EC Special Meeting 3/11/12

KVFD Special EC Meeting

Call to order by President at 7:03 pm.

1. Public and Members Comments: Caralee R. shared lock information. She attended a Scene Preservation class and has information to share if anyone is interested.
Alan suggested an office coordinate with Caralee to gather the information.

2. Officers Reports:
a. Chief’s Report- There was brief discussion on who should be the KVFD LCD director. The Fire Chief will act as Director.

3. Fire Police Equipment: There will be a notice going out to membership asking who would be interested in Fire Police training. Fire Police would have to be appointed by the Board Of Selectmen. Motion made by Mary Cox to purchase nine sets of vests, hats, traffic flashlights and badges for traffic control and future Fire Police, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously. (Gary Hock not in attendance to vote).

4. Class A Uniform Distribution: Discussion on criteria and ideas for uniform distribution. A motion made by Tim Sneller that the criteria for new uniforms be that the Line Officers and President get one as well as most active members using the tax abatement points system for the last years time. Members who are issued a new uniform are to sign a general letter of commitment to represent KVFD at parades, funerals and other ceremonies. Members who are issued a new uniform are to turn in their old uniform. New members will be eligible for a new uniform if any new uniforms are available but are eligible for a red uniform if new uniforms are not available. There will be a $100 deposit for new uniforms and a $50 deposit for red uniforms. Members receiving a new uniform may apply their previously paid $50 deposit to the new deposit of $100. Seconded by Mary Cox. Approved unanimously with Gary Hock abstaining. Mary and Jessie R. will put together a points list and an inventory list of what old uniforms members currently have.

Adjourned at 7:55 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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