EC Special Meeting 2/29/12

Executive Committee Special Meeting

February 29, 2012

Call to order by the President at 7:35 pm

1. Public and Members Comments: none

2. Officers Reports:
a. President- Alan and Matt met with the town to discuss the tax abatements. There was confusion as to when the 1099’s were due. It was confirmed that 1099’s will be given for the tax abatement. There is concern that some members have already filed their tax returns. Alan is working with the town on how to handle filing amendments if returns were already filed.

b.Chief- There is a meeting March 1st with FMD concerning LCD.

3. Budget 2012: The budget format has been revised to be more consolidated. The 2012 budget draft was reviewed and discussed. A motion was made by Matt Starr that the EC recommend to the general membership that we approve the 2012 budget as presented, seconded by Tony Amon. Approved unanimously. The assets and investments accounts were briefly discussed.

4. By-Laws Restructuring: Lynn Worthington has been working to set up a charge for the EC as to what they want the restructuring committee to do. Alan feels it is important to have officers on the committee. The Restructuring Committee will be looking at setting up a Board of Directors. Mike would like an attorney to review any changes to our bylaws and constitution. Bill Purcell presented information he obtained from the FEMA web site that had good ideas as we move forward with our own ideas for the committee. A motion was made by Tim Sneller to set the charge as read by Lynn Worthington. The charge reads that the EC charges the Restructuring Committee with coming up with a plan to delineate how the business operations of KVFD will be restructured and create a Board of Directors. It is anticipated that the Board of Directors will replace the current Executive Committee and take over many of the administrative business operations functions now decided by the membership of KVFD. Seconded by Mike Petrone.
Approved unanimously. (Tony Amon not present for vote) The Motion was amended by Tim and Mike to have Alan appoint a committee.

5. Rear Building Negotiations: none

Adjourned 9:06 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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