Dec. EC 2013

KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2013

Call to Order

Public and Member Comments:


Sherm made a motion, seconded by Gary, to add loan of ambulance under new business.  Passed Unanimously.


Alan made a motion, seconded by Mike to add brush truck to the agenda.  Passed Unanimously.


Mark Hamilton asked to form a kitchen committee to help protect and oversee the care and use of the valuable resources and to help with KVFD functions and fundraisers.  The committee could help address some of the recent issues, such as the griddle being left on, the sanitizer not working properly and the venting/grease issue.  Mark already has others who are interested in assisting.


The President appointed Mark Hamilton to head the Kitchen Committee.  He will get back to Jim with the names of three other committee members once they are confirmed.


Minutes:  Mike made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed.  Sherm seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Membership:  None.  A new applicant will be invited next month.


EMMS Aging Dollars:  Sherm gave an update, he is working on this with Alex.  They are looking into a new billing company.


Worker’s Comp Insurance:  The Chief reported that the meeting in New Milford took place.  Cirma acknowledged that an order can be given to members to perform fire department business verbally but written is preferred.  Ranking officers can also give authority for members to perform duties and they will be covered.


Staffing Emergency Calls:  No report given, Mike was called away from the meeting.


Recruitment and Retention:  In Mary Ann’s absence, Stacey reported that Mary Ann was working to get a couple local residents on the committee.   The president gave permission for Art Romano to have a key to a designated mailbox in order to receive confidential background forms from the Secretary.  It was suggested that Jesse sign over the key to the Ice Watch mailbox for this purpose until we are ready to start Ice Watch again.  Stacey will get a key and form to Art.


Brush Truck Number:  Gary said that the new brush truck will need a number.  Some discussion took place.


Mike made a motion that the new brush truck be numbered as Brush 3 and the old brush truck be retired.  Seconded by Alan.  Motion passed unanimously.


New Business:


Radio Room Equipment:  Tim L. and Alex worked on a proposal, emailed a while ago.


Alan made a motion to spend up to $4200 as proposal outlined, including antennae.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed unanimously.


NM Fire SUV:  New Milford’s SUV for sale for $5,000.  Discussion took place on other vehicles available if we sell 7.  Discussed looking into options. Sherm would like to see discussion on getting rid of 7 and 3 before buying another vehicle.


Jim appointed Mike to oversee a vehicle committee.


OSHA:  Alan gave an update.


Obama care:  There is an emergency bill trying to be put through determining the law for volunteer fire departments and the requirement to provide health benefits.  There is legislation to exempt volunteer fire departments from this, but if it does not pass, we may have some concerns.  We may need to talk with a lawyer on this.


Emergency expenditure:  No action taken.


Ambulance Loan:  Sherm addressed the loan.  The interest rate that membership voted on has changed, which means a membership vote on the new rate.


Tim S. made a motion to have a special meeting on Dec. 27 at 7:30 if needed.  Seconded by Gary.  Motion passed Unanimously.


Appointed positions:  Jim R. asked about the back building.  He has not had a conversation with Matt S. or Mary about the back building concerns, such as power, garage doors, water and sewer, the blacktop and steps.  These things will need to be discussed in January.  Tim L. needs more portables.  There are three missing in Rescue 8.  He does not have money in his budget.  He also stated that we will be able to do an agreement with CSP directly and not LCD for the repeater site at Spooner Hill, it’s a CSP building, so this would be easier.


Officer Reports:  Alan would like to make it possible for members to lease their own portable radios for purchase.


Alan made a motion for the EC to support a radio lease program to be brought to the regular membership.  Seconded by Sherm.  Passed unanimously.


Chief also mentioned that there are many good training opportunities coming up, he will share as they are available.  Also, he addressed the gator issue.  He reported that the town has clarified that the gator is in the care and control of the fire department.  Gary reported that he attended a meeting with the Selectmen and the Emergency Management office.  It was very positive and he feels that we will all work well together in the future.  Alan believes that we have built up a much better relationship with the town.  Mike gave an update on calls.  We have a total of 609 calls to date.  We are doing a better job of coverage.  Jack Kinney is looking into whether a 1099 or w-2 for members.  Assistant Ambulance Chief, Mary Ann, reported that she is getting the recruitment and retention committee established.


Adjourned:  21:01


Respectfully Submitted,


Stacey Kabasakalian



Stacey Kabasakalian
Youth Advocate
New Milford Youth Agency


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