July 5 2011

KVFD July 5, 2011  Monthly meeting minutes

Call to order @ 19:32 followed by the pledge of allegiance.

The minutes reflect that May Cox is acting as secretary until Cathe Mazza arrives.

1.      Public and member comment: Karen Chase presented the department with four framed posters of firefighters and ems personnel in honor of her husband.

2.      June minutes approval postponed until C. Mazza arrives.

3.      Correspondence: also postponed until C. Mazza arrives.

4.      Old Business:

a.     Membership: motion made by Lynn, seconded by Alex L., to accept Heather Brand as a member pending a favorable background check.  Approved unanimously.   Also, application received from Cynthia Barksdale.

b.     Firehouse Cleaning: contract is being reviewed by our lawyer.

c.     Watertown Engine 5: will be purchased. No title is available so shall we will buy with a bill of sale?  Motion made to that effect by Eric, seconded by Tony.  Approved unanimously.

d.     Iron Wheel location: Matt made a motion, seconded by John W., to table the vote on a location until the committee comes forward with a formal recommendation.  Approved unanimously.

e.     Propane tanks: still in the works.  John W., made a motion, seconded by Lynn W., to go ahead and allow the committee to raise the surface around the tanks at no cost.  Motion passed (vote # 1 recorded at the end of the minutes).

Arrival of Secretary so the agenda was re-visited to cover # 2 and #3.

2.  Approval of June 6th minutes: Tim L. made a motion, seconded by Tony, to approve the minutes as corrected {8b=Truck committee: ISO says there is no 20 year age replacement requirement.  Also regular hose testing should be pump testing.  4c=Apparatus Replacement: Chief Epstein reported that at the budget public hearing on May 6 that people spoke up in support of reinstating the apparatus line in the capital plan to $125,000 for the next five years.  The Board of Finance agreed to do that after the hearing and that passed at the town budget meeting on May 20th.  There are also some finds available in the capital fund that were designated in previous year: $75,000 for a brush truck, $50,000 for Truck 5-0 and $50,000 for fire apparatus.  The $100,000 could be used towards replacement of 5-0.  The Chief said the department needs to decide what to do with the $75,000; whether to purchase a brush truck or not.  There was some discussion of why a brush truck was not purchased in 2007-08 when the funds were allocated. The Chief answered that there was no place for the truck at the time and when it was specked out, the cost was higher than anticipated.

3.  Correspondence: many cards and letter of thanks were read, as well as donations made in memory of Nobuko Gleason, Larry Jennings and Martin Whitmore.


4.      Old Business continued:

f.       Facility maintenance: Matt will be the coordinator until the end of the year.

g.      100th Anniversary: Mary Cox made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to hang the banner on the building by tying it to the gutters (no drilling into the masonry).  Approved unanimously.   There will be a committee meeting on Thursday, the 7th at 6:30 p.m. to plan for the bbq on the 17th: Dawn has some things ordered already and Matt, Mary Cox, and Cathe Mazza will help as well.  More help is welcome.  Also planned are a memorabilia tent for the sidewalk sale days (we have a spot on the Library lawn near their flagpole), a memorabilia tent at the Fair, a muster on Sept. 18th although that date may change as it conflicts with the state convention parade, a Haunted House event in October, an open house on Nov. 19th, and Stuff a Truck on December 11th.

h.     Sandwich board sign: in the works.

The President adjusted the agenda to move up Committee reports.

8. Committee reports:

A.   Executive Committee met on June 20th:

1. Public and Member comments:

a.     Lynn suggest we number the Watertown Truck 2-0 (not 5-0)

b.     John R asked for help picking up donated fitness equipment.

c.     John R said there is a rope rescue drill on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 6:30 p.m.  at Kent Falls.

2. Approval of minutes: Ed made a motion, seconded by Alex, to approve the May 16th minutes as published.  Approved unanimously.

3.Old Business:

i.    Cleaning firehouse company: a contract submitted was read and reviewed.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Ed, to have the contract reviewed by a lawyer if no cost is involved. Approved unanimously.

ii.    Rear building rental: no report.

4.New Business

iii.    Equipment collection: we need to create a list and call people before any letters are mailed.  Alan, Eric and Alex will work on this.

iv.    5-0 replacement equipment: lists of needs have been collected and we’re waiting for insurance money to be received.

v.    Ambulance response: two passed calls this month.  5% is our average for the year so far. Incentives are starting soon and let’s see how that affects response.

vi.    Records Clerk Assistant: Gwen made a motion, seconded by Gary, to appoint Jean Speck as assistant with the understanding that when Dawn leaves, Jean will step up as Records Clerk to complete the year.  Motion passed 4-2.  Those in favor: Eric, Gary, Mike, and Gwen.  Those opposed: Alex and Ed.  Abstaining were Alan and Cathe.


vii.    Met with Heather Brand who is applying as an EMR.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Gwen to recommend Heather to the department pending a background check.  Approved unanimously.

viii.    Lynn offered to write press releases concerning recruitment.  Eric, Ed and Jeremy will put out the “help us help you” banners.

