EC Meeting: July 18 2011

KVFD Executive Committee meeting minutes  July 18, 2011

Attendance: E Epstein, A Gawel, S Houck, A Limbos, V Limbos,C Mazza, D Molnar,  A Petrone, M Petrone,  G Price, J Russell, T Sneller, M VanValkenburg, L Worthington.

Call to order at 19:32

  1. Public and member comments: Maryann V asked what the EC is going to do about the negative attitude in the department.  The President thanked her for her comments and said the EC will discuss.  Gwen asked about the IGA being left out of food orders and bids.
  2. June 20th minutes: Eric made a motion, seconded by Audra, to approve the minutes with the minor correction/addition by the Treasurer.  Approved unanimously with Houck and T. Sneller abstaining.

5.  Membership: Heather Brand: her background check was good so she is a member now.  Christian Romano met with the EC to apply for membership.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to recommend Christian to the department pending physical and background check.  Approved unanimously. Cindy Barksdale was discussed briefly.  Brian Hunt was interviewed by the EC but his paperwork was missing (the Secretary apologized).

The secretary left the meeting at 20:10 and Eric took over the minutes.

Met with Brian Hunt- Motion by Chief Limbos, second by Treasurer Price to recommend membership pending all necessary paperwork.  Passed unanimously.


President Gawel stated the Executive Committee was in receipt of a letter alleging misconduct by an officer of the department by a member of the department.  Neither party was present to discuss.


Officers Reports-


Engineer- Gator is out of service.  Having skid plates and lighting installed.

7’O is having a rear caliper issue.  Engineer Blank is going to pull the truck apart and do the work in house.  The truck will be down approximately two weeks.

Engineer Blank is planning to take the antique to the town car show on July 30th

He also reminded drivers to be careful pulling into some driveways.  Some are over grown and the potential to scratch or break lights off the apparatus is there.  It was agreed to ask the first selectman to put a reminder to trim driveways and keep house numbers visible in an upcoming news letter.

Chief Epstein- Templeton Farms has asked us to allow the use of one bay in the ambulance barn for approximately three weeks for the storage of cabinets.  Consensus was to allow.  Sharon FD has asked to use two fryers for their soap box derby.  Consensus was to allow.  Sharon may also be looking for a fire standby crew for the event.  We will once again be doing fire truck rides for the sidewalk sale days, on Saturday July, 30th from 10-2.  The approximate insurance increase for the solar panels will be $100.  I asked our insurance company to recommend an amount to insure the new 5’O for.  They recommend between $50,000- $100,000.  Motion by Lieutenant Houck, seconded by Chief Limbos to insure the new 5’O for up to $100,000.  Approved with Treasurer Price abstaining.

Ambulance Chief Limbos- There will be an EMR refresher in October.  Planning on holding an EMT refresher before the end of the year.  PHTLS in 3rd or 4th quarter of this year, and a full EMT course in early 2012.

Assistant Chief Petrone- Haz Mat refreshers will take place in September, October, and November.

Treasurer- Asked about the outstanding invoice for Tec Controls.  Approved to pay.  She asked about the outstanding insurance claims.  They have been submitted.  As of June 30- checking account- $126,020.34.  Merrill Lynch account- $731,223.84, which is down $632.35 from May.  Asked about ambulance billing designation.  It was agreed to revisit this at budget time.

Cleaning the firehouse- we received a request from a member to perform the cleaning.  Member has decided to hold off on submitting request.  President Gawel checked with our Attorney and they will review the contract for $250 per hour.  Motion by Epstein, second by Petrone, M to hire current company.  Approved with Sneller abstaining.

Rear building rental- Lieut. Houck is still checking to see if renter is ready to move forward.  The issue if the rotted pallet under the AC unit was discussed.  It was reported that there are three leaks in the roof.

Equipment collection- Quartermaster Molnar provided a list of outstanding gear and equipment needing to be returned to the department.

Records Clerk- Dawn is working to get information and transition to Jean.

Investment Committee- Motion by Chief Limbos, second by Treasurer Price to appoint John Russell as Investment Committee Chair.  Approved unanimously.

EMS Calls- Since the last meeting we have not passed a call.  It was stated that we are still having trouble getting out in a timely fashion.

Recruitment- Stacy K. and Caralee have agreed to work on this project.

Technology- Our current technology officer has resigned.  John Worthington has stated he may be interested in the position.  Motion by Captain Sneller, second by Assistant Chief Petrone to appoint John Worthington as chair.  Approved unanimously.

Quartermaster- Motion by Lieutenant Houck, second by Captain Sneller to appoint Jesse Rundall Quartermaster upon Dawn’s resignation.  Approved unanimously.

SOP/Policies- Assistant Ambulance Chief Tim Limbos has proposed changes to SOP 2-6 and 2-7 radio dispatch procedures and radio communications procedures.  Lynn is working on a series of technology policies and an interior firefighter policy.

Engine Replacement Committee- Peter Bernard has been appointed the new chair.

Motion to adjourn- 21:55


Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Epstein

Acting Secretary

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