January 22, 2013 Special EC Meeting

Special Executive Committee
January 22, 2013
Called to Order:  7:32
1.  Public/Member Comments:  The President, Ed Matson,  has committed to helping the Quiznight people again this year and will permit the use of the Firehouse.
2.  Approval of Minutes:  Alan Gawel made correction to December 2012 EC minutes. The wording under Treasurer’s Report should read, “Visa Card not a workable solution, therefore we should stick with the ATM card”.  Also, The transfer of remaining balance was seconded by Alex L., not Alexis.  Alan made a motion to accept minutes with corrections.  Minutes passed unanimously with Tim Sneller Abstaining.
3.  Reports of Officers: Chief: Chief Gawel reported that  line officers and training officers have had meetings and are continuing some of the projects that were started last year and have new training ideas for each month.  Personnel issues have been time consuming, more information coming soon.
Treasurer:  Bill Rundall is not here due to illness.   Discussions with Auditor about concerns if Treasurer is not available.
Line Officers:  They have met and are discussing monthly meetings and the idea of duty crews.  Gary Hock reported on Lifestar class he attended in January.  Firematic is coming to do annual test.  Fire extinguishers were inspected and repairs being done as needed.  Tim Sneller reported FIT testing will begin in February.  The rear building roof is in need of repair.  John Russell brought up the concern that many members did not have their dues recorded at the election or had not paid.  More accurate recordkeeping and notice to members who are not in good standing should be implemented.  Ed stated that we will try to enforce this.  He would also like to see Personnel move up on the agenda for future meetings.  Audra Petrone reported that Brush 3 decking is in disrepair.  Brian Hunt  said that CL&P would like to schedule a meeting with line officers.
Ambulance Chief:  Mike Petrone reported that he is still working on filling the schedule and pleased with the improvements made last year.
Assistant Ambulance Chief: Mary Ann VanVaulkenburg said that the ambulance often needs drivers to help with call and asked for those on the fire side to sign up as drivers and help out when needed.  Mike Petrone suggested the Secretary buy Wipe Board to post gaps in schedule.
 Engineer:  John Christian is getting bids for inspections to be done in house.
 Communications Officer:   Tim Limbos, was not present but Alan gave report that he is putting together inventory of equipment and parts as well as his recommendations.  There is a good stockpile of pagers.  He has enough money to repair 10 pagers.  He will contact Veterans and others who may have pagers to be turned in. Ambulance Committee- Alex reported that RFP’s are due February 15th.  Alan made motion that the Executive Committee remove from the RFP the requirement for CT service garage and include a ten day bid extension.  Mike seconded.  Passed unanimously.  There is another ambulance commttee meeting tomorrow night, 7:30.
Fair- none
Ice Watch- no new update
Brush Truck- Gary Hock is working on presentation for membership.  Alan shared that there may be money in Town’s capital plan if we need to approach the town. Arial- Gary stated that Danbury may be looking at selling their Arial, which might meet our needs.  The committee is doing their homework on this. Ball Chair- We need to get new people soon.  Ed will send out a note ASAP. Investments- Tabled until next meeting.
4. Unfinished Business/General Orders:
a. Regular meeting dates of the EC:  Alan makes motion that regular meeting dates be held the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm.  Seconded by Gary.  Passed Unanimously.
b.  Appointment of Officers for 2013:  Ed made a motion to appoint Veronica as Financial Secretary.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed Unanimously.
FH Coordinator:  Alan made a motion for Alexis Swagemaker and Sherman Green share the job as Facilities Manager and Fire House Coordinator.  Seconded by Ed.  Passed Unanimously.
Records Clerk:  Alan made a motion to appoint  Veronica Limbos to the position of Records Clerk.  Seconded by Tim Sneller.  Passed Unanimously.
Tech Officer:  Alan made a motion to appoint Alex Limbos to the position of Technical Officer.  Seconded by Brian Hunt. Passed Unanimously.
Senior Advisor to Juniors:  Brian made a motion to appoint Adam Woodruff to the position of Senior Advisor to Juniors.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.
Junior Advisors:  Alan made a motion to appoint Ed Matson, Brian and Veronica to the positions of Junior Advisors.  Seconded by Tim S. Passed Unanimously.
Equipment Loan Officer:  Alan made a motion to appoint Mary Cox to the position of Equipment Loan Officer.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.
Auxiliary Coordinator:  Alan made a motion to table until we get feedback from Auxiliary Members.  Seconded by Mike Petrone.  Passed Unanimously.
Training Officer:  The Chief has appointed Adam to this position once again.
Bookkeeper:  Alex made a motion to appoint Rita Limbos as Bookkeeper once again.  Rita stated that she is concerned about the the role of the Treasurer who is supposed to be overseeing the bookkeeper and bookkeeper is supposed to be doing the entering.  Bookkeeper can not function without an active treasurer.  Alan discussed that we need to adjust policies and Bi-laws very promptly.  Ed suggested getting together with Rita and looking over the changes she recommends.   (Please note:  Ambulance call:  John Christian, Gary Hock, Mary Ann, Mike Petrone and Tim Sneller left the meeting.)c.  Membership/Personnel:  Heather Hastings Brand –  Although she has not met her  calls or training requirements, she is now signed on to regular ambulance shifts on Thursday night with John Russell.  There was discussion that in the future, a change should be made to give points to probationary members for signing on to shifts.  Brian made a non-binding motion to recommend Heather as member to the membership.  Seconded by Alex.  Approved Unanimously.  Mark Hamilton, new applicant.  Stacey is sponsor.  Mark introduced himself.  He is from Cornwall where he was an EMR and Driver.  Alex recommended Mark  Hamilton, to the membership,  pending background investigation, Brian seconded.
d.  Audit: Veronica is working hard to update records.  A date needs to be set in January to review accurate and updated records.  A special meeting is set for January 29, 7:30pm for membership review.  8pm for tax abatement review.
e.  Capital Plan:  We are currently in the budget process.
f.  Treasurer:  None.  Alan made a motion that Officers and FH coordinators of the Department be authorized to charge at True Value and Kent Auto.  Seconded by Brian.  Passed unanimously.
Respectfully Submitted,
Stacey Kabasakalian,  Secretary

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