KVFD Monthly Meeting 9/4/12

KVFD Monthly Meeting

President called the meeting to order at 7:36 pm.

Motion made by Lynn Worthington to add Communication on the agenda under New Business, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously with Mary Gawel abstaining.

1. Public Comment: none

2. Correspondence: Alan read an email from Bonnie Bevans stating concerns of noise and that she needs to step down as an emergency member due to a busy schedule. Donations read in memory of Ed Matson. Alan mentioned Tony Amons resignation email and stated that all members received the email but if they want a hard copy to see the secretary.

3. Approval of Minutes: Motion made by Tim Limbos to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Brian Hunt. Approved unanimously with Stacy K., Annie B. and Jean S. abstaining.

4. Treasurer Report: Motion made by Scott Harvey to approve the bills as read, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously.

5. Membership: Lynn Worthington was sent an email by the Chief that she feels was not appropriate. She stated she feels the Chief overstepped his authority and believes he is preventing her from doing non-emergency work. She believes he does not have a right to treat a member that way. She asks that the membership tell the Chief to follow the disciplinary procedures outlined in the Department’s governing documents. There were two new Junior member applications approved by the Junior Advisory Board and Juniors. Motion made by Brian H. to make Brittney Pinette a junior member, seconded by Lynn W. Approved unanimously with Alexis S. and Mary G. abstaining. Motion made by Brian H. to make Jennifer Petrone a junior member, seconded by Lynn W. Approved unanimously with Mary G. abstaining.

6. Old Business:
a. Rear Building- Motion made by Gary H. to go into executive session at 8:09 pm, seconded by Tim L. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Tim L. to come out of executive session at 8:35 pm, seconded by Tim S. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Matt Starr for the EC to have authorization to negotiate and execute a rental agreement with George Beylarian consistent with Attorney Manasse’s agreement, seconded by Audra P. approved unanimously with Dean  A., Wendell S., Alexis S., John W. and Tim Sneller abstaining. Peter Woytuk emailed the President on Saturday asking to put a sculpture out front for the weekend. The Chief and Alan stated that they are able to that with prior approval which they got.
b. Computer Software and Hardware- Contact John W. if you have questions pertaining to the wi-fi.  Matt and Mike will be emailing John about upgrading the tuff book on the ambulance and one for Rescue 8.
c. New Boat and Trailer- Motion made by Matt Starr to table New Boat and Trailer, seconded by Tim Limbos. Approved unanimously.
d. Command Vehicle- Motion made by Matt Starr to table Command Vehicle, seconded by Stacy K. Approved unanimously.

7. New Business:
a. Special Election for Captain- The President has received and accepted Tony Amon’s resignation. John Russell and Audra Petrone were nominated and nominations closed by the president.  There was a total of 29 voters. John Russell wins with 16 votes. Audra Petrone had 12 votes and there was 1 abstention.
b. Juniors By-Laws- Lynn will be emailing the membership a copy of the proposed by-laws changes. please contact the Junior Advisory Board if there is any issues before the next meeting.
c. Boat Equipment- Motion made by Tim Limbos to spend up to $250 for  boat equipment, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.
d. Engine 2 Equipment- nothing at this time.
e. Tents- A situation with the tents arose. the EC feels it is no longer safe or appropriate to loan the tents any longer. John W. asked if it would be possible to warn other organizations that we will no longer be loaning them so they can make other arrangements for the immediate future. Matt stated the tents are in disrepair and the last time they were loaned they were stolen and it took much time to get them back. He also stated he believes they are a liability issue. Lynn is concerned that we get an annual donation from an organization who has borrowed them in the past.
f. Communication- Motion made by Lynn Worthington that the membership of KVFD ask Fire Chief Matt Starr to rescind the statement made to Lynn Worthington on September 2 via email to relinquish her rights as an emergency memeber and to refrain from any non-emergency work such as the web site. She does not agree to his requests and he needs to retract the email sent to the membership regarding her emergency response. He is to send an email to this effect, so it is in writing, seconded by John Worthington. Motion fails. 9- yes, 10- no, 8- abstentions. There was a question if the Chief has a right to do this. Alan reviewed the by-laws pertaining to it and stated there is a process to be followed and that Matt’s request to Lynn was intended until the EC can meet on the matter. Matt stated it is a difficult situation and he is not sure how Lynn is responding to calls. He had concern of what he felt was an inappropriate photo posted in the Waterbury Republican taken by Lynn. He asked Lynn to have the photo removed and she responded that she did not feel the photo was inappropriate. Matt stated his email to Lynn was to protect members and patients and mutual aid and that it should be brought  to the EC for review. Lynn feels it does not affect the behind the scenes work she does and she should be able to continue that work but feels she can’t because of Matt’s email. Matt stated his intention was not to take away her rights to do administrative work. He would like her to share the website passcode with the President.

8. Officers Reports:
a. Chiefs Report- There were 21 total calls. 9 Automatic alarms, 3 search and rescues, 1 EMS/CSP assist, 3 wires and trees, 3 MVAs and 2 mutual aids. There are 10 new Q drivers. Thank you to Mary Cox for organizing and John Cox and Adam W. for assisting. BOS- there is no EMD yet, they are still working on it. Matt received the insurance invoice for E2 for last year and this year’s policy. Matt and Mike met with AMC trials rep and Park Police and received the keys from the gates at Bulls Bridge. There is a Cert Drill meeting in Canaan 9/5/12 at &;00pm. Please contact Matt if you would like to attend. There is STOCCS Box training in Warren 9/6/12. The fit test machine will be here on Friday. Please email Matt if you need to be fit tested. The Pumpkin run is October 28th. Matt will be looking for volunteers for traffic detail and an EMS crew. NW Zone meeting was cancelled and rescheduled to a Wednesday in Canaan prior to the Cert drill.The keys for KCS have been changed out for the Knox box. Swiss Phone pagers have arrived. Tim Limbos has been programing them. Officers will be trying them and then they will be distributed as needed. The North Canaan drill is on September 23rd. KLT is looking for fire police assistance with parking.
b. Assistant Chiefs’ Report- On September 23rd at 6:30 pm Fire Matic will be setting our pumps and will be doing training. The air packs have been flow tested.
c. Ambulance Chief Report- There were 49 calls for the month. There will be an EMT/EMR refresher in Torrington. Please let Mike know if you want or need to attend. He is looking to hold a refresher here in January.
d. Engineers report- Rescue 8 may be back tomorrow. HazMAt 7 was inspected. E1 is going out for body work after the 17th of September.
e. Presidents report- The KLT will be putting the electric meters at the fairgrounds in their name and we will pay them for our share of the usage during the fair.
f. Communications Officer- Tim reported there are forms on the side of the communication cabinet to fill out if you need a pager repair.

9. Appointed Positions Reports:
A. Facilities Coordinator- Motion made by Gary Hock to reinstate garbage pick up for one month for under $100, seconded by Alexis Swagemaker. Approved unanimously.

10. Committee Reports:
a. Golf Tournament- The tournament is Monday the 17th. Anne is looking for help that day, please contact her if you are able to help out.

b. Ambulance Committee- They are in the final stages of getting the specs out. Next meeting is this Thursday.

c. Brush Truck Committee- The next meeting is Tuesday.

11. Warning of Expenditures: Tim Limbos warns for a mobile radio for the gator. Stacy K. warns for up to $300 for the brunch. Jean warns for no more than $400 for FHS training. Gary warns for money for maps and binders for the trucks.
Meeting adjourned at 10:41 pm

Respectfully submitted

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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