EC Meeting: June 20 2011

KVFD Executive Committee  June 20, 2011

Call to order @ 19:55

  1. Public and Member comments:
    1. Lynn suggest we number the Watertown Truck 2-0 (not 5-0)
    2. John R asked for help picking up donated fitness equipment.
    3. John R said there is a rope rescue drill on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 6:30 p.m.  at Kent Falls.
    4. Approval of minutes: Ed made a motion, seconded by Alex, to approve the May 16th minutes as published.  Approved unanimously.
    5. Old Business
      1. Cleaning firehouse company: a contract submitted was read and reviewed.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Ed, to have the contract reviewed by a lawyer if no cost is involved. Approved unanimously.
      2. Rear building rental: no report.
      3. New Business
        1. Equipment collection: we need to create a list and call people before any letters are mailed.  Alan, Eric and Alex will work on this.
        2. 5-0 replacement equipment: lists of needs have been collected and we’re waiting for insurance money to be received.
        3. Ambulance response: two passed calls this month.  5% is our average for the year so far. Incentives are starting soon and let’s see how that affects response.
        4. Records Clerk Assistant: Gwen made a motion, seconded wholesale nfl jerseys by Gary, to appoint Jean Speck as assistant with the understanding that when Dawn leaves, Jean will step up as Records Clerk to complete the year.  Motion passed 4-2.  Those in favor: Eric, Gary, Mike, and Gwen.  Those opposed: markets Alex and Ed.  Abstaining were Alan and Cathe.
        5. Membership:
          1. Met with Heather Brand who is applying as an EMR.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Gwen to recommend Heather to the department pending a background check.  Approved unanimously.
          2. Lynn offered to write press releases concerning recruitment.  Eric, Ed and Jeremy will Ice put out the “help us help you” banners.
          3. Officer reports:
            1. Chief: had a meeting today with OSHA and our fine was reduced 80% to $1,260 provided we use their educational team and their training services.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Ed, to recommend to the department that we pay this fine.  Approved unanimously with the Chief abstaining.
            2. Gary: line officers covered a long agenda: radio reprogramming, relabeling trucks, damaged hose, sop changes, 5-0 equipment, and dry hydrants.  He also mentioned installing a fiber optic cable which would 2011 avoid the radio blowing a fuse.
            3. Alex: he was able to buy six pulse-oximeters for $700.  He’s waiting to hear about an EMT class starting in Washington.
            4. Gwen: the May checking account was reconciled on June 8th.  The OEM officer’s phone line should be paid by the town, not us.  She is holding a bill for repairs to the radio room and computers until Bill Keane can poids sort it out. Have we received our insurance claim money for defibrillators? No, not yet.  Gwen advised that all letters sent out on behalf of the department be reviewed first by the Chief.   She also requested that department receipts for items to be paid should be separated from personal receipts.  Gwen said that Bank of America has a matching gift program for any donations made by their cheap jerseys customers.
            5. Appointed positions: no report
            6. Committee Reports
              1. Technology: no report
              2. Document review on the investment policy: if passed by the department, the EC will appoint a review committee.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Yan?m Ed, to recommend the policy to the department.  Approved wholesale mlb jerseys unanimously.
              3. Iron Wheel: Ed said his committee will recommend that the wheel will go between the Chief’s window and the Ambulance Chief’s window.  The Lest We Forget sign will 21 be recommended to stay in storage and instead have the department buy a flag.  These will be voted on in July by the membership.


At 21:37 Ed made a motion, seconded by Mike, to adjourn.  Approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, Secretary

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