6.Officer reports:

ix.    Chief: had a meeting today with OSHA and our fine was reduced 80% to $1,260 provided we use their educational team and their training services.  Mike made a motion, seconded by Ed, to recommend to the department that we pay this fine.  Approved unanimously with the Chief abstaining.

x.    Gary: line officers covered a long agenda: radio reprogramming, relabeling trucks, damaged hose, sop changes, 5-0 equipment, and dry hydrants.  He also mentioned installing a fiber optic cable which would avoid the radio blowing a fuse.

xi.    Alex: he was able to buy six pulse-oximeters for $700.  He’s waiting to hear about an EMT class starting in Washington.

xii.     Gwen: the May checking account was reconciled on June 8th.  The OEM officer’s phone line should be paid by the town, not us.  She is holding a bill for repairs to the radio room and computers until Bill Keane can sort it out. Have we received our insurance claim money for defibrillators? No, not yet.  Gwen advised that all letters sent out on behalf of the department be reviewed first by the Chief.   She also requested that department receipts for items to be paid should be separated from personal receipts.  Gwen said that Bank of America has a matching gift program for any donations made by their customers.

7.Appointed positions: no report

8.Committee Reports

xiii.    Technology: no report

xiv.    Document review on the investment policy: if passed by the department, the EC will appoint a review committee.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Ed, to recommend the policy to the department.  Approved unanimously.

xv.    Iron Wheel: Ed said his committee will recommend that the wheel will go between the Chief’s window and the Ambulance Chief’s window.  The Lest We Forget sign will be recommended to stay in storage and instead have the department buy a flag.  These will be voted on in July by the membership.

B. Truck committee: Tony read a letter concerning the behavior of some committee members and issues between committee members, and resigned as Chair of the committee.  The President said he will meet with the committee as soon as possible.

C. Endowment investment committee: Lynn made a motion, seconded by Rebecca T., to approve the policy as published.  Approved unanimously.

D. Ball: Dawn thanked everyone who helped.  We will need a new chair for the committee for 2012.  Our ballpark profit is $26,000 pending a meat bill from the IGA.

E. Fair: a booklet is going to be produced by Lynn, Amanda and Veronica.  The cake booth will be run by Mary Cox who asked for lots of help baking.

F. Golf: registration forms have been mailed to previous attendees.

The agenda then returned to New Business

5.      New Business:

a.     Staffing for EMS calls: after some discussion, the topic was tabled to the EC.

b.     Staffing for Fire calls: Alex L voiced his concerns.

c.     Recruitment committee needs a chair.

d.     Solar Panels: after some discussion, Lynn made a motion, seconded by Art, to empower the EC to enter and execute contract negotiations with DCS Energy.  Following more discussion, a friendly amendment was made by John, seconded by Anne, to delete “and execute” from the original motion.  The amendment passed unanimously.  Then the membership voted on the original motion, with all in favor except Matt, and Audra abstaining.

e.     Gas Cards: Alex has taped the report to the EMS office window.  Alex made a motion, seconded by Tim L, to spend up to $4,500 for gas card incentives.  Approved unanimously.

f.      Watertown truck: Eric made a motion, seconded by Matt, to spend up to $700 to re-letter the Watertown truck in Kent’s style.  There was discussion and the vote was taken.  Motion defeated 5-9-4 (vote #2).  Lynn then made a motion, seconded by John W., to re-letter the Watertown engine as Kent 2-0 in our style.  Motion was defeated 3-10-4  (vote #3).    Matt followed with a motion, seconded by Gary, to remove the Watertown label and put Kent on the truck at a cost up to $700.  Motion carried 13-2-3  (vote #4).

g.     OSHA: Eric explained that our final penalty is $1,260 which is an 80% reduction after our appeal with improvements noted.   Eric made a motion, seconded by Matt, to accept the OSHA decision and pay the fine.  Approved unanimously.

h.     Gaylordsville is having a muster on July 30.  Matt made a motion, seconded by Alex L., to spend up to $100 for the entry fee.  Approved unanimously.

i.       Legislative Bill: John W reported that Sen. Roraback successfully amended the law pertaining to how the FOI Act applies to elections at volunteer fire departments.  The amendment clarifies that secret paper ballots are allowed.  Here is the link: http://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/cgabillstatus/cgabillstatus.asp?selBillType=Bill&bill_num=38&which_year=2011&SUBMIT1.x=16&SUBMIT1.y=10.

6.      Officer reports:

a.     Fire:       6/7   bicycle accident       Muller Rd  & Rt. 7

6/8   automatic alarm      333 Kent Rd.

6/8   automatic alarm      333 Kent Rd. #2 alarm

6/8   automatic alarm      Kent School

6/8   tre es in wires           22 Sumner Rd.

