Jul 15 2013ec minutes

KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes, July 15, 2013   passed

Call to order by President Rundall:  19:32

Public or Member Comment:  John R. asked about the mulch outside.

Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the minutes.  Seconded by Brian.  Passed Unanimously.

Old Business:  Cleaning contract:  Jimmy read the 90 day trial period contract Ingegneri Cleaning Service LLC of Dover Plains.

Jimmy made a motion to approve the contract presented.  Seconded by Alan.  Discussion:  Bruce Adams said that town hall uses PBM.  PBM did not beat the price of this company, according to Jessie and James.  Passed Unanimously.

Recruitment:  Alan mentioned the email invitation to the recruitment and retention training.  A few members present showed interest in attending.

New Business:  Ambulance barn:  Selectman Bruce Adams was present to to discuss the ambulance barn.  He is not interested in “taking it over” but would like to work together on it’s usage.  The town owns the property and the fire department owns the building.  Bruce proposes letting the town take over the barn for the emergency management downstairs.  The fire department could still use the upstairs for training.  Bruce has not discussed this with the selectman.  He also discussed the liability of the parking lot and the possibility of the town taking over the responsibility but the fire department would still have full usage.  Jimmy asked where we would store the current supplies that are in the barn.  Sherm spoke about the loading dock behind the new firehouse and future storage possibilities.  Sherman also mentioned the advantages of allowing the town to take over the responsibilities and expenses of the ambulance barn.  Sherm thought it could be a win-win for the firehouse, we have plenty of space in the back building and the town can take on fixing the ambulance barn roof and siding as well as water, electric and heat.  Jimmy said it would cost between $6-7,000 to fix the roof.  John asked about spreading out the resources by having emergency operations in a different building.  Brian stated that space wise, this makes sense to get all supplies in one building.  Jimmy stated we need to inventory and move out of the ambulance barn and also figure out our savings.  Bruce assured the members that any savings would not be taken away from us in the future.  Jessie reminded members that space is at a premium in the town.  Mike was not sure about giving the parking lot to the town.  Bruce agreed to wait before bringing this to the selectman.

Maintenance: covered

Donated mini-van: the fire department received a donated mini van to sell.  The paperwork and value is being researched.  The money will be used towards savings for a pick up or other vehicle.

Quizbowl:  Insurance will be provided for the event on Sept. 28.

Appointed positions:  Alan read an update from the communications officer about the command transmitter.  Alexis reported for facilities that she is looking into a water filtration cooler system for an alternative to the plastic water bottles around the fire house.  Water bottles for emergencies will still be required, but this would reduce waste, cost and mess.  It is not delivered bottled water, it uses town water.  Cone shaped cups and personal water bottles were recommended.  Jesse reported as quartermaster about the delivered uniforms.  She would like direction on the outdated turn out gear.

Mike makes a motion to recommend to the department to offer old gear to department members only with a letter that it is no longer suitable for fire calls.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed unanimously.

Jessie stated that other departments are interested in our old uniforms.

John Russell made a motion to recommend to the members to sell all old uniforms for an agreeable price in bulk.  Seconded by Mike.  Alan abstained.  Motion passed.

John R. gave an investment update.  Aiken fund is losing value and recommends transition from bonds to equities.  He would also like an electronic link between Aiken fund and checking and withdrawals.  Some discussion on John’s authority to make investment decisions on the department’s behalf took place.

Alan made a motion to accept and have John Russell execute Allfest investment recommendations for bonds and equities for the Aiken Fund.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed Unanimously.

Chief’s Report:  Fireworks at Kenmont went well.  We have had a good interaction with the resident trooper.  Parks and Rec event went well also.  This Sunday is Father Tom’s party.  Sidewalk Sale Days will include rides on the fire truck.  New Milford Area Chief’s Association is considering purchasing and sharing a kid’s educational fire trailer.  Those present were interested.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mike gave Sherm updated information for the auditor.  Sherm will give an updated list to the secretary of those who have not paid dues.  If not paid, they will be moved to non-emergency status and not able to vote.

adjourned:  21:03

Respectfully submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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