June 3, 2011 Reg Monthly Meeting

KVFD Regular Meeting Minutes (passed unanimously)

June 3, 2013
Call to Order:  19:37
Pledge of Allegiance
Continuation of May 6th recessed meeting:  Other appointed positions reports: facilities- Alexis reported that cleaning bids are out.  Committee reports:  brush truck committee sent out bid requests, due this Friday.  Ball committee:  Dawn still needs people to sign up for open slots on the schedule for ball duties and the firehouse still needs more cleaning.  Dawn has tickets for members and the public.  Chief thanked Dawn and asked for everyone’s help.  Gwen asked Secretary to send a handwritten note to Bill Tobin, Ane Starr and Carol McCann for their many years of help at the Ball.
Warning of expenditures:  Mike warned for money for the new ambulance equipment.  Jessie warned for money for replacement of turnout gear.  Alex, under technology, warned for color ink jet printer and desktop for Chief’s office.  Mike warned for funds to remove dead tree in front of firehouse.  Alan warned to purchase member license plates, stickers and t-shirts.  Meeting Adjourned.
June 3 Regular meeting officially opened.
Gary made a motion to add under new business:  constitution and by law changes, and ambulance equipment, color ink jet, laptop for Chief’s office, removal of dead tree, purchase of license plates, stickers and t-shirts.  Seconded by Tim Limbos.  Matt Starr opposed.  Motion Passed.
Public Comment:  Brian Hunt, speaking as Emergency Management Director, updated on sever weather drill.  Emergency operations center will be open.  Brian will email the date and information to membership.
Correspondence:  Read by Secretary and Chief.  Thank you’s will be sent.  Chief said that we will allow the firehouse to be used for the Night of 1,000 pies fundraiser as requested.
Minutes:  Mark Hamilton made a motion to accept the May minutes with the corrections that Audra did not abstain from color guard equipment vote and under Treasurer’s report, the web hosting bill was not included.  Seconded by Sherman.  Motion passed unanimously.
Treasurer:  Sherm read bills.  Sherm made a motion to pay bills as read.  Seconded by Alex.  Motion passed unanimously.
Membership:  Alan presented Jim Canning and Tim Limbos with ten year pin.    Audra Petrone and Josh Kraig were presented with 5 year pin.  Dawn Molnar was congratulated for 20 years, her pin will be sent to her.  New auxiliary members applications were shared, Heidi Terrell, Kathy M.- Johnson, Carmel Karina O’Meara.
Motion to accept motion to vote on 3 new auxiliary members was made by Brian, seconded by Tim L..  Passed Unanimously.
Veronica made a motion to accept the three new auxiliary members, seconded by Audra.  Passed Unanimously.  Mary Ann asked that Carmel’s number be available for emergency translations.
Brian discussed removal of key from the gator.  He stated that the gator is now insured through the Town.  The gator will not be taken from the firehouse.  He is concerned that a department member took the key.  Alan reminded everyone that we are here to protect life limb and property. John Russell feels has concerns bout how this is being handled.
Alan would like to thank everyone for participation on Memorial Day, he was also speaking on Jim Rundall’s behalf.  He also thanked everyone who helped at EMS Open House, especially Mike and Mary Ann.
Old Business:  Awards banquet:  Steve from SKS is interested in doing something similar to the Marvelwood brunch.  Anne B. will look into Club Getaway.  Mike prefers a dinner.  John believes Marvelwood would be open to an event with alcohol when there are no students on campus.
New Business:  New ambulance equipment:  Mike warned for power load, power chair and stretcher and extension for wider load.  $3600 cost, 3 year payment plan.  
Mike made a motion to authorize expenditure fo $38,471.46 total, over 3 years ($12,823.82 per year) to purchase power load system, powercot and stairchair for new ambulance.  The money will come from Aiken fund first year and from the budget the remaining two years.  Alex seconded.  Discussion:  Eric asked about the interest rate.  Interest rate is approx. 5%.  Discussion about Aiken fund usage.  Alex made a friendly amendment to pay entire total cost out of the Aiken fund in one payment of $36,235.  Art explained that installation of hardware needs to be approved before the ambulance is built.  Opposed John R.  Abstain:  Peter and Mary.  Motion passed.
Alex made a motion to spend up to $12,000 for portable equipment for new ambulance.  Rebecca seconded.  Discussion: general OEMS equipment including laptop port is needed.  John R abstained.  Motion passed.
Alex made a motion to purchase and outfit the new ambulance out of the Aiken fund drawing down the balance to $190,000.  Remaining balance will be financed at a rate not to exceed 4.5% over 5 years.  Seconded by Tim L.  Motion passed unanimously.
Alex made a motion to spend up to $150 for color ink jet printer.  Seconded by Tim L.  Motion passed unanimously.
Alex made a motion to spend up to $200 for a desktop computer for Chief’s office.  Seconded by Veronica.  Motion passed unanimously.
Mike motioned to have dead tree removed for up to $700.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed unanimously.
