EC meeting: January 26 2011

KVFD Executive Committee minutes  January 26, 2011

Present: T. Amon, B. Blank, E. Epstein, A. Gawel, G. Hock, S. Houck, A. Limbos, V. Limbos, C. Mazza, D. Molnar, A. Petrone, M. Petrone, G. Price, and J. Speck.

Call to order at 19:55

The President made a statement that he will abstain on all votes unless otherwise noted.

  1. Public/member comments: none.
  2. December EC minutes: motion to approve by Seth, seconded by Mike.  Unanimously approved.
  3. Officer reports
    1. Chief: meeting of officers on 1/28 for appointments and training.

i.      A second tanker team deployment for 1/25 call will also be discussed at that meeting.

  1. Ambulance Chief: power stretcher will be delivered in February.
  2. Treasurer: 2010 December accounts have been reconciled.

i.      $155,142.66 is our bank account total

ii.      $48,983.76 is our ambulance revenue (with $592.73 in billing expense to EMMS)

iii.      Merrill Lynch account is $689.490.75

iv.      Coffee jar money has been taken for the second time.

v.      Town request for grant

vi.      Checks under $1,000 Sanctioned are ok to be signed by one person excluding payroll checks.

vii.      Town email for $75,000 grant request.

  1. Engineer: John Cox has agreed cheap jerseys to be Bill’s assistant. Cost of new radiator for 7-0 is $900.  A letter needs to be sent on behalf of the Antique for the $900 worth of work which was done for free. New tool for engineer needed to be replaced at cost of cheap jerseys $160.  We need yearly inspections and paperwork to be done. The gator will be inspected and upgraded soon.
  2. Appointed positions reports
    1. Records clerk: should records be produced quarterly instead of annually?

i.      Fireproof filing cabinet needed.

ii.      New run form

iii.      Need a records clerk apprentice as Dawn hopes to move in November.

iv.      Pancake breakfast needs oven racks and other materials for the event and it’s already budgeted (up to $250.)

  1. Firehouse coordinator: no report
  2. Quartermaster: five sets of EMS в gear and other items ordered as needed.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. 100th Anniversary: memorabilia and banner are on order. The calendars have sold well and paid for itself: still available at House of Books, The Villager, True Value, Kent Fabrics, Kent Wine and Spirits, and Town Hall.  Help will be needed at the breakfast on the 13th.
    2. Technology: web site is under used.  Several questions were raised about content and accessibility.  Jean volunteered to be wholesale nba jerseys on the committee.
    3. Old Business
      1. Feb. 2 meeting with the BOF at 8 p.m.
      2. Jim Shaw’s physical received: ok to proceed to dept. for approval.
      3. Rear building: bill received for work but not done yet.  OK to pay wholesale mlb jerseys for materials only.  Any rental inquiries may need follow up with the department for approval.
      4. SOPs: we need a retention policy, a shredding policy and a whistleblower policy.
      5. Budget 2011: we need re-certification expenses to be covered.
      6. New Business
        1. Emergency Management Committee: Tony Amon and do we need a liaison? June 2011 the NIMS compliance is due.  Eric will assign an officer to oversee our adoption and use of the Reverse 9-1-1 system. Eric cheap mlb jerseys will also assign an officer to oversee our Tag system.  We need to schedule an Everbridge lesson.
        2. Executive Committee meeting schedule will be every third Monday at 7:30 p.m. with our target being a two hour maximum meeting.
        3. Emergency and non-emergency member review is being done by the personnel and the EC.
        4. Hazmat: Mike will talk to Jim Canning about a workshop.
        5. Mike made a motion, seconded by Alex, to exempt Matthew Barksdale from non-emergency status and to keep him on emergency/active status.  Unanimously approved.
        6. The President will send a letter of dismissal to Joel Indorf.
        7. The President will send letters of transfer to Soccer the non-emergency list to Jill Scholsohn and Sean Dingee.
        8. Appointed positions for 2011:

i.      Quartermaster: Jessie Rundall

ii.      Financial Secretary: Gwen Price

iii.      Records Clerk: Dawn Molnar

iv.      Equipment Loan Officer: Plug-in Mary Cox

v.      Tech officer: Bill Keane

vi.      Firehouse coordinator: Dawn Molnar

vii.      Juniors Advisory Board: senior advisor is Audra Petrone with assistants Leila Erskine and Adam Woodruff.

viii.      Auxiliary Coordinator: tabled until President can meet with members.

Motion to adjourn at 21:59

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