December 5 2011 Monthly Meeting minutes

KVFD  December 5, 2011 monthly meeting minutes

Call to order and pledge of allegiance @ 19:35

Attendance and voting results will appear at the end of the minutes.

Correspondence: eight general thank yous, three thank yous for hospitality during the power outage, eight in memory of Bill Newton, and one from Carol McCann on behalf of the Newton family.

*Any member who changes his or her email changes, please notify so you can continue to receive emails from the Kent Volunteer Fire Department.*

November 7th minutes: Gary made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to approve the minutes as published. Approved unanimously.

Public comment: none.


a.      Art Romano is requesting veteran status.  Jean made a reluctant motion, seconded by Maryann, to accept his request.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Biz Cox was welcomed and presented with her badge by the President.

c.      Fitness-wellness program being developed by Maryann and Dan K.  A show of hands revealed support for use of the program by 12 people.

d.      Juniors: Lynn suggested more members become involved in the program to help.

e.      Jessie R asked for help at the parade of lights on the 17th  at 4:30 p.m.

f.       Stuff a truck is this Sunday from 10-4 p.m.

g.      New member application from Ryan Forrester.  Jean made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to accept Ryan as a member.  Approved unanimously.

h.      New member application from Alexis Swagemaker.  Caralee made a motion, seconded by Leila, to accept Alexis as a member.  Approved unanimously.

Old Business

1.      Radio room maps: Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to purchase two 4×5 maps at a cost of $510. All in favor except no votes from Caralee and Mary G.

2.      Kitchen: refrigerator and freezer are locked for food safety: no open packages can be kept and food must all be dated.

3.      Boat: Gary made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to purchase a Zodiac boat for $12,000.  After discussion, the motion passed with two no votes: John W and Caralee, and six abstentions: Lynn W, Mary G, Dan K, Gwen P, Maryann V, and Bill P.

4.      Fire Truck: motion to un-table the Engineer’s motion to purchase a truck from Gowans and Knight for $450,000.  This motion was passed 24-3-2.  Motion on the floor was previously made by the Engineer.  Matt made a motion, seconded by Maryann to postpone this motion indefinitely.  This motion passed with Mike P voting no and Eric and Jean abstaining.

5.      Quint truck: Eric made a motion to table this topic.

6.      Fair Chair:  still need a volunteer.

7.      Ball Chair: Amanda Harvey, Veronica Limbos and Leila Erskine have volunteered.

New Business

1.      Budget proposal: motion by Mike P, seconded by Jessie R, to table the topic until later in the meeting. Approved unanimously.

2.      Document review: training officer document topic was tabled.  The juniors’ policy must be distributed to all members.

3.   Expenditures: a reminder to all that even in emergencies, permission/authorization must be acquired before purchases.  Veronica made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to spend no more than $500 on a holiday party. Approved unanimously.

Chief’s report of fires and alarms:

11/10    hazmat situation               16 Angel Vista

11/10    co alarm                         13 Lane St. #2

11/13    brush fire                          Westwoods

11/14    mva                           Rt. 341 at NY line

11/14    structure fire                     Schaghticoke Indian Reservation

11/20    wires down                        Kent Rd. @Birch Hill

11/24    electrical fire                     13 Greenwood

11/28    automatic alarm               32 North Main St.

11/28    mva                           3 Maple St.

11/30    automatic alarm               9a Beardsley Rd.

11/30    automatic alarm               28b Stone Fences

11/30    automatic alarm #2         9a Beardsley Rd.

12/1       mva                           64 Maple St.

12/1       open burn                           29 Maple St.

Capital Plan is due this month.  Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to include $125,000 with flat funding from the town.  Approved unanimously.

EMS: 52 calls in November and 474 calls for the year so far.  Three passed calls in November (4% for the year so far).  Wassaic is organizing a PHTLS course and info will be announced when available.  Alex is working on EMT and EMT bridge classes.  Monthly EMS meeting will be Dec. 28th at 6:30 p.m.

Assistant Chief: Mike P reported that blood-borne and hazmat classes will be next week.

Treasurer: Gwen made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to pay the bills ($25,947.45).  Approved unanimously.

Quartermaster: Mary Cox looking into changing our uniform into something more formal.

Loan Officer: see Mary Cox if you need to borrow something.

Records: Jean has produced a new attendance form.

Juniors: Cookie Walk on Dec. 17th after the parade.  Donations are needed and set up help at 5 p.m. please.

Technology: reminded everyone to be careful of drinks around the keyboards.

Truck: Gary went to the factory and delivered a check for 50% deposit and toured the facility.  Our truck should be ready in June.  Gary made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to name the new truck Engine 2.  Approved unanimously.  Gary made a motion, seconded by Louis D, to spend up to $28,000 for equipment on 5-0. Approved unanimously. John W made another motion, seconded by Alex L, to have the monies ($28,000) be taken from insurance.  Approved unanimously.  Gary then warned for purchase of equipment on 2-0 at a cost of $87,000.

Nominating Committee: the following positions have had nominations.  Those left blank will be filled at the January meeting and as always, different nominations can be made from the floor during the election.

Fire Chief             Mike Petrone

Asst. Chief           1. Gary Hock       2.

President             Alan Gawel

EMS Chief            Tim Limbos

Asst. EMS Chief Mary Ann VanValkenburg

Captain                1. Tim Sneller  2. Audra Petrone

Lieutenant           1. __________ 2. ______________

Secretary             Mary Cox




2012 Budget review

Secretary left the meeting at 22:38

Next meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.

Refreshments Committee: Billy McCann, Frank McCann, Kathy McCann, Noelle Osuch, Audra Petrone, Mike Petrone and Gwen Price.

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