- Mike stressed that we still need help on the EMS side. Drivers are needed. If anyone knows anyone who would like to join, contact him or Mary Ann.

Engineer – Needs a key to the antique room. He also discussed the need to get trucks fixed quickly.

Ambulance Committee – Art said that the committee recommends LifeLine’s proposal. See report. The proposal is good for 90 days, he would like to do a presentation at the next meeting. Alan suggested a meeting to discuss the financial options. Mike sat in on some committee meetings and supports their recommendation. By April’s meeting, the Committee needs to know the best options for paying for the ambulance so they can move this along. Art also mentioned that he feels we would be happy with the service from LifeLine. A quick meeting will be announced for Thursday or Friday regarding payment plan.

Alex motion to accept the proposal presented to the Executive Committee, seconded by Audra. Passed unanimously.

a. Membership Review – no report

b. Membership – no report

c. Audit- Alex made a motion to have an audit for 2012. no second. motion failed.

Tim Sneller made a motion against 2012 audit, seconded by Mike. Discussion: Chief feels we should have a 2012 audit as recommended by accountant. 3 votes yes (Audra, Mike, Tim), 2 votes no (Alex, Alan) , 1 abstain (Stacey). Motion carries.

d. ByLaws Revisions – will be placed on special meeting agenda for next week.

e. Security (possible Executive Session) – Alex recommends this be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting.

f. Warned Expenses – no action.

Meeting adjourned at 2107 hrs.

Respectfully submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian, Secretary


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