KVFD Monthly Meeting 7/2/12

KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes

President called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Pledge of allegiance

Alan Gawel noted that Stacey Kabasakalian is acting secretary during Mary Cox’s

1. Public comment – Alex Limbos announced the retirement party for Chief Fields.
Anyone interested in the details or tickets, please contact Veronica Limbos.

2. Correspondence – Fireman’s Ball donations from Osborne, Timmins, and Kent
Garden Center were read. A donation in memory of Paul Fink from Doris and
Norman Sandys was read. A thank you and donation from Carolyn MacLeod
was read in memory of Jennie Immordino. A thank you and donation from John
Riney was read.

3. Approval of Minutes – Motion made by Rebecca Trautmann to accept the
minutes as distributed seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved Unanimously.

4. Treasurer Report – Treasurer is out of State. Bookkeeper, Rita Limbos will be
available later in the meeting to make a report. Motion to move the Treasurer’s
Report made by Alex Limbos, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved

5. Membership – Matt Barksdale inquired about the status of membership access to
wireless internet during volunteer time for personal work purposes. Alan and
Matt Starr investigated and it is not covered by our insurance, it is a liability
issue. Matt Barksdale would like it addressed quickly. John W. says that
safeguards are available. Tim Limbos asked that members not switch out
batteries for radios from the trucks. If you use a radio, it must be returned.

6. Old Business:
a. computer software and hardware – none
b. Fire Police sign – The Department did not have time to get prices for the
Fire/Police signs. Alex stated that Region 5 may have grant money for
this. Alan asked Alex to look into this. Jean Speck may be able to find
out more on Friday.
c. Hazmat 7 – No update on the sale. Jean stated that North Canaan is
looking for donated expired Hazmat suits for full scale exercise in
September. Tim Limbos made a motion to donate ½ of Kent’s expired
suits if needed, seconded by Brian Hunt. Discussion about the number of
suits available to donate took place. Motion passed, all in favor with
Gwen P and Rebecca Trautmann abstaining.

d. Old boat – no update on the sale.

7. New Business:
a. Mike Petrone made a motion to spend up to $2,000 on pants and shirts for
EMS crews who sign up for shifts. Veronica seconded. Mike suggests
shirts would be polo style, stay flat collar with mic. hook. Mary Ann
mentioned that she received positive comments about Sherman Green’s
professional look on call. Tim Limbos can help with prices for t-shirts.
Approved, all in favor with Jean Speck and Brian Hunt abstaining.
b. Eng 2 wet down (food & T shirts) – July 22, 12 – 3pm. Gary Hock made
a motion for $500 for food, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved
unanimously. Flyers and PR will be sent to other departments and
throughout the community. Gwen suggested posting on Town’s website.
Lynn Worthington suggested sending invite to BOF and Selectmen. Tim
Limbos had Adam Woodruff “model” a T-shirt that would have Kent
Engine 2 on it (no date or other details). T-shirts cost about $10 each.
Motion made by Tim L. to spend up to $1500 on t-shirts (150 shirts) to be
sold at cost. Joe Bisenius seconded. Discussion: Mary Ann expressed
concern over left over shirts as in past events. Art Romano thinks it is a
great idea but suggests selling them for $15 each. Alex suggested sending
an email to membership to see what the interest is and order
approximately 30 more for the public. Brian Hunt suggested the
membership could pay “at cost” and the public could be more. Tim
Limbos retracted motion and motioned for up to $1000 for approximately
100 shirts to sell at $15 a piece. Seconded by Joe Biseneus. No
discussion. Approved, all in favor with Brian Hunt abstaining.
c. New Boat and Trailer – Tim Sneller made a motion to spend $33,450. to
purchase a boat, trailer, and connector supplies. Seconded by Gary Hock.
Discussion: Joe B. questioned why and where we will use this boat. Alex
asked if it is included in the budget, and it was stated that it is in the
budget for $45,000. First boat was approx. $13,000. Mike Petrone
suggested putting the money toward a new Brush Truck. Willy Gawel
agrees with Joe. Art noted that it is too late to purchase a boat in time for
this season and suggested putting the money toward something else for
now. Some questions were asked on the type of boat took place. Rebecca
suggested that we should have Matt Starr here before making a decision.
Motion to table the vote made by Brian Hunt, seconded by Alex.
Approved unanimously.
d. Member physical/medical (SOP-Policy change) – due to an oversight,
SOP change was not sent out in an email one week prior to vote as
required. SOP was approved by executive committee but SOP 1-10 can
not be voted on tonight. Tim Sneller made a motion to approve changes
to policy recommended by the executive committee regarding physicals.
Sherman Green seconded. Discussion: John W. believes we should
produce an RFP and get the fire department to choose from bids. Rebecca
is against this motion and stated that it should be each individual

