KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes 10/1/12

KVFD Monthly Meeting

President called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm. Alan noted that Stacey
Kabasakalian is taking minutes in the absence of Mary Cox, Secretary.
Veronica Limbos made a motion to add the Nominating Committee to the
agenda under New Business, seconded by Brian Hunt, approved

1. Public Comment: none

2. Correspondence: A letter from Lynn Worthington was read requesting that
she be placed on veteran status. She also resigned from the Technology
Committee, the Document Review Committee and the Reconstruction
Committee as from being an Advisor to the Juniors.

3. Approval of Minutes: Motion made by Rebecca Trautmann to accept the
minutes, seconded by Sherman Green. Approved unanimously with Annie
Bisenius abstaining.

4. Treasurer Report: Scott Harvey had questions about bills without
signatures for IGA and Shipment Co..

Motion made by Scott to approve the bills as read, but not including bills in
question without signatures seconded by Alex Limbos. Discussion: Matt
Starr asked that a thank you be sent by the secretary to Best Roll for their
generous discount. Motion approved with Seth Houck and Mike Petrone
abstaining. Motion made by Mike to pay IGA upon verification of Fair Chair,
seconded by Alex Limbos, Approved Unanimously. Motion made by Mike to
pay Shipment bill after verification of Fire Officer, seconded by Jack Kinney,
approved unanimously.

5. Membership: Sherman Green made a motion to accept Lynn
Worthington’s request to be put on veteran’s status, seconded by Veronica.
Discussion: Rebecca asked if all efforts were made to resolve the issues
without losing a valuable member. Alan Gawel talked with Lynn last night
to continue working with the executive board on the concerns, but Lynn sent
her resignation in the morning. Mary Ann Vanvaulkenburg feels it is a
shame that it ended this way. Scott commented that it was her call to
discontinue working with the executive committee. Matt Starr said that
there were many interesting discussions. He said that multiple officers

discussed keeping her as an emergency responder. She wanted to maintain
emergency status so she can vote, although she has not responded to an
emergency in over a year. Matt felt this needed to be addressed. The
officers also tried to maintain her administrative status. Mary Ann stated
that when emotions are heated, things are not handled thoughtfully.
Rebecca requested information about the law in question, Alan shared this.
Opposed: Mary Ann and Rebecca, Abstain: Annie, Brian. Motion carries.
Mary Ann made a motion for the secretary to send a letter of thanks to Lynn
for her services. Second: Alexis. Approved Unanimously. Alan stated that
Cynthia Barksdale and Dan Kabasakalian met with the Executive Committee
for their one year review. Cynthia will have a 6 month extension. Dan has
met all requirements and is now a full member. It was noted that Dan
became an EMT and Firefighter 1 and earned his Q license during this time.
Jesse Rundall stated that the Chamber of Commerce has asked us to
organize the Parade of Lights again this year, on Dec. 15th. There was
support and discussion about it being an annual event. Jesse makes a
motion for the Department to host and sponsor the Parade of Lights on Dec.
15th. Second: Brian, approved unanimously. Jesse also discussed Stuff a
Truck, members present showed interest. It was suggested that the Juniors
have more involvement this year. Veronica Limbos announced that the
Holiday Party will be on December 8th this year.

6. Old Business:
a. computer software/hardware: John Worthington was not present. Alan
stated that recently the website and emails were down (Sunday Sept. 23,
midmorning, came back on Wednesday Sept 26). Alan has asked John to
investigate and send a report. Matt and Alan have also talked about a
texting option for the future. No specs on new laptops/tuff books yet.

b. and c. new boat and trailer and command vehicle: Per Matt, both items
are to be removed from the agenda until further notice. Wendell Soule is
trying to understand why we need another boat. Matt explained that last
year, Eric Epstein and Matt had proposed the purchase of two boats; a small
one and a large one. There was only enough money warned for a smaller
boat. This year, there is enough money for a boat and trailer or a command
vehicle. Alan stated that officers have not put a presentation together for
members yet.

c. Eng-2 equipment: We are over budget for equipment and there is a need
for more items.

7. New Business:
a. Gator Radio: Matt Starr made a motion to purchase a radio with speakers
and antenna for the gator for up to $450. Second: Alex. Discussion:
Wendell asked about a portable, Matt said it does not always transmit. Brian
asked about protecting it in the weather. Matt stated that there is a
compartment under the hood. Mike asked if there is money in the
communications budget for this. The belief is that there is enough money for
this. Motion carries with Brian, Seth, Mary Ann and Rebecca abstaining.

b. Brunch: Stacey made a motion to spend no more than $100 on the
Brunch at Marvelwood, Seconded by Mike. Passed unanimously.

c. FH Software Training: Jean is working on this, Matt is waiting for a text or
email from her. Table to next month.

d. Apparatus Maps and Binders: Gary Hock not present, table to next

e. Nominating Committee: Three members are needed to develop a slate
for officers to present in December for election in January. Brian Hunt made
a motion for Leila Erskine, Veronica and Alexis to be on the nominating
committee. Second: Mike. Approved unanimously.

