February 27, 2013 Special EC Meeting

KVFD Special EC Meeting

1. Call to order by President at 7:36 pm

2. Public and Member Comments: none

3.Officer/Committee Reports:

a. Personnel Committee – Tax abatement was submitted to the Town. Veronica was contacted by a member who thought they met the qualifications. Since the member did not meet the active member requirements for 2012 (SOP 1.7, #2,of the Bylaws), he does not qualify for the abatement. Ed will contact the member to go over this. A question arose regarding the requirement for Hazmat Operational for all members, versus Hazmat Awareness (for responders who would not go into a hot zone). KVFD requires Operational for all members.  Mike is concerned that many EMS members are now on the non-emergency list due to this requirement that is unnecessary for many of these responders. Alan made a motion that due to Jessie Rundall’s department’s  acceptance with past training regarding Hazmat that  special circumstances exist and that she remain an active emergency member and be given to June 15, 2013 to resolve the recertification conflict. Tim Sneller seconded. Discussion: Jessie has made efforts to meet requirements and there was miscommunication and paperwork misplaced. Mike discussed the concern for several other members who were in similar situation as Jessie. Alan made a friendly amendment to add Bill Keane, Cindy Barksdale, Matt Barksdale to the motion. Seconded by Tim Sneller. Passed Unanimously. Veronica emphasized that all members need to be sure they sign attendance sheets for all activities to be counted. Tim Sneller received a text from Caralee Rochovansky confirming that Noelle Osuch was in her class and should not be on the non-emergency list. Tim Sneller made a motion to accept the non-emergency list excluding Cindy Barksdale, Matt Barksdale, Bill Keane, Noelle Osuch,and Jessie Rundall and that the president send an email requesting all emergency gear be returned seconded by Mike P. Passed Unanimously. Veronica has a form available for members when attending an outside training.

b. Ambulance Committee – Art announced that the committee received two proposals. PL Custom: $178,385. Lifeline: $187, 733. Based on scoring sheet, they both meet the committee’s recommendations. They are both to meet with committee on Tuesday and Wednesday and then the committee will make a recommendation to membership. Prices are good for 90 days. We may be able to bring cost down, Art stated. He also discussed exploring financing options. Art recommends warning for expenditures in March. Anyone is welcome to come to the interviews with the companies.

c. Brush Truck Committee – Gary updated the committee. BOS are meeting on March 5th, there will be a brush truck presentation. Officers are encouraged to go to show support. Gary would like to meet with line officers to go over specs and make presentation to members in April.

4.Unfinished Business/General Orders:

a. Membership Review (Emergency/Non-Emergency): (discussed under personnel).
Alan made a motion to make Alex Limbos an assistant to the record’s clerk.
Mike seconded.  Passed Unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian
Secretary KVFD

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