EC February Minutes 2/21/12

EC Regular Monthly Meeting

February 21, 2012

Call to order by the President at 7:12pm.

1. Public and Member Comments

2. Minutes
Motion made by Bill Purcell to accept the minutes as distributed, seconded by Audra Petrone. Approved unanimously.

3. Membership and Personnel
a. Jim Shaw was in attendance for review of his probationary period. His requirements were reviewed. He is missing a few requirements and will be informed by the secretary as to what he needs. Motion made by Audra Petrone to extend his probationary period by six months, seconded by Bill Purcell. Approved Unanimously.
Motion made by Mike Petrone to add Dispatch Concerns to the agenda under New Business, seconded by Bill Purcell. Approved unaimously.
Motion made by Mike Petrone to add Awards Dinner to the agenda under New Business seconded by Bill Purcell. Approved unanimously.
b. A letter of resignation from Ted Speck was read. The executive committee accepted it with regret.

4. Appointed Positions Reports
a. Records Clerk- The records clerk would like to look into the requirements for record retention. She has spoken to other organizations who are currently using EMS Carts for their record keeping. She will further look into it for our benefit before she has a FH Softwear trainer come in. Gary stated that Tony Amon has been looking into different programs as well. The records clerk would like more stream lined training sheets and a better points system for trainers.

b. Juniors- Audra reports the Juniors are looking into a learning program for third through sixth graders. The dates are still in question. They are also looking into a possibly candy bar fundraiser. Alan asked if they were interested in doing a vending machine for the fire house, which they are not.

c. Quarter Master- The Quarter Master has done inventory. It shows that gear needs to be addressed. Dates and condition are in question. Alan and Matt feel that new members should not receive new gear. They believe interior and most active members should receive new gear with the old gear being recycled down. She was asked not purchase any new until a decision has been made.

5. Officers Reports-
a. Chief’s report- Motion made at 8:05 pm by Bill Purcell to table the chiefs report until further in the meeting, as Matt was attending a BOF meeting, seconded by Audra Petone. Approved Unanimously.
b. President’s report- The line officers are working on the apparatus capital plan.
c. Assistant Chiefs report- They are looking to have a line officers meeting. There are air packs that are not being hooked up to O2 bottles properly and being left on apparatus in service. Gary will be attending a meeting at Water Witch with Scott air packs. May 18th or May 23rd will be hose testing.
d. Captains report- None, both out of town.
e. Lieutenants report- None
f. Treasurer’s report- 1099’s are done and in the mail.
g. Ambulance Chief’s report- The Ambulance Chief reports he will be making phone calls to get members to fill the call schedule. The CAD and GEO coding systems are working well. There have been over 50 calls for the year. He is looking into uniforms in place of gas cards. Mike and Mary Ann will be meeting with the Kent to talk about calls there. The ambulance will be out of service Friday the 24th for DOT inspection.
Matt Starr joined the meeting. A motion was made by Mike Petrone at 8:12 pm to put the Chief’s report back on the agenda, seconded by Scott Harvey. Approved unanimously.

h. Chief’s report- The Chief reports that the Garden Club would like to use the ambulance barn for storage of tag sale items. There was discussion that we are currently using the space for training. The consensus is we will offer them a trailer for the storage of their items. Matt will contact them. Training has not been sent up for the month, Matt will be talking with Adam. Alan reported to Matt the the technology officer will be recommending that we purchase another lap top to be used in the ambulance with the ambulance lap top going to rescue 8.

6. Old Business-
a. Training Officer policy changes- Adam is reviewing the policy. He is waiting for a line officers meeting to set up training.
b. Staffing for EMS calls- Mike is working on staffing with Mary Ann.
c. Apparatus service quotes- Gary compiled a summary of service costs from five different companies. They were reviewed by the executive committee. Matt suggested we try two different companies for the next two service rotations. Alan suggested talking to GK about matching rates. A motion was made by Mike Petrone to have Five Star do the pumper 6 service to see how their service is, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.

d. Capital Apparatus Plan- The line officers will be working on the plan. Matt attended the BOF meeting on Feb 21st. Alan feels it is imperative that we have a capital plan that is endorsed by the officers to bring to the town. Matt feels we need to look at the needs assessment and the last apparatus capital plan to help make an excellent new plan.

e. Budget 2012- There have been a few meetings on the budget. The budget format has been fine tuned. Matt presented a draft of the 2012 budget. The was discussion on the budget. Alan and Matt will finalize numbers and call a special EC meeting in the next two weeks time.

f. Rear Building Negotiations- A motion was made by Tim Sneller at 9:24 pm, to table the back building to the end of the meeting, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously.

7. New Business-

a. Awards dinner- It was brought to the EC last year and this year to make possible changes to the dinner as far as how the awards are done. Matt and Alan decided we postpone the dinner to a later time this year to give time to make changes and look for a possible new venue. A motion was made by Matt Starr to form a committee to look into venue options and changes in awards for a future 2012 date, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously. Jean commented that she had heard of concerns of the awards presented in the past and she would like positive input as to what the membership wants.

b. Dispatch Concerns- The Chief was not receiving email from LCD therefore was not informed of the dispatch changes. Alan and Matt learned there is an April 1st cut off date for the dispatch changes. Alan suggested we invite LCD to meet with us to discuss the changes and our concerns.

c. By-laws Restructuring- Alan believes we need to give this some serious thought and that we should form a committee to put ideas together. Some thoughts are developing a board of directors and giving power to them to make day to day decisions. Lynn would like to see the EC give a detailed charge to the by-law committee. She would like the support of the EC and for them to be up front with their thoughts on having a board of directors.

8. Rear Building Negotiations-

Motion made by Mary Cox at 10:08 pm to bring the rear building back on the agenda for discussion, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved Unanimously.

Motion made by Gary Hock at 10:09 pm to go into executive session to discuss the rear building negotiations, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously.

    Motion made by Gary Hock to come out of executive session at 10:45 pm,

seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.


Adjourned 10:46 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Cox

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