Alan made a motion that the department purchase license plates and stickers to be given to active members.  Seconded by Mike.  Joe B. opposed.  Motion carries.
Alan made a motion to have department buy and give a t-shirt to members who attend 12 calls over 1 year period.  John R. seconded.  Opposed:  John R.  Motion passed.
Jessie made a motion to spend up to $57,000 for new Morning Pride gear, 25 sets.  Alex seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Constitution and By Law Changes:  Following Article VIII. Constitution and By Law changes were presented as they appear on website and in Email.  
Proposed Constitution Changes:
Article IV, Section 1:  Tim L made a motion to strike “communications officer” from Article IV, Section 1.   Seconded by Bill K,  Passed unanimously.
Article VI, Section 2:  Tim L made a motion to to make proposed changes under article VI, section 2 to add “communications officer”.  Passed unanimously.
Mike P. made a motion to change make proposed changes under Article II, section 2, adding “Hazmat awareness only for all members who are EMS only”.  Seconded by Jessie.  Discussion of OSHA regs and the wording of the proposed changes took place.  4 YES: Bill, Jesse, Mike, Christian.  17 NO:  Alex, Gary, Alexis, Biz, Mary, Pete, Josh, Veronica, Joe, Willy, Rebecca, Gwen, Scott, Eric, Sherm, Mary Ann, Mark.  Abstain:  Audra, Tim L, John Ch.  Motion defeated.
Mike made a motion to make proposed changes to Article III, Section 2 by adding, “shall respond to at least 20 emergency calls”.  Seconded by Veronica.  YES: Mike, NO: Gary, Jesse, Tim, Audra, Veronica, Christian, Mary, Pete, Josh, Joe, Willy, Eric, Gwen, Scott, John, Mark, Biz.  Abstain:  Alexis, Sherm, Mary Ann.  Motion defeated.
Mike made a motion to make proposed changes to Article IV, Section 1 by adding “to be eligible for Emergency Officer position a member must have been to at least 24 calls and for fire maintained quarterly training for the past year, effective January 2014”.  Seconded by Sherm.  YES:  Sherman  NO:  John, Eric, Gwen, Scott, Willy, Joe, Josh, Pete, Biz, Gary, Mary, Mark.  Abstain:  Mary Ann, Rebecca, Tim L, Alexis, Audra, Alex, Veronica, Jessie, Christian.  Motion defeated.
Proposed By-Law Changes:
Eric made a motion to make proposed changes to Section 2 with the addition of “To be eligible for Captain, Assist. Fire Chief or Fire Chief, an individual must have held the previous rank for a minimum of 12 months, effective January 2014”, seconded by Gary. YES:  Sherm, John, Scott, Eric, Mary Ann, Gwen, Tim, Willy, Alexis, Christian, Mary, Peter, Audra, Veronica, Gary, Biz, Rebecca.  NO:  Josh, Joe.  Abstain:  Mark, Jesse, Alex.  Motion carries.
Tim L made a motion to make proposed changes to Article Xl adding “12 hours of an EMS shift shall count towards call requirements as a call.  Seconded by Alex.  YES:  Tim, Mary Ann, Eric, John R, Audra, Alex, Veronica, Stacey, NO: Joe, Josh, Pete, Gary, Gwen, Scott, Rebecca.  Abstain:  Biz, Mark.  Motion defeated.  
Alan made a motion to make proposed changes to bylaws under section 12 (removing several lines regarding treasurer’s duties and changing signature requirements and duties of President in the absence of Treasurer).  Seconded by Veronica.  Abstain:  Gary.  Motion passed.
Officer’s Reports:  Gary read Chief’s reports.  Discussion on recent EMS call for lift assistance.  Please radio if you are going to the scene so people know you are coming.  Mary Ann reminded that C-Spine needs to be held by fire or EMS at all times.  Scott suggested that friendly emails could be sent out almost as teaching moments.  Chief reminded everyone to be careful on scene to reduce injuries and vehicle damage.  If there is damage or injury, report immediately.  Alan commended Alex for his handling of ambulance when it was damaged.  Alan announced that a recruitment and retention training is coming up soon.  Alan will post and share.  Alan touched on state wide sever weather drill, KVFD will not have a major role.  Alan asked that if something is out of service, put it on table by engineer’s cage, as Alexis has suggested.  Gary said Fail Safe was here and he thanked Sherm and Tim L..
Appointed Positions Reports:   Veronica, as Records Clerk, asked that members not make their own “run forms”, make copies or ask Veronica for more.  Suggestions for changes should go to EC.  Jessie, Quartermaster, reported that several new uniforms are on order.  A letter will go out to people who have gear and pagers and have not been active.  Encourage them to get involved.  Alex(technology) is working on new wireless.  Fiber optic line coming next week to test new system that will connect everyone to headquarters.  
Committee Reports:  Golf Fundraiser:  Annie still looking for someone to shadow her and take this over.  Budget was presented last month.
Joe made a motion to accept Golf Tournament Budget.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.  
Fair Committee:  Alex said fair committee asked for access to emails.
Ambulance Committee:  Contract will be ready to be signed by end of the month.
Brush Truck:  Bids are due this Friday night.  Gary warned for Brush Truck expenditures.
Technology:  Alex warned for generic computer hard/software.
Adjourned:  22:42

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