EC Meeting: March 21 2011

KVFD Executive Committee   meeting March 21, 2011

Present:  B Blank, E Epstein, A Gawel, S Kabasakalian, B Keane, A Limbos, E Matson, C Mazza, D Molnar, M Petrone, G Price, T Sneller, J Speck.

Call to order at 19:45

  1. Public and member comments: none.
  2. Approval of February minutes: motion to do so by Ed, seconded by Seth.  Approved unanimously.
  3. Officer reports
    1. Chief: swift water team?  Goshen is looking for interest to put on a class.

i.      OSHA: our six areas of deficiency have been addressed and are repaired or nearly repaired.  The fines (up to $1750) are what we will appeal based on our corrective measures taken.

  1. Engineer: tires update and brief discussion about Gator accessories.
  2. Ed Matson: asked about protocol during the recent flood and suggested we have a de-briefing meeting to better coordinate efforts and information in the future.
  3. EMS: stretcher is here but still need accessories.  Incentives will be discussed at the March meeting.  Dr. McIntosh will be at the firehouse this Thursday for testing the N-95 mask only.
  4. Treasurer: all three bank accounts have been reconciled.  We’ve received the forestry grant of $2396 to reimburse us for equipment purchased earlier.  We have a credit of $735.91 from Aquarian due to their mistake. There was brief discussion about the cost of physicals (policy should be followed).
  5. Appointed positions
    1. Reports: some recent problems with firehouse software.  Dawn also said the department might considered a cleaning crew for the building (to clean the kitchen and all bathrooms).
    2. Quartermaster: Alex made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to have Dawn be quartermaster with Jesse Rundall and Stacey Kabaskalian helping.  Approved unanimously. cheap nba jerseys Dawn said gear needs to be inspected and serviced.
    3. Records clerk assistant: Chief has had some contact of interest by volunteers.


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Technology:  we are under warranty until June 2012.  The old Gateway laptop is dead and Bill asked permission to physically destroy it.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Eric, to destroy the laptop and its hard drive.  Approved unanimously, with Gwen and Ed abstaining.

i.      Firehouse systems? Keep them in the responder area?  One person per use.

ii.      Key for the server is missing?

iii.      Should we purchase another computer? Not at this time was consensus following brief discussion.

iv.      Web site: mostly or nearly done.  Please give Bill feedback.

v.      Should we Mellem?sten move our domain to a Google account? After brief discussion, Eric made a motion, seconded by Ed, to have Bill move our accounts to Google.  Approved unanimously.

Motion by Seth, seconded by Alex, to change the agenda and move up item 6b.  Approved unanimously.


  1. b. Personnel/membership: Stacey Kabaskalian’s year as a probationary member was reviewed.   Alex cheap jerseys made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to accept Stacey as a full member.  Approved unanimously.

i.      Chris Fuchs was interviewed for an associate membership.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to recommend to the department that we accept Chris as an associate member provided he passes his airborne/bloodborne re-cert and his driver’s license check is ok.  Approved unanimously.

ii.      Greg Eads: Mike made Propera a motion, seconded January by Ed, to accept Greg’s letter requesting veteran status and to move Greg to the veteran list.  Approved unanimously.

  1. b.   Ice Watch: the clock Results was triggered on March 6th at 11:59 p.m. and the winner of $1,291 was Beverly Brennan.


There was brief discussion about having an opening of fishing season breakfast on April 16th with the boy scouts.  There was consensus ok.


  1.  a. Capitol plan: Planning and Zoning approve the capitol plan and it will next go to a town hearing v2 and vote in May.  Alex mentioned that the Aiken Fund will not support two ambulances, feat. so we will need ????" a finance plan and savings within our budget.

c. Rear building: weather issues, so job is not done yet.

d. Tim made a motion, seconded by Mike, to recommend 2-2 to the department with minor changes.  Approved unanimously.

e. paid positions/officers: was discussed at the March special meeting.  Tim made a motion, seconded by Ed, to have another special meeting on April 12 at 7:30 p.m. to specifically discuss the paid positions topic.


  1. New Business
    1. SOP 1-11: Alex made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to delete II. B. c. wholesale mlb jerseys and present to the department in April.  Approved unanimously except for Mike who voted against the motion.     SOP 1-12: Alex made a motion, seconded by Mike, to accept the document with minor changes.  Approved unanimously.
    2. Cost of physicals: covered earlier in the meeting.
    3. If the new SOPs do not help with shift coverage, will we hire out EMS staff?  Alex and his corps will discuss at the next EMS meeting.

Motion to adjourn  by Mike, seconded by Seth, at 21:58.  Approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine M. Mazza



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