June 6 2011

KVFD June 6, 2011 monthly meeting minutes

Call to order @ 19:35 and Pledge of allegiance

1.      Public/member comments: none

2.      Mike P made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to approve May meeting minutes.  Approved unanimously.

3.      Correspondence: none as the secretary came late to the meeting.

4.      Old Business

a.      Paid positions: EC met a couple of time in May.  Gwen has agreed to continue as a volunteer for 2011.  Gwen will have first right of refusal for 2012 and will notify the department by the December 2011 meeting if she’s going to continue on or not.  So the department will not move forward with an employee contract.

b.      Membership: Alex L made a motion, seconded by Gwen, to accept Mike Sivick as a full member.  Approved unanimously

c.      Apparatus Replacement: we’re in good shape for 2011-2012.  Three funds were established: $75,000/ $50,000 for 5-0/ $75,000 for apparatus.  We need to decide if we want to reallocate the aerial truck funds or purchase a brush truck.

d.      Firehouse Cleaning: Dawn made a motion, seconded by Veronica to hire have the Executive Committee negotiate and enter into a contract with Greg/Margaret McDonough to clean once a week for four hours on a three month trial period. Approved unanimously with one nay vote (Jean S)

e.      Watertown Engine 5:  Seth made a motion, seconded by Art, to spend $12,500 for the purchase of this truck.  Our offer will have to go to the Watertown City Commissioners.  After some discussion a vote was taken.  Approved unanimously

f.       Iron Wheel location: one meeting was held. The wheel was placed between the three front windows which seemed generally unsatisfactory to the membership.  Mike Sivic will move it with a town loader.  John W asked that the decision on where to place the wheel be tabled.

g.      Mulch: Dawn made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to buy 10 yards of mulch for $300 (already received 5 yards-2 of which were free) from Advanced in New Milford.  The town crew picked it up.  Approved unanimously

5.      New Business

First Selectman Bruce Adams spoke to the department; he wished us good luck with the Ball, said thank you for a job well done at the recent MVA at the Library, and he asked for a show of hands to support moving forward with solar panels on our property.  The show of hands would not be a commitment but the ok to gather more specific information from DCS Energy.  The department gave him that positive show of hands.

a. Propane tanks are sinking? After some discussion, it was agreed that Will Gawel and John Worthington will look into it.

b. Plant maintenance committee: looking for volunteers.

c. 100th anniversary: meeting announced soon now that the Chair is on summer recess from school.  We have a BBQ planned for July 19th and Matt S volunteered to help cook.

d. Sandwich board: Maryann not ready for the meeting.  Dawn said there is a sandwich sign in the old ambulance barn.

e. PA truck trip: Tony made a motion, seconded by Dawn, to reimburse Tim Limbos for his expenses ($170 gas and food).  Motion was passed and is recorded at the end of the minutes as Vote #1.

f. Alex L made a motion, seconded by Rebecca T, to purchase two more pulse oxi-meter machines up to $700.  Approved unanimously

g.Alex L made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to purchase a Slipp patient movement device up to $200.  Approved unanimously.

h. Dawn made a motion, seconded by Eric, to purchase runners/truck bay grate covers.  Motion was defeated and is recorded at the end of the minutes as Vote #2.  There was consensus for dual purpose runners which would cover the grates in times of special events but also protect the floors in the winter from the tire chains.

i. Speaking fee: June 18th 9 a.m.-5 p.m. we will sponsor Jon Politis.  Mike P made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to use $800 from the training budget and to ask attending departments for donations.  Approved unanimously

6.      Officer Reports

a. Fire Chief

5/3         odor of gas                        7 Pheasant Run Rd.

5/4         automatic alarm               99 A Cobble Rd.

5/7         wires down                        22 Sumner Rd.

5/7         wires down                        244 Kent Cornwall Rd.

5/11       structure fire                     Richards Rd.

5/12       brush fire                            220 Kent Rd, Warren

5/16       automatic alarm               25 Bulls Bridge Rd.

5/19       tree down                          231 Kent Rd.

5/19       MVA                                    South Kent Rd.

5/22       automatic alarm               107 Kent Cornwall Rd.

5/27       automatic alarm               Kent School

5/27       automatic alarm               34 Macedonia Brook Rd.

5/28       automatic alarm               Kent School

5/28       automatic alarm              Kent School (second call)

5/29       automatic alarm               5 Cobble Rd.

5/30       pole on fire                        15 Cobble Lane

5/30       automatic alarm               59 Preston Mt. Rd.

