February 6, 2012

KVFD Monthly Meeting


February 6, 2012


Call to order 7:31 pm


Pledge of allegiance


1. Public Comment: none


2. Correspondence:  Three general thank yous were read including one donation, one thanks from Duracell for our service, including a donation of batteries, and one Happy Holidays and thanks. An invitation and training information were posted in the responder area.


3. Approval of minutes: Motion made by Sherm Green to approve the minutes as distributed, seconded by Tim Limbos. Approved unanimously.


4. Treasurer report: Motion made by Lynn Worthington to table the treasurer report to further on in the agenda as Scott was not available, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously.


5. Membership: A badge was presented to new member Ryan Forrester.  Ashton Petrone was brought to membership to be voted on next month as an auxiliary member.


  Treasurer Report continued: Scott became available to give report. Treasurer presented the list of bills for approval to be paid with the total being $12,100.39. Motion made by Scott Harvey to pay the bills as read, seconded by Tim Limbos. Approved unanimously.  There was minor questions and discussion on the bills.

6. Old Business:

    a. Capital Plan- Matt gave a presentation to the town on a ladder truck. He would like the line officers to make a revised capital apparatus plan. Alan is looking for members to serve on an ambulance, brush truck and aerial truck committee. Please contact Alan if you are interested.

    b. Fire House Street Sign- Eric had put together a plan for a fire house street sign. Matt spoke briefly with the sign person as far as where we are at. The cost was high and he will be looking into it further.

    c. Budget 2012- Alan has had several meetings with Matt, Scott and Rita. They are still looking at the numbers closely. There are still incoming bills so the final numbers for 2011 are still changing. They will be meeting a few more times. There will be a special meeting the end of February. Lynn asked we communicate with the selectmen that we are on a delay, Alan agreed.


7. New Business:

    a. By-law Suspension Article XII: The bi-laws state we have to bring re-occurring bills to the January meeting, which we did not do. (article XII section 1) Motion made by Mike Petrone to suspend the bi-laws, specifically article XII, seconded by Tony Amon. Approved unanimously with Bonnie Bevans and Willy Gawel abstaining. A motion was then made by Tim Limbos to pay the re-occurring bills as established by our policy, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.

    b. Audit- The executive committee recommends to the membership that we do a full audit this year. Tracy Fillow gave us a price of $5000. Scott Harvey got a few similar prices in the same ball park. A motion was made by Caralee Rochovansky to go forward with a full audit, seconded by Sherm Green. Approved Unanimously.  A motion was made by Sherm Green to stay with Tracy Fillow for the audit as she knows our history, seconded by Gwen Price. Approved unanimously.

    c. Class A Uniforms- The executive committee recommends to the membership that we move forward with new class A uniforms. There was discussion including concern of the expense and tradition. There was also discussion on how to handle deposits and old uniforms.  Mary and Tim will look at ideas and welcome any help. Mary warned to spent no more than $11,000 on the purchase of up to 30 new class A uniforms. There was a strong consensus to move this forward.

    d. Computer Software and Hardware- John reports that he took two computers out of service due to hardware issues. A motion was made by John Worthington to purchase a laptop for the chief including software, not to spend more than $1050.00, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously with Caralee Rochovansky abstaining.

    e. Engine 2 additional items- Motion made by Anne Bisenius to table the engine 2 report to further on in the agenda as Gary Hock was not avalible, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously.

    f. Rear Building Rental Proposal- Approximately 8:50 pm a motion was made by Tim Limbos to go into executive session for discussion on negotiations for the rear building agreement, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously. At 9:00 pm a motion was made by Matt Starr to come out of executive session, seconded by Gary Hock. Approved unanimously with Caralee Rochovansky abstaining. A motion was made by Tony Amon to empower the executive committee to go into negotiations, including an attorney review, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously with Jean Speck abstaining.

    g. Engine 2 additional items continued- Gary Hock became available to present the report.  A motion was made by Gary Hock to add an additional $4000.00 to the change order budget for unforeseen items and or changes to include the hose reel, seconded by Tim limbos. Approved unanimously with Caralee Rochovansky and Stacey Kabasakalian abstaining.


8. Officers Reports:

    a. Chief’s Report- Fires and alarms: 3 MVA calls, 2 automatic alarms, 3 chimney fires, 2 CO alarms and 1 wires on trees. Training and drills: 1 tests and inspections, 1 pre-plan and prep, 6 interior/exterior operations. Chief reported that the line officers meeting covered training, squads, apparatus placement in the station, RIT pack re-location and weekly apparatus inspections. Engine 5 is now in the second bay with Rescue 8 moved to the third bay to be more efficient for response. He received a letter from the state stating that all blue light permits are due by January 1, 2012. There will be new LCD radio procedures effective March 1, 2012. He is looking to get more information and the training guide. The Chief recommends that the department appoints a new person to sit as our director on the LCD board of directors as Eric’s duel role as both Kent’s director and the board Vice President at LCD could be a conflict. The OSHA 300 log was received and posted.  He is working to get fit testing done. Members will be notified if they have failed to comply with quarterly and yearly raining regulations.

    b. Assistant Fire Chiefs’ Report- They are working on portable radio re-programing.

    c. Ambulance Chief’s Report- Ambulance Chief reported that there was a total of 34 calls this month with 27 of them billable. He is working on the GEO coding and LCD cad to be implemented. The Sharon Hospital EMS Institute Symposium is coming up. The dead line to register is February 15, 2012. A motion was made by Mike Petrone to spend $90 for two months of GEO coding and LCD CAD with EMS tracking, seconded by Jean Speck. Approved unanimously.

    d. President’s Report- The President reported that Lynn Worthington asks that a by-laws/constitution restructuring committee be formed. Send Alan an email with ideas you may have. Quiz Bowl has asked to use the apparatus bay area on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Alan will giving the Quiz Bowl approval. Matt has concern of opening up apparatus bay use to the public. Alan is looking for members to help move apparatus on that date. The president is responsible for all building keys. Matt and Alan have met with a locksmith to look at re-keying locks. a price of $2300 was given for high security locks on four doors and low security locks on all other doors as well as windows in the four interior wood doors that currently do not have a window. They will also be looking into a key lock on the exit door in the meeting room, an auto unlock when the power goes out and re-keying the back building. A price of $1100 was given for a key pad to be installed on the far door in the apparatus bay with us dong the wiring.

9. Appointed Positions Reports:

    a. Records- Jean asks that a start and end time be filled out on all rosters. All training paper work needs to be an instructor signed certificate. Jean has been updating points for the fourth quarter. Members were notified. Jean is also working on KVFD forms for people to access.

    b. Juniors- Audra has talked with “Peak” through the Kent Education and Learning Foundation about a month long program to educate third through sixth graders about fire and EMS. The advisory board will look into it. The Juniors are looking into fundraising. Lynn Worthington is now on the advisory board.


10. Committee Reports:

    a. Golf Tournament- The date is Monday, September 17, 2012.


11. Warning of Expenditures:

    a. John warns there will be a possible purchase of computer software and hardware next month.

    b. John Russell warns for a cordless drill and bit set.

    c. Jean warns for training on Fire House software.

    d. Alan warns for lock and door changes.

    e. Mary warns for class A uniforms.

    f. Mike warns for a ball park figure of $800 a year for GEO coding and EMS charts.


Adjourned 9:56 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Cox

Secretary KVFD

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