January 7, 2013

Monthly Meeting                          APPROVED

1/7/13 7:31

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of Silence Kent

  1. Public Comment – none
  2. Approval of Minutes – motion to approve the minutes with the following change:  Ane Starr’s letter asking to be on Veteran’s Status was not read, therefore, Tim Limbos was not nominated for Communications Officer. Motion made by Rebecca Trautmann, seconded by Jim Canning.  Motion carried unanimously.
  3. Correspondence – a number of donation notes were read, thank you notes will be sent by Secretary.  Millerton parade was announced, by a show of hands, membership wishes to participate.  Secretary will RSVP.
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Motion to approve the bills as read made by Scott Harvey, seconded by Tim Limbos.  Motion carried unanimously.
  5. Membership – Request for Veteran’s Status from Dawn Molnar read. Motion to place Dawn on Veteran’s Status as requested made by Mike Petrone, seconded by Leila Erskine.  Motion carried unanimously.  Request for Veteran’s Status from Ane Starr read.  Motion to place Ane on Veteran’s Status as requested made by Kathy McCann, seconded by Stacey Kabasakalian.  Motion carried unanimously.
  6. Old Business-
    1. Computer Software/Hardware – None
    2. Engine 2 Equipment – Motion to spend up to $4500 on equipment made by Gary Hock, seconded by Tim Limbos.   Motion carried unanimously
    3. 2013 Budget – Proposed budget presented to membership by Matt Starr.  Discussion on budget.   Motion to approve the 2013 budget as presented made by Ed Matson, seconded by Mike Petrone.   Motion passed with Pete Bernard, Kathy McCann, Anne Bisenius abstaining.
  7. New Business –
    1. Color Guard- Motion to table until next month made by Alexis Swagemaker, seconded by John Russell.  Motion carried unanimously
    2. Gator Upgrades and Roof – Motion to table until next month made by Tim Limbos seconded by Ed Matson.  Motion passed unanimously.
    3. Elections of Officers-  Motion made that if a position has only one person when nominations are closed, no paper ballot is needed.  Motion made by Mike Petrone, seconded by Jim Canning.  Motion carried unanimously

Recess called by President at 8:32 out of recess at 8:38 Nominations- Chief – Alan Gawel, Eric Epstein, Ed Matson –  Alan elected President- Ed Matson.  Motion made by Tim Limbos for Secretary to cast one ballot for Ed Matson, seconded by Kelly Demers.  Motion carried unanimously. Assistant Chief- Gary Hock.  Motion made by Brian Hunt for Secretary to cast one ballot for Gary Hock. Motion carried unanimously. Assistant Chief – Tim Sneller.  Motion made by Brian Hunt for Secretary to cast one ballot for Tim Sneller. Motion carried unanimously. Ambulance Chief – Mike Petrone.  Motion made by Brian Hunt for Secretary to cast one ballot for Mike Petrone.  Motion carried unanimously. Assistant Ambulance Chief – Mary Ann VanValkenburg.  Motion made by Brian Hunt for Secretary to cast one ballot for Mary Ann VanValkenburg.  Motion carried unanimously. Captain – Alex Limbos, Audra Petrone, John Russell-  Alex elected. Captain – Audra,  John Russell – John elected Lieutenant – Audra, Alexis Swagemaker, Tim Limbos, Brian Hunt – Brian elected Lieutenant- Audra, Alexis, Tim Limbos – Audra elected Secretary – Stacey Kabasakalian.  Motion made for secretary to cast one ballot made by Alan Gawel for Stacey Kabasakalian. Motion carried unanimously. Treasurer – Bill Rundall.  Motion made for Secretary to cast one ballot for Bill Rundall. Motion carried unanimously. Engineer –John Christian.  Motion made for Secretary  to cast one ballot for John Christen. Motion carried unanimously.   Communication Officer – Tim Limbos.  Motion made for Secretary to cast one ballot for Tim L. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Officer’s  Reports –
    1. Chief’s Report – 14 calls made for December. Stacey and Matt completed an Annual Report and turned in to BOF as requested.  Capital requests for BOS were denied accept for the renaming of Pumper 6 and Engine 1 as reported by Matt.   The LCC 2013 meeting schedule is out.  A Streetwise Officer Class will start 2/21/13 in North Canaan.   There are several projects in the rear building pending (Entry carpets, roof leaks, inside garage door, outside drive).   Alan thanked all for privilege to serve as new Chief and thanked Matt for all his hard work this past year.  Jean Speck made note that election was already held and new officer’s are now in position.   President Ed Matson continued the meeting with 2012 Secretary, Mary Cox, completing meeting minutes.
    2. Ambulance Chief’s Report- Mike reported  43 calls for December 2012.  32 were billable.  For 2012, there were a total of 528 total calls  dispatched, 400 were billable.    EMT refresher course available in Sharon and in Bridgewater.  Landing Zone course in Bridgewater.  Contact Mike or Mary Ann if you are interested in refresher course or  for other information.
  2. Appointed Positions Reports-
    1. Loan Officer – Chairs missing.  Please return.
    2. Arial Truck Committee – One meeting.  They are putting together a list of questions to ask other towns.
    3. Ice Watch –  Bill Rundall reported that tickets are in local stores.  Deadline is February 15, 2013.  Ticket guesses must be  between February 16 and April 30 2013.  Cl & P has committed to installing the anchor for the cable.
    4. Training – Adam Woodward reported FF2 class can be held in Kent if we get enough people.
    5. President asked permission to pay all re-occurring bills, all were in favor.
  3. Committee Reports-
    1. Ambulance Committee- Eric reported for Art that:

Thursday – John Worthington posted the RFP on our web site

Friday –    Legal notice of our RFP posted in the Waterbury Republican

Saturday –  Article on RFP published in the newspaper

Thus far I have received emails from 2 vendors:  PL Custom and LifeLine

  1. Warning of Expenditures – none
  2. Adjournment – 9:39

Respectfully Submitted, Stacey Kabasakalian KVFD Secretary

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