Firemen’s Ball Traditions

The KVFD Firemen’s Ball has used several different venues- including the Community House, the parking lot at the Town Hall, Kent Center School’s ball field to indoors in the gym.  South Kent School was also home for the Ball for a number of years.

Then the Ball began to outgrow the indoor places in town so it was moved to a tent, then two tents and even one year with three tents. For 5 years the Ball was hosted in the indoor ice arena at Kent School.

“Some of the traditions were hard to give up” said Mary Ann VanValkenburg, a long-time committee member. “For years we used to go out in the fire trucks, knocking on doors to sell Ball tickets.  It was a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy the idea of the fire truck driving through their neighborhoods and pulling up to their house.  But many times no one was home.  It was extremely labor intensive and we had to find another way to reach everybody.”

Invitations are now mailed to homes in Kent.

There is a very busy group of people who spearhead the effort for the Ball, which is one of  Kent’s largest town-wide events, but there are countless individuals and businesses in town who truly jump through hoops to help the KVFD host its annual Ball.

“We have a great group working on the ball – it is truly a collaborative effort.” stated Leila Erskine, Ball co-chair. “The key has been having a good sized and diverse committee.  Every year we aim to improve the event and make as many people as happy as possible.”

“There are so many townspeople who help out in different ways”  Rebecca Trautman added.  “Each year a group of non-KVFD members fold all of the napkins for the tables, local restaurants and commercial kitchens provide many of the appetizers for the evening, businesses help with everything from selling tickets to the decorations and the table linens, even the garbage cans and dumpsters are provided for the evening.”  Truly an amazing collaborative effort.

Tickets are $40 per  couple, but $45 at the door.

To order tickets  go to

Tickets are $40 per  couple, but $45 at the door.

Tickets are also available at Kent Wine, Kent Fabric and Town Clerk’s Office at Town Hall

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