Jul1,2013 monthly mins


Regular Meeting Minutes  (passed with one correction:  Annette was thanked privately by Dawn)

July 1, 2013

Call to Order:  19:32 by President Rundall

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence for the 19 firefighters killed in the Arizona wildfire.

Public/Member Comment:  Stacey thanked the refreshment committee for putting on a dinner this month, including Mary Gawel who vacuumed and cleaned and Gwen and Mary Ann as well.

Mary Ann complemented Dawn and Michelle and the committee who worked on the Ball but asked about Bill Tobin’s absence from cooking the roast beef this year.  Mary Ann is embarrassed  that he was not asked to cook.  Jimmy had a conversation with Dawn about it and left a message with Bill but has not heard back.  Jimmy heard that Bill was not upset.  He also heard nothing but good things about the Ball this year. Jimmy will follow up with Bill.  Alan did speak with Bill to help clarify the situation.   Gwen suggested that the Department send Dawn a gas card to help with her traveling expenses.  Mileage reimbursement was also suggested.

Tim L. made a motion to  reimburse Dawn Molnar for gas receipts up to $200.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed Unanimously.

Sherm mentioned that Noelle was overlooked when thanking people for their help at the Ball.  Jesse suggested a card be sent.  Secretary will contact Dawn to see who else was not thanked and send a note.  Stacey noted that Annette was not thanked and she worked hard all night and did a great job.

Correspondence:  Read by Secretary and Chief.  Thank you notes will be sent as needed.

Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed.  Seconded by Veronica.  Approved Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sherm read the bills.

Tim made a motion to pay the bills as read.  Bill Seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Membership:  Jimmy announced the three new Auxiliary members.  Heidi Terrell was present and was welcomed by the members. Cathy Montemorra Johnson and Carmel Karina O’Meara were not present, but are welcomed by membership.  Alan discussed dues list, only a handful of members have paid.  See Sherm or Alan to check the list and pay if necessary.  Jimmy stated people must pay in order to vote next month.

Old Business:

Computer software/hardware:  Alex said to email him if you have a problem.

New Business:

New Brush Truck (purchase):

Gary made a motion for KVFD to purchase Firematic Brat, price not to exceed $170,000.  Seconded by Veronica. Opposed by Will G.  Motion passed.

Gary made a motion for KVFD to fund up to $60,000.  $110,000 funded by the town.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:  Willy was concerned about the cost for our needs here in Kent.  Jimmy discussed some of the research that went into this truck.  Passed Unanimously.

Officers Reports:  Chief stated that sidewalk sale days are at the beginning of August.  Drivers are need to help with free fire truck rides, as we have done in the past.  There were a few members who raised their hands that may be available.  Father Tom’s retirement party from Sacred Heart will be at the the Fire House on July 21, 2-4pm, in the bay of the firehouse.  Alan will announce whether we will go in uniform to his last mass and/or at the party.  July 8-12, Parks and Rec is doing a “Who is Kent?” theme at the Summer Camp.  Friday fire crew will be asked and Alex is available to to help out with this, others are welcome to join on Friday the 12th.  Alan thanked everyone who helped make the Ball a success.  Alan thanked Audra and those who marched in Washington and encouraged everyone’s participation in the upcoming parades.  Alan is looking for a duty crew for KenMont Thursday night fireworks.  Tim L. should be available.  We now have a resident state trooper, Andrew Fischer, today was his first official day.  Alan discussed evacuation of Templeton Farms after helping with a drill.  He would like membership to be aware that if there was an emergency there, they would need a great deal of assistance.  The Chief also spoke about CT firefighter license plates, now available for active members who go on at least 2 calls per month.  Alan read through fire calls and asked for comments.  Ambulance Chief reported 63 calls for June.  We are up to 305 EMS calls this year.  We only passed 5.  There is a swift water rescue class August 24 and 25.  If interested please see Mike.  Please sign up for shifts.  We need weekend crews.  Communications Officer:  Tim is working on the apparel order.

Tim L. made a motion to allow LCD to install receiving equipment for communications on a temporary basis and to have Utility Communications install and maintain Telco line protection with all costs to be paid for by LCD except electricity.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Mike made a motion to put the $500 donated by Club Getaway for ambulance service to be put in the Aiken Acct.  Seconded by Alex.  Secretary already sent them a thank you note.

Alan made a report for Gary on Engine 2, which failed a pump test.  Engineer and Gary were on top of this.   KVFD did nothing to cause this, still not sure of the cost.  KME is going to make a presentation to EC Meeting next month.  The first selectman will also be present at the next meeting to discuss the ambulance barn.

Facilities:  Jimmy gave an update on the cleaning contract, in Alexis’ absence.  Ingegneri Cleaning Service LLC of Dover Plains maintenance agreement was presented.  Mary Ann thinks that a bi-weekly agreement would be a good start.

Alex made a motion to empower the EC to enter into a contract agreement for every two weeks with Ingegneri as read by the President.  Seconded by Veronica.  Discussion:  members recommended looking into details and setting a trial period.  Passed unanimously.

Quartermaster:  Jesse gave an update on new uniforms and asked that members not call the uniform company when orders were placed as a group.  Please contact Jesse if you have questions.

Facilities continued:  Alan stated that Gwen found a leak in the vent in the kitchen before the meeting.  A call is in to Dean Ackerman.  Do not use the grill until it is fixed.

Arial Committee:  Adam reported that the committee met last month, minutes will be sent.

Fair Committee:  The president reported for Willy and Eric, (Willy left early and Eric was absent). They are looking for someone to run children’s games and the white elephant.  Alex recommended that if we do not have someone to run it, to let an outside organization run the white elephant and let them know quickly.  Members asked about a budget.  There were many concerns about the fair and the manpower.  Mike stated that the town will not be disappointed if there is no fair, based on declining participation.  Alan disagrees.

Warning of expenditures:  Alex warned for generic computer hardware/software.  Tim L. warned for possible mobile radio.

Meeting adjourned at 9:42

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary

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