Draft 6/4/12 Monthly Meeting Mnutes

KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes

President called the meeting to order at 7:32pm.

Pledge of allegiance

1. Public comment- none

2. Correspondence- Sandy Hook Lobster Fest and Southbury Volunteer Fire Department Block Party invitations were read. A donation and card in memory of Minot Giddings was read. Four letters of thanks were read.

3. Approval of minutes- Motion made by Tony Amon to accept the minutes as distributed with two changes made, seconded by Mike Petrone. The changes were that Dean Ackerman will be working on the heat & AC in the tower building and the water in the rear building and $35,987 to come from the remaining insurance money for Engine 2. Approved Unanimously.

4. Treasurer Report- Bills were read by the Secretary as the Treasurer was unable to attend. Motion made by ALex Limbos to pay the bills as read, seconded by Tim Limbos. Approved unanimously.

5. Membership- A letter from Bill Blank requesting to be put on Veteran status was read. Motion made by Lynn Worthington to accept his resignation with regret and for a letter to be sent to him stating he will be put on Veteran status and thanking him for his years of service, seconded by Alex Limbos. Approved unanimously. Tony Amon has sent an email out regarding a NIMS update. He asks that all members review it. Matt thanked Eric Kaminski, Billy McCann, Will Gawel, Ed Matson, Jeremy Matson, Eddie Tuz and Bill Blank for their work on getting the bell placed. He requested that a letter of thanks be sent to Erik Kaminski.

6. Old Business-

a. computer software and hardware- none

b. mobile radios- Tim Limbos is working on radio reprogramming. Please see him to have your portable re-programed.

c. rear building- Motion made by Tim Limbos to go into executive session at 7:46, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to come out of executive session at 8:09, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to Authorize the President, Chief and Secretary to sign the lease agreement with Billy Morrison, AKA Morrison Gallery, and Peter Woytuk upon approval of the EC, seconded by Tony Amon. Approved unanimously.

7. New Business-
a. Hazmat 7- Jean Speck reports she has a place for expired hazmat suits, please do not throw away.
b. Old boat- None.
c. EMS Week- Mary Ann reports EMS week went very well, including school visits. Open house was a success, she thanks all who helped out and the Chief for adding fire side demos. Motion made by Mary Ann Vanvalkenburg to spend up to $650.00 on EMS Week seconded by Matt Starr, approved unanimously. Matt thanks all who helped as well and heard great things about the LifeNet touchdown.
d. T-Shirts- Tim Limbos is still looking into t shirts. Mary Ann has concerns that new members do not have access to KVFD T-shirts.
e. Coolers- 3 coolers were replaced.
f. Car Show- Justin Caroselli presented some ideas for a car show as a possible fundraiser in September. Consensus by show of hands is yes to move forward. Please let Justin know if you would like to help.
g. Engine 1, Nozzles and Rear Tank Fill- Motion made by Gary Hock to spend up to $3,500.00 for 6 new nozzles for Engine 1 and 5 to match Engine 2’s nozzles, seconded by Brian Hunt, approved with Bill Purcell voting no, Alexis Swagemaker, Tony Amon, Mary Ann Van Valkenburg abstaining. Motion made by Gary Hock to spend up to $5,400 on the rear tank fill, seconded by Alex Limbos, approved unanimously.
h. Communication Improvements- Matt reports that LCD is looking for a solution for poor reception on Command 3. Matt contacted AT&T and they said that we could go on their tower for no charge, with a $2,000 application fee and $2,500 for a load test/inter-mod study. It would improve our reception. Motion made by Matt Starr to spend up to $4,500 for application and load test and inter-mod study, seconded by Mike Petrone, approve with Wendell Soul, Tony Amon, and Lynn Worthington voting no.
i. Fire Police Signs- None.

8. Officers’ Reports
a. Chief’s Report- There were 26 total calls- 11 automatic alarms, 1 search and rescue, 2 EMS/CSP assists, 6 wires/trees down, 4 MVAs, 1 brush fire and 1 hazmat call. Matt went to the town budget vote, there was a poor turn out from KVFD. He did not attend Litchfield Co Chiefs. At the Northwest Zone they discussed NIMS 300. Matt and Alan met with Jeff from VFIS, we got approval for carnival rides, muster, and car shows under our insurance policy. Matt and the Engine 2 Committee attended the PA Fire Expo and the final inspection at KME. Matt commends the truck committee for a great inspection. Fireworks coverage is needed for June 16th and July 4th at Club Getaway, Matt will send out an email about it. There is a safe boater course June 12, 13, and 14 at Kenmont. Matt recommends getting Concentra in ASAP to do emergency members physicals.We were invited to attend Brian Robey’s eagle scout award ceremony June 10th at 7:00pm at the Parish Hall.
b. Assistant Chief’s- Hose testing was done, we lost 3 sections of 5 inch hose and some 1 ¾ hose. The 5 inch is covered by insurance and possibly the 1 ¾ hose as well. The next New Milford Area Chief’s meeting is in September. Officers in charge of squads need to let the crews know to blow out dry hydrants.
c. Ambulance Chief- There were 42 total calls dispatched with 33 being billable for the month of May. Mike is continuing to fill crew shifts and thanks all who are helping. Mike warns to spend up to $2,000 to spend on EMS uniforms. Susan Schullery has 0-2 masks to donate which will be stored on rescue 8. Carol Jalbert from Kent Cats is looking to donate money to 0-2 pet masks.
d. Engineer- Engine 1 work is continuing to be done. It needs to go out for body work. Quotes are being collected from Bulls Bridge Auto Body and GK. The ambulance is being worked on as well. Thanks to Gary for helping out.
f. President- Please remember to bring refreshments when it is your month, the secretary sends out an email reminder.

9. Appointed Position’s Reports
a. Loan Officer- Please warn in advance when you want to borrow something.
b. Training Officer- There will be a training session Tuesday at 7:30 am for interior firefighters, please let Tim Sneller know if you would like to attend.
c. Juniors- They are looking for more adults to be on the juniors committee. they are planning a recruitment for 8th graders on June 11th at 2:00. They would like a fire truck and an ambulance to go to the Center School with them. They are interested in doing a muster in Canaan and are looking for members to go with them.

10. Committee Reports
a. Fair- Willie will be meeting in July and August. Sign up sheet are going around. Everything is on track, please call Willie with any questions at 860-671-0377.
b. Coin drop- The coin drop raised $1,630.15, thanks to all that helped.
c. Ball- Setup is Thursday and Friday at 7, contact Amanda for a job. Reservations are down from this time last year.
d. Ambulance Committee- Lifeline was out last week. They are going to the New England fire show and still looking at demos.
e. Engine 2- Monday the 21st was the final inspection. On the 25th the engine went to Albany for equipment to be mounted, tentative delivery date is June 19th. Gary warns for $500 for food for the wetdown with a possible date of July 15th or July 22nd.

11. Warning of Expenditures
Gary warns for up to $500 for food for the wetdown.
Mike warns for up to $2000 for duty uniforms
Matt warns for $33500 for the connector boat and double stacked trailer

Meeting adjourned at 9:20

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Cox

Secretary KVFD

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