KVFD December Month;y Meeting 12/3/12

KVFD Monthly Meeting

Meeting called to order by President at 7:32pm

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Public Comment: none

2. Approval of minutes: Motion made by Mike to accept the minutes as distributed with one change, seconded by Scott. Approved unanimously with Tim L. abstaining.

3. Correspondence: A Thanksgiving card, seven letters of donation, three training courses, two letters of thanks and two invitations were read.

4. Treasurer Report: Motion made by Scott to approve the bills as read, seconded by Gary. Approved unanimously.

5. Membership: None

6. Old Business:
a. Computer Hard/Software- Motion made by Tim L. to table until Alex arrives, seconded by Mike. Approved unanimously.
b. E2 equipment- Gary asked it be tabled until 2013

7. New Business:
a. Ambulance Committee- Art gave a presentation on the specs. An approximate timeline was given with a possibility of delivery of the new ambulance in mind 2013. Motion made by Tim L. that KVFD keep our current ambulance and license with State Department of Public Health for a second ambulance, seconded by Mike. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Alex to empower the ambulance committee that the final specs recommended from the committee, dated 11/30/12, be submitted in a request for proposals, seconded by Alexis. Approved unanimously.
b. Capital Plan- Line officers reviewed the capital plan and gave their recommendations of changes for approval by the BOF. Motion made by Tim S. to approve the capital plan as presented with adjustments presented by Tim which are 1. rename ladder truck to ladder truck and/or other apparatus or emergency equipment. 2. Take 125K out of 2018 and 2019 and put it back in 2017 3. Rename Pumper 6 refurbish to Engine 1 replacement 4. Add in FY 2013/2014 $53K for utility 4 replacement and 5. Add in FY 2014/2014 $62, 500 for interior FF turnout replacement, seconded by John Russell. Approved unanimously with Pete B. abstaining.
c. 2013 Budget- The budget is being worked on.

Computer Hard/Software- Alex looked into the cloud system and gave a quick review. Motion made by Alex to enter into a five year contract for the cloud system  and for expenditure up to $1900 a year, seconded by Mke. Approved with Ed Matson and Brian Hunt voting no.

8. Officers Reports:
a. Chiefs report- Matt was not present. Secretary read his report in his absence:
Auto Alarms –5, Car Fires-2, EMS / CSP Assist -3, Wires/trees -2 (One with school bus), MVA -2, Brush Fires / illegal burn- 4, Mutual Aid- 2, Haz Mat-2, Other- 1 (CO at High Watch)
Totals:23 calls. 1. Pine Tree in front is on agenda to be cut down before it falls down on a vehicle or person
2. CL&P is aware of their past failure to respond as per the DPUC standards and will try harder but have budget constraints.
3. Building alarm system – all set and fixed
4. Hardship Ambulance write off another member (past Chief) request was received by the chief
and forwarded to the committee for review.
5. Inland Wetlands approved our request for repair of the trench that settled as well as installation of a driveway to the rear overhead door.
6. Budget review of YTD meeting was held, areas are over budget, does not show the 50K that was voted to be transferred to the Akin fund 25K for 2011 and 25k 2012.
7. Tim has report on capital requests, the first selectman notified me today the turnout gear is
being cut.
8. Communications officer is going to veteran status, I nominate Tim Limbos to fill the position for
the remaining time. (Communications officers letter was not read therefore the position was not up for nomination. Her  letter will be read at the EC meeting and addressed then. Please see Presidents report)
LCD could not go, LCC –Could not go, NW Zone could not go, NMAC – Gary, Line Officer Meeting – Tim will report
b. Assistant Chiefs report- Reminder from Gary that the propane tank must be attended to at all times when using the New Milford Smoke house.

c. Captains report- John R. thanked all who attended the Marvelwood School call.

d. Ambulance Chiefs report- 43 total calls for the month. Mike gave a run down of calls to date.  He asks that all members do not talk negatively on calls and please be professional. The tank lif is in and being stored in the O2 locker. The POC will be looking at the contract which ends this year. All CME’s at Sharon Hospital are the third Monday of every month. Mary Ann asks if anything happens with the ambulance please let them know right away.

e. Engineers report- Both brush trucks were serviced. H7 is back in house. R8 light tower will be done by Wednesday.

f. Presidents report- The communications officer has requested to go on Veterans status. The communications position will be p for nomination. Bruce sent information on a gear grant. Anne B. is willing to work on the grant. The audit is completed and there will be a presentation on the findings at the next EC meeting. State and Federal filings are done.

9. Appointed Positions Reports:
a. Juniors- Brian asks that if there is any concerns with the Juniors please speak with an advisory board member.
b. Facilities Coordinators- Motion made by Brian to spend $480 a year for and enter into a contract for garbage pick up every other week, seconded by Alexis. Approved unanimously. Alexis asks that only cardboard go in the cardboard dumpster.
The new fingerprint recognition locks on the officers doors are being put in on Tuesday. They are looking for volunteers to help check all emergency lights. Please contact Sherm or Alexis if you are able.

10. Committee Reports:

a. Brush Truck Committee- The committee will have a report for the January meeting.

b. Aerial Committee- A meeting will be called soon.

c. Ball Committee- Veronica and Amanda will not be co-chairs next so a new chair is needed. Veronica will help whomever steps up.

d. Nominating Committee- Veronica reported the nominating committee has contacted all members eligible to run for a position. The slate to voted on is as follows:

Chief- Matt Starr

Assistant Chiefs- Gary Hock, Tim Sneller

Ambulance Chief- Mike Petrone

Captains- Alex Limbos, Audra Petron, John Russell

Lieutenants- Adam Woodruff, Alexis Swagemaker, Brian Hunt, Tim Limbos

Assistant Ambulance Chief- Mary Ann Van Valkenburg

President- Alan Gawel

Secretary- Mary Cox

Engineer- John Christen

Communications Officer- Tim Limbos

Treasurer- none

11. Warning of expenditures: Alexis warns for up to $600 for color guard gear upgrade. Tim Limbos warns for scene lighting and a roof for the gator.

Meeting adjourned approximately 9:45

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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