5/30       utility problem                   10 Lane St.

5/31       automatic alarm               115 Cobble Rd.

5/31       smoke alarm                      16 Swift’s Lane

6/1         automatic alarm               109 Kent Hollow Rd.

6/3         standby                               Wassaic, NY

6/3         automatic alarm               88 Spooner Hill Rd.

6/3         mva                                     27 Main St.

*Chief said our AFG grant for 2010 was denied. Eric made a motion, seconded by Mike P, to allow VFIS to use photos of 5-0 truck fire.  Approved unanimously with John R abstaining  Chief said our final fines from OSHA total $2,100 (5 fines at $420 each).  He has requested an informal hearing to show our progress and hopes to reduce our fines.  All info is posted in the radio room.


b. EMS Chief: 37 calls in May with one passed call.  Alex and Eric met with the staff of The Kent recently.  Alex said he is planning EMR or EMT refresher and a PHTLS for later in the year.


c. Training: we have to coordinate our training by the quarter per OSHA.  All this week, Mike P will be at the firehouse 8-9 p.m. to do training.  June 21 Elkhart will be at the firehouse for a nozzle demo at 6:30 p.m.


d. Engineer: chain saws are on the brush trucks.  Bill made a motion, seconded by Alex, to purchase an air hose for the apparatus bays at a cost under $100.  Approved unanimously


e. Communications: the siren is working again.  Everyone was asked/reminded not to change the radio controls on the machines in the radio room.


f. Treasurer: $42,320.70 were May’s monthly bills.  Alex L made a motion, seconded by Tony, to pay the bill as published by the Treasurer and distributed to the membership.  Approved unanimously with Veronica abstaining  Gwen was asked to publish year to date numbers instead of monthly numbers and to publish budget updates quarterly: she said she would do so.


7. Appointed Positions:

a. Firehouse software is in the radio room and Dawn is willing to teach anyone who wants to learn it.


b. no report


c. no report


d. no report


e. two juniors actively training


f. radio room computer will be back up this week.

8.      Committee Reports

a. The Secretary read highlights of the EC meetings on 5/2 and 5/16.


b. Truck committee: Tony said we do not need mandatory life expectancies for trucks, just regular hose testing.  There is another truck show on June 24th at the Big E in MA.


c. Endowment/Investment policy vote will be held at the July meeting.


d. Ball: members need to buy their tickets at half price.  Contact Amanda Harvey for tickets. Work detail on Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th at 6 p.m. Grand March rehearsal is Friday at 7 p.m.


e. Fair budget was presented. Eric made a motion, seconded by Will, to approve the budget.  Approved unanimously


f. Golf date is September 19th at Bulls Bridge with dinner at the Fife.  Contact Anne to volunteer or for more information.


g. Coin Drop: Veronica reported that @2,078.94 was collected.  A round of applause was given by the membership to Veronica and those who helped her.


9.      Outside Organizations

a. No report


b. No report


c. No report


d. LCD is moving their operations to Torrington this week.

10.   Expenditures

a. Alex warned for gas cards in the second quarter as part of incentive program.


b. Eric warned for lettering and painting expenses for the Watertown truck at $700.


Motion to adjourn at 22:31

Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, secretary


Vote 1:

For the motion:  Amon, Blank, Canning, M Cox, Epstein, Erskine, A Harvey, Kennedy, Kragh, A Limbos, V Limbos, Molnar, Romano, Russell, Trautmann, Van Valkenburg, J Worthington, and L Worthington.

Against the motion: Houck, M Petrone, Price, and M Starr.

Abstaining: A Bisenius, Hock, A Petrone, and J Speck.


Vote 2:

For the motion: Blank, Molnar, J Worthington, and L Worthington.

Against the motion: Amon, Canning, Caroselli, M Cox, Epstein, Hock, Houck, Kennedy, A Limbos, A Petrone, M Petrone, Price, Romano, Russell, J Speck, M Starr, and Van Valkenburg.

Abstaining: A Harvey and V Limbos

Attendance:  T Amon, M Barksdale, A Bisenius, J Bisenius, B Blank, J Canning, J Caroselli, M Cox, E Epstein, L Erskine, A Gawel, W Gawel, A Harvey, G Hock, S Houck, R Kennedy, A Limbos, V Limbos, C Mazza, D Molnar, A Petrone, M Petrone, G Price, A Romano, J Russell, J Speck, M Starr, R Trautmann, M VanValkenburg, A Woodruff, J Worthington, L Worthington

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