EC: January 11, 2012

Executive Committee Special Meeting

January 11, 2012

Call to order 7:31 pm

Public and members comments- Mary Ann Van Valkenburg discussed awards and recognition.
She would like to see new ideas and changes. Alan Gawel has spoken with the awards dinner

1. Officers reports-

a. engineer: Eric was unable to attend. Matt gave the report. 1 and 6 are due for their annual DOT
inspection and pump test. Matt asked Eric to look into prices from other vendors.

b. Chiefs report: On Monday, January 20th is the Waterwitch annual dinner. Id Tags were discussed
as to how we can get them done in a more efficient and timely manner. The new boat jet drive was not
working properly. They will be switching it to a propeller. Governor Malloy’s storm report was received.
Air pack inspections were done as well as inventory for trucks. He is continuing to work on training to
stay compliant.

c. EMS Chiefs report: Mike is looking into EMS charts and having them faxed directly. Cost would
be $10 a month. He is also looking into GEO coding being done at $15 a month. Updating supplies is
being looked into by the chief and assistant ambulance chief. The ambulance will be going out for a DOT
inspection. Mike is working on getting shifts filled and will have a report at the next EC meeting.

d. Secretary’s report: Mary presented a Class a uniform from New England Uniform for the EC to
view. It will be further discussed at the next EC meeting.

e. Treasure’s report: Scott has been working on the transition with Gwen. He will be looking
into paying some bills online. Alan talked about getting a full audit, price will be coming. There was
discussion on the time line for filing and do we use our extensions.

f. Safety/Training officer’s report: Adam Woodruff has offered to become training officer. Brian Hunt
has offered to become safety officer. Matt will meet with both.

2. New Business-

a. Regular EC meeting dates: Motion made by Matt Starr for the EC meeting to be held the third
Monday of every month at 7:00pm. Seconded by Tony Amon. Approved unanimously. The next EC
meeting with be Monday January 30th at 7:00 pm. FOI issues were discussed. EC meetings fall under FOI
guidelines, Ambulance and Line Officers meetings do not.

b. Appointed positions: Motion made by Mike Petrone to appoint Veronica Limbos as financial
secretary. Seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously. Quartermaster Jessie Randall is willing

to stay on. Matt suggests combining firehouse coordinator and facilities coordinator jobs. Alan will
send out an email looking for interest. Jean Speck would like to continue on as records clerk. Motion
made by Mike Petrone to appoint John Worthington as technology officer. Seconded by Matt Starr.
Approved unanimously. Gary Hock made a motion to have Adam Woodruff act as senior advisor to the
juniors with Audra Petrone and Leila Erskin as the advisory board. Seconded by bill Purcell. Unanimously
approved with Audra Petrone abstaining. Mike Petrone made a motion to appoint Rita Limbos as book
keeper. Seconded by Bill Purcell. Approved unanimously.

c. Medical physicals: Matt has concerns that physicals are not standardized and that we are not
compliant with OSHA. He recommends and is looking into having Concentra come in and do our
physicals. He will be bringing it to the membership.

d. Capital Apparatus plan: Matt will be giving a power point presentation to the town educating them
on what we need for proper response and what ladder trucks are able to do. The officers will be looking
ahead as to what Kent and KVFD’s needs are. We will move forward with the brush truck.

e. Special membership meeting: It was suggested that we hold a special membership meeting to
discuss the presentation that will be given to the town in relation to the capital apparatus plan and
aerial truck. Motion made by Matt Starr that a special meeting was not necessary. Seconded by Scott
Harvey. Approved unanimously.

f. Rear building proposal: Motion made by Matt Starr to go into executive session at approximately
9:30 pm. Seconded by Mary Cox. Approved Unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to come out of
executive session at 9:45 pm. Seconded by Gary Hock.

Motion made by Matt Starr to adjourn at 9:46 pm. Seconded by Tony Amon. Approved unanimously.

Respectively Submitted,

Mary Cox, Secretary KVFD

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