EC meeting: October 17 2011

KVFD Executive Committee meeting October 17, 2011

Call to order @ 19:36

Present: A. Gawel, C. Mazza, T. Sneller, E. Epstein, G. Price, M. VanValkenburg, W. Purcell, J. Matson, T. Limbos, M. Starr, A. Petrone, B. Bevans, L. Worthington, G. Hock.

1.      Public comments: none.

2.      Member comments:

a.      Bonnie Bevans asked about a Halloween party at the firehouse next year.

b.      Maryann V asked about making phone calls to the membership for the Jon Politis event. She also asked about the annual awards and criteria for those awards.

c.      Bill Purcell asked about a water supply SOP which the line officers will review at their next meeting.

d.      Lynn reminded the EC to make sure the front doors are unlocked for our public meetings.

e.      Jeremy Matson asked about a juniors SOP.

f.       Tim Limbos asked about his previous complaint of his gear being moved.

g.      Matt Starr asked about:

                      i.     Who broke into the rear area of the building to borrow the griddle and deep fryer for the Lions Club?

                     ii.     Officers who are not responding to calls?

                    iii.     The training calendar email incorrectly identified him as an instructor.

                    iv.     Monthly and EC minutes have been delayed in publication on the website and in the radio room book.

                     v.     Ed Matson repeatedly made derogatory remarks about Matt in public at the Sloane Stanley event.

                    vi.     Mary Gawel repeatedly questioned the instructor about the liability of a member having equipment and not bringing it to a call.

                  vii.     Jon Politis event: not sure we ought to spend money until we get our house in order.

Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim S., to move the SOP committee to be next on the agenda.  Approved unanimously.

3.      SOP:

a.      Juniors: after brief discussion, the President recommended that the members meet with their advisor before action is taken on the SOP.

b.      Driving 2-5: after discussion, Tim S made a motion, seconded by Eric, to accept the SOP with the changes discussed tonight.  All in favor except G. Hock was against the motion.

c.      Training officer policy: tabled

d.      2-2: table for re-writing.

4.      Minutes:

a.      July 18th meeting: Eric made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to approve the minutes with minor corrections.  All in favor with Gary abstaining.

b.      Aug. 17th meeting: Eric made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to approve the minutes with corrections.  Approved unanimously.

c.      Aug. 22nd meeting: Eric made a motion, seconded by Audra, to approve the minutes.  All in favor with Tim S and Alex L abstaining.

d.      Sept. 19th: Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim S, to approve the minutes.  Approved unanimously.

5.      Membership: no new applications.

6.      Old Business:

a.      Morale: general discussion

7.      New Business:

a.      EMS staffing: Alex reported that coverage is better.

8.      Officer Reports:

a.      Chief:

                      i.     A question about insurance company fraud in Medicare but VFIS said it’s not our problem because EMMS has coverage.

                     ii.     What to do with donated van?  It’s too good to cut up.  The engineer will look it over first.

                    iii.     Regulator for RIT is here with bag

                    iv.     New member information chart/diagram was distributed for review and discussion at next meeting.

                     v.     Officers will be assigned to training.

                    vi.     Pumpkin Run will need lots of help-please report at 1 p.m.

b.      Ambulance Chief:

                      i.     EMR refresher is underway

                     ii.     More training is scheduled

                    iii.     ID tag project is underway

c.      Treasurer:

                      i.     3rd quarter posted on the website

                     ii.     Waiting for insurance process for defibrillator machines

d.      Assistant Chief:  thermal imaging camera has been ordered and is under budget.

e.      Captains:

                      i.     Some officers are not responding to calls and not coming to meetings.

                     ii.     FF II: ask for pre-plans

                    iii.     FF instructors should be working with us

                    iv.     3rd quarter calls and requirements: can Records Clerk inform membership?  Some information is available on the website.

9.      Appointed Positions

a.      Firehouse Coordinator/facility manager:

i.     Needs the key codes for the boy scouts from John Worthington

ii.     Has paperwork from groups wishing to use the facility

iii.     Has given groups temporary approval until the department approves

iv.     Will groups conflict with cleaning days and times?

v.     Minors should not be left in the firehouse without adults supervising

b.      Technology:  router has been replaced so speed has increased

10.   Committee reports:

a.      Truck: bids opened on Friday and 11 have been received and will be reviewed.

Adjourned at 21:51

Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, Secretary

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