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2013 December 02, 2013 Regular Monthly Minutes – Approved

(December Regular Monthly Minutes passed with 1 (one) correction: Tim L. warned to spend $150.00 for scanner.)


Regular Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2013

Call to Order:  19:30 by President Jim Rundall

Public Comment:  Bill Keane encouraged members to give blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive at Town Hall on Jan 13.

Correspondence:  Secretary read thank you notes as well as an email letter from Leila Erskine requesting to be moved to Auxiliary.  She is moving out of Kent to go to college full time.  

Motion made by Tim L. to accept Leila’s request to go to Auxiliary status.  Seconded by Mary Ann.  Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes:  Motion made by Alan to accept minutes as distributed, seconded by Veronica.  Passed unanimously.

Treasurer:  Motion made by Tim L. to pay the bills as read, seconded by Mike.  Motion passed Unanimously.

Membership:  Mary Ann made a motion to accept Kyle Knight’s application for membership.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Alan made a motion, seconded by Veronica to accept Ed Tuz’s application for membership.  Passed unanimously.

Alex made a motion to accept Noah Shernow application for membership upon his 18th birthday this month, seconded by Alan.  Discussion:  he is a student at Marvelwood and a Junior member.  Passed unanimously.

Computer Hardware/Software:  Alex has new supplies coming in and a new policy which will be distributed soon.

Insurance (worker’s comp. and accident/sickness):  Thursday at 7pm at Waterwitch, New Milford Area Chiefs meeting takes place.  Cirma will be there and hopefully many issues, such as coverage for our Regional Rope Team, will be addressed.

Staffing Emergency Calls:  Mike is working on a new  policy for the new year.

Nominating Committee:  The Nominating Committee, (Mark H., Matt B., and Rebecca), thanked Veronica for all she has done to help the committee. There are nominations for all positions accept President and Secretary.  Mark Hamilton put those who they are nominating on the board.  Chief – Alan G., Assist Chief – Gary Hock, Assist Chief – Alex Limbos, Amb. Chief – Mike P., Assist. Amb. Chief – Mary Ann Van Valkenburg,  Capt – John Russell, Capt – Audra Petrone, LT – Tim Limbos., LT –  Alexis Swagemaker., Treasurer – Sherm Green, Engineer – John Christian.  President, Secretary – None.

Alan made a motion to table budget until Sherm returns.  Seconded by Mike.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

Policies:  Mike presented a policy to replace the current gas card policy.  

Bill K. made a motion to accept the policy as presented.  Seconded by Veronica.  Alan made a motion, seconded by Matt B. to accept changes as recommended by those present, including typos, spelling and the change of the word “quarterly” to “monthly” and the addition of “unless pre-approved by Ambulance Chief or Acting Chief” when referring to the number of crew members. (Alan’s motion) Passed Unanimously.  Discussion:  Alex stated that we will need to address the SOP’s next month.  (Bill’s motion)  Passed Unanimously.

Alex made a motion to change finance policy adding “or highest ranking officer available” if equipment/apparatus is out of service.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed Unanimously.

Holiday Party:

Veronica made a motion to spend up to $600 for the holiday party.  Discussion:  Mary Ann suggested paying someone to clean up.  Alex asked about the cleaning service, if they could add on extra hours to help.  Passed Unanimously.

Parade of Lights:

Tim L. made a motion to spend up to $700 on this year’s Parade of Lights.  Seconded by John Ch.  Discussion:  food and traffic control was discussed.  Help will be needed.  Passed Unanimously.

Stuff a Truck:  Help will be needed on Sunday.  

Veronica made a motion to spend up to $200 on Stuff a Truck, seconded by John Ch.  Motion passed Unanimously.

Special Occasion Cards:  

Veronica made a motion to spend up to $325 for special occasion note cards.  Seconded by Bill.  Passed Unanimously.

Budgets 2014:  Sherm and Alan presented 2014 budget draft.  Basically it was formulated by Sherm, Alan, John R, Mike P with input from Gary H and help from Rita Limbos.  Some income is from insurance claims and Aiken fund for 2013.  The fair is not included at this point, it was a wash last year.  The golf tournament brought in about $8,000.    Alan and Sherm went in detail about the line items and answered questions.  Sherm plans to work with EMMS to collect outstanding ambulance bills.  Alan shared information about the article in the paper about the capital plan.  He stated that since the fire department is not making any changes, no report was needed.  Alan drew out the five year plan as it stands now and the schedule for apparatus.  The Board of Selectmen did not change our Capital plan.  Our capital plan request now goes to the Board of Finance.

Chief’s Report:  Chief thanked those who went to South Commons event.  There is a legislative meeting coming up soon to discuss concerns with Area Chiefs.  Alan will be looking for information about Worker’s Comp and unfunded mandates.  Knoxboxes received by town, installation will be needed.  Mary Ann asked if Knoxbox info could be sent through the town’s newsletter.  Tim L.  can make a one page blurb about it.  Gary stated we need authorized forms.  Chief gave an update on the gator.  Chief stated that the gator is still in the care and control of the fire department.  Selectman’s meeting tomorrow at 4:30, the gator is on the agenda.  Alan discussed the motion regarding Emergency Management liability coverage in the firehouse.  The town gave the insurance coverage form to the Dept..  Workman’s Comp does not cover him and Bruce stated to Alan that he has agreed to continue without it.  The town’s attorney is drafting a release of liability.  Alan gave an update on ambulance barn.  Alan also shared that someone sent a list of concerns to CT. OSHA.  CT. OSHA gave the Chief a copy of the concerns.  The OSHA contact meeting has not been scheduled yet.  The Chief believes that they do not have jurisdiction over KVFD.  EC met to review concerns, but no action was taken without the meeting with OSHA.  EC agreed that the Dept works hard to keep members safe.  Alan read the list of grievances, as requested.  Eric asked about the jurisdiction issue, since we paid CT OSHA a fine a few years ago.  Alan shared his knowledge of  the Supreme Ct. ruling for Goshen FD.  Gary feels that whoever did this should have gone to Jim or Alan first with their concerns.  Chief reviewed calls and shared that feedback from homeowners are very positive on our responsiveness and preparedness.  Gary added a reminder for members on scene to be aware of parking, leaving plenty of room for emergency vehicles to make wide turns.  

Assistant Chief’s Report:  Gary gave an update on Hurst tool, smoke drill, knoxboxes.

Engineer:  John Christian gave an update on fixing the heat in Engine 5.

Alex made a motion, seconded by Alexis, to fix the heat in Engine 5 for approximately $2,000.  Passed unanimously.

Ambulance Chief’s Report:  Mike reported that we are at 588 calls this year to date.  New ambulance will be in the state by around Christmas week.  Lettering, DMV, etc. will still be needed.  Discussion on entering homes during emergency calls when no one can open the door.  Utilizing CSP and/or the fire side was suggested.  