member’s choice for physicals. Jean Speck agrees with John about
sending out RFP’s due to the amount of money it would cost. Gwen
agrees with Rebecca. Annette asked for the reasoning for this change.
Gary noted that Concentra does physicals for Sharon FD. Mike said that
liability/workmen’s comp issues are a concern. Alan stated that there is
not a current set of standards for physicians to sign off depending on
member’s duties. Alan believes Concentra and similar companies have a
specific form. Annette commented that these forms could be used for
personal physicians. Anne Biseneus asked if there are concerns with
Workmen’s Comp. Mike suggested that personal physicians may not take
in to consideration the stress level related to our duties and there may not
be a base level for Workmen’s Comp claim. Alex has a form for personal
physicians that he would be willing to share outlining functions of various
members (EMT, Firefighter, etc.). Joe believes that a generic Concentra
type physical would just be to cover OSHA requirements and would not
get into personal information. Mary Ann is interested in Alex’s forms.
Jean suggested getting several department in on the same plan to save
everyone money. Dan Kabasakalian noted that his doctor was unfamiliar
with the firefighter requirements and did research before signing off on
forms. Dan stated that some members may not have insurance, but Alan
said that Kent Med/Peds will do physicals and bill KVFD. Lynn noted
that this is only for interior firefighters, the new proposal will be for all
members. Tim L. would vote for forms to use for personal physicians as
an option. Sherman asked that we determine what the physical is for. In
favor: Sherman Green, Ed Matson, Mike Petrone, Tim Sneller. Opposed:
Dean Ackerman, Anne Bisenius, Leila Erskine, Willy Gawel, Gary Hock,
Brian Hunt, Tim Limbos, Veronica Limbos, Alex Limbos, Annette
Pecora, Gwen Price, Jean Speck, Rebecca Trautmann, Mary Ann
Vanvalkenberg. Abstaining: Matt Barksdale, Adam Woodruff, Audra
Petrone. Motion failed.

(4)Treasurer’s Report – Rita Limbos read bills. Motion made by Tim Limbos
to pay as read. Brian Hunt seconded. Discussion: several bills pertained to the
Ball, including a large bill from the hardware store for a raffle basket (over $400).
The money was allocated from the Ball budget. Approved unanimously.

8. Officer’s Reports: (Chief Matt Starr on vacation)

Assistant Chief’s Reports: Tim Sneller read fire calls. 44 total calls in June. 8
auto alarms, 4 smoke investigations, 4 trail rescues, 1 CO, 20 wires/trees down,
1 Lifestar landing zone, 3 citizen’s assists. Tim also stated that on Monday July
30, 6:30 pm in Sharon, there will be a training for disaster planning drill. Lynn
asked if KVFD is participating in state wide drill. There is no commitment from
line officers for this. Alan stated that we will be involved on some level. John
W. suggested we find out who is interested in participating in at least one of the 2
days. A consenses showed Tim S, Brian and John are interested in participating.

Ambulance Chief- There were 43 calls in June, 30 were billable. Mike put out
an email asking for help plugging in holes in summertime schedule. He also
reported that dog rescue masks were donated by Susan and Bob Schullery. One
of the masks were used 2 days after the purchase. Mike would like Lynn to
follow up with an article with possible pictures with Mrs. Schullery.

9. Engineer- Gary Hock gave Engineer report in the absence of the Engineer.

Communications – Tim Limbos is looking for a good pricing for holsters,
accessories, etc.

Training – Adam Woodruff stated that Engine 2 delivery was later than expected,
so training schedule was moved forward 1 month. Target Safety demo/website
trial period to be announced for training, development, officers, EMS, continuing
education, recerts, interior ff, driving and more. No idea on pricing at this time.
Engine 2 and OSHA quarterly trainings continue. Art Romano will double check
that “Target Safety” meets OSHA requirements. Hazmat recert needed soon as
well as Airborne/bloodborne. Art will schedule with Adam soon. Jean stated that
Emergency Management and DPH would like to see a lot of participation in the
state wide emergency drill. Jean stated that even with the potential absence of
line officers, this training would be a good opportunity at any level.

Safety – Brian Hunt stated that designated safety vests for vehicles are not being
returned. He stated that safety vests should be added to the truck check lists.
Please put vests back on designated trucks. Brian needs sizes to order vests.

President’s Report – Alan discussed the increase cost for insurance. He stated we
are now covered more completely for all we do and we have endorsements added
to insurance. We are now covered to host fair. Willy stated our vendors always
had coverage. John stated that we are not covered under Workmen’s Comp. when
we work the Fair and other events that are non-fire duties. Lynn W asked if we
have coverage for auxillary members and department sanctioned activities. Alan
stated there is a separate accidental insurance policy through VFIS. This policy is
not Workmen’s Comp.

Facilities – Sherman stated that the Town is pleased that we use and maintain
the old ambulance barn, but reminded us to maintain it properly. A window was
recently taken out for training and not replaced.

Juniors – June 11th recruitment at KCS with 8th graders was a success. Lynn
reported that Drew, Eddie and Jeremy did a great job and thanked the crews
who brought the ambulance and Engine 5 over for demo and hands on. Note
that Cassie Worthington is aged out of the Juniors program. Junior Advisors are

Bookkeeper – Rita L. asked to please write on receipts what the item is for. Also,

please turn in packing slips.

9. Committee Reports
Ambulance Committee – The committee has developed a summary of
recommendations as of July 2. These were handed out. Please give your
feedback as soon as possible.

Truck Committee – Brush truck meeting will be announced soon. Gary Hock
thinks that Eng. 2 will be operational within 2 weeks. Adam will announce a
ladder truck meeting soon.

Ball Committee – Alan thanked the Ball committee. Veronica stated they are still
receiving bills/donations. Please send Veronica your suggestions or comments.

Fair Committee – Willy sent a sign up sheet for fair. Meeting on July 12th, 7pm.
John will help set up email to send out for meeting. No White Elephant (no one
volunteered). Willy will contact Lynn and Town website for publicity. Alex
suggested we let Parks and Rec. know that there is no fireworks (it is on their
website). Lynn will take care of this.

Restructuring – Lynn, Jim Canning and Anne B. are on this committee. Meeting
again on July 11, 5:15.

Golf- Anne B announced she is on track.

10. Warning of expenditures
Mary Ann warns for shirts to be issued to new members.
Alex warns for 2 AED’s (firehouse, Engine 2).
Gary warns for Rescue 8 tool mounting and lighting upgrades
John warns for computer hardware/software
Alan warns for firehouse facility signs
Mary Ann warns for recruitment signs

Meeting adjourned at 9:31

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian
Acting Secretary, KVFD

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