KVFD Regular EC Meeting

President called meeting to order at 7:45 pm.

1. Public and Member Comments; None

2. Minutes: Motion made by Tim Sneller to accept the minutes as distributed, seconded by Audra Petrone. Approved unanimously.

3. Membership/Personnel: Kelly Demers was in for review. Her probation was extended for six months. Annette Pecora was in for review. Motion made by Matt Starr at 7:51 to go into executive session, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr to come out of executive session at 7:57, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved Unanimously. Her probation was extended for six months. Elizabeth Cox was in for review. Her Probation was extended for six months. Stan Vylet was unable to meet. He had submitted an email to the Chief stating he would be stepping down as an emergency member.

4. Appointed Positions Reports: Sherman reported that the rear building has been re-keyed and that the rear building roof is leaking.

5.Officers Reports:

a. Captains- John R. would like to see the sponsor checklist to be added to the next agenda so he can move forward with it.

b. Engineer- There were concerns that Rescue 8 wasa out for two months. Eric had said it was for a host of reasons including multiple vendors and time waiting on parts.

c. Ambulance Chief- Mike reported that we are three calls over this time last year.

6. Old Business:

a. Ambulance Committee- Alex reported that they would like to use a RFP versus a bid process. There was discussion on how the EC would like to handle the money aspect. The Ambulance Committee will be getting spec sheet to the EC and then financing procedures will be discussed.

b. Audit- Debbie has items that still need attention. EC is asked to review open items and get back to her ASAP.

c. Record Keeping- There was discussion on where we are at in terms of record keeping. Matt has concern that we need an updated program with cloud capability. Alex will get a price for November’s meeting.

d. Rear Building- Motion made by Gary Hock to table the Rear Building to later on the agenda, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously.

7. New Business:
a. Email/Internet/Computers- John W. reported as to why we did not have email or the web page for a few days. It was due to the bill not being paid by the person who oversees it. Motion made by Gary Hock to ask Bill Keane to transfer the domain knetfire.org over the the FD, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously with Audra Petrone abstaining. John reported that seven people have registered for internet acces to date with six more pending. John will be looking at the computer in the radio room that is not working. Matt would like Facebook to be disabled on our computers and our system to be updated. Matt suggested we should have a company come in to look at our system and give us a plan to move forward. Alex asks we get prices for new hardware. John W. suggested we talk to the webmaster who takes care of the town hall. Motion made by Matt Starr to have an outside agency come in and give a proposal, seconded by Gary Hock. Approved unanimously.
b. Rescue 8- Covered under Engineer report.

Rear Building- Motion made by Gary Hock to empower the President and the Chief to enter into a rental agreement with George Belarian for storage space for $400 a month with using Attorney Manasse, seconded by Alex Limbos. Approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55

Respectfully Submitted

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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