EC: January 30, 2012

Executive Committee Special Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2012

Call to order 7:04 pm

1. Public and Members Comments-

a. Lynn Worthington would like to establish a restructuring committee to look at

implementing a board of directors.

    b. John Worthington went over settings for KVFD email accounts.

2. Minutes
Motion made by Mike Pertrone to accept the minutes, seconded by Audra Petrone.

Approved unanimously.

3. Membership and Personnel
a. Reviewed the application for Ashton Petrone for an Auxiliary Member.
b. Ethan Raskind will be voted on at February meeting, pending his physical.

4. Old Business
a. Appointed Positions

    1. Advisory Board Member- Lynn Worthington is willing to step forward. Motion

made by Mary Cox to appoint Lynn to the Advisory Board, seconded by Tony Amon, approved unanimously.

2. Equipment Loan Officer- Mary Cox is willing to stay on. Motion made by Gary

Hock to have Mary stay on as Loan Officer, seconded by Tony Amon, approved unanimously.

3. Firehouse Coordinator- Ed Matson is interested in taking on the position. Motion

made by Matt Starr to have Ed appointed as Firehouse Coordinator, seconded by Bill Purcell. Motion made by Gary Hock to table the motion, seconded by Tony Amon, approved unanimously.

4. Quarter Master- Jessie Rundall would like to stay on with Stacy K. helping.

Motion made by Mike Petrone to accept Jessie, with Stacy helping as Quarter Master, seconded by Tony Amon, approved unanimously. Jessie will be working on inventory and making a check sheet of what people need.

5. Records Clerk- Jean Speck would like to stay on, Carlee is interested in the job

as well. Stacy K. and Mary Cox are willing to help out. Motion made by Matt Starr for Jean to continue as Records Clerk with the help of Mary and Stacy, seconded by Gary Hock, approved unanimously. A computer will be added to the radio room for just entering calls. Jean will be looking at a better way to check and collect attendance sheets.

b. Training Officer Policy Changes- Matt has concerns about how the policy is written, he

feels as though there are too many requirements for a new training officer coming

in. Matt would like requirements made for emergency responders training before the policy change. Gary and Bill have concerns that much of the policy is redundant.

    c. Staffing for EMS- Ambulance and Asst. Ambulance chiefs are working hard to fill the

crew schedule. Matt commends them for their hard work, he reminds anyone to

see Mike with any concerns.

d. Capital Apparatus Plan- Ladder truck funds don’t become available until July. We need

to look at the plan for our other trucks. Line officers will work on a Capital

Apparatus Plan, Bruce Adams agrees the current plan needs to be amended. A

brush truck committee will be formed and a ambulance committee will be formed.

e. Rear Building Proposal- Matt, Alan, and Mike met with individual about renting center of

the rear building as well as one front office. They would at their cost, expand the

windows on the back side and raise lighting. There will be two individuals using it

under one contract. We asked about the possibility of them doing upgrades to the

building in exchange for adjusted rent. It will be recommended to the membership

to let the Executive Committee negotiate.

f. Budget- Alan will be meeting with Scott and Rita. Alan will send the numbers to the EC

before the Monthly Meeting as well as inform the EC of when they are meeting.

5. New Business
a. Class A Uniforms- A motion was made by Mike Petrone to recommend that we adjust

to a Class A uniform, seconded by Matt Starr, approved unanimously. A

committee will be formed to work out deposits and old uniforms if needed.

b. Firehouse Keys and Door Locks- Matt and Alan met with the person who does our

keys and door locks, they proposed to have locks set to high security so that they

cannot be duplicated without authorization. Other doors will be replaced with new

low security keys. A price will be given for a key pad off the apparatus bay door

and/or meeting room door. They will be meeting with John about defaulting the

locks in the event of no power as well as the possibility of an automatic unlock

when the tones go out. They also looking into putting in  a 60 inch window into all

inside doors. Motion made by Matt Starr that we recommend to the membership

that we move forward with the key and door changes, seconded by Mike Pertone,

approved unanimously.

c. Apparatus Service Quotes- Matt met with Eric who had a quote from GK, he also has

a quote from 5 Star. Gary also has 3 other quotes. Their concerns are that the

apparatus has been gone too long while being serviced. Pump testing and DOT

testing can be done in-house. GK said there is some service that can change

from annual to bi-annual. The engineer and line officers will be looking into the

best approach and will report back to the EC.

d. Audit Proposal- Tracy Fillow gave a proposal to do an audit. The fee estimate is

$5000.00 and Federal Form 990 is $2500.00. Gwen agrees an audit should be

done. Gary feels that we should look into other prices. Consensus is, Scott will

look into better prices to bring to monthly meeting.

    e. Active Emergency Members Review- Jean gave the list of emergency members that

did not meet the requirements. The EC reviewed and looked into possible special

circumstances of the people who did not meet the requirements. Due to the

special circumstances with records. Matt made a motion to notify members by

email who did not meet the requirements that they are to turn in documents that

are needed to records clerk by February monthly meeting, otherwise they will be

put onto the non-emergency list, seconded by Mike Petrone, approved


f. Officers’ Reports

    1. Chief- Matt is looking into the Knox Box.

2. Ambulance Chief- Motion made by Mike Petrone to spend up to $45 a month on

EMS charts for GEO coding, faxing and LCD cad, seconded by Matt Starr,

Approved unanimously.

    3. Treasurer- Scott submitted list of occurring bills for approval. Motion made by

Mike to pay cleaning crew $400.00 under the emergency expense category because of past due, seconded by Mary, approved unanimously.

        4. President- Bylaws have to be suspended to vote on paying reoccurring bills.

Quiz bowl is requesting to use apparatus bays for April 28th.

    g. Appointed Position Reports
1. Juniors- Audra talked to the CT Education Learning Foundation about Spring

classes. Juniors are working on fundraisers.

    h. Committee Reports- None

Adjourn 10:20pm
Respectively Submitted

Mary Cox, Secretary, KVFD

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