EC Meeting 12/17/12

KVFD EC Meeting

Present:  Rita, Maryann, Scott, Alexis, Veronica, Matt S, John R, Alex, Alan, Stacey, Mike P, Audra

Meeting called to order by the President at 7:15 pm.

Alan announced that Stacey Kabasakalian is Acting Secretary in Mary’s absence tonight.

1. Public and Member Comment:  Alan read a letter from Ane Starr requesting to be placed on Veteran’s Status.  Maryann V. asked about her duties as Communication’s Officer.  Matt Starr does not believe her intent is to resign.

2. Minutes: Motion made by Alex Limbos to accept the minutes a distributed, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved  unanimously.

3. Membership / Personnel: 2 probationary members are up for review, Ryan Forrester and Alexis Swagemaker.  Ryan has not met requirements, he was away on active military duty for about 2 months.  He has conflicts on Monday nights.  He is very interested in being more involved and is making efforts to meet requirements.  Eric is his sponsor.  Ryan could not be present due to work for this meeting.  Motion by Matt to extend his probation, seconded by Alex.  Approved Unanimous.  Alexis Swagemaker has exceeded her requirements of 40 calls, 6 trainings, 6 meetings.  Maryann enjoys working with her.  Alexis does what is asked and then more.  Alan and Matt acknowledged her accomplishments while on probationary status, including FF1, EMT, Q license certifications.  Also, taking on role as Facilities Manager and more.  Motion made by Matt Starr seconded by Mike Petrone to accept Alexis as a full member.  Approved unanimously followed by congratulations.

4. Appointed Positions reports: Alexis asked if there was a request for the boy scouts to change their meeting date, Alan did not receive this information.

5. Officers Reports:

Ambulance Chief-  Mike reported a brief meeting with Mary Gawel.  Maryann and mike will follow up.

Assistant Ambulance Chief – Maryann stated that EMS crews could use help from Fire personnel for lift assist and driving medic car.

(Note: Matt Starr left meeting at this time)
Treasurer’s Report- Scott made a motion to transfer remaining balance from savings to checking, seconded by Alexis, approved unanimously.
Assistant Chiefs- Discussed the idea of an ATM card to avoid members putting personal money up front.  This does not seem to be a workable solution at this time.

President- Alan discussed the RFP/Bidding process for ambulance.  It was agreed that Alan will ask Art Romano to contact Gary about the newspaper ad and bidding process, also posted on website.  Letters to individual ambulance manufacturers could be sent, there are not very many, according to Alex.  Alan also thanked everyone for their help with the Candlelight Vigil held in memory of the Sandy Hook victims.

6. Old Business:
a.  Audit- The audit presentation needs to be rescheduled.  Everything was sent in, this presentation will be a follow up to be held in January with the new officers.
b. Capitol Plan – Alan suggested emailing the BOF a list of members who had voted in support of our capital plan.
7. New Business:
a. Budget 2013 –  Alex stated that our operating budget remains balanced.  Matt suggested that the new vehicle, to replace HAZMAT 7 be a “Utility” vehicle.  Alan noted that it is key to find out how much money is left over this year.  John R stated that we may have a total of $75,000 left over.  We also have turn out gear to replace.  Ideas on how to do this efficiently was discussed.  The need to address the active interior members gear was expressed by Mike.  Gary stated that Morning Pride gear was the best.  Other departments are just as happy with Jameson, according to Alan.  Cost and quality will be factors to consider.  Rita asked that Alan send her a copy of the documentation of funds transferred from 2012.  Rita inquired about the approval of expenditures.  Alex stated that those members making motions to make purchases should be responsible for checking on the funding available.  Gary stated that officers keep track.  Rita wanted to clarify her role and treasurer’s role.  It was stated that the membership approves expenses, and anyone going over this is responsible.  There is no formalized process for tracking expenditures.  Alex is working on a check sheet for January.  Gary discussed the handling of purchases that were approved but for this year but not spent yet.  Rita will check to see if voucher could be dated now and invoice in January 2013.  Motion made by Alex to accept budget as presented with the addition of $7500 for fire equipment, seconded by Mike.  Approved Unanimously.
b. Investment accounts –   John will make a presentation to members in early 2013 on our investment accounts.  Our Aiken fund is doing well.  He is concerned that the town is looking at this fund as an endowment and not an investment portfolio.  John will look into the wording.  John is interested in talking with the BOF, Alan suggested he wait til after the election.  Alan stated that BOF was fine with our investments last year after it was discussed.
c. Emergency expenditure – Motion made by Mike to authorize expenditure up to $125 for ambulance RFP to be placed in Waterbury Republican for one day.  Seconded by Gary.  Approved  unanimously
Mike made a motion to Authorize Alan to engage our attorney in the event that we do not have a treasurer next year, seconded by Alex, approved unanimously.
A member asked Alan about absentee ballots for the upcoming election.  Alan stated that the bi-laws state that they are not accepted.  Gary and Scott suggest that Alan speak with the Attorney to review policy and have something written up before meeting.
Mike is concerned about a personnel issue that may need to be addressed in the future.
e. Firehouse Software – Alex made a motion to enter into contract with FH Software for up to $1800 per year.   Seconded by Mike.  Gary was concerned with staying with Firehouse software.  Approved unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 9:20

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian
Acting Secretary, KVFD

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