EC: November 21 2011 meeting

KVFD Executive Committee Meeting            Nov. 21, 2011

Present: M. Starr, T. Sneller, E. Epstein, G. Hock, M. Cox, B. Purcell, L. Worthington, A. Petrone, D. DaVita, J. Matson, Jessie Rundall, T. Limbos, C. Mazza, M. Petrone, A. Gawel

Applicants: R. Forrester and A. Swagemaker

Call to order @ 19:36

1.      Public Comment:

a.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Matt, to add Executive Session to the agenda for possible contract of rear building discussion.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Request to move up document review (not necessary).

c.      Question regarding radio room documents in binder.

d.      Inequality of rules being enforced? FIT testing is out of date but some members were allowed to participate in the Smokehouse drill?  Specifics will be brought to the President’s attention.

2.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Gary, to approve the Oct. 17th minutes.  Tim S asked if we could table this vote until later in the meeting.

3.      Membership:

a.      Alexis Swagemaker: Gary made a motion, seconded by Tim, to recommend her to the department for full membership.  Approved unanimously.

b.      Ryan Forrester: Tim made a motion, seconded by Eric, to recommend him to the department for full membership contingent upon successful completion of paperwork. Approved unanimously.

c.      Art Romano: request for veteran status.

Old Business

4.      Staffing for EMS calls: would like to see data from ambulance chief (who was absent from this meeting). Eric said he would follow up.

5.      Document Review:

a.      Training officer SOP

b.      SOP 2-2 being worked on

c.      Flow chart of responsibilities and connections.  Do we need a personnel committee?  The President asked that staff review this.

d.      Juniors: Tim made a motion, seconded by Eric, to approve JR5 and delete “C” of Response section and return JR4 for review.  Those in favor: Tim, Eric and Gary.  Those opposed: Mike. Those abstaining: Audra.  Motion passes 3-1-1.

e.      Do we need a bookkeeper SOP?

New Business

6.      Budget: Treasurer was not present so discussion was tabled.  Budget workshops were set for 11/29 and 11/30 both at 7 p.m.

Officer Reports

7.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike, to recommend to the department that we request $125,000 for vehicle replacement from the town.  Approved unanimously.   Eric also asked for help on Dec. 3 at the tree lighting and Dec. 11th for Stuff A Truck.

8.      The president asked about programming radios?

Appointed Positions

9.      Quartermaster: we are replacing gear and recycling as best as possible.

10.   Eric made a motion, seconded by Tim, to recommend proper shelving and secure storage on the mezzanine.  Approved unanimously.

11.   Firehouse: Matt said he has not had a reply from the kitchen people.  The refrigerator has been cleaned out and locked after we failed inspection from Torrington Area Health (no undated food allowed and no opened food allowed).  Generator service is trying to get done.  Propane tanks still need to be raised up.  Unplugged refrigerators in the rear building?

Committee Reports

12.   Truck: a contract has been signed.

Motion by Eric, seconded by Tim, to go into Executive Session at 21:55 inviting in the facilities/firehouse coordinator.  Approved unanimously.

Motion by Mike, seconded by Audra, to come out of Executive Session at 22:08.  Approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 22:09

Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, Secretary

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