EC meeting: December 19 2011

Executive Committee meeting minutes      December 19, 2011

Meeting called to order at 1937 hrs.  Alex Limbos took minutes until the Secretary arrived.

1.      Public/Member Comments:

a.      Maryann relayed concern from the nominating committee regarding the difficulty in filling the position of Treasurer. She asked that the duties of Treasurer, Bookkeeper, and  Financial Secretary be outline for clarity.

b.      Maryann also brought up a concern over cell phone and laptop use being a distraction during monthly meetings.

c.      The president received an e-mail from a member concerned with the use of our kitchen without an installed grease tap. Also, because the kitchen is certified as a commercial kitchen it needs to be cleaned and maintained. The question was asked if the kitchen should be locked. Matt Starr reported that a temporary “P” trap will be installed. Motion to add the kitchen to the agenda was made by Mike Petrone, seconded by Tim Sneller. Motion approved unanimously at 1948.

2.      Minutes: Motion to approve November Executive meeting minutes as distributed was made by Tim Sneller, seconded by Mike Petrone. Motion approved unanimously at 1950.

3.      Motion to approve October Executive meeting minutes as distributed was made by Tim Sneller, second by Ed Matson. Motion approved unanimously at 1951.

(Arrival of Secretary 1951 hours)

4.      Membership:

a.      a. Ethan Raskind was interviewed as part of his application process.  Matt Starr is his sponsor.  Gwen made a motion, seconded by Alex, to recommend Ethan to the department in February (after his application is announced in January) for membership pending completion of necessary paperwork.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Geoff Ballard: Gwen reported that his dues have not been received yet for 2011.

c.      Ed Matson: stated that there are members representing the department, actually misrepresenting, at town meetings.

d.      Tedd Speck’s membership was tabled until contact is made with him.

5.      Old Business

a.      Staffing: more discussion was had concerning this important topic.

b.      2012 Budget discussion:

(Departure of Secretary 2210- minutes taken again by Alex Limbos)

Budget: Discussion of budget continued. Motion to recommend the draft budget as edited to the department was made by Tim Sneller, seconded by Mike Petrone. Motion approved unanimously at 2215.

c.      Document Review: Training Policy was briefly discussed, motion to table made by Tim Sneller, seconded by Ed Matson. Motion approved unanimously at 2217.

d.      Discussion on Junior Radio Use Policy. Policy has not been reviewed by Junior Advisory Committee, President tabled discussion until their review and recommendation.

e.      Capital Plan: The department’s request for flat funding of $125,000 for apparatus replacement was submitted to the Town. There was lengthy discussion of our current Capital plan and the need for an evaluation of the plan. The existing Capital plan was distributed for review and discussion in January.

f.       Kitchen use: A motion to have the President handle the kitchen issue was made by Eric Epstein, seconded by Mike Petrone. Motion approved unanimously 2254.

6.      Officers’ reports:

a.      Treasurer: Gwen reported that we have received an anonymous grant in honor of

George Jacobsen, with restrictions on use. The money will be held in savings account                     with a note of the restrictions for use.

b.      Bookkeeper: Gwen has declined the position of Bookkeeper for 2012, she stated she will apply for the position if it becomes a paid position.

c.      Committee reports, Ball: A draft budget was presented to the EC, along with a question regarding charging members for attendance. The question will be passed along to the membership.

Motion to adjourn made by Ed Matson, seconded by Eric Epstein. Motion approved unanimously at


–Submitted by Alex Limbos, acting secretary

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