Officer’s Report:
a. There were 25 total calls. 1 structure fire, 1 search and rescue, 2
EMS/CSP assists, 6 wires and trees, 6 MVA, 3 mutual aid, 1 water
main break. Steve Banffy reported to Matt that the pine tree in front
of our building is dying and it could be a liability issue. BOS meeting
tomorrow night, Matt is still looking for answers about insurance
coverage in the gravel lot; Bruce stated that the town cannot cover
this. Building alarm system: Alexis Swagemaker and Matt have
discussed a problem with the alarm company. Alexis noted that there
is currently an issue with the alarm that needs service. Currently we
pay $160 per hour for them to come for service and it takes 3-4 weeks
to get them here. Matt made a motion to enter into service contract
with TEC control systems for 24 hour service, which includes 2 annual
inspections and only $98 service fee per call. Second: Alexis.
Discussion: Rebecca asked about service costs. Annette Pecora asked
about warranty, which has expired. Motion approved unanimously.
Cert drill in Canaan: Alex, Veronica and Matt attended and it was a
good learning experience for all. Fit testing machine will be in Kent on
Friday Sept. 7, email Matt if you need testing. Pumpkin Run is
October 28, 12pm, Fire/Police, EMS needed at firehouse and start and

finish. Contact Matt if you are available. Sherman, Gaylordsville and
Kent Officers will meet on October 17 to go over mutual aid
agreement. There are many upcoming trainings that will be posted on
board for October and November.
Assistant Chiefs’ Report- Reported by Matt, Tim Sneller has requested
that not all drivers should ride on Eng. 2. Lifestar transportation was
also discussed. If there is a quick extrication, have Lifestar pick up at
hospital and transport patient to nearest hospital instead of waiting at
a landing zone. If it is a more involved extrication, than a nearby
landing should be established.
Engineers Report –Matt read Eric’s report. The ambulance has had
extensive repairs. The ambulance will be out at 6am for service due to
loss of power and returned by afternoon. EI and Rescue 8 are being
serviced. Hazmat 7 break issue is being investigated by Warren Auto.
No other assistant chief or Capt., LT report.
Ambulance Chiefs’ Report- There were 34 calls this month. Mike
thanked everyone who pitches in. Mike stated that Warren is
covering in the morning while ambulance is being repaired, he asked
that members still help cover if they need a crew. Sherman stated
that Warren had a pass call and we covered. Mary Ann stated that the
ambulance handles much better since latest repairs.
Safety Officer’s Report – Brian thanked everyone for wearing vests on
calls as required.
President’s Report – Alan announced that OSHA is coming before the
Executive Meeting on October 15, 6pm to discuss our corrective action
in plan and concerns for our compliance. Normal Exec. Committee
meeting will start at 7:30. Alan said that community members showed
an interest in a fire prevention event geared towards adults possibly
during Fire Prevention Week. Many members present showed interest
in helping.






8. Appointed Positions:

a. Facilities – Alexis stated that the firehouse is in good standings,
other than the kitchen. She noted dirty dishes in the sink and the absence
of the refrigerator key which she was looking for to help the refreshment
committee. Matt stated that he removed the key because someone is
helping themselves. There were a few suggestions about this matter.
Men’s room sink is not working; Sherman said it will be fixed in the morning.
Alexis asked about changing the board in the apparatus area. Matt said
there may be changes with LCD so we should wait. Matt said that we are
going through water bottles very quickly. Brian requested water be

available for training. Discussion of a small locked refrigerator for training
and emergency calls be available. Vending machine idea was also
discussed. Brian will discuss with Juniors about a fundraising project to sell
refreshments. Seth discussed kitchen mess. Alan suggested that word of
mouth ma encourage people to clean up after themselves.

b. Quartermaster Report – Jesse apologized for her absence due to family
obligations. She is hoping to get back on track. Jesse asked about the
moving of the Quartermaster room. Shelving has been approved and
hopefully will be in this month.

Committee Reports:

a. Fundraising – Annie reported that the golf tournament had 64 golfers
and raised $1500 right off the course. Thank you to those who helped
at the Golf Course and at the awards at Fife N Drum. Net $6200 for
department. Annie announced winners. She is hoping someone else
will want to learn this and take it over. It is difficult with her job to
take a day off in Sept. You do not need to be a golfer to run this.
Please see Annie.
b. Ambulance Committee – they are hoping to present at next Executive
Committee meeting.
c. Ball Committee – Amanda and Veronica will chair, but they need help.
d. Bookkeeping – Rita Limbos reminded people to sign all receipts (pizza
garden, hardware, etc.)

Warning of Expenditures: Mike Petrone warns for a tank horse for oxygen
tanks. Mike warns for portable blanket warmer. Mike warns for a portable
electric suction. Veronica warns for the holiday party. Jesse warns for
parade of lights and Stuff a Truck.

Adjourned: 9:12 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian, KVFD

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