Jun 17 2013 EC

KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes June 17, 2013

Call to Order: 19:32  by President, Jim Rundall

Public and Member Comments: The President appointed Veronica Limbos as acting secretary. Sherman ordered supplies for the back building. He requested that we have a work detail to remove the beams in the last bay to put in the new door. Alan suggested Tim Sneller be present when this happens, pending work detail for Thursday.

Minutes: Brian made a motion seconded by Tim to change Jimmy to Brian in regards to taking the picture on Memorial Day. Alan abstained. Motion carries.

Appointed Positions Reports: Facilities requested to change the cleaning contract from SOP 1-5 to a new revamped cleaning contract. Alexis brings to the EC to change the cleaning contract. Gary made a motion to bring to the department the company we have a bid on, seconded by Tim. Approved. Jimmy is going to call and ask the company for a new quote for every other week.

Officer Reports: Alan Gawel, Chief, told us about the recruitment retention class at the Litchfield Fire House is hosting on July 28, 2013 from 9-1. Also, they will be using the bays of the fire house for Father Tom’s farewell party as he is retiring. This will be held on July 21, 2013 from 2-4 (this will just be for the community of Kent).  Gary Hock, Assistant Chief, talked about what happened with Engine 2 and that it is out of service. He talked about the fact that Fail Safe will not cover the cost. Gary thinks that it is going to cost $25,000. Alan made a recommendation to make it an insurance claim, seconded by Tim. Approved by all. Tim Sneller, Assistant Chief, sent out an email regarding Hydrant testing and got one reply saying the grounds were wet.

Old Business: 2013 Budget, Sherman said we are doing good and we are staying in budget. He also mentioned that the ball did well. Year to date $19,000 to the good.

New Business: Brush Truck, Gary said we received two bids and two rejections. Chivvis came in with a bid of $167,000, and FireMatic Brat came in with a bid of $158,000. He then went over what the committee discussed. Tim Sneller made a motion for the Fire Department to use $60,000 of the $132,000 carry over to properly fund the Brush Truck, seconded by Audra Petrone. Tim, Gary, Audra (YES); Alan, Brian (NO); Sherman, Jimmy (ABSTAINED). Motion carries. Ambulance Committee, met several times this last month. They are in the final stage of contract. Alan made a motion that the president and chairman of the ambulance committee sign execute the agreement presented to us, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved by all. Alan made a motion seconded by Sherman to move $74,000 from the Ambulance Fund to the General Fund so that checks can be issued for the down payment on the New Ambulance ($42,000 for the ambulance and $32,000 for the Striker power load).  Motion carries Communications Officers Appointment: Alan made a motion that Tim Limbos be communications officer for the remainder of 2013 due to the bylaw change, seconded by Brian Hunt. Approved by all.

Adjournment: 21:27

Respectfully Submitted,

Veronica Limbos, Acting Secretary

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