Feb 4, 2013

Monthly Meeting                          (approved 3/4/13)
7:31 Call to Order by President Matson
1.  Pledge of Allegiance
Alex made a motion, seconded by Alan to move bookkeeper ‘s report up on  the agenda and to add roll call and treasurer election and possible by-law suspension under new business.to the agenda.  Motion  passed Unanimously.
2.  Public/member comment:  BJ’s offering a special sign up for town employees and fire department members.  Contact John Novella, 203-770-2982 by the end of February for more information.
3.  Approval of Minutes:   Alex made a motion to accept  January minutes, seconded by Veronica Motion passed unanimously.
4.  Correspondence:  many thank you’s were read in thanks for professional response by ambulance and fire crews as well as other correspondence.  Parades will be posted in radio room and announced in spring.
Roll call:  roll call will begin next month when an accurate membership list is available.
5.  Membership:  Alan made a motion to honor Bob Lamb’s request to be placed on Veteran’s Status, with thanks for his many years of  service, seconded by Veronica, motion passed unanimously.    Mark  Hamilton is recommended unanimously by the  Executive  Committee for membership .  He is an EMR . He will be on the agenda for next month for membership to vote.  Heather Hastings was recommended unanimously by the EC for acceptance as a full member.  Alan made a motion to accept Heather, for full membership ,seconded by  Veronica.  Mike Petrone noted that Heather has signed up on regular Thursday nights, there have been low call volumes, but her willingness to be available should count towards her  record.   Motion carried unanimously.
6.  Report of Officers/Committees:
Chief’s Report:  Chief will proceed with looking at selling Hazmat 7.   Chief also stated that OSHA laws are being looked at regarding fire departments.    To address the concern for air pack inspections,  officers will be responsible to see that monthly inspections are completed, Assistant Chief Sneller will be in charge of member fit testing.  Roof in back is being  researched.   The Chief appointed Adam Woodruff to be training officer again this year.  A training calendar will be out soon.  Our LCD representative will continue to be former Chief Matt Starr.  Blue light permits need to be done each year., Chief asks that you put completed forms in his box for approval.    Line Officers will be assigned a night of the week to be responsible for fire calls.    Several courses are coming up including one regarding recruitment.  If anyone is interested, contact Alan for more information.  Tuesday, February 26, there may be a Fire Chief’s meeting held at the  Kent FH.  Chief also shared that the Resident Trooper Program that was cut several years ago is being discussed by the Town.  The  Chief will send out factual information regarding this position.  The Chief asked for a show of hands regarding support for reinstating the State Trooper Program, about half those present were interested.    The Chief read off Fire Calls and alarms for the month and asked those present for comments on the specific calls.  There was discussion about wearing  appropriate PPE according to the scene.  Veronica reminded people to fill out fire run forms completely.
Officer’s Reports:  Tim Sneller reported there will be a smokehouse training on February 17th and a coldwater rescue training on the 24th.  Training officer will send out information.  Fit testing will be done once again in February.  Everyone will need to be done, even if you just had it so that the department can be on a yearly cycle.   Audra provided a training last Thursday, she did not accomplish as much as she hoped due to low numbers present.
Ambulance Chief’s Report:  Mike will try to do the N95 Fit test again .  There were 62 calls in January.  Reminder to complete reports quickly and to get signatures, also to tone specifically for a driver to complete call when needed.  Anyone interested in being a driver to help the ambulance, please contact Mary Ann or Mike.   Mary Ann and Alex attended a Lifequest Defib. training.
Engineer Report:  John Christen said that the hurst tool is being serviced.
Technology Report:  Alex is pricing cost effective printers and copiers and is working on wireless and computer hardware/software.
Quartermaster:  Jesse sent out email about new fire gear.   Please send in form that was emailed about your current turn-out gear.
Records Clerk:  Veronica emailed a summary of points.  If you have questions, please email her.  She is working on fair points.  File audits was started.
Communications:  Tim Limbos was absent, but Alex said that Tim has requested that everyone email their pager numbers to him.
Bookkeeper:  Rita read the bills.  Alex made a motion to pay bills as read, seconded by Alan.  Discussion, Tim Sneller asked about the oil bill for back of building, the renters are paying for their area.  Rita is still getting slips that we do not have record of, specifically at Truevalue and IGA.  There was a question about the recording of the dues.  The President  will issue receipts until a treasurer is elected.
Ball:  No chairperson.  Ed will send out a notice that we need people to step up soon.
Brush Truck:  Committee will meet Tuesday night.
Golf Tournament:  Annie stated it is scheduled for September 16.  She is looking for someone to learn the ropes and take over for her next year.
Ambulance Committee:  RFP posted, due Feb. 15th.   Please do not open any mail addressed to the ambulance committee.  Art requested being placed on the  next EC agenda and the next regular meeting agenda.  Discussion about the RFP requirement for maintenance in CT and about the deadline.  Art feels they will be receiving plenty of bids.
7.  Unfinished business/general orders:
a. Computer Software/Hardware:  Alex warned that we need to fix computers, purchase computers and replace copiers.
b.  2013 Budget:  completed
c.  Color Guard:  No report
d.  Gator Upgrades/roof:  Alex made a motion to spend up to $800 for roof and LED upgraded lights that the alternator can handle for the load.  Alan Seconded.   Motion passed Unanimously.
8.  New Business:
Alex made a motion, seconded by Mike, to spend up to $120 to upgrade/repair antennas and portables.  Motion passed unanimously.
Mary warns that Matt would like to purchase a new TV  for the Department.
Wendell asked for clarification on fire calls when Engine 2 is “awaiting a crew” . We have no policy that requires this.
Tim Sneller made a motion, seconded by John Christen, to spend up to $99 to frame Engine 2 calendar photo.  Opposed:  Rebecca, Wendell, Jesse.  Abstain:  John Cox, Annie B, Heather, Mary Ann, Biz, Pete.  Motion carried with 8 in favor.
Mike warned to spend up to $2,000 for an on board battery charger for the ambulance.
Alan warned for shelving in the “antique” room to display trophies.
Treasurer:  Bill Rundall sent in resignation with regret.  Alan reached out to members for a replacement with no luck, elections were not held as no one was willing to run for the  position.  Alan made a motion to suspend the by-laws (article 3, section 12) until a treasurer is elected and allow the President to act in the absence of a treasurer.  Alex seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.
Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian
KVFD Secretary

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