6/9   automatic alarm      59 Preston Mt. Rd.

6/9   automatic alarm      116 Cobble Rd.

6/9   mva                            146 Kent Cornwall Rd.

6/9  signal 1                       multiple storm related calls

6/10  automatic alarm    116 Cobble Rd.

6/10  wires down              208 Kent Rd.

6/10  automatic alarm    59 Preston Mt. Rd.

6/10  wires down              285 Kent Cornwall Rd.

6/11  propane smell         62 Carter Rd.

6/12   mva                          Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/12   automatic alarm   Henderson Rd.

6/13  missing person        Morningstar Rest Home

6/13   lift assist                  80 North Main St.

6/15   mutual aid              town of Northville

6/16   lift assist                  16 Angel Vista

6/17   pump out 476 Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/17   automatic alarm   Kent School

6/18   assist EMS               80 North Main St.

6/20   lift assist                  16 Angel Vista

6/21   automatic alarm   591 Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/21   trail rescue             Appalachian Trail

6/22   wires down             64 Maple St.

6/22   mutual aid              town of Warren

6/23   mva                          267 Kent Rd.

6/29   mva                          Skiff Mt. Rd.

6/30   automatic alarm   Skiff Mt. Rd.

b.     EMS: 52 calls in June with two passed calls.

c.     Training: pack inspections on Thursday.  RIT topics this month.  CPR in September.

d.     Engineer: no report

e.     Communications: base station ok now after recent lightening strikes.  We may want to invest in fiber optics in the future.  Matt made a motion, seconded Anne, to purchase portable radio equipment lost on 5-0.  Approved unanimously.

f.      Treasurer: Gwen said our re-occurring bills in June = $6,538.72 and our bills totaled $37,703.11.  Gary made a motion, seconded Alex L, to pay the bills.  Approved unanimously.   John Russell made a motion, seconded by Tim L, to allow the investment committee to oversee the electronic transfer of all department investment funds from Merrill Lynch to Charles Schwab.  Approved unanimously.

7.      Appointed Positions:

a.     Records Clerk: Jean Speck will be Dawn’s assistant for now and then take over when Dawn moves out of town.

b.     Quartermaster: no report {Jessie Rundall and Stacy Kabasakalian are assistants}

c.     Firehouse Coordinator: no report.  Position will need replacement for Dawn.

d.     Loan Officer: two large department coolers are still missing.

e.     Juniors: no report.

f.      Technology: no report.  There was a request from the floor to fix the wireless in the radio room.  Matt said he would look into having a tech company provide service to us.

9.Outside Organizations:

a. LCC: no report

b. NMAFC: no report

c. NW Zone: no report

d. LCD: switchover day had trouble.  LCD is going to use a 90 day trial period to dispatch using a single tone.  When this trial will start will be announced.  Eric also said discussion is underway concerning police having the judgment to call for just an ambulance dispatch versus ambulance and fire (for scene safety).


10. Expenditures:

a. John W warned for propane tank work

b. $300 for a Lest We Forget flag.

c. Water delivered by the pallet: we’ll return unused for credit and order from the IGA in the future.

d. Gary warned for new maps in the radio room.



Adjourned at 22:53 by motion from Matt, seconded by Mary.  Approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, secretary


Vote #1: Propane tank: those in favor = Amon, Bernard, Epstein, Erskine, Houck, Kabasakalian, Kennedy, Limbos A, Limbos T, Limbos V, Petrone A, Price, Romano, Russell, Sneller T, Starr M, Worthington L, and Worthington J.  Those against were = Molnar.  Those abstaining were: Bisenius A, Speck J and Trautmann.  Motion passes 18-1-3.


Vote #2: Re-lettering Watertown Engine as Kent 5-0 in our style.  Those in favor: Epstein, Limbos A, Molnar, Price, and Russell.  Those against: Cox, Hock, Limbos T, Limbos V, Petrone A, Petrone M, Starr M, Worthington J, and Worthington L.  Those abstaining: Bernard, Bisenius A, Erskine, and Kabasakalian.  Motion fails 5-9-4.


Vote #3: Re-lettering the Watertown engine as Kent 2-0 in our style.  Those in favor: Epstein, Worthington J and Worthington L.  Those against: Cox, Hock, Limbos A, Limbos T, Limbos V, Molnar, Petrone A, Petrone M, Russell, and Starr M.  Those abstaining: Bernard, Bisenius A, Erskine, Kabasakalian, and Price.  Motion fails 3-10-4.


Vote #4: Re-lettering: to remove the Watertown label and put Kent on the truck at a cost up to $700.  Those in favor: Cox, Epstein, Hock, Kabasakalian, Limbos A, Limbos T, Limbos V, Molnar, Petrone M, Petrone A, Price, Russell, and Starr M. Those against: Worthington J and Worthington L.  Abstaining: Bernard, Bisenius A and Erskine.  Motion passes: 13-2-3.


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