Appointed Positions:  Tim L said he has posted an apparel sheet in the radio room.  Radio update and repeater update given.   Facilities, Alexis gave a report.  Gleason is working on electrical.  Dean Ackerman fixed heat. Alexis reminded everyone to keep her informed of facilities issues.   Alexis asked about snowplowing.  Many members help but are not responsible for tenant area  and sanding on the property, etc.  Mary Ann said back building and facilities need to work together to be sure this is done.  Questions about the rental agreement took place.  Jim gave a report on the back building.  He is waiting for information from Matt Starr about the blacktop. Steps need to be put in.  Peter Woytuk(renter) could not meet with Mary and Matt because he was in Asia.  There are still outstanding bills for the back, Mary has a report on that.  Eric asked about moving trailer back if paving is not being done yet, Jim suggested checking with Matt or Mary.

Brush Truck: Gary stated the committee went to Long Island to see the truck.  Meeting tomorrow night.  Truck should be here by February.  

Ice Watch:  Jim reported that Susan Rundall checked with CL and P about putting up cable for us.  They can no longer do this for us.  Discussion took place on how we can replace this.  Mike will make some calls to see if he can get this done.  

Warning of Expenditures:  Tim L warned to spend $50 for scanner.  Tim warned to purchase an EMS radio for old ambulance.  Jim warned to pay up to $300 for stump removal clean up.  John warned to spend $300 for 55 gal. DEF fluid.  

Adjourned:  21:57

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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Dec. EC 2013

KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2013

Call to Order

Public and Member Comments:


Sherm made a motion, seconded by Gary, to add loan of ambulance under new business.  Passed Unanimously.


Alan made a motion, seconded by Mike to add brush truck to the agenda.  Passed Unanimously.


Mark Hamilton asked to form a kitchen committee to help protect and oversee the care and use of the valuable resources and to help with KVFD functions and fundraisers.  The committee could help address some of the recent issues, such as the griddle being left on, the sanitizer not working properly and the venting/grease issue.  Mark already has others who are interested in assisting.


The President appointed Mark Hamilton to head the Kitchen Committee.  He will get back to Jim with the names of three other committee members once they are confirmed.


Minutes:  Mike made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed.  Sherm seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Membership:  None.  A new applicant will be invited next month.


EMMS Aging Dollars:  Sherm gave an update, he is working on this with Alex.  They are looking into a new billing company.


Worker’s Comp Insurance:  The Chief reported that the meeting in New Milford took place.  Cirma acknowledged that an order can be given to members to perform fire department business verbally but written is preferred.  Ranking officers can also give authority for members to perform duties and they will be covered.


Staffing Emergency Calls:  No report given, Mike was called away from the meeting.


Recruitment and Retention:  In Mary Ann’s absence, Stacey reported that Mary Ann was working to get a couple local residents on the committee.   The president gave permission for Art Romano to have a key to a designated mailbox in order to receive confidential background forms from the Secretary.  It was suggested that Jesse sign over the key to the Ice Watch mailbox for this purpose until we are ready to start Ice Watch again.  Stacey will get a key and form to Art.


Brush Truck Number:  Gary said that the new brush truck will need a number.  Some discussion took place.


Mike made a motion that the new brush truck be numbered as Brush 3 and the old brush truck be retired.  Seconded by Alan.  Motion passed unanimously.


New Business:


Radio Room Equipment:  Tim L. and Alex worked on a proposal, emailed a while ago.


Alan made a motion to spend up to $4200 as proposal outlined, including antennae.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed unanimously.


NM Fire SUV:  New Milford’s SUV for sale for $5,000.  Discussion took place on other vehicles available if we sell 7.  Discussed looking into options. Sherm would like to see discussion on getting rid of 7 and 3 before buying another vehicle.


Jim appointed Mike to oversee a vehicle committee.


OSHA:  Alan gave an update.


Obama care:  There is an emergency bill trying to be put through determining the law for volunteer fire departments and the requirement to provide health benefits.  There is legislation to exempt volunteer fire departments from this, but if it does not pass, we may have some concerns.  We may need to talk with a lawyer on this.


Emergency expenditure:  No action taken.


Ambulance Loan:  Sherm addressed the loan.  The interest rate that membership voted on has changed, which means a membership vote on the new rate.


Tim S. made a motion to have a special meeting on Dec. 27 at 7:30 if needed.  Seconded by Gary.  Motion passed Unanimously.


Appointed positions:  Jim R. asked about the back building.  He has not had a conversation with Matt S. or Mary about the back building concerns, such as power, garage doors, water and sewer, the blacktop and steps.  These things will need to be discussed in January.  Tim L. needs more portables.  There are three missing in Rescue 8.  He does not have money in his budget.  He also stated that we will be able to do an agreement with CSP directly and not LCD for the repeater site at Spooner Hill, it’s a CSP building, so this would be easier.


Officer Reports:  Alan would like to make it possible for members to lease their own portable radios for purchase.


Alan made a motion for the EC to support a radio lease program to be brought to the regular membership.  Seconded by Sherm.  Passed unanimously.


Chief also mentioned that there are many good training opportunities coming up, he will share as they are available.  Also, he addressed the gator issue.  He reported that the town has clarified that the gator is in the care and control of the fire department.  Gary reported that he attended a meeting with the Selectmen and the Emergency Management office.  It was very positive and he feels that we will all work well together in the future.  Alan believes that we have built up a much better relationship with the town.  Mike gave an update on calls.  We have a total of 609 calls to date.  We are doing a better job of coverage.  Jack Kinney is looking into whether a 1099 or w-2 for members.  Assistant Ambulance Chief, Mary Ann, reported that she is getting the recruitment and retention committee established.


Adjourned:  21:01


Respectfully Submitted,


Stacey Kabasakalian



Stacey Kabasakalian
Youth Advocate
New Milford Youth Agency


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November 18, 2013, EC

KVFD Executive Committee

Regular Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2013


Call to Order:  19:35 by Chief Gawel.


Tim S. made a motion to add Capital and Budget Plan to the agenda, seconded by Sherm.  Passed Unanimously.


Public and Member comments:  Jim Canning presented an incentive program idea that he began and is utilized in his former department, Beacon Hose Co.  Basically, for every good year of service, members receive a small stipend when they turn 65 years old.  Also, they offer a $10,000 life insurance policy.  Jim offered to look into this further for our department.  He would need some contact information and number of active members, etc.  Mary Ann said the new membership committee should stay informed on this.  Jim also mentioned that he attended a three day Hazmat program that he would like to set up with our officers, he feels it is very worthwhile.


Minutes:  Sherm made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed, seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.


Membership:  Sherm made a motion to table membership to after the audit.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.


Audit 2012:  Tracy Fillows introduced herself.  She provided feedback and review of the audit.  She stated that significant corrections that were needed to be made were corrected.  She asked about the security deposit from the tenant.  She stated that a separate account should be established for this or documentation about this she be on file.  She recommends that we boost the capital value for assets received from (current) $1500 to $2500.  Her office recommends we do this yearly and the cost would reflect this.  When skipping years, it is more work and therefore more expensive.  Discussion took place about the published budget and how it is presented.  Tracy shared that the more we run independently, the more independent we will be.  The EC needs to decide whether to present a gross budget the way it used to be.  Alex stated that a gross budget is easier from a bookkeeping standpoint.




Alex made a motion to go into executive session at 20:12 to discuss three candidates for membership, seconded by Tim S.  Passed Unanimously.  20:40 Mike made a motion to come out of executive session, seconded by John.  Passed Unanimously.


Alex made a motion to recommend Kyle Knight for membership at the next regular meeting, seconded by Sherm.  Passed Unanimously.


Alex made a motion to recommend Eddie Tuz for membership if favorable background investigation is received, seconded by Gary.  Passed Unanimously.


Tim S made a motion to recommend Noah Shernon for membership if favorable background investigation is received, seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.


EMMS Aging Dollars:  Sherm said that EMMS needs more information to help clarify remaining concerns.  Alex said we may want to switch collection agencies to one with a higher return rate.


Worker’s Comp. Insurance:  Alan will post the thirteen fire department duties that are currently covered after the meeting.  A presentation will take place in December for area chiefs.  John R asked about area rope rescue team, those questions can be addressed at the chief’s meeting on Dec. 5.


Staffing Emergency Calls:  Mike is going to present a new incentive program at next meeting.  Discussion about distribution quarterly or monthly and using a service company to send out checks.  It is believed that this non-wage compensation program would not affect Worker’s Comp, but this will be clarified before going further.  Some discussion took place about working with the Town on this.


New Business:


Recruitment & Retention:  Alan and Jim have appointed Mary Ann to lead R & R committee.  Mary Ann said that she had a meeting with Alan and Bruce.  She will approach a few towns people for the committee.  She has Stacey on the committee right now. Mike stated that he feels we should consider paying for EMT/EMR courses, it is worth taking the risk that occasionally some people won’t make it through or stay with the Dept to get others on board.


John R.  wants to be sure we present our cause in an appropriate manner at Town meetings and prevent showing frustration.


Budget and Capital:   Meeting Sunday night at 8pm.


Appointed Positions:  Technology – If anyone needs anything, let Alex know.  Discussion took place regarding upgrades for the radio room.   Communications – Tim L discussed some ideas for the budget for next year to improve communication.  Alex stated there has been little interest in getting login passwords.  Concern for making internet accessible took place.   Tim discussed the cost for renting on the tower, Alan offered to follow up on this.  Tim is looking into purchasing a scanner that would provide a live feed.  John Christian asked about the LCD radio that Matt Starr is working on.  Alan asked Tim L. to follow up on this.  Engineer Report was given by John Ch., he stated that the heat needs to be fixed on Eng. 5.  Discussion took place on the expenditure policy and improving it so that emergency repairs can be resolved more quickly.


Officer’s Report:  Mike P.  asked Alan about a meeting on billing and collection policy.  Mike thanked John Christian, Veronica and Alex for getting the ambulance repaired and returned.


Adjourned:  22:22


Respectfully Submitted,


Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary


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November 4, 2013

KVFD Membership

Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2013

Call to Order:  19:30 by President Jim Rundall

Pledge of Allegiance

Public:  Mary Ann asked about the outside grounds.  She asked if the building committee could oversee organizing maintenance schedule.  Jim asked Alexis if she could oversee this. Stacey said she contacted Mary from the Garden Club who stated they are not looking for any new projects.

Tim Limbos is offering apparel again.  Order sheets will be in the bay area.

Jesse has the supplies for Ice Watch.  Stuff-a-Truck and Parade of Lights dates available.  Jesse would like to know if there is interest.  Jim stated that the Juniors may be interested in hosting another pancake breakfast again.  Discussion on available apparatus.

Jesse made a motion to RSVP to the Parade of Lights dates announced.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Jesse has the details and will email members.  Dates are:  Millerton- Nov. 29, Waterwitch – Nov. 30,  Sharon- Dec. 1,  Stanford NY- Dec 7, Kent – Dec. 14.

Veronica announced that the KVFD Holiday Party is Dec. 7.

Correspondence:  Read.  Thank you’s will be sent.

Minutes:  Sherman made a motion to accept the minutes as posted.  Seconded by Veronica.  Passed Unanimously.

Treasurer:  Sherm is very pleased with Webster Bank.  They have gone out of their way for the loan for the ambulance.

Sherm made a motion to go forward with loan for Webster Bank for $137,000 at 2.9%.  Seconded by Tim Limbos.  Passed Unanimously.

Sherm strongly requests that slips be turned in for all purchases.

Sherm made a motion to pay the bills as read.  Sherm made a friendly amendment to add $848 for Kent Wine and Spirit for the last two months (Golf fundraiser and Awards Dinner).

Annie seconded.  Passed Unanimously.

Membership:  The President presented Dan Ruman’s application for Emergency Membership, Matt Starr, Sponsor.

Matt Starr made a motion to accept Dan Ruman application for membership.  Second:  Tim S. Passed Unanimously.

Old Business:

Computer Software/Hardware:  None

Bingo:  Alan stated that Caralee is away.  She is working on a budget and gathering a list of volunteers.

Alan made a motion to table Bingo to the beginning of the next year.  Second:  Tim L.  Passed Unanimously.

Insurance (Workman’s Comp and Accident & Sickness):  CIRMA possibly attending  Area Chief’s Meeting in November.  We still do not have approved general orders from CIRMA.  Chief is still writing orders as needed and making roster lists for large events.  Jim reminded members not to terminate calls until all duties are complete.  Jim said he will post the 12 things that are covered within the next few days.  Mary Ann asked about our supplemental insurance.  Alan explained our current coverage.

Alan made a motion to increase VFIS accident and sickness policy to provide weekly income limit of $1,000 and medical expenses limit to $100,000 for an increase cost of approximately $2,000.  Approximate yearly cost of $5800.  Seconded by Rebecca.  Passed Unanimously.

Mike P made a motion to extend the current incentive policy for EMS shift coverage until the end of the year (Dec. 31, 2013).  Second:  Mary Ann.  Discussion took place about the ending date.  Passed Unanimously

Discussion took place about the current incentive payment schedule.  Mike will look into this policy for next year.  Alan stated that the fire side also has concerns for response.  Alan, Jim and Mike will meet with the town about recruitment and retention.  Tim L. stated we may need to look into incentive for the fire side as well.

New Business:

Nominating Committee:

Bill Keene made a motion to nominate Matt Barksdale to the Nominating Committee.  Second:  Alan.  Passed Unanimously.

Tim made a motion to nominate Rebecca to the Nominating Committee.  Second:   Veronica.  Passed Unanimously.

Veronica made a motion to nominate Mark H. to the Nominating Committee.  Second:  Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Budgets:  Jim stated that EC may have a budget workshop Friday or Saturday.  Tim L . and Jesse have budgets.  Mike will come up with one.  Jim will talk with Sherm about a good time.

Officer’s Reports:  Alan stated that Congresswoman Estes sends grant requests.  Annie and Caralee are involved with this.  There may be some money for the fire side.  Alan said we can talk at budget workshop.

Jesse made a motion that we apply for AEG gear grant.  Second:  Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Nims 300 ISCS course being offered.  See Alan for more information.

Alan stated that he has contacted the EC and Selectman about Emergency Management not being covered under Workman’s Comp.  He is covered under general liability.  Matt Starr suggests we have an agreement like LCD.

Mike made a motion to move Emergency Management and the trailer out of the Fire House until the Workmen’s Compensation issue is settled.  Second:  John Christian.  Discussion:  Alan thinks this may be a little premature and that maybe a waiver needs to be signed.  Annie suggested that, like any other outside agency, a certificate of insurance needs to be provided.

Yes:  Mike, Matt S, Veronica, Alex, Annie, John C, Tim L, Rob, Leila

Nay:  Bill, Alan, Mary Ann, Eric, Rebecca, Mark

Abstain:  Pete, Alexis, Audra, Matt Barksdale, Jesse, Gary, Tim S, Christian

Discussion:  Alan believes an error was made on whether this motion will be able to stand.  It was not on the agenda.  It was mentioned that it was brought up as a concern by the Chief under Officer’s Report

Chief stated that the fire department was invited to help out at South Commons Community Awareness event on Nov. 17.  He also thanked Veronica for greeting the trick or treaters at the firehouse and the crew that helped with the Halloween street event.  Alan will post a fundraising event in New Milford, information on making donations is available.  He also mentioned that no further information is available about the ownership of the gator has been determined.  The Fire Department has care and control until otherwise determined.

Alan thanked Mike and Veronica for the Awards Dinner.  Several members who were not at the Awards Dinner were presented with awards at the meeting.  A few additional members have still not personally received their awards but were announced at the meeting.  A list of recipients will be publicized.  Stacey stated that Bruce Adams would like to share the awards information in the newsletter.  Also, Stacey has received inquiries from Veterans about award winners, and would like to send out a list to all members.

Tim Sneller will email information about a new dry hydrant when it is operational.  Knoxbox information will also be emailed out.    Gary stated that training on new tools will be provided.  Mike gave ambulance report.  New spinal mobilization protocol is being reviewed by our doctor.  Mike and Mary Ann will get this information out once it is approved.  Ambulance inspection is scheduled for Wed. at 2:30.  Matt B and Alex will take care of it.  Gary stated that pack inspections are on Thursday.  John C. gave an engineer report.

Appt. Positions:  Veronica stated that years of service pins are on order.  She has mugs left over from awards dinner.  We were under budget for the dinner.  If you need copies of anything, please let her know.  Alexis reported that fire alarms, sprinklers and CO detectors were inspected.  There are several events coming up including  Night of 1,000 Pies on Nov. 8.  She asked that people help with garbage and recyclables and help keep them separated.  Tim L. gave an update on the repeaters.  He is looking for mobile hotspot access. Radio reprogramming will take place in the near future.  Jesse stated that gear has been ordered and should be here by end of January.

Committee Reports:  Anne is wrapping up the Golf Tournament, net profit is $7,203.81.

Warning for Expenditures:  Veronica warned to spend up to $600 for holiday party.  Stacey warned to spend up to $325 for special occasion note cards. Jesse warned to spend up to $325 for Ice Watch, $200 for Stuff a Truck and $700 for Parade of Lights.

Adjourned:  21:25

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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Oct. 21, 2013 ec minutes

KVFD Executive Committee

Regular Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2013

28 Maple Street


Call to Order:  19:33 by President Jim Rundall


Public & Member Comments:  Alan introduced Resident Trooper Fischer who was thanked by members, especially for his efforts this summer at the parks.  Discussed upcoming events and working with Trooper Fischer.  Alan also welcomed members of the Lion’s Club (George Hetson and Bruce Adams).  Jim gave a summary on the fryolators that were loaned to the Lion’s Club a few weeks ago.  There was some confusion on getting them back and concern about their condition.  They are now inside the firehouse, cleaned and working.  George and Bruce described the timeline and who they worked with from KVFD.   George also stated that new wheels were welded on by Peter Voytek to improve the ability to move the grill.  George said that it would be good to figure out an easy way to return the grill after an event.  Mary Cox, Loan Officer, was away during all of this.  Jim stated the firehouse is working out the back building, hopefully it will be more accessible next year.  Bruce asked if storing the grill in the town’s garage with the other Lion’s stuff would be possible.  Matt Starr emailed the Chief and President about this and feels the EC should look into the way the department loans equipment.   Alan asked more about the details of the contact with the loan officer, George spoke with Mary when she was in Florida and she said the Lion’s Club could borrow the equipment.  Ed Matson offered to help return the equipment since he is a member of both organizations.  Alan stated that he did receive the request and that there was dual permission from the Chief and President as well.  Jim summed it up as miscommunication.


Jesse Rundall announced that Stuff a Truck will be Dec. 8.  Parade of Lights will be Dec. 14.  We are invited to other Parade of Lights starting after Thanksgiving.  Jesse stated that she would like to take over Ice Watch with Susie Rundall to assist her.  The President appointed Jesse as the Chairperson of Ice Watch.  If anyone knows anyone who would be willing to donate PVC, let Jesse know.  Discussion took place on the set up of Ice Watch.


John Russell asked about the accountability of adults at private schools in the event of an emergency.  Alan will talk with John after the meeting and will discuss with the line officers.


Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the September minutes as posted by the Secretary.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed unanimously.


Membership:  Kyle Knight applied for membership.  Mary Ann is her sponsor.  They will be invited to the Nov. regular meeting.  Annette Picora is interested in Auxiliary status.  She will be invited in November as well.    Dan Ruman is back with his sponsor, Matt Starr.

Alan made a motion to go into Executive Session at 8:14 to discuss Dan Ruman.  Seconded by John R.  Passed Unanimously.


Gary made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:41.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed Unanimously.


Motion made by Alan to make a favorable recommendation to membership for Dan Ruman, seconded by Jim.  Passed Unanimously.


Audit 2012:  Sherm reported that our audit was very clean.  Sherm will try to get Tracy Fillow, our Auditor, in to the next EC meeting to go over any recommendations.


Old Business:


EMMS Aging Dollars:  Mike suggested we contact EMMS to find out what they are sending to collections and what they have for a contract and if they are following it.  Alex stated we need to get EMMS to do their job.  Alex will work with Sherm to go over list of outstanding bills.  Jim said he would be glad to help in evenings.


Worker’s Comp. Insurance:  The only update is that there probably will not be any changes in the statutes this year, according to Sen. Chapin.  We will not have worker’s compensation for auxiliary, veterans, or juniors the way the by-laws stand right now.  Alan will work with the town’s attorney for suggested changes for next June.  Alan is hoping to host CIRMA here at Kent in November.  Cirma provides a supplemental insurance that would cover non-emergency personnel.  More discussion took place.


New Business:


VFIS Accident & Sickness  Insurance:  Alan presented options to increase insurance.


Alan made a motion to increase VFIS accident and sickness policy to provide weekly income limit of $1,000 and medical expenses limit to $100,000 for an increase cost of approximately $2,000.  Approximate yearly cost of $5800.  Seconded by Sherm.  Opposed:  John R.  Passed Unanimously.


Staffing EMS Calls:  Mike is hoping the new policy (for signing on to 12 hour shifts) will catch on.  Mike is going to request carrying the policy for the rest of the year.  Alan noted that the fire side is struggling as well.  Alan would like to set up a meeting with Bruce, Jim and Mike after the EC meeting to discuss encouraging the town and town employees to get behind us.


Appointed Positions Report:  Quartermaster: Jesse and Gary met with Firematic about gear (update and about billing).  Facilities:  Sherm is resigning as one of the back building coordinators and stated that Mary Cox is willing to step in.  Jim is hoping Mary will attend a meeting on Wednesday.  Jim would like to appoint Mary Cox on the Rear Building Committee.  He will meet with her to discuss this appointment.  Sherm is resigning as co-firehouse coordinator.  Records Clerk, Veronica reported she is finishing 3rd quarter reports.  As a Junior Advisor, Veronica is concerned about Juniors going on calls that have not completed all the requirements.  Jeremy is the only one authorized at this point, she said.  She also is concerned about Juniors having access to the building without proper authorization or supervision.  Discussion about Juniors having pagers and gear took place.  Jim will talk to Adam about this and follow through with Veronica.


Officer’s Reports:  Chief needs an officer who can provide fire and EMS safety information and demo to Kent South Commons on Sunday Nov. 17 during their community event and spearhead this.  We have other events coming up soon and we need more help.  Gary has blueprints for the new ice rink at SKS.  Zoning board asked for our review.  Gary noted that there may not be enough parking but other than that he did not see an issue.  The road will go all the way around the building and is wide enough for a truck or ambulance.  Ambulance Chief reported that gas cards are in.  Also, we had our first successful 12 lead.  Gary gave report for Engineer in his absence.


Adjourned:  22:01


Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

Secretary KVFD

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Oct. 7, 2013

KVFD Regular Monthly Meeting


October 7, 2013

Meeting called to order at 19:30 by President Jim Rundall

Correspondence:  The Secretary read the correspondences and will send thank you notes as needed.  

Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the September meeting minutes with the following corrections/additions:  Under Chief’s report,  KCS did not have EMS on their agenda. Also under Chief’s report, Matt S. suggested that the Chief send out an email to all members about wearing proper PPE at calls. Under Officer’s report, there was discussion about the proper filing and pump operation of E-2 and E-5.  Alan stated that a class was mentioned about pump operation.  Rebecca seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer:  Our tax form 990 is now available upon request, contact Sherm for more information.  Loan for the new ambulance should be approved within the next few days.  

Motion made by Sherm to pay bills as read.  Seconded by Alan.  Discussion:  Alan thanked Sherm for all his hard work on the audit.  Sherm thanked everyone who helped as well.  Motion passed unanimously.

Membership:  Jess Sneller has applied for auxiliary membership to the department.  She is interested in Bingo and helping in other areas.  

Alex made a motion to accept Jessie Sneller as an auxiliary member.  Seconded by Veronica.  Motion passed unanimously.

Alex Limbos presented constitution/by law changes that were emailed to secretary.  They will be discussed in the future for December meeting and vote.

Old Business:

Computer Software/hardware:  Bill Keane had a problem doing charts on the computer in the radio room.  

Bingo:  Caralee stated he has several people interested in helping with bingo.  She has talked to groups about helping with set up and cleanup.  Caralee is hoping to use the community house for $200.  Jim would like to get a budget and bank account information.  Caralee is hoping for start up in December.  Alan asked that she present a budget next month for members to vote on.  Mary G. estimated about $5,000 for budget.

New Business:  Alan gave a summary on the workman’s comp. issue going back to the Fair when a member was injured.  The Town’s attorney is working to get acceptable language to cover a broad range of duties performed every day.  Alan is also concerned about our auxiliary, veterans, non-emergency members.  Members who help with the Pumpkin Run and other specified events will be covered because there will be a written order to perform duties.  Art suggested that the law needs to be fixed.  Alan said that that is the plan.  Other discussion took place.  Alan stated to email him in advance if you have a task to perform and he will send out an order.  Alan also looked into increasing our coverage from insurance.  

Diesel safety can:  Alex made a motion to spend up to $75 for a diesel safety can.  Seconded by Matt S.  Passed unanimously.

Gator, spare tire and rim:  Alan made a motion to table the gator.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Spooner Hill Repeater:  Matt Starr gave an update on the Spooner Hill Repeater system.  He feels support for this is a very good idea.  Our current system is outdated.  The new equipment will be more reliable.  

Matt made a motion to spend up to $26,880 on repeater system as outlined in Utilities Communication report for Spooner Hill Site.  Seconded by Alan.  There was a great deal of discussion.  Matt stated this could immediately improve how we respond to calls.  The hope is to work with LCD to use their equipment on our antennas.  Alex wanted to know if we could have a discussion with LCD before next month.  Matt believes that LCD is committed.  Eric believes that LCD would be supportive.  Annie asked about the unlikely scenario of LCD not working with us.  Jim asked about a commitment from LCD.  Matt believes Danny Soule will move forward once we approve the money.  Alex made a friendly amendment that money is approved contingent upon the approval of LCD housing the radio.  Passed unanimously.

Staffing emergency calls:  Alan stated we need to look at staffing fire calls in addition to Mike’s on going concern for coverage on EMS calls.  Alan mentioned several suggestions that have been mentioned in the past.  Mary Ann asked about the recruitment/retention training session that recently took place in the region.  No one from Kent was available to go.  Mary Ann does not feel we have made a strong effort to recruit.  Jimmy mentioned we have a lot of members that we need to help to get more active.  Bill stated we are going on about 50 calls a month, we may have to get a schedule a week and pay someone to cover the gaps.  Art suggested we hire an EMS/firefighter.  Matt  S. agreed that we should hire if we can not fill the holes.  Mike had several suggestions to help compensate members and if it does not work, we have to hire.  Matt S. suggested that Alan talk to Bruce about tapping into town workers.  Alan stated that possibly Mike, Alan and Jim could meet with Bruce after the meeting.  Matt B.  mentioned the cost of the EMT class which could be a deterrent.  

Alan made a motion that from now until December 1, 2013, the department authorize a $50 stipend for 12 hour shifts for EMS and a $10 stipend per call for EMS (administered similar to the gas card system).  Matt B. seconded.  discussion:  by laws state that the ambulance chief is in charge of scheduling and has the authority to make the scheduling decisions as needed.  Mike agreed.  Gas card policy is still in place.   Mary Ann encouraged people to find others they work well with and sign up together.  Abstain:  Caralee.  Motion passed.

Officer’s Reports:  The Chief reported that the New Milford CL & P is closing.  Newtown will be the next closest.  Fire prevention activities are taking place over the next couple of weeks.  Halloween block dance will take place once again and volunteers will be needed.  They will also be needed for the Pumpkin Run (fire police and EMS).  Chief stated that the gator can not be taken on the road until the registration issue is resolved.  Chief ran through calls.  Alan emphasized how thankful he was on the the structure fire call where there was a possible weapon on site, those who responded did a great job.  The Ambulance Chief gave report.  we will probably go over 600 calls this year.  New Milford hospital hosting a CME on ob/gyn (it was just mailed out).  Mike will work on scheduling with reimbursement schedule.  Alex reminded everyone about KCS fire prevention trip scheduled for the morning.

Appointed Position Reports:  Adam reported that the Juniors are having a fundraiser pancake breakfast on Sunday Oct. 27 from 7-11 before the Pumpkin Run to raise money for uniforms.  they will have placemats made with business card ads.  Several ads have been sold already.  Crew Design is printing the placemats for free.  Caralee volunteered to be the food service person on site.  Admission $5, children 5 and under are free.  They are considering possible “touch a truck” during the breakfast.  

Adam made a motion to hold a pancake breakfast as discussed on Oct. 27.  Seconded by Mark.  Discussion:  Jim stated that Facilities approval is needed.  There is room for more ads.  More help is welcome.   Passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:  Annie stated that the Golf Tournament went well, once again.  Annie thanked those who helped.  Ambulance Committee:  Art reported that there is not a delivery date yet, but the new ambulance is on the assembly line.  Ball and Fair:  numbers not available yet.  

Warning for Expenditures:  none

Adjourned:  22:17

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

Secretary, KVFD


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Sept. 9, 2013

KVFD Special Membership


September 9, 2013

Corrections to these Minutes approved at the October meeting:  Alan made a motion to accept the September meeting minutes with the following corrections/additions:  Under Chief’s report,  KCS did not have EMS on their agenda. Also under Chief’s report, Matt S. suggested that the Chief send out an email to all members about wearing proper PPE at calls. Under Officer’s report, there was discussion about the proper filing and pump operation of E-2 and E-5.  Alan stated that a class was mentioned about pump operation.  Rebecca seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Call to Order:  19:30 by Chief Alan Gawel in Jimmy’s absence.  A moment of silence was held for Bill Rundall, veteran member.

Public Comment:  Alan stated that there was confusion about the meeting date and getting the agenda out.

Correspondence:  Read by the secretary.  Thank you’s will be sent.

Minutes:  Sherman made a motion to accept the August regular minutes with the correction that Peter B. abstained from policy change.  Seconded by Mark Hamilton.  Passed Unanimously.

Treasurer:  Sherman made a motion to pay bills as read.  Veronica seconded. Passed Unanimously.

Sherm stated that he is still having problems with members charging and not turning in receipts or any documentation of what the purchase was for and who made the purchase..  This is especially true for IGA and True Value.  Sherm is still cleaning up the dues list.  If you have questions, see him.  

Membership:  The Chief acknowledged that recently several members passed the Swift Water Rescue Class at Hotchkiss and congratulated them.  Chief also congratulated those who graduated from Firefighter 2 course.  Adam will coordinate a shore support class.  Chief also appreciates the EMT’s and EMR’s who continue to keep up with their requirements.  Alan also thanked Mark Hamilton for helping out the refreshment committee in August and September by cooking dinner.  Tim Sneller read off the names of members who have completed call requirements so far this year and received their t-shirts.  Mary Ann asked about upkeep of the lawn and weeds.  Caralee mentioned that Mary Gawel does volunteer to do some of this.  Stacey will contact the Garden Club about possible help with beautification.

Old Business:

Computer Software/hardware: none

Turn out Gear:  Fittings are almost complete.

Rear Building:  Matt S. said there will be a meeting about electric bill with the renters.

Awards Dinner:  Mike made a motion to accept the recommendation from the EC to spend up to $6000 to hold awards dinner on October 12.  Seconded by Veronica.  Caralee expressed concern for the cost.  Mike explained that the cost for food and awards adds up and it is an event to serve and thank the members.  Alan stated that other alternatives were looked into. The neighboring chiefs will be invited and awards are included in the cost.  The money will come from the recruitment and retention line from the budget.  Those in Favor: Rebecca,  Joe, John Ch, John C, Mary C, Leila, Sherm, Gary, Stacey, Rob, Jack K, Veronica, Audra, Mike, Matt, Alexis, Mary Ann.  Opposed:  Caralee, Wendy, Scott, Amanda.  Abstain:  John R, Anne, Adam, Mark, Tim S.  Motion  Passed.

New Business:

Pumpkin Run:  Matt reported that the Pumpkin Run Committee asked if EMS crew and gator could be available stationed at hazardous intersections etc, as in years passed.  Several members were interested in helping.

Bingo:  Caralee stated that bingo was successful at fair she spoke with several people who used to help who are interested in bringing it back.  Several people are willing to join as auxiliary members to help.  She would like to start in Dec.  Cost would only be for insurance, it could be at the community house.  Some discussion took place.  We made almost $1,000 at the fair this year.  Joe stated that it was a nightmare for Dept. years ago.  Mary Ann stated that we do need other income sources.  John R.  stated that we had taxed emergency members too much when we did it before.  Caralee would get help from Mary Gawel and new auxiliary members. It was suggested that Caralee gather the people who are interested for support. Alan recommends a proposal be presented next month and we can vote for it.

Network Access Policy:  Veronica made a motion to accept the Network Policy as issued by tech. officer.  Seconded by Rebecca.  Abstain:  Caralee, Adam. Motion passed.

Hazmat 7:  Motion made by Mike to sell Hazmat 7 Seconded by Alexis.  Opposed:  Caralee. Abstained:  Wendy, Amanda, Rebecca, Leila, Mary Ann, Adam, Matt, John C, Annie, Mark.  Motion passed.  

Boat and Trailer:  Mike made a motion to sell the boat and trailer seconded by Gary H.    Abstain:  Mark, Wendy, Mary Ann, Matt S.  Motion passed.

Co2 Sensors:  Alarm system will be tested and serviced.  Two may need to be replaced at approximately $200 each.  The expenses are pre-approved and within budget.  Matt clarified the sensors never worked properly.

Officers Reports:  Tim Sneller gave calls and run report for the Chief.  It was noted that anyone who is not an interior firefighter you should not enter a building during an alarm and those firefighters need to be wearing proper equipment and gear.  The first arriving member should give size up from outside, arriving officer will take charge, proper PPE should be worn according to your level of training.    Chief and assist. chiefs met with KCS school to discuss emergency preparedness.  There will be a walk through with new custodian possibly next Wednesday.  KCS did not specifically ask for Kent’s EMS personnel for walk through.   There are no 9/11 events scheduled in Kent.   Alan asked if anyone is interested in attending the Ct. Firefighter Association’s Convention on Sept. 21.  He asked if anyone is available to attend a grant workshop tomorrow night.  Chief discussed the need to resume regular truck and equipment checks.  Assistant Chief’s Report:  Tim reported that October is fire prevention month.  Dry hydrants need to be flushed.  Tim warned for expenditures for Bingo.  Tim warned for expenditures for repeater at Spooner Hill.  Tim warned for expenditures for spare rim and tire for gator.  Tim warned for expenditures for a 5 gallon diesel safety can.  Communications Report:  New Milford is changing radio system, prepare for changes.  Gary reported that SCBA yearly inspection training in Oct/Nov will be at Northville for instructors.  Gary gave update on Engine 2 damage report.  KME will come to oversee a pump training and Hale will be invited.  Ambulance Chief’s Report:  Mike gave a report on the total calls for last month.  He said that Highwatch now has a gate at night.  He is getting dates for EMR refresher.  Questions were asked about the new ambulance delivery expectations, payment and contract.  Mike is concerned about the timeliness and the need for the new ambulance.

Appointed positions reports:  Engineer:John Ch. recommends we sell our old ambulance when we get a new one.  Training officer:  Adam said there was no interest in FF1 course.  Adam is looking into ice rescue courses.  Caralee will offer AB/BB refreshers, an email will go out soon.  Facilities:  Alexis stated that the food license in kitchen is current, just missing sticker.  Concern for kitchen use; the door was left open and some food spoiled.  Reminder that beverages are available before and after firehouse activities but should not be abused.  Restock if water is running low or you notice anything that needs replacing.  Matt S. recommends that Records send out a reminder for firefighter physicals and other requirements that may be due/overdue.  

Committee Reports:  Golf Tournament:  Annie thanked those who have stepped up to help.  

Adjourned: 21:38

Respectfully Submitted:

Stacey Kabasakalian



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Aug. 19, 2013 ec meeting


EC Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2013

Call To Order:  19:35 by Chief Alan Gawel

Public Member Comment:  Tim L. is looking for clarification on who owns the trailer.  In Aug. 2007, we paid for an upgrade.  John C. says the town has the title.  Town may have ownership but the fire dept. has full use.  Gary thinks the town spent about $6,000 to purchase and we paid for upgrade ($2400).  On another note, Tim L. looked back on minutes from August 6, 2012, at that time,  Bruce stated the Emergency Operations should not be moved to town hall.

John R. made a motion to add Chief’s lights and sirens to agenda.  Seconded by Mike.  abstain:  Tim L, Gary, Mike.  Motion carries.

Mike made a motion to add Hazmat 7 and old boat to the agenda.  Seconded by Tim. Passed Unanimously.


Mike made a motion to add Rescue Booker to the agenda.  Seconded by Sherm.  Passed Unanimously.

Sherm made a motion to add EMMS aging dollars to the agenda.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed unanimously.

Sherm made a motion to add Bank of America’s 2 bank idle checking accounts to the agenda.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Minutes:  Sherm made a motion to accept the July EC meeting minutes as distributed.  Tim Sneller seconded.  Alex Abstained.  Motion carried.

Eng 2 (KME Rep):  3 KME reps were introduced by Gary and were present to discuss the pump seizing.  Gary stated that he worked with Hale, KME and the insurance company to figure out the cause of this damage.  The cost for service is $15,000.  VFIS has ruled out KME for any responsibility.  KME worked hard to get the truck back in service, there was a delay from Hale for the pump.  Chief thanked KME reps for their quick response.  Chief stated that Gary worked hard to expedite the matter.  KME has never seen gears melt like this case.  Tim S. asked if KME will still service and inspect the new pump.  They said yes, the warranty is good for 2 years, parts and labor, 5 years parts only, from the time it was issued.  When discussing the cause, it was stated that Hale said it was caused by oil deficiency or it leaked out or it was pumped through and got very hot.  Gary said it was not pumping through.  NE Fire changed the oil last.  Gary will keep everyone informed.  He should have a better idea by next week.  Alan asked KME if there is any flexibility on the cost, they stated that they need to settle the investigation first and then look at the breakdown with their supervisors.  Gary had kept track of all correspondence and has pictures available.  

Old Business:  

Ambulance Barn:  Alan stated that Jimmy and Brian are going to inventory the barn.  

Donated minivan:  John Christian stated that there is mold in the van and should be used to cut and burn.  Tim S. will work out a deal to junk it with NM Auto.  He will let us know next month.

Hazmat 7:  Alex made a motion to recommend to membership to sell Hazmat 7 and old boat.  Discussion:  do we keep the generator?  those present agreed we do not need it.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

Network Access Policy:  John R made a motion to recommend to membership to adopt the network access policy as presented.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Apparatus Equipment Checks:  John R emphasized that this needs to be done regularly.  Alex emphasized the importance of checking and rotating air.  Some discussion about the squad leader system was mentioned, with pros and cons to this system.  It was mentioned that people could use time when waiting in quarters to do a quick inspection.  Alexis suggested a regular scheduling time so people get it ingrained.  Alex stated that there are updated sheets on the boards.  Tim reminded everyone that the cascade system needs to be kept filled.

Mike suggested that it should be mandatory for people to participate.  Alan will try to take a balanced approach and try to get squads active again.  It may mean people making phone calls, as Sherm had suggested.  John R suggested the first Thursday night of the month for inspections.

Awards Dinner:  Chief recommends we discuss dollar amount for dinner.  He stated that Mike P and others have put a great deal of time into planning.  Chief asked those present if they were in favor of a brunch or dinner.  Most present agreed on a dinner.  Cost was suggested at $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the number of people.  Veronica has prices from Villager to cater, $28 per person. Depending on the number of people, the cost could be a little over $3600 not including awards.  

Gary makes a motion to spend up to $6,000 on awards dinner, which includes area chiefs, alcohol and awards.  Seconded by Mike.  Discussion:  Alex prefers BYOB.  John R., Stacey and Sherm agree that the department should not pay for alcohol.  Mike and Gary stated that you can not invite area chiefs and not offer them alcoholic beverages.  In favor:  Sherm, Gary, Mike, Stacey, Alex.  Abstain:  John, Tim S, Alan.  Motion passes.

Rescuebooker:  Mike  reached out to Washington ambulance for possible new members.  Mike looked into a stipend with auditor to entice more people to sign up for calls.  Anyone with recommendations, let Mike know.

EMMS Aging dollars:  We currently have $142,000 in outstanding fees.  Sherm asked for direction for how to address EMMS about collecting fees from insurance company, etc.  Alex said that we have a policy.  Sherm does not have that policy.  Sherm would like to sit down with Mike to look at list.  Alex explained the policy briefly.  

Bank of America Account:  Checking account has over $44,000 and does not earn enough interest and we do not use this account.  John R suggests researching where the money came from.  

Mike  stated that he had spots for a “train the trainer” course for ambulance and fire apparatus.  He has three people interested.  

Chief Officers Lights and Sirens:  John Russell and Tim Sneller suggested ways to equip Chiefs and Asst. Chiefs with lights, sirens and radios.  Alex suggested department issued light  bar, siren and vertex mobile for $1,000 which can be easily exchanged.  Tim L stated a $50-60 installation fee would be reasonable for exchanging equipment.

Appointed Positions Report:  Communication Officer:  Spooner Hill Site will be expensive (no grants available).  Money has been approved for upcoming sites.  John Ch asked about the size of the LCD communications site in bay.  Tim L will forward concerns to Matt S and Jimmy.  

Officer’s Report:  Chief read a letter from Sean Dingee requesting a leave of absence for US Army Training from Sept. 14 for up to 17 weeks.  Chief will grant him this request.  Tim Sneller discussed accountability tags.  Torrington Fire Chief’s Secretary willing to do them easily and free.  Tim recommends an internal database to update easily.  Suggestions on what should go on the tags and what is required.  Tim S. also suggested we spend about $1,000 for a generator back up for radios, etc..  Mike would like quotes for outlets above EMS lockers.  Alan brought up the need for an SOP/Policy committee as we have had in the past.  Lynn W. was suggested by Alan.  Mike suggested Don Devita who used to work in this field.  Alex suggested approaching Don for assistance.  

Adjourned:  22:24

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary

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Sept. 16 2013 ec

KVFD Executive Committee

Regular Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2013

28 Maple Street

 Call to Order:  19:35 by President Jimmy Rundall

Public and Member Comment:  Matt Starr does not feel we should turn over the ambulance barn to to the town.  He does not believe we have put money into it in years.  He suggested we charge the town rent.  Jimmy stated that we are looking into our storage  in the back building of the fire house.  No decisions will be made any time soon.  Mary Cox stated that Mary and John Cox would like to be notified, in the future, when there are training opportunities so that all members have the opportunity to sign up.

Minutes:  Tim S. made a motion to approve the August minutes as distributed.  Seconded by Audra.  Passed unanimously.

Membership:  The President welcomed Jess Sneller who has applied as Auxiliary member and is interested in helping out in various areas including Bingo in the future.  Everyone welcomed her, no action was taken.

The President also welcomed Dan Ruman who has applied as an emergency member.  Matt Starr is his sponsor.  There were a couple of questions about his experience at Gaylordsville FD.

Tim Sneller made a motion to recommend Dan Ruman for membership at the next regular meeting, pending a favorable background check.  Seconded by Audra.  Abstain:  Gary, John R

Motion passed.

 Audit 2012:  no action

Old Business:

Ambulance Barn:  Update will be brought to membership.  There is a lot of fair stuff in the back of FH right now.  Not room to move stuff from ambulance barn at this time.  Gary stated that garage space is valuable.  We should not give it up.  Jim has prices for siding and repairs.  Maybe a few people could get together and review and make recommendation.

EMMS aging dollars:  no action

New Business:

Jimmy reported that there are concerns about Workman’s Comp insurance and it’s coverage for members during non emergency duties.  He reported that Alan is working with the town’s attorney for clarification.  Tim asked about training coverage.  As long as there is a training that is approved ahead of time and there is attendance taken and training is supervised by an officer, it should be covered.  Veronica asked about her duties.  Jim stated it needed to be approved.  Hopefully Alan will have answers soon.  Tim S. recommends that we find out and get an email out as Jimmy suggested.  Jim will get an update from Alan.

Appointed Positions Reports: Training Officer:  Adam  is gathering information about ice water and swift water rescue courses.  He has information about the responsibilities to host the courses.  There is some basic equipment needed.  Adam would like to get approval to bring course here.  It is $300 for ice and $400 for swift per student.  For holding the class, we would have several free slots.   Optimal class size is 20.   Discussion took place.  Alexis believes there would be several people interested from the course she just took.  Jim recommends Adam brings this to regular membership to see how many members are interested.  Adam would forward information statewide.  Gary stated that area chiefs are always encouraging departments to offer training.  Adam will send out an email to see if there is an interest.  Tim Limbos passed out information about Knoxboxes and the benefits to many local homeowners.  There were questions about the free installation and about the promotional materials.  Tim also gave an update on the tower.  Jim is gathering information on the options for water companies for the department.  Crystal Clear came back with the cost of $3200 for 2 units.  Soda machine costs still in the works.

Officer’s Reports:  The Chief was able to arrive at this time after the Golf fundraiser awards.  Jim asked him about the Workman’s Comp. situation.  Alan stated that it is unknown definitively where we are at.  Alan is trying to get definitive conditions spelled out from CIRMA regarding some of the duties performed by members and how to best provide for the members.  There were many questions and concerns about coverage and much is still unknown.  John Christen asked about our other insurance, we do have supplemental insurance coverage (covers medical expenses and lost work up to a certain point),  but it is not at the same level as workman’s compensation.  Chief stated OSHA will be attending the next North West Chief’s meeting and Alan will be attending.  Chief also wanted to say that he was very pleased with the response and the conduct of officers and members on the Cobble Heights call last Thursday.

Adjourned:  